Power Rangers

Season 13 Episode 36

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Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 07, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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The B-Squad SPD Rangers face the evil and far more experienced A-Squad SPD Rangers. To make things even worse, Broodwing, his three Generals, and an army of Krybots swarm the Delta Base, taking over! Meanwhile, now captive of Emperor Gruumm, Doggie Cruger encounters a familiar face from his past.moreless

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  • Great episode!

    I did like this episode of Power Rangers SPD. It was exciting from the minute it started. Gruumm has captured Commander Crueger and the A-squad is kicking B-squad butt. It was exciting to see Broodwing take control of the station as A-squad battled B-squad.

    I didn't like how the battle between Broodwing went. I've seen Broodwing in action before, and he was awesome. Seeing his pathetic display in battle was disappointing.

    Over all, this is a pretty good episode and it seems to be a fitting conclusion to a great season.moreless
  • Season Finale Part 1

    This was a very exciting episode from the time it started! B-Squand still be mad at Cruger's attention to A-Squad. The battle with the A-Squad was kinda short but it was very exciting. The zord battle was even shorter but the destruction on the Delta Squad Megazord made up for that. I didn't expect for Broodwing to carded, I thought he might actually destroyed. The taking over of Delta Command was pretty cool, destroying a mountain, shooting the megazords. Not the best Cliffhanger but still an awesome episode!moreless
  • The end is finally here...but for who?

    With A-Squad defeated and B-Squad captured, who is going to win? Power Rangers has come a long way. The past year of Power Rangers has simply been one of the best. A lot of things kept you thinking, but I think it could have been better. It was nice to finally find out what happened to Isinea. The A-Squad turning evil was awesome and the final fight between them and the A-Squad was amazing. What I still wonder about is why did the evil zord have the name SPD in the background? Also, why would they use SPD powers if they were against them. I would think that Grumm would create a new power for them. Anyway, it was a great season while it lasted and I enjoyed it.moreless
  • Well...they've done it again!

    Top notch storytelling and hella awesome fight scenes.

    We get to see pretty well every form of Ranger in this episode, from regular, to SWAT, to A-Squad, to the cadets. The only thing that is missing and has been missing lately is the Batillizer, but no matter.

    We also finally get to see evil with the most control - however, we know Kat can morph and we haven't seen anything from the Magnifiance yet, so the best is yet to come.

    I can't see how they are planning to top this episode in quality, but I'm sure they'll figure it out.

    Way to go writers, Way to go Power Rangers, Way to go SPD!moreless
Alycia Purrott

Alycia Purrott

Sydney "Syd" Drew, Pink S.P.D. Ranger

Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLaren

Jack Landors, Red S.P.D. Ranger

Chris Violette

Chris Violette

Schuyler "Sky" Tate, Blue S.P.D. Ranger

Matt Austin

Matt Austin

Bridge Carson, Green S.P.D. Ranger

Michelle Langstone

Michelle Langstone

Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx

Monica May

Monica May

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado, Yellow S.P.D. Ranger

Gina Varela

Gina Varela

Charlie (Red A-Squad Ranger)

Guest Star

Beth Allen

Beth Allen

Ally Samuels

Guest Star

Edwin Wright

Edwin Wright

Monster #1 (voice)

Guest Star

Jim McLarty

Jim McLarty

Broodwing (voice)

Recurring Role

Derek Judge

Derek Judge

Bluehead (voice)

Recurring Role

James Gaylyn

James Gaylyn

Orange Head (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • Even though the A-Squad's new Megazord is not from Broodwing, it is definitely not supplied by S.P.D. So why is it that the A-Squad Megazord still has their SPD colors and background in the cockpits?

    • All of the A-Squad demorphs when their new Megazord explodes, except for Red, who remains morphed, but lacks her helmet. Why didn't she demorph entirely like the rest?

    • Why does Jack depower from SWAT Mode, and not use his Battlizer, when going up to face Broodwing?

    • The B-Squad card contains the A-Squad by holding their Morphers vertically, yet the proper way to do so is to hold them horizontally.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: Syd says the Delta Command Megazord is "gone". However, this does not mean it's left the city. What she means is that it's left the immediate area, off to cause destruction in another part of the city. Granted, it's unknown why they simply couldn't look at the skyline and see it, unless buildings were blocking their view of it.

    • The A-Squad's new Megazord appears to transform from Broodwing's tank, yet not only is the tank currently miles away at the Delta Base, but A-Squad has no association of any kind with Broodwing!

    • In "SWAT (2)", Sgt. Silverback has a device capable of demorphing the Rangers. Why isn't it used on the A-Squad when they're discovered to have gone evil? There is no stated difference in power sources for B from A.

    • We've seen that Gruumm has the stolen SWAT tech at his disposal. Yet it seems as though he doesn't equip the A-Squad with it, and as thus, they lose to the SWAT B-Squad. Exactly why didn't he do the obvious and give them that upgrade?

    • Omni claims that Gruumm has yet to "complete" his "Magnificence". Yet, until this point, Gruumm has always called Omni "Magnificence".

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: There's no indication of sunset at all during the B-Squad's battle with the A-Squad, when they're outside. However, the second part of their battle takes place inside the warehouse. It's possible that the second part of the B-Squad's battle with the A-Squad could have been long enough for the sun to completely go down and for it to be nightfall.

    • Kat just says the A-Squad "has gone" and taken Doggie with them, but immediately the Rangers jump to conclusions and get all gaspy. But there's no reason why they should yet think anything bad of the idea of the A-Squad and Doggie leaving together as anything evil!

    • A-Squad turning out to be evil, all out of greed, is basically the same exact plotline from "Idol", when Dru, after going missing, shows up, pretends to be good, attacks Doggie, and then confronts the Rangers, revealing he did it for money. It's not only absurd to think it could happen twice in the SPD ranks within a year, the fact nobody connects the two events is even odder.

    • The B-Squad Rangers lose their helmets between commercial breaks. There's no reason given as to why they lose them, the A-Squad didn't have them captured and none had been damaged whatsoever.

    • Omega Ranger vanishes between the capturing of Broodwing, and when Piggy summons the Rangers to follow him. No reason is given for his not following them, especially since it involved a lead on Gruumm, not like he wanted to let them try his new garbage souffle.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Commander Cruger: All those years of training and you have learned nothing.
      Red A-Squad Ranger: Grow up, Doggie. Everyone wants to be on a winning team.

    • Jack: Let's show them how we do it, B-Squad style.

    • [referring to the A-Squad Rangers]
      Gruumm: Why, Cruger, how does it feel to be betrayed by your own Rangers?
      Commander Cruger: These are not Rangers. A real Power Ranger must be true of heart.

    • Gruumm: Now I finally have Doggie Cruger in my grasp. Let me finish our battle now, once and for all.
      Omni: No! Your obsession with Cruger means nothing to me. Completing my Magnificence is all that matters.
      Gruumm: But, great Omni --
      Omni: Silence! Only when that is done may you exact your petty revenge. I have spoken.

    • A-Squad Red Ranger: You never really thought you stood a chance against us, did you? After all, you're only the B-Squad.
      Jack: Meaning what?
      A-Squad Pink Ranger: You're second-best.
      A-Squad Yellow Ranger: Second-rate.
      A-Squad Green Ranger: And second choice.
      A-Squad Red Ranger: You're not even fit to shine our boots.

    • [as Broodwing takes control of the Delta Command Megazord]
      Broodwing: Now the power is is my hands. Newtech City will be the first to fall, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. May I suggest you get out of my way?

    • [after finding the underground hidden base]
      Sky: I will never call you weird again.
      Bridge: Thanks...I think.

    • Jack: (upon defeating A-Squad) B-Squad rules!

    • Bridge: I got it. If I was Kat and and the base was under attack, I might transfer the S.W.A.T. Flyers to the secret underground Zord bay.
      Z: Whoa. There's a secret underground Zord bay?
      Bridge: Doesn't every command base have one?

    • Red A-Squad Ranger: You can't do this to us. We're the A-Squad.
      Jack: Looks like you've been demoted.

    • Omega Ranger: Take that, bat face!

    • Commander Cruger: This isn't the end, Gruumm.
      Gruumm: For once, you're right, Commander. The worst is yet to come.

  • NOTES (13)

    • This is the first time since PRTF's "Future Unknown" that a Megazord's sword has been broken.

    • This is the first time a Ranger (Syd) uses a Deltamax Striker in SWAT mode.

    • This is the only episode in which five criminals are card-contained at the same time.

    • Last appearances of the Omega Max and Delta Command Megazords, as well as the Canine Cannon. Also the final times for Sky's cycle and the patrol jeep.

    • Final appearance of the Delta Squad Megazord, which ends up destroyed by its original pilots, the A-Squad, thus making the Delta Squad Megazord the only Megazord this season to meet its destruction.

    • Broodwing's three Generals utilize the stolen SWAT technology, last seen in "S.W.A.T. (2)". They happen to lose those upgrades when they get card-contained.

    • The A-Squad Rangers' Zord is the first evil giant robot of this season to be given the proper moniker of a Zord, instead of a mere "robot".

    • Isinia Cruger is finally revealed to be a captive of Gruumm's, making this the first time she's appeared outside of a flashback.

    • Final appearance of the SPD A-Squad Rangers, who are card-contained for their crimes. As far as is known, they're the first full Power Rangers team to turn evil without mind control or other deceit. They're also the first team of evil Rangers since the Shadow Rangers in PRWF's "The Master's Herald" 2 parter.

    • This episode explains how the Delta Base could hold so many Zords and still transform to Megazord mode. The underground hanger has likely been in use all season, and just not really revealed.

    • Final appearance of Broodwing, who is finally defeated and card-contained.

    • First time (and only time) we seen the SPD Rangers morphed but helmetless.

    • Debuted on Toon Disney, on its regular day and time of Monday at 7pm E&P. ABC Family debut date: Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 10am E&P.