Power Rangers

Season 13 Episode 37

Endings (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 14, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Captured by Emperor Gruumm, the Rangers get unexpected help from the person responsible for their imprisonment. Doggie faces Gruumm in a final showdown for the life of Isinia. Omni's Magnificence is finally created, and attacks Newtech City. Kat, Boom, Omega Ranger and the rest of the non-Ranger SPD cadets are all that stands in the way against a Krybot invasion of the Delta Base.moreless

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  • Final battle

    Power rangers s.p.d hasnt been the best power rangers season but it has one of the best season finals. At the end of the episode it showed that jack leaves s.p.d and sky is premoted to red ranger, bridge is premoted to blue ranger but pink and yellow stay the same, to bad sam had to go back to the future with nova ranger but there would'nt have been any point in him staying except for the episode wormhole this is the last apperence of the s.p.d power rangers because they won't team up with power rangers mystic force next season.

    This episode is defenitly the best episode in all of power rangers s.p.dmoreless
  • Now that is how you end a Power Rangers season!

    This final episode of Power Rangers SPD was exciting from the start. I was concered for the B-Squad as Emperor Gruumm continued his construction of the Magnificence. I loved how Piggie repented of selfish ways to help free the B-Squad. It was funny how Piggie repented, as his cafe was destroyed in the process. I loved how when earth was defensless another ranger from the future came to aid Earth. The Magnificenc's body was awesome, perhaps one of the best villainous monsters I've seen yet from Power Rangers.

    Though this episode was virtually flawless, I do have my complaints. I don't like how easily Commander Crueger disposed of Mora, he just carded her without effort. I would have liked to know the identity of the other future ranger, though it wasn't important. I also would have liked to see Katranger again, but seeing All of SPD battle the invading forces on Earth was well worth it. It was great to see Silverback and Supreme Commander Birdie fighting to protect Earth.

    The ending was further of all one of the best. Gruumm somehow managed to survive the whole ordeal and battled Crueger. It was great to see that Gruumm wasn't destoryed, but Crueger slashed off his last beloved horn. It was great! Sky's promotion to Red Ranger was well deserved as Jack left SPD to spend more time with his rich new girlfriend. I also like how Piggie now had a job working with Jack. The Rangers visited Jack and assured him he may not be SPD anymore, but he will remain in their lives.

    This was a great ending to another great season and I won't forget it.moreless

    this was the best episode of SPD ive ever seen. great shots of omega n introduction of nova. sweet battle for SPD. the lasers, zords, final fight. it had everything a season finale needed. but i found the intro of Omni was too fast also the fight between grumm n cruger. there couldve been Endings Pt3. it couldve showed the final between Omni n da Rangers. The fight between grumm n cruger couldve been included. but the retirement of jack complicates 1 thing 4 me: if Mystic Force has a team up how does da retirement of jack help. will dey just set it before Endings Pt2 or after. soo manny questions. newayz, i liked the ending of this episode with the rangers morphing n den it ended. COOL!


    this was the best episode of SPD ive ever seen. great shots of omega n introduction of nova. sweet battle for SPD. the lasers, zords, final fight. it had everything a season finale needed. but i found the intro of Omni was too fast also the fight between grumm n cruger. there couldve been Endings Pt3. it couldve showed the final between Omni n da Rangers. The fight between grumm n cruger couldve been included. but the retirement of jack complicates 1 thing 4 me: if Mystic Force has a team up how does da retirement of jack help. will dey just set it before Endings Pt2 or after. soo manny questions. newayz, i liked the ending of this episode with the rangers morphing n den it ended. COOL!

  • SPD Season Finale Part 2

    I loved this episode! Seeing DekaBright as Nova Ranger was one thing that I wanted to happen all season. I was kind of hoping that Mora wouldn't be Card contained but oh well I guess. This episode keeps you on the edge of your seat from Start to Finish. I thought that promoting Sky to Red Ranger wasn't a bad thing but it makes the Team-up with Mystic Force seem a bit interesting as too how they are going to pull it off. This is defiantly one of the best season finales ever!moreless
Alycia Purrott

Alycia Purrott

Sydney "Syd" Drew, Pink S.P.D. Ranger

Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLaren

Jack Landors, Red S.P.D. Ranger

Chris Violette

Chris Violette

Schuyler "Sky" Tate, Blue S.P.D. Ranger

Matt Austin

Matt Austin

Bridge Carson, Green S.P.D. Ranger

Michelle Langstone

Michelle Langstone

Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx

Monica May

Monica May

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado, Yellow S.P.D. Ranger

Tandi Wright

Tandi Wright

Isinia Cruger (voice)

Guest Star

Antonia Prebble

Antonia Prebble

Nova Ranger (voice)

Guest Star

John Tui

John Tui

Sargeant Silverback

Guest Star

James Gaylyn

James Gaylyn

Orange Head (voice)

Recurring Role

Derek Judge

Derek Judge

Bluehead (voice)

Recurring Role

Paul Norell

Paul Norell

Commander Fowler Birdy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • In "Reflection (2)", Sky came to terms with being Blue Ranger, saying heroes come in all colors. But here he quickly takes up being Red. A big deal is made out of the team remaining B-Squad, since it's "who they are". So why aren't the leadership duties of red, and all upgrades and such just transfered to blue, who Sky is and was proud of until now? Similarly, why does Bridge become Blue? The color command is no different for him, and in fact, he'll LOSE an item Blue lacks, namely the souped up cycle that goes to Green.

    • Z tells Sam she'll see him in 20 years, but Omega comes from 15 years in the future, not 20! And since he comes from a now alternate timeline, where she's dead, he's either going back to that, or getting wiped out by whatever changes occur now. And hey, why is she going to wait 20 years when Sam's alive NOW and at the academy?!

    • Despite being at ground zero of the destruction of the Magnificence and having no way out, Doggie and Isinia survive the massive explosion and debris fall without any injuries. Similarly, Gruumm, who plummets untold feet into the pit on his ship, survives that (which a big deal was made out of not letting Isinia fall into), AND the explosion of the Magnificence, with no injuries, either.

    • The Magnificence plants its staff in the city, and it releases energy waves which cause everyone we see to clutch their heads, as if they were being brainwashed, as he'd done to Mora and seemingly Gruumm. Yet the head-clutching and signal suddenly cuts off, without any reason given, and the whole point of doing what he did to begin with it unclear.

    • Nova claims she's been looking all over the timeline for Omega, but it was known exactly what time period he was headed to. He was sent back specifically to stop the events of July 11, 2025. Why she showed up several weeks to months later is unclear.

    • Despite how the Rangers leave Gruumm's ship to get in their SWAT Flyers, the SWAT Megazord seems to take forever getting to Gruumm's ship. In addition, the shot of the Megazord flying into space shows a planet with a purple atmosphere behind it. What, did they take a detour to another galaxy when all the action is right above Earth?

    • Why did Doggie demorph before entering Gruumm's chamber?

    • The Rangers don't use their genetic powers against the various Troobians, despite how the forcefield that negated their powers are limited to just the cell they'd escaped already!

    • Piggy somehow is able to hollow out a Krybot of all its circuitry and fit his oversized head into its helmet, in rather record time. Similarly, how is it a mere Krybot's blaster can destroy several Krybots, a few Blueheads, and an Orangehead with ONE shot?!

    • The Orangehead claims Omni sent him and the Krybots to destroy Doggie and the B-Squad. Yet, no one is allowed in the chamber with Omni. Gruumm is the commander of the Troobian forces, and would have to give the order for any action. And considering they're robots, Omni's brainwashing wouldn't very well work on them anyway!

    • The head of the greyhead monster the Rangers fought in "Resurrection" is recycled for an SPD cadet who gets a closeup during the scene where Kat warns them about the odds being slim. Sure, it could be another of his race, but the markings on the head are identical.

    • Considering that the only way out at the time was by going with the Power Rangers, how was it possible that Piggy appeared, from going after the rangers ("Wait for Me! ...Again") to right nearby the SPD fight, before the Rangers ever arrived back on Earth?

    • If Sam demorphed to human form before going home, where were the Omegamax Megazord and Uniforce Cycle? Presumably, they were energy along with him when he first arrived, but if he changed back, what happened to them? Did he leave them behind, send them back ahead of himself, shrink them, another portal in the Zord Bay?

    • Why didn't the Rangers pick up any weapons from the defeated Krybots to defend themselves with?

    • Despite being a full-fledged redheaded and freckled child, Sam as an adult has brown hair and clear skin.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Sky: (to Jack) Yeah, you might have left S.P.D., but you're not leaving our lives.

    • Z: Who'd have thought Piggy would have sent us into this trap?
      Bridge: It just goes to show you. You can't trust reptiles. He's a reptile, right?
      Sky: He's history...if I ever get out of here. Ugh! He's probably laughing at us right now.

    • Orangehead: Commander Cruger, Power Rangers...Omni has decided your existence is no longer needed. We are here to carry out his orders. (laughs evilly)

    • Commander Cruger: Today Earth can celebrate.
      Jack: And none of us would be here today if it wasn't for Piggy.

    • Gruumm: Cruger!! (jumping out of rubble) Forgive me for being late to your celebration, Cruger.

    • Commander Cruger: Rangers, for your true courage, heroism, and valor in the face of seemingly imsurmountable odds... I am elevating you to A-Squad. Did you hear me? I'm promoting you to A-Squad.
      Bridge: No, we heard you sir. But, well, we talked this over, and you know what? We are B-Squad. That's who we are. That's who we want to be.
      Commander Cruger: Very well. B-Squad it is. There will be no A-Squad.

    • [berating himself about his betrayal to the Rangers]
      Piggy: What have I done? I'm a filthy, slimy-ridden, low-life, worm-eating vermin! Okay, so I was that before I betrayed the Rangers. But I had to. Gruumm would have vaporized me. Anyone else would have done the same thing. Tell me -- have I done the right thing? Show me a sign that I done the right thing.
      [lightning strikes his cafe truck and it rolls down the hill and crashes]

    • [giving a speech to the SPD cadets]
      Boom: Now, we will probably lose this fight. But I am not giving up without a fight. So Gruumm, bring..it...on. Those of you who want to go...go. I'm staying.

    • [as a Krybot shoots the Orangehead and other Krybots]
      Z: Okay...what just happened.
      Bridge: It's hard to say. I was kinda covering my eyes with my hands. From the looks of things, the last Krybot standing is a really bad shot.

    • Mora: What are you going to do to me? I'm just a kid.
      Commander Cruger: Use your imagination.
      [Cruger confines her]
      Mora: Hey, that's not fair!
      Commander Cruger: Kids.

    • Gruumm: Cruger, you have more lives than a cat, but this will be your last.

    • Nova Ranger: Force from the future! S.P.D. Nova Ranger!

    • Omega Ranger: I am so glad to see you, Nova.
      Nova Ranger: Yeah, well I have been looking all over the time line for you.

    • Omni: I will claim this planet as mine. Destruction to all that try and stop me.

    • Gruumm: Show me no mercy, Cruger. No mercy!!
      [Cruger cuts off Gruumm's other horn]
      Gruumm: Noooooooooooo!!!
      Commander Cruger: Now they match!
      [he confines Gruumm]
      Gruumm:[inside card] You'll pay for this, Cruger!

    • Commander Cruger: If I was to appoint Syd as Red Ranger, would you follow her into battle?
      Sky: Sir, I'd follow anyone into battle you felt worthy of wearing the color red.
      Commander Cruger: Congratulations, Sky. You are the new Red Ranger. Your father would be very proud of you.

    • Omega Ranger: Goodbye, everyone, and thank you for making our future safe.
      Nova Ranger: Yes, goodbye.
      Z: Wait. Goodbye, Sam. I'll see you in 20 years.
      Omega Ranger: Okay. I'll be there, Z.

    • [their communcators beep]
      Jack: Go for it.
      Sky: Ready?
      Bridge, Z and Syd: Ready.
      Sky, Bridge, Z and Syd: S.P.D. emergency!

  • NOTES (12)

    • Bridge will return (and gain a new SPD Ranger color) in PROO's "Once A Ranger" two-parter.

    • Piggy will return in PRMF's "Ranger Down", though the events of the episode from Piggy's perspective will take place almost 20 years before "Beginnings (1)".

    • Destruction of Omni (which results in the destruction of Gruumm's space craft as well) and Piggy's cafe van.

    • Though this marks the first PR finale to not feature the team losing their Ranger powers in any way since PRTF, it does mark the first PR team where a change of colors for its members occurs: Jack retires, Sky becomes the new Red Ranger, and Bridge the new Blue Ranger. It's unknown who becomes Green.

    • Omni's Magnificence is the first non-Sentai monster to face a Megazord since Maligore in the Turbo Movie.

    • Sergeant Silverback and his pitbull version of RIC (both last in the 2-part episode "S.W.A.T.", Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy (last seen in "Katastrophe"), and numerous other animal-alien (an octopus, an exotic bird, a lion, and an ape) high command members of the main SPD branch appear.

    • Numerous previously unseen Dekaranger alien criminals are drawn up by Mora, all of which are unnamed and destroyed (a rarity on this season).

    • Both Emperor Gruumm (now missing both horns) and Mora are card-contained in this episode, making this the first season where all regular main villains have survived the finale since PRT (though PRTF was close).

    • The brief first-and-only unmorphed appearances of Sam & Nova are played by an uncredited assistant to Greg Aronowitz and Sam's voice actor Brett Stewart, respectively.

    • First and only appearance of the SPD Nova Ranger, a teammate of Sam's from his native future timeline. She's not named other than "Nova", but has a Morpher similar to Omega's, and like him, her chest-symbol is a Roman numeral, this being IVI (a stylized 7). With her appearance, there have been a grand total of 16 different SPD Power Rangers appearing at any given time on the show (Sky's Dad, 5 A-Squad, 5 B-Squad, Shadow, Omega, Kat, Boom (though only a dream sequence), and now Nova).

    • Final episode of Power Rangers S.P.D. (not counting the direct-to-DVD episode "Wormhole", which occurs prior show wise).

    • Debuted on Toon Disney, on its normal day, Monday, but at a SPECIAL time of 8:30pm E&P. ABC Family debut date: Saturday, November 19, 2005, at a special time of 10:30am E&P.


    • The part where Piggy yells out if he done the right thing and lighting struck his truck is based in the Bible, where Judas betrays Jesus for gold but gets silver instead and with that he shouted if he done the right thing and lighting struck a tree where he was near by it.