Power Rangers

Season 12 Episode 1

Day of the Dino (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 14, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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While on a detention-related field trip with their new science teacher (Dr. Tommy Oliver), three students from Reefside High School (soccer star Conner, rocker star wannabe Kira, and wiz-kid Ethan), stumble upon mystical Dino Gems which give them special powers. This makes them a target for a group of evil creatures known as Tyrannodrones. Can the teen trio work together despite their vast differences? And what connection is there between Dr. Oliver and the T-Drones' master, the dinosauric humanoid known as Mesogog?


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  • The Legend Returns.

    I recently watched this episode of Dino Thunder on youtube and was very interested to see Jason David Frank return to the landmark role of Tommy Oliver after leaving during Power Rangers Turbo years ago. I was disappointed that he did not have his Zeo Powers from Forever Red and did not offer any explanation as to how he had them during Forever Red but it was still great to see him return.moreless
  • Dino Thunder Starts off right!

    Conner, Kira and Ethan are 3 normal and different teenagers that have just recived detention from Princple Randel. But when formal Power Ranger Tommy Olvier takes the 3 to a museum for detention they find the Dino Gems. After a fight with the grusum tyranno drones they unlock new super powers. Soon after Kira get captured by the tyranno drones to be sent to Mezogog to get the Dino Gems from her. Conner and Ethan go to Tommy to see what he can do. Little do they know what is in store for them. This was a great season opener!moreless
  • great

    Day of the Dino pt. 1

    Airdate: 2/14/04

    We find Tommy alone on an island, being chased by Tyrannodrones. He outruns them and manages to escape the island before it sinks. Years later, Dr. Oliver begins working at Reefside High as a high school science teacher. He meets the new principal, Ms. Randall. As he begins class, he gets some grief from the resident busybody, school reporter Cassidy. Tommy notices a student is missing. That student is Conner McKnight, soccer star, who is busted for truancy by Principal Randall. Randall also busts musician Kira Ford for performing on school grounds without permission. Finally, she rounds up high tech prankster Ethan James, and brings them all to detention with Dr. Oliver. Instead of detention, Tommy takes the kids to the museum. He sends them off to find artifacts.

    As Tommy notices that the museum is now run by Anton Mercer, he is confronted by a T-Rex. In the woods, the kids fall into a sinkhole. Unsure of how to get out, the kids explore the caverns. A car chase later, and the T-Rex is out cold, and revealed to be mechanical. The kids stumble across some kind of high tech underground lair, and take some glowing gems from a stand. As soon as they find their way out, they're attacked by Tyrannodrones. The kids discover that the gems have given them powers, and defeat the creatures using them. Soon, everyone meets back up in the woods, and pretend as if nothing happened. Back at school, a fed up Kira hands over her gem to the guys, only to be abducted by Tyrannodrones. Conner and Ethan run to Dr. Oliver's house for help, only to find a secret entrance to the same lair. Tommy finds the kids snooping, and is not pleased. Meanwhile, Mesogog prepares to interrogate Kira

  • The long-awaited return of my favorite ranger has been fulfilled!

    "Forever Red" was a great treat for me. Seeing Tommy had not only retained his prowess as the best Power Ranger ever, but had also picked up a few new tricks and a brand new haircut! Fast-forward two years later, and Tommy is back in the saddle again! This episode finally got me back into watching "Power Rangers" on a regular basis. This is also the only season of Power Rangers in which I managed to watch every single episode ever made of that season! For this reason alone, I consider this the best season of Power Rangers ever made!moreless
Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank

Dr. Tommy Oliver

James Napier

James Napier

Conner McKnight

Kevin Duhaney

Kevin Duhaney

Ethan James

Katrina Devine

Katrina Devine

Cassidy Cornell

Tom Hern

Tom Hern

Devin Del Valle

Miriama Smith

Miriama Smith

Elsa, "Principal Randall"

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • For some reason Tommy's briefcase had the Dino Thunder emblem on it.

    • In the scene where Tommy jumps in his jeep and drives away from the dinosuar thats chasing him he shifts gears from nutral to first gear meaning his car is a clutch (you need to have a quick eye to catch this) however when he slams on brakes after at falls down There are only two pedals.... thats right 2 and knowing that jeeps dont double clutch that would mean that actually that jeep is a different jeep because 2 pedals mean its an automatic you can see tommy push a clutch in if you look fast when hes trying to get away WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CLUTCH LOL!?

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: Tommy doesn't use his Red Zeo Ranger powers. Why? Because Tommy, neither in the flashback nor in the "field trip", thought he was going to be bumping into new evil. In "Forever Red", he knew ahead of time he was going to the moon to fight the Machine Empire, the evil forces the Zeo Powers were harnessed to fight against. Tommy's retired now, and considering how he didn't inform the DT gang off the bat of his history, he wants to keep it that way for as long as he can. Wherever the Zeo powers went between Zeo and Turbo is where his are back now, likely not in his pocket or by his bed.

    • For her first day, the principal sure knows the kids well.

    • It seems rather ridiculous that Kira got detention just because she was performing on school grounds. I mean, she wasn't getting paid! For the other two, Conner ditched class and Ethan reworked the sprinklers which were both harmless, but still they probably deserved the detention!

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Tommy: If you find anything pre-historic, I'll cancel detention for the rest of the week.

    • Principal Randall: Dr. Oliver! How was your first day?
      Tommy: Ah, the kids were great. No problem.
      Randall: Good. You're going to be seeing a lot more of them. In detention.
      Tommy: Mind telling me what I did?
      Randall: No, you're in charge of it today.

    • Kira: Don't you guys think we should tell him?
      Ethan: I don't know about you, but I've got over a thousand sci-fi DVDs. You want to know how many times the dude with the superpowers ends up in some freaky goverment lab lying on a table with wires in his head?
      Conner: Even I know that.

    • Conner: Whoa, this must be, like, the mother ship for you, dude.
      Ethan: Normally, I'd be insulted. But when you're right, you're right.
      [Conner reaches for a gem in the large stone]
      Ethan: Yo, don't touch that.
      Conner: Why not?
      Ethan: You really are taking this "dumb jock" thing to a whole new level.
      Conner: Look, I have sat through enough lame science classes to know that thing looks fully prehistoric. And if I don't happen to miss practice --
      Kira: I hate to agree with him -- Really, I do -- But I already missed one rehearsal.

    • Conner: What, you've never heard of The 3 Bears?
      Ethan: Is that the last book you've read?

    • Tommy: *enters classroom* Guys! Settle down! I'm, uh, Dr. Oliver and this is 1st period science. Before we start, are there any questions?
      Cassidy: *raises her hand*
      Tommy: Yes.
      Cassidy: Cassidy. Cassidy Cornell.
      Class: *groans*
      Cassidy: Doctor, as you may know, I'm the anchor and field reporter of our school tv station.
      Class: *groans even more*

    • Ethan: All I'm trying to do is give you guys the heads up. Stuff happens out here. Just don't come crying to me when you fall down a giant sinkhole.
      [they all fall down a giant sinkhole]

    • Kira: This screams "Jurassic Park" to me.

    • Conner: You guys stay here I'll go get help
      (Conner starts to climb up the wall and falls)
      Ethan: Back so soon

    • (first line of series)
      Mesogog: Find him...whatever it takes.

    • Conner: Dude, the guy is a teacher not...Batman.

    • Kira: Are you aware that kids who play an instrument have a 50% higher chance of getting into college?
      Principal Randall: Well, you're hardly college material, now are you, Miss Ford?

    • Tommy: If you're looking for extra credit, you're in the wrong place.

    • Ethan: Principal Randall, I'd just like to mention the fact that there's absolutely no hard evidence linking me to the unfortunate sprinkler incident.
      Principal Randall: Save it for Judge Judy, Mr. James.

    • Kira: Well, what are they?
      Ethan: I can go online later and see if I can find out.
      Conner: You in front of a computer -- Wait, let me put on my surprised face.
      Ethan: You know, ten years from now, when your hairline's receding and you're playing pickup soccer in the park because your dreams of going pro never quite worked out, I'll have my own multi-billion dollar software business. Yeah.

    • Connor: Principal Randall? I have heard such great things about you.
      Randall: They're just rumors, I assure you.

    • Kid with Conner: this new princpal is crazy I heard she used to work at a prison

    • Tommy: Are you guys all right?
      Ethan: Uh, yeah. Couldn't be better.
      Tommy: Nothing out of the ordinary happened?
      Ethan: No, just your routine hike in the woods. Lots of furry little creatures.
      Kira: And a few scaly ones.

    • Tommy: Great. Yeah, lock the door, Tommy. Real good.

  • NOTES (11)

    • This is the first season since 'Power Rangers Turbo' where the Rangers don't wear uniforms or have a uniformed casual appearance.

    • This is the first (And so far only) generation of Power Rangers not to contain the word 'Go' in the music of the opening credits.

    • This is the first full PR season not to have a 6th Ranger or additional hero whatsoever.

    • None of the Rangers appear morphed in this episode, as they won't gain the ability to until the next episode.

    • Available in North America on the "Power Rangers DinoThunder: Day of the Dino" DVD and VHS.

    • Elsa first appears in her Principal Randall identity (though their shared status isn't revealed until "Beneath The Surface"), prior to even first appearing as herself.

    • Cassidy mentioned having contacted Tommy's old alma mater, Angel Grove High, the high school for PR's 1st through 6th seasons.

    • Katrina Devine becomes the first actor to appear on more than one season on PR in the starring cast as two entirely different and unrelated characters.

    • First episode to make its country of first publication debut on the cable/satellite network, ABC Family, in its JETIX line-up. That night, it debuted on the digital cable/satellite channel Toon Disney's own JETIX block. The debut date for ABC Kids was February 21, 2004.

    • Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank), now known as "Dr Oliver" (or "Doctor O") returns to the series with this episode, having last appeared regularly in PRT's "Passing the Torch (2)" and a guest spot in PRWF's "Forever Red". His credit on the opening is different than any other actor on the show has had, with "Starring" added before his real name, despite the fact he's not the first one credited.

    • POWER RANGERS DINOTHUNDER begins with this episode.


    • The title of this and the next episode is an allusion to the very first episode of Power Rangers, "Day of the Dumpster."

    • The scene in which Ethan hacks the sprinkler system and then walks across the lawn with an open umbrella after setting the lawn sprinklers off is a possible reference to the movie Hackers, in which the main character hacks the fire sprinklers inside the school and opens an umbrella just before the sprinklers go off.

    • Conner: "Dude, the guy's a teacher, not Batman!"
      Conner claims Tommy isn't Batman, and scoffs at the idea that an item in his study could reveal a hidden cave (which turns out to be true). The Batman's Batcave entrance with a hidden switch in Bruce Wayne's study was most famously shown in the 1966 series.
      It also seems logical that they would have Conner deliver that line since James Napier who plays Conner is actually the great-grandson of Alan Napier, who played Alfred in the 1966 series.

    • Conner: "Ever heard of the Three Bears?"
      Conner's comment concerning the opened door and empty house of Dr. Oliver refers to the famous fairy tale of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

    • Kira: "This screams 'Jurassic Park' to me!"
      "Jurassic Park" was a film, based on a book, concerning an island of dinosaurs in modern times.

    • Principal Randall: "Save it for Judge Judy!"
      Judge Judy is a popular daytime television courtroom reality series.

    • Cassidy: "...not to mention the Avril wannabe..."
      Kira's faux-punk style of guitar playing and singing is similar to that of musician Avril Lavigne.

    • Visual: n/a
      A picture of President George W. Bush is seen in Dr. O's classroom above an American Flag.

    • Tommy's address in Reefside, CA: 1992 Valencia Dr.
      Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers began pre-production in 1992, in Valencia, California.