Power Rangers

Saturday 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 28, 1993 In Season




Episode Guide

    • Spirit of the Tiger
      Season 21 - Episode 6

      When the Rangers face a monster with a magnetic power to wrench their weapons away from them, Jake and Emma turn to quiet local Zoo Keeper named Casey to learn a special form of martial arts that helps them channel their personal animal spirits.

    • Day of the Dumpster (Pilot)

      Five teenagers, who hang out in an average bowling alley, and occasionally use their karate skills to fend off a gang of mean bullies, are summoned to save the world by an intergalactic being named Zoltar. He gives them the power to become Power Rangers, and to call upon giant robots called Droids to combat the forces of space witch Rita Repulsa.

    • Recipe for Disaster
      Season 23 - Episode 13

      Chase is determined to master a dessert recipe from New Zealand for a visiting food critic, but finds himself distracted when an evil monster takes control of the Rangers' Zords and Megazords.

    • Riches and Rags
      Season 23 - Episode 8

      When Ivan mistakes a thousand year old suit of armor as a training dummy, he finds himself in debt after destroying it. Heckyl sends in a hybrid monster named Spell Digger to spread greed to anyone who touches his gold coins.

    • Love at First Fight
      Season 23 - Episode 11

      Poisandra's magic paint and brush are exactly what Beauticruel needs to make any guy she desires fall in love with her. Heckyl devises a plan to make the Rangers fall in love with her so he can steal their Energems.

    • Gone Fishin'
      Season 23 - Episode 10

      The Silver Ranger contacts Kendall from the far reaches of space to let them know the location of a new Zord. When Singe and Fury intercept the message it becomes a race to see who can get there first.

    • Nightmare in Amber Beach
      Season 23 - Episode 3

      Shelby receives a pillow from an unknown sender. When she uses it to take a nap, she starts living a nightmare. The Rangers suspect this must be from Snide so they all make sure to stay awake, but that proves to be harder than they thought.

    • When Evil Stirs
      Season 23 - Episode 1

      The Rangers believe their work is done after they've defeated Sledge and his evil monsters. Unbeknownst to them, an even more powerful monster is picking up where Sledge left off and is closer to the Rangers than they think.

    • Home Run Koda
      Season 23 - Episode 7

      Kendall creates a new Victory Charger that requires the core 5 Energems. But when Riley becomes Koda's coach on the Amber Beach Earthquake baseball team, he has a hard time pulling himself away from the game to help the other Rangers.

    • Forged Under Fire
      Season 23 - Episode 6

      Tyler looks forward to catching up with his dad after not seeing him for the past 10 years. When Tyler's Energem becomes cracked, he is forced to mend it by placing it in Hot Lava and prove to his dad he's not a kid anymore.

    • Besties 4Eva!
      Season 23 - Episode 9

      Shelby's lifelong friend takes credit for a song that Shelby wrote when they were kids, but when she starts to take credit for the work of the Pink Ranger, she realizes how dangerous it can be to claim someone else's work.

    • A Date With Danger
      A Date With Danger
      Season 23 - Episode 4

      Chase tries to impress his new girlfriend, Kaylee by showing how talented and accomplished he is. But when it becomes more about him and less about her, Kaylee starts to fall for the Black Ranger instead.

    • Silver Secret
      Silver Secret
      Season 23 - Episode 14
    • The Rangers Rock
      Season 23 - Episode 19

      The Power Rangers come up with a plan to steal the Dark Energem with the help of an unlikely new ally.

    • Edge of Extinction Pt. 1
      Edge of Extinction Pt. 1
      Season 23 - Episode 20

      When a mysterious egg is discovered in Amber Beach, the Rangers must determine what it is before it hatches.

    • End of Extinction Pt. 2
      End of Extinction Pt. 2
      Season 23 - Episode 21

      When the Rangers' Base is attacked, the Rangers must use every weapon in their arsenal to keep the Energems from the villain's grasp and save the world once and for all.

    • Here Comes Heximas
      Season 23 - Episode 22

      When the Power Rangers receive mysterious Secret Santa gifts, they uncover an evil plot to ruin Christmas.

    • Worgworld
      Season 23 - Episode 18

      The Rangers must act quickly when the music of an evil monster causes anyone who listens to it to become a zombie.

    • Freaky Fightday
      Season 23 - Episode 17

      The Rangers are determined to catch the vandal who has been spray-painting the museum walls. Meanwhile, Snide convinces Lord Arcanon that he can help him steal the Energems.

    • Trick or Trial
      Trick or Trial
      Season 23 - Episode 15

      The Rangers are summoned to an intergalactic trial for crimes against monsters they have destroyed.

    • Roar of the Red Ranger
      Season 23 - Episode 5

      Tyler tries to master the new T-Rex Super Charge Mode, but after Heckyl plants a virus in Kendall's computer, the T-Rex Super Charger malfunctions and makes Tyler go wild! Luckily, the Aqua Ranger is able to step in before it's too late.

    • Wings of Danger
      Season 23 - Episode 16

      The Rangers must work to convince Zenowing that they are more powerful working as a team.

    • Forgive and Forget
      Season 23 - Episode 2

      Snide plans to contaminate the city water with venom that makes you forget who you are in hopes that the Rangers will be infected. Meanwhile, Riley has a score to settle with an old rival at the Amber Beach Marathon.

    • Super Megaforce
      Super Megaforce
      Season 21 - Episode 1

      Gosei presents the Rangers with new Morphers that unlock a Super Mega Mode, which will allow them to access the powers of every previous team of Power Rangers.

    • Christmas Together, Friends Forever
      Season 18 - Episode 23

      Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Shiba House the teens reflect on their first year together as a team and as friends, followed by a snowy Christmas morning that brings them an unexpected lesson about the true spirit of the holidays.

    • Samurai Forever
      Season 19 - Episode 20

      In a climactic battle, the Rangers face off against Master Xandred for the last time.

    • Silver Lining, Part 1
      Season 21 - Episode 7

      The Rangers are shocked and mystified when they discover the presence of a new Silver Ranger. Is this strange new visitor an ally or a foe?

    • Earth Fights Back
      Season 21 - Episode 2

      While the rest of the team works with the civilians to rebuild their city, Troy stumbles upon a plot by the Armada to launch missiles at major cities throughout the world.

    • Thunder Storm (2)
      Season 12 - Episode 32
      Cam, Blake, and Hunter head into the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their stolen powers, and run into some resistance, in the form of Zurgane, Kelzaks, and a few previously destroyed monsters. They nearly plunge into the depths, but their Sensei arrives in time to save them. Mesogog and Lothor form an alliance, with Mesogog providing the plan and Lothor providing the Evilized Wind Rangers. The three Winds Ninjas face off against the main three DinoThunder teens, in an unmorphed showdown, leading up to Dino Gem powers vs Ninja powers, Conner vs Shane, Ethan vs Dustin, Kira vs Tori. It's fairly enough matched a battle, and right when it's about to move up to morphed, Cam, Blake & Hunter show up. They trick their three spellbound teammates into giving up their evilly-enchanted Power Discs for their original ones, thus breaking the spell! The combined forces of Mesogog and Lothor's troops are assembled, so the combined forces of the Ninja Storm and DinoThunder Rangers all come together to stop them. The 11 Rangers pair off: the two Reds take on Lothor's newest Abyss-spawn Generals, utilizing their Cycles, weapons, and eventually, a double-dose of Battlizer power; Blue Wind and Yellow DT double team on Elsa; Yellow Wind and Blue DT, on their Cycles (including the Hover), take on a few previously-destroyed monsters; Black DT, and Navy & Crimson Thunders team-up against Zurgane; and Green Samurai & White DT face the Wolfblades and the three teams of footsoldiers, using a boost of Super Dino and Super Samurai powers. But it's Marah & Kapri who save the day, by showing their true colors in swiping their uncle's bottle, and freeing the captured ninjas. Seems they were also behind rescuing Sensei! Lothor hasn't time to let this loss sink in, as Mesogog challenges him to a duel. The fight rages in his lab, leading to Mesogog reverting Lothor into his basic genetic material, kept harmlessly preserved forever in one of his chemical jars. Seems Lothor's extraction of their powers have brought an end to the Ninja Storm Rangers' powers for good, but their new friends, the DinoThunders, are continuing on the good fight for them. Blake wins his motocross race, as the combined teams cheer him on, and Marah & Cassidy see each other in passing, finding the other stunning, but themselves prettier.moreless
    • Reinforcements from the Future (2)
      Season 10 - Episode 25

      The five Time Force Rangers are finally reunited in the year 2002, and gain a most unexpected ally in the form of their former enemies, Ransik & Nadira. What dark secret of his past concerning the Mut-Orgs is the key to stopping the monsters? It'll take all twelve Rangers to stop the Orgs from spreading pollution by destroying a power plant!

    • Reinforcements from the Future (1)
      Season 10 - Episode 24

      The arrival of three Mutant/Org hybrids from the year 3001 crosses the paths of the Wild Force Rangers with Wes & Eric, who must contact their Time Force Ranger teammates for assistance.

    • Boxed In (2)
      Season 18 - Episode 16
      With Jayden kidnapped by Deker, the other Rangers must summon the strength to fight a mutant Nighlok without their leader.
    • The Great Duel
      Season 19 - Episode 17

      As the Rangers attempt to adjust to being led by a new Red Ranger, Jayden struggles to find new meaning in his life.

    • Blue Saber Saga
      Season 21 - Episode 3

      After being humiliated in battle by a master swordsman monster, Noah suffers a crisis of confidence and questions his worthiness as a Ranger.

    • Countdown to Destruction (2)
      Season 6 - Episode 43
      Defeated and dejected, the Ranger teens seek refuge among the other random pockets of human survivors in Angel Grove. While Andros goes on a solo mission to face his sister in a final battle, his teammates are forced to either reveal their identities to the public and turn themselves in, or stand by and watch as the wrath of Astronema is turned upon their fellow citizens. The lives of the entire universe are in the hands of the Power Rangers, as the moment of truth arrives! But peace cannot be attained without even the greatest of sacrifices...moreless
    • Fighting Spirit
      Season 12 - Episode 27
      Tommy's invisibility problem is solved, but as a result, his Dino Gem is shattered and he ends up in a coma! Lying in a hospital bed, he faces his greatest battle, as he confronts three of his previous Power Ranger powers in a fevered test of willpower. Can he win the struggle to survive against himself? Meanwhile, the other Rangers go up against a second Terrorsaurus, who, armed with a special crystal, is able to rob them all of their morphing energies! Also, Cassidy & Devin are at odds with one another when the budding reporter sees a big opportunity in claiming the Rangers have abandoned Reefside.moreless
    • Countdown to Destruction (1)
      Season 6 - Episode 42

      Astronema rallies the entirety of Dark Specter's armies of evil in an all out assault of the universe. With the KO-35 rebels learning of this attack firsthand, Zhane attempts to warn his teammates before Earth is targeted, but encounters heavy Velocifighter resistance. The Space Rangers are quickly overwhelmed by the endless barrage of Quantrons and Piranahtrons soon flanking the planet, but is there any possible way to win? Meanwhile, Darkonda stages one final act of betrayal against Dark Specter, which just may turn the tide in favor of the side of good. But even if, can Zordon talk Astronema out of her maniacal schemes, or is her brainwashing too deep?

    • The Master Returns
      Season 19 - Episode 13

      Jayden doubts that he has what it takes to be the Red Ranger; Master Xandred demands Serrator return Dayu's Harmonium.

    • Thunder Storm (1)
      Season 12 - Episode 31
      Lothor finally climbs his way out of the Abyss of Evil. Disguising himself as his now-captive twin brother (Sensei Watanabe), Lothor tricks Shane, Dustin, and Tori into donning the Wind Morphers, sabotaged to make them his slaves, his own evil Rangers! With them, and a pair of monsters he picked up in the Abyss, Lothor sieges the Wind Academy, and captures the students once more. Marah & Kapri, always looking out for themselves, reluctantly resume their status in their uncle's army. Meanwhile, Blake comes to Reefside for a Motocross tournament, and begins a flirtation with Kira. It isn't long before Cam contacts him and his brother Hunter, about the current situation regarding their old teammates. The evil Wind Rangers, with Kelzaks and the two Monster Generals by their side, head on a march of destruction. Hayley & Tommy, noticing a blanket of evil spreading over the state of California from the re-opened Abyss, become aware of this rampage. The three main DinoThunder Rangers are sent to stop them, and holding back so as to not destroy the fellow Rangers, are beaten by the evil Winds. And Mesogog dispatches Elsa to offer Lothor their aid in the assistance of the destruction of the world...moreless
    • Protect the Quasar Saber (3)
      Season 7 - Episode 32
      Kendrix's spirit informs Maya of the Pink Quasar Saber's location in a dream, though the machinations of Deviot sends the Lost Galaxy Rangers instead into a deadly trap! When the Saber ends up on the auction block at the villain-infested Onyx tavern, the only hope to keep it out of the hands of Trakeena is previous Queen of Evil, Astronema! But whose side is she on?moreless
    • Fade to Black (2)
      Season 17 - Episode 2
      The RPM Rangers must use their Zord Attack Vehicles, and the High Octane Megazord, to deal with the double threat of the Venjix's giant Generation 5 Attack Bot and Drone-piloting Grinders. During the battle, Dillon and Ziggy pitch in when they notice Grinders targeting Summer. But the pair are repaid unkindly, as thanks to Dillon's Venjix-based bionic implants and Ziggy's criminal past, both are soon tossed into jail! Doctor K warns the Rangers of the evolving threat of Venjix's army, meaning they will need to activate the Series Black armor as soon as possible. But since no ordinary human can operate it, they soon realize they'll need Dillon, whether they like him or not. Will he agree to join them? That all depends on how long he can survive in a prison full of criminals angry at his new partner, Ziggy!moreless
    • Force from the Future (1)
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      In the year 3000, the last remaining criminal, a mutant mastermind called Ransik, is finally captured by the hard work of the Time Force police, particularly thanks to their own Red Ranger, named Alex. His fellow TF Officers, Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie are given the task of transporting Ransik to prison, but are ambushed by the mutant's daughter, Nadira, and robotic servant, Frax. Taking command of the prison, filled with cryogenically stored mutants, Ransik plots to escape through time. But first, he'll have a fatal final showdown with the Red Time Force Ranger...moreless
    • A Zeo Beginning (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Searching the ruins of the Command Center, Tommy, Billy, Adam, Kat, Rocky, and Tanya quickly discover that all may not be lost! Beneath the wreckage lies a secret chamber, but what fate does it hold for Alpha 5 and Zordon? On the moon, Rita & Zedd's celebration over bringing an end to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is brought to an abrupt halt, when the evil Machine Empire appears, and proceeds to push them out! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull work on their very own Patrol Bike, as the powerless and amnesiac Goldar & Rito end up on their doorstep!moreless
    • Astronema Thinks Twice (1)
      Season 6 - Episode 27
      With the revelation that she was once Karone, Andros' long lost sister, Astronema struggles between the life of a Queen of Evil that she's been tailored to live, and the life as a normal child she had stolen from her. She meets with Andros on KO-35 to talk about it, but has trouble believing his claims, unleashing the Spikey monster upon him. Meanwhile, the rivalry between Ecliptor and Darkonda heats up!moreless
    • Facing the Past
      Season 7 - Episode 33
      When all of the Rangers' powers are drained by Magnetox, Karone must face her dark past as Astronema to gain some powerful keys from a brave Warrior she once defeated, which will allow Leo to summon forth a Red Armored Power Ranger form.
    • The Master's Last Stand
      Season 10 - Episode 26

      Dr Viktor Adler, who went missing twenty years ago along with the Evans in the Amazon jungle, finally resurfaces. Cole hopes he can finally shed light onto what happened to his parents, but it's all a trap set by Master Org! Upon discovering the truth, will the Red Ranger give in to vengeance and become as bad as his enemy? Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica seek out a new master.

    • There Go the Brides
      Season 18 - Episode 6
      Dayu crosses into the mortal world to cause misery by kidnapping brides on their wedding day
    • The Rangers' Leap of Faith (2)
      Season 6 - Episode 28
      Astronema leads the Rangers to where Zordon is being held, as proof that she has chosen to give up her life of evil. But the Rangers, aside from Andros, have serious doubts about her honesty. Their suspicions seem to be vindicated when it all turns out to be a trap by Dark Specter. But is all not what it seems to be concerning Astronema?moreless
    • White Light (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Feeling betrayed and confused, the Ranger teens have a tough time coping with the notion that Alpha & Zordon are turning someone other than Tommy into their newest teammate. Eventually, they're summoned to the Command Center, where the White Ranger is revealed. Whether they like him or not, the White Ranger and his White Tigerzord are needed to take out Nimrod, and AC, & DC. The other Rangers, meanwhile, have to beat Zedd's Putties in a race to reach Rita's Dumpster before Bulk & Skull can open it!moreless
    • The Power of Pink (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 31

      The last surviving Psycho Ranger, Psycho Pink, learns of the Savage Sword, a weapon more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined, from Kendrix's research of the Galaxy Book. She hunts the Savage Sword down, with both the Lost Galaxy and Space Pink Rangers on her trail. Can Cassie and Kendrix stop her in time, or will one of them have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

    • From Deep in the Shadows (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      The Titanium Ranger is developed by Lightspeed, only to have the Morpher stolen by the Demons and used for evil by a human with mysterious ties to Captain Mitchell.
    • Ransik Lives
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      Wes gives the four Time Force officers from the future a place to stay, at a Clock Tower owned by his father. It turns out to also be part of an old business, which they revive, taking on various odd jobs for money. Their first job is painting a TV studio, which ends up being hijacked by Ransik to broadcast a terror threat to the city of Silver Hills! Wes is captured by the mutant mastermind, and learns his tragic origin, involving the dark side effects of the future utopia. Will this change his feelings about the criminal, or will the mutant Fearog finish him off?moreless
    • Samurai Surprise
      Season 21 - Episode 5

      When a powerful monster named Matacore is sent by the emperor to take on the Rangers, they face a challenge like never before. Luckily, help comes in the form of a mysterious Samurai visitor.

    • Catching Some Rays
      Season 23 - Episode 12

      The Rangers discover the cave where Koda and his family once lived. But when Koda opens a section of the cave he was told to never enter, he accidentally unleashes an ancient evil.

    • The Robo Knight Before Christmas
      Season 20 - Episode 22

      Robo Knight learns the true meaning of Christmas from a group of children when he is mistaken for a donated Christmas toy and is shipped in a charity crate to a foreign land.

    • Rangers of Two Worlds (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 47

      The Zeo Rangers lose the Zeo Megazord to the clutches of Cog-Changer, and the Super Zeo Megazord to Impursonator, leading to Rita & Zedd's monster battling Mondo & Machina's, using the Zords of their shared enemies! Added help by the Aquitian Rangers may aid in the fight, but no matter what the Rangers do, the old, gray Billy's time on this Earth is numbered... Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take the test to get their detectives licenses, right in the middle of a monster attack.

    • The Fate of Lightspeed (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 40
      As Carter and Ryan attempt to flee the Skull Cavern, with the knowledge that Queen Bansheera is attempting to reclaim her homeland by unleashing an endless army of zombie demons from the Shadow World, the other Rangers are trapped inside of the Batling-infested Lightspeed Aquabase. While the Batling-piloted Lifeforce Megazord systematically destroys the Aquabase, and the Jinxer-piloted Omega Megazord levels parts of the city in preparation for the Queen's ceremony, can the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers rescue Mariner Bay one final time?moreless
    • Green No More (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Tommy & Kim witness a transmission from the future, featuring Tommy, powerless during a major battle. This heralds the results of Zordon & Alpha's tests, which reveal that he only has enough Green Ranger energies for one last battle. Meanwhile, five grim bullies show up at Angel Grove High. They're polar opposites of our heroes, right down to matching colored clothing! Lord Zedd plans to forcibly make them his Dark Rangers. He has the five bullies captured, and sends the Turbanshell monster (a conkshell with worm creature) down to attack the Power Rangers. Tommy's dwindling Green Ranger powers are to be siphoned off by Zedd's Green Crystal, with which he will not only destroy the Command Center, but power his Dark Rangers!moreless
    • Thunder Struck (2)
      Season 12 - Episode 38

      What's Zeltrax been up to while he's been absent from the show? Seems he and his Triptoids spent time building the Zelzord, the so-called "Ultimate Fighting Machine." Zeltrax, with the de-evilized Elsa as his captive, pilots the Zelzord into Reefside. Conner and Ethan pilot the Thundersaurus and Mezodon Megazords against the Zelzord, while Trent takes care of Triptoids, and Tommy & Kira rescue Elsa and face Zeltrax. The duo manages to save her, and destroy the cyborg once known as Smitty, once and for all. But the Zelzord takes a massive sacrifice of every Dinozord to stop it. Mesogog, having absorbed some power from the Dino Gems, transmogrifies to his ultimate dinosauric form, that of the Mesomonster. The five DinoThunder Rangers battle him fiercely, but even the Battlized Triassic power is unable to defeat him. To make things worse, Mesomonster is replicating! Only by pooling their Dino Gem energies into a giant flaming tyrannosaurus, can Mesogog be made extinct permanently. Unfortunately, that last trick taps out the powers of the Dino Gems for good. Devin and Cassidy, having recorded this final battle, confront the team, and hand over the tape, admitting they couldn't exploit their friendship for personal gain after all they've done. At the Reefside 2004 senior prom, the couples include Devin & Cassidy, Conner & Krista (from "The Passion Of Conner"), and Ethan & Angela, the girl he met last episode. Kira and her band perform the music. As for Trent, he's going to art school in the fall, The humanized Elsa seems to be the new principal of the school, and she & Anton Mercer seem to be a blossoming item. As for Tommy? He's going to try to live the quiet life for once, by settling down and continuing teaching.

    • The Green Candle (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 35
      Thanks to one of Billy's inventions, Jason is able to journey into the Dark Dimension in an effort to retrieve the Green Candle. But with Goldar guarding it, and Cyclops once again on the prowl in the city, does he stand a chance of success? With his teammates busy, Tommy must go into battle with Cyclops monster as the Green Ranger. The fight takes its toll on the Green Candle, which quickly burns down to nearly nothing. Will the Green Ranger powers be lost to Rita?moreless
    • Return of an Old Friend (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 49
      It's Parent's Day at the Youth Center, and all of the Ranger teens' fathers & mothers are there. Rita decides to trap the parents in another dimension, and use them as ransom for attaining the Power Coins! To make things worse, Billy is placed under a spell, and steals the Dragon Dagger from the Command Center. With it, Goldar takes control of the Dragonzord, and sends it on a rampage.moreless
    • Back in Black (2)
      Season 12 - Episode 5
      Utilizing Hayley's help, and their new Raptor Cycles, the DinoThunder Rangers storm the island base on a mission to rescue Tommy from Mesogog's clutches. Will they get there before the Black Dino Gem falls into evil's hands?
    • King for a Day (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 42
      Believing himself to be the king of the Machine Empire, Tommy prepares to face Jason in the arena. The other Rangers try to join his side, but are unable to, until they get help from an unlikely source, their old enemies, who are now the enemy of their new enemies. Even if the spell on Tommy can be broken, getting out of the monster-filled arena safely will require the aid of an even more unlikely source, Earth's self-proclaimed "greatest warriors", Bulk & Skull, who join forces with a captive alien warrior seeking revenge on Prince Gasket for conquering his home planet of Horath.moreless
    • Journey's End (1)
      Season 7 - Episode 43
      Deviot, having barely survived his return from the Lost Galaxy, returns to the Scorpion Stinger. He's not welcomed back so easily, and makes a desperate ploy for the transformation cocoon, taking Trakeena with him! Now combined with Deviot, an unstably psychotic Trakeena pulls no punches in targeting Terra Venture, which is running dangerously low on fuel and down to its last engine. Can the space colony reach a nearby uninhabited planet, which appears to be the perfect world for colonization? Or will their mission stop just short of its goal?moreless
    • Olympius Ascends (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 17
      Impus, thanks to Diabolico's Star Power, matures into Olympius. He makes the most of his new adulthood by disguising himself as several of the Rangers, and sneaking onto the Lightspeed Aquabase.
    • Ghosts in the Machine (2)
      Season 6 - Episode 39
      The Space Rangers continue to search for the elusive Secret City, eventually finding it hidden underwater. They once again sneak inside, but aren't alone, as the spirits of the Psycho Rangers follow, and utilize the Data Card-creating machine that Astronema's forces are using to turn the captured citizens into digital information. With it, the Psychos regain their physical form, and proceed to attack both the Power Rangers, and Astronema's forces. Is it possible to put a stop to all five Psycho Rangers at once, especially when even destruction can't hold them?moreless
    • Truth Discovered (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 12
      Captain Mitchell reveals the secret history of his son, the evil Titanium Ranger. When confronting the now evil Ryan, history repeats itself as they find themselves back in the same situation that led to their separation years prior.
    • Always a Chance
      Season 6 - Episode 25
      Thanks to the Lizwizard monster's ability to switch places with anyone he's got his tongue wrapped around, Carlos accidentally injures Cassie. Though she's not hurt badly, this incident strikes a major blow to the Black Ranger's self-confidence. He soon bumps into his predecessor, Adam Park, who offers both guidance and extra training. But with Carlos fast deciding to quit the Rangers, will Adam take the ultimate risk with a burnt out Morpher to teach him the lesson that just as there's always a chance bad things can happen in battle, there's still always a chance they'll work out right?moreless
    • Forever Red
      Season 10 - Episode 34

      When the surviving forces of the Machine Empire gather on the moon in an effort to excavate Serpentera, veteran Ranger Tommy assembles the Red Rangers of every previous team, and the current, to assist in stopping them.

    • White Light (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      The Ranger teens are excited to hear that Tommy is coming home by the end of the week. Little do they realize, that Lord Zedd has other plans in mind for the former Green Ranger. Tommy vanishes without warning, just as Zedd creates Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel. The monster, along with its assistants, AC & DC, makes quick work of the Power Rangers. Defeated by the triple threat, things get stranger when the gang discovers the Command Center is powered down, and both Alpha & Zordon absent! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull recover a strange golden object, after it crashlands in the park. It turns out to be Rita's mini Space Dumpster! They think it holds the key to unlocking the Power Rangers' identities, and set out to break it open, which is easier said than done.moreless
    • Revelations of Gold (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 32

      The Varox bounty hunters finally manage to take down Pyramidas, causing it to crashland on Aquitar. The Gold Ranger, rescued by two familiar Aliens, has his identity finally revealed to the Zeo Rangers. With his health declining, they have to aid his arrival on Earth to seek out a new host for his powers, while the Machine Empire tries to prevent his surviving the trip. Meanwhile, the still-amnesiac Goldar & Rito hire their masters, Bulk & Skull, to find their families.

    • Flashes of Darkonda (1)
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      After being taunted by Darkonda, who claims to be an old memory from his past, Andros views the mental-recording of his sister's abduction, and in a moment of clarity, learns that Darkonda was the one who kidnapped Karone! Journeying to the monster bar on planet Onyx, he seeks information on Karone's kidnapping, and ends up in a card game with Darkonda, with the pot containing a set of Key Cards stolen from Eltar during Zordon's capture. Even if he wins, will Andros make it off of the planet alive when his cover is blown? Meanwhile, Ecliptor plots to poison Darkonda.moreless
    • Journey's End (3)
      Season 7 - Episode 45

      Leo is stranded on the moon of the new world, and comes face to face with the final, deadly, bug-like form of Trakeena! She repowers the City Dome, and sends it flying toward the new world, aimed right for the colonization spot by the former citizens of Terra Venture! Can the Power Rangers put a stop to her, and to the last remnant of Terra Venture, in time? Plus, what familiar secret within the jungles of this brave, new world?

    • Escape the Lost Galaxy
      Season 7 - Episode 42

      When Barbarax and the Swabbies repeatedly succeed in capturing mass amounts of Terra Venture citizens, Mike, the only one of the team to still have his identity unknown to the villains, plants himself in the next batch of captives. Infiltrating Captain Mutiny's encampment, he aims to free the overworked slaves personally. Meanwhile, Kai and Leo make a discovery about the Galaxy Book which might just get them out of the Lost Galaxy. But can Mike rescue the prisoners before that happens, or will this battle cost another Magna Defender his life?

    • A Rift in the Rangers
      Season 6 - Episode 33
      Cabin fever sets in for the space-bound Rangers, as Ashley and Cassie erupt in constant bickering over their respective personal faults. Similarly, the Pink & Yellow Psycho are feuding as well, each trying to one-up the other in attacking the Rangers. When Psycho Yellow takes Ashley prisoner during a battle, Psycho Pink is furious over being upstaged in the fight she was in charge of, and Cassie is guilt-ridden, determinedly searching for her teammate. Even if the Yellow Ranger can break free from her captors, one of the Psycho Ranger women is going to become a giant problem for our heroes!moreless
    • The Silver Secret
      Season 6 - Episode 22
      When the Rangers spot Alpha scanning Zhane and overhear the robot telling him that he hasn't much time left, the Rangers jump to the wrong conclusion and assume Zhane is dying! Zhane, who's really just unable to Morph for more than 2 minutes at a time, decides to play up this misunderstanding, and exploits their sympathy. Astronema, though, knows his true secret, and sends the Praying Mantis monster out to use the knowledge to destroy the Silver Ranger once and for all.moreless
    • Legacy of Power (1)
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      Tommy, now a captive of Mesogog, is forced to aid him in unlocking the fourth Dino Gem, or be destroyed. Meanwhile, the three Rangers stumble onto a video diary at their underground lair. Created by their mentor in case of such an emergency as this, the diary contains a recorded history of not only Dr. Oliver's life and adventures as a Power Ranger, but a summary of every team since. Even with this history lesson, the trio will need some help from a surprising source to track their mentor down!moreless
    • The Green Dream
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Tommy keeps having the same depressing dream lately, where he loses his powers in the middle of battle. Lord Zedd creates the Robo-Goat monster, and uses him to capture Tommy and turn him evil again! The possessed Tommy tricks his teammates into summoning the powerful Sword Of Power, and turns it over to Robo-Goat. The Rangers attempt to regain it, while Tommy, released from evil, finds his Green Ranger powers are running dangerously low (to the point he can't even summon the Dragonzord.)moreless
    • Journey's End (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 44
      A mass evacuation of the ruins of Terra Venture is underway, attempting to get everyone off of the moon and to the new world before the City Dome collapses. The Deviot-merged Trakeena arms every one of her Stingwingers with bombs, and has them overrun the colony in an effort to stop this escape. The Rangers put their lives on the line to protect the humans, though a sacrifice from an unexpected source aids them enough to tip the balance back into the favor of good.moreless
    • Curse of the Wolf (1)
      Season 10 - Episode 10
      Master Org releases Org General Nayzor, who in turn releases Wolf Duke Org Zen-Aku, from the tomb he's been imprisoned in for 3000 years. The Rangers, first having to deal with the Vacuum Cleaner Org, find this wicked warrior tougher than any prior Org, even losing a few Animal Crystals to him! Can they at least get out of this battle with their lives intact?moreless
    • Day of the Dino (1)
      Season 12 - Episode 1

      While on a detention-related field trip with their new science teacher (Dr. Tommy Oliver), three students from Reefside High School (soccer star Conner, rocker star wannabe Kira, and wiz-kid Ethan), stumble upon mystical Dino Gems which give them special powers. This makes them a target for a group of evil creatures known as Tyrannodrones. Can the teen trio work together despite their vast differences? And what connection is there between Dr. Oliver and the T-Drones' master, the dinosauric humanoid known as Mesogog?

    • White Thunder (1)
      White Thunder (1)
      Season 12 - Episode 11
      Having allowed it to gestate for a year, Elsa retrieves the White Dino Gem, with the intent of having it bond with Mesogog. But Trent, following the Invisiportal from his father's office, winds up accidentally, and painfully, bonded with the Gem instead! Thanks to the genetic tampering done to the gem, whose side will this ultra tough White DinoThunder Ranger be on? Meanwhile, Cassidy & Devin have their work cut out for them if they want to join the local TV news team.moreless
    • Go for the Green
      Season 17 - Episode 4

      Ziggy holds an open audition to find the team a potential Green Ranger. The Rangers are less than impressed by what turns into a poor talent show. But Ziggy redeems himself when he runs into Tenaya Sevenson, a mysterious young woman who saves him from his old mob pal Fresno Bob and the Scorpion Syndicate. Little do our heroes realize, that she's actually Venjix's Tenaya 7! Luckily, Ziggy finds out before she can take on the power, but unfortunately, he's all that stands in her way from taking the Series Green Morpher!

    • Prince Takes Knight
      Season 20 - Episode 9

      While the Rangers are unsure about how to work with the newly-arrived Robo Knight, Vrak captures the robotic Ranger in an attempt to reprogram him for his own nefarious purposes.

    • The Mutiny (3)
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      The only hope of regaining control of the Dinozords from Pirahntishead is Billy's latest invention. If they can get it to work, Zordon will then infuse each of the main five Dinozords with a lightning charge, causing them to morph into the mighty new Thunderzords! The Red Dragon, the Yellow Griffin, the Blue Unicorn, the Black Lion, and the Pink Firebird can then come together to form the Thunder Megazord. But will it be enough to defeat the power of Lord Zedd's Pirahntishead? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull, saved by the Rangers for the umpteenth time, begin their quest to discover the secret identities of the Power Rangers!moreless
    • The Road to Corinth (1)
      Season 17 - Episode 1
      Four years following the rise of the Venjix Computer Virus, its cabal of sentient machines have seized control of the Earth's defense systems and waged a successful campaign against the human race, reducing the planet to a heavily polluted wasteland. On the verge of extinction, what remains of the human populace are instructed to seek shelter within the domed city of Corinth, defended by the RPM Power Rangers under the command of the mysterious Doctor K.

      Attempting to reach the city before the defense shields are raised, two wayward young adults, Dillon and Ziggy, join forces, risking their lives on the trip through the wasteland full of Venjix's Grinder footsoldiers. But getting into Corinth is just the beginning of the danger awaiting the pair!moreless
    • A Golden Homecoming (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 33

      Time's almost up for the Gold Ranger powers! With the Zeo Crystal and much of the Power Chamber's power devoted to stabilizing the Golden Power Staff, Tommy attempts to sneak the next candidate for becoming the Gold Ranger to the Power Chamber safely on foot, but the Machine Empire catches wind of this and attacks the defenseless pair of humans. King Mondo revives some old monsters, upgraded with impenetrable armor, though Trey has a few parting gifts for the Rangers to even the score. Meanwhile, Goldar & Rito regain their memories and powers, and set about enacting revenge on Bulk & Skull.

    • Reflection (1)
      Season 13 - Episode 24
      The Rangers run up against several alien criminals they've faced before, and all of whom are still captured! Sky, upset about not being given the new Battlizer Kat and Boom have developed for Jack, is sent to interrogate an imprisoned alien named Mirloc. He learns the source of the copycat criminals is a creature called Slate, able to change into others at will. But the information comes at a high cost for Sky, who has to relieve the sad fate of his father.moreless
    • Beware the Knight
      Season 9 - Episode 32

      A mysterious medieval Black Knight stalks the streets of Silver Hills, searching for someone pure of heart he can capture to force to open an ancient box containing a power source called the Battle Fire. Not a mutant, nor a robot, this villain perplexes the Rangers, and repeatedly bests them in battle. Can Wes recover the Battle Fire to use against him, or will the Knight's guard Dragon burn him to a crisp?

    • Green No More (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      With his Dark Rangers assembled, Lord Zedd strips the Power Rangers of their Morphers, and releases them back to Earth. Unable to contact the Command Center thanks to the shrinking forcefield enveloping it, all looks bleak for our heroes. Tommy, still powerless and trapped in the Other World dimension, is chased by both both Turbanshell and Goldar! Even if he can find his inner strength, escape, and recover the remnants of his powers, this will be the last battle for the Green Ranger.moreless
    • Rangers of Two Worlds (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 46

      The effects of an old invention of Billy's comes back to haunt him, when he finds himself growing rapidly older! Cestro and Delphine arrive from Aquitar in an attempt to help restore his proper age, but can they beat his broken internal clock in time? Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa, while trying to turn Kat into a monster, accidentally morphs her failed art project into the Impursonator. Not to be outdone, the recently repaired King Mondo unleashes the Cog-Changer, who turns the Rangers' weapons against them.

    • Doctor K
      Season 17 - Episode 11
      While attempting to overcome a power problem with the rangers new zord configuration, Doctor K is haunted by memories of her childhood being held at the "Alphabet Soup" think tank and a terrible mistake for which she has tried to make up for.
    • Destiny Defeated (3)
      Season 9 - Episode 30

      Wes struggles with the role of businessman, a fate he's rebelled against for many years, but is now forced to accept. Alex orders the other Rangers around like pawns, in his ruthless attempt to ensure history is corrected by destroying Dragontron. Meanwhile, Eric, angered over Wes' promotion, decides to leave Silver Hills once and for all. A most unexpected source will have the last word when it comes to the life of Mr. Collins!

    • The Queen's Return
      Season 8 - Episode 19
      The planets of our solar system align into a grand cross, allowing the Spellbinder monster to harness the power and restore Queen Bansheera to her physical form! But Ryan, having grown up with the Demons, is aware of this ceremony, and leads the Rangers in trying to foil their destructive attempt to bring her back to full life. Can they do it in time, or will Mariner Bay be wiped out by a massive tidal wave?moreless
    • Never Stop Searching
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Carlos stumbles upon Andros watching a video of himself as a child, with his young sister, when she was kidnapped by an unknown creature. Soon, a life-form reading appears on Andros' home world of KO-35, which he assumes is maybe his long lost sister Karone, but what actually awaits him is an ambush by Ecliptor. When this leads to Carlos being injured by following him there, Andros quickly learns the best way to get through his guilt is by relying in others. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are led to a watermelon patch by Prof. Phenomenus, who convinces them it's a breeding ground for aliens.moreless
    • Force from the Future (2)
      Season 9 - Episode 2

      Having tracked Ransik and his mob to the city of Silver Hills in the year 2001, Jen and the three Time Force officers find themselves stranded when their Time Ship explodes. Nadira and the Cyclobots take advantage of their new time period by looting and terrorizing, but when the TF officers attempt to use their Chrono-Morphers to stop them, they discover that without the Red one to activate them, they're useless. Yet, the only person who can use the Red Chrono-Morpher is Alex, who's not with them! Can a familiar, yet decidedly different, face be the salvation the team needs?

    • Enter the Lost Galaxy (1)
      Season 7 - Episode 35
      A mysterious warrior arrives on Terra Venture, and attempts to steal the Galaxy Book. He's aware Kai is the Blue Ranger, and informs him that he's the Guardian of the book, warning the dangers that will arise if the book falls into the wrong hands. Of course, those evil hands just happen to belong to Deviot, who seeks the Galaxy Book for his own purposes. Can the Guardian and Kai stop the villain before he reads aloud a powerful spell which could put the colony in mortal danger?moreless
    • Day of the Dino (2)
      Season 12 - Episode 2

      Kira must escape from Mesogog's island base, while being chased by the Tyranodrones and henchmen Elsa & Zeltrax. With help from Dr. Tommy Oliver, Conner & Ethan come to her aid. Their new science teacher reveals his connection to Mesogog and company, and to help combat this evil force, gives the three Dino Morphers to harness the Dino Gems, allowing them to become DinoThunder Power Rangers! When Mesogog releases the three brainwashed-dinosaur Bio Zords to wreak havoc on the city, this new team must take on the forces of evil and find a way to give the Zords a change of heart.

    • The Impenetrable Web
      Season 6 - Episode 40
      With the Astro Megaship trapped in a dangerous forcefield, preventing the Rangers from accessing it, Alpha 6 is forced to protect the vessel alone against Ecliptor! Though the automaton assistant puts up a tricky series of successful defenses to keep the evil robot from overtaking the Megaship, Ecliptor manages to discover the location of the Mega V launchbay! He not only heads to the Jupiter moonbase intent on destroying the Zords, but gets a major firepower-up in the process. Can the Rangers stop him before he leaves them defenseless?moreless
    • The Fate of Lightspeed (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 39
      Ryan discovers Queen Bansheera's ultimate plan to conquer Mariner Bay, and is captured as a result. As Carter mounts a rescue mission solo into Skull Cavern, his teammates remain in the Aquabase, unaware of the danger within. Jinxer's hidden card becomes activated, spewing hundreds upon hundreds of Batlings right into the Rangers' laps!moreless
    • Rangers Gone Psycho
      Season 6 - Episode 31
      The Space Rangers are stunned when they encounter the Psycho Rangers, recently created by the newly-brainwashed Astronema and secretly drawing tremendous energy off of Dark Specter. These five evil Rangers scour Angel Grove, listening for the telltale sound of our heroes' communicators to alert them of the unmorphed teens' location. When Zhane ends up captured by them, the Space Rangers are forced to come out of hiding to face the Psychos, who prove to be more than their equals in both skill and ruthlessness.moreless
    • The Gatekeeper (1)
      The Gatekeeper (1)
      Season 14 - Episode 11
      To free Morticon from the Pit permanently, the gate that sealed them must be unlocked. The forces of the Underworld need to find the current posessor of the powers of the Gatekeeper, and that happens to be none other than the often inept sorceress' apprentice, Clare! With Udonna captured by Koragg and the Rangers facing defeat by Necrolai, can Clare claim her mother's legacy? Both the forces of good AND evil hope so!moreless
    • Lionheart (1)
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      Abandoned in the Amazon jungle twenty years ago and raised by a native tribe, Cole finally sets out to find the truth of his heritage. Having only a wrinkled, torn photograph of his mother & father, and a strange red small ball-like crystal to go on, he ends up in the city of Turtle Cove. With his innate ability to understand animals, Cole seeks his family, but instead stumbles onto an illegal animal testing laboratory. What strange connection do the inhuman owners of it have to the monsters attacking the city? Meanwhile, the four Wild Force Power Rangers find themselves outmatched when two monsters, Turbine Org & Plug Org, prove to be two too much for them. They need a Red Ranger, and thanks to the mystical powers of their mentor, Princess Shayla, they discover Cole. But will the strange jungle boy be what they need to complete their team?moreless
    • The Wings of Animaria
      Season 10 - Episode 23

      While facing the revived and upgraded Super Nayzor, all of the Rangers are fatally wounded, except for Cole and Merrick. Their spirits, in a dark dimension, are guided by a shrouded boy in a mission to free the Falcon Wildzord, which will not only aid their teammate in his battle, but will restore them to life. Can our heroes get a second chance at life?

    • A Zeo Beginning (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      The Rangers discover the fate of Zordon, and learn all about the threat of the Machine Empire. As King Mondo launches an attack by testing the Earth's defenses, sending a small group of Cogs to Angel Grove, the Rangers prepare to harness the use of the Zeo Crystal's powerful energies to gain new powers to face the new threat. But first, Billy makes a decision which will affect both his life, and Tanya's. Meanwhile, as Lord Zedd and Rita flee to Master Vile's in Serpentera (with Zedd vowing to return), the amnesiac Goldar & Rito beg Bulk & Skull into letting them be their personal servants!moreless
    • Dark Specter's Revenge (1)
      Season 6 - Episode 29

      Though the Rangers are quickly accepting the reformed Karone as part of the Megaship crew, Dark Specter aims to make their happy bonding short lived. He sends a giant asteroid towards Earth, and will let it crash into the planet unless the former Astronema is returned to his evil side! The Rangers journey to the asteroid surface in an effort to destroy it through explosives, but encounter Quantron resistance. Karone takes a gamble of her own by returning to the Dark Fortress, but will this maneuver backfire, when she finds her once loyal guardian Ecliptor has been reprogrammed by Darkonda? Meanwhile, Professor Phenomenus, Bulk & Skull spot the approaching space rock, but will anyone at NASADA believe them about it?

    • Movie Madness (2)
      Season 9 - Episode 25
      The Rangers are trapped in Cinecon's movie dimensions: Wes & Trip in a western, Lucas in a samurai flick, Katie in a musical, Jen in a kung-fu film, and Eric in a jungle picture. To escape from those, and through multiple others while being chased by Ransik and his Cyclobots, our heroes will have to literally take the script into their own hands!moreless
    • Ghosts
      Season 17 - Episode 15

      Still on the search for answers to Dillon's past, Dr. K figures out that Venjix has sent them on a wild goose chase. Before she can warn them they walk right into an ambush. Good thing the mysterious rangers from before show up in time to give them a helping hand. The Falcon and Tiger Ranger reveal themselves as Gem and Gemma.

    • Chase into Space (2)
      Season 5 - Episode 45

      The Turbo Rangers battle to defend the vulnerable Power Chamber against the invading Piranahtron army, but already the odds are stacked against them, and they soon are overwhelmed by Divatox's evil space pirate forces. Can our heroes rise from the ashes and grip victory from the jaws of defeat? Whatever happens, one of their teammates won't make it through this adventure!

    • Trickster Treat
      Season 19 - Episode 21

      Master Xandred and Octoroo deploy a mind-bending Nighlok named Trickster, trapping the Power Rangers in a series of horror movies. The Rangers must figure out what is reality and what is illusion. Will the Rangers escape the nightmare?

    • Evil Reborn
      Season 19 - Episode 18

      Jayden finishes his grand battle against Deker and the other Rangers try to convince him to rejoin their team before Master Xandred reawakens.

    • 11/22/95
      Master Vile hosts an "End Of The World" party at the Youth Center. The Power Rangers make a mad dash to retrieve the Zeo Crystal from the distant M-51 Galaxy. But even if they manage to get it and their Zords back, they'll still have to face Globbor, whose power-absorption continues to grow.moreless
    • Invasion of the Body Switcher
      Season 6 - Episode 19
      Capturing Ashley on her birthday, Astronema uses the Body Switcher monster's special powers to take on the form of the Yellow Space Ranger. She infiltrates the Astro Megaship, and systematically captures each of the Rangers. Ashley tricks the monster into turning her into Astronema, which aids in her escape, but once free, can she convince Andros of the truth, or will he not realize until it's too late?moreless
    • Thunder Struck (1)
      Season 12 - Episode 37
      Mesogog, now split from Mercer, readies his transmogrifacation beam, which will turn all of humanity into dinosaurs. To power it, he'll need the Dino Gems. But to start with, he siphons off Elsa's lifeforce. Instead of being destroyed by it, she's somehow teleported to Zeltrax, and reverted to a near-amnesiac civilian form. The Rangers face Zeltrax again, and free his captive, stunned to learn who she is, just as much as she is to learn it as well! Trent makes a deal with Mesogog to trade the Dino Gems for his father. In doing so, he allows his teammates to sneak onto the island fortress and with the help of Hayley's latest invention, blast the dinosaur-izer beam before it can be fired! Trent barely makes it out in time as Mesogog's lab explodes around him, rescuing not only the Gems, but Anton Mercer as well. Little do they know, that while they were gone, Zeltrax infiltrated Tommy's secret lab, recaptured Elsa, and destroyed the place! Also, Devin works up the courage to ask Cassidy to the prom. But the matter of finding the Rangers' secret identities or face being fired from their News Reporting job gets in the way. Luckily, he happens to stumble upon the DT team morphing, and actually succeeds in filming it!moreless
    • The End of Time (1)
      Season 9 - Episode 38

      Despite being warned by Alex that they will not survive the upcoming, unavoidable great battle that will ultimately save the future, the Rangers steel themselves for whatever destiny awaits them, though Wes has other ideas. Elsewhere, Nadira's latest unlawful shopping spree leads to an encounter with Trip, who has his hands full aiding a pregnant woman in giving birth! Will viewing the miracle of childbirth change the bratty mutant's ways? Meanwhile, Gluto finally does something right, as he tracks down Frax for Ransik, who captures the cyborg, strips him of what little humanity he has left, and orders him to pilot the Trizirium Crystal-powered Doomtron. And thanks to the use of that not-yet-invented power source, time holes are popping up throughout the city, sucking in buildings! Will Doomtron wipe out Silver Hills, or will the effects of the anomaly do it naturally?

    • Power Play
      Season 10 - Episode 17

      Merrick aids a bar owner against a group of punks, and ends up finding a place to begin his path of redemption. As Jindrax unleashes the tone-deaf Karaoke Org upon the Rangers, a mysterious new Org General appears, known as Necronomica! What strange connection does she have to the defeated Nayzor and the missing Toxica?

    • The Samurai's Journey (2)
      Season 11 - Episode 16
      Sent more than 20 years into the past, Cam encounters his mother and father during their teenaged years when they first met. He also learns of Lothor's true identity, which hits closer to his family tree than he ever realized! Cam seeks the Samurai Amulet, an artifact of great power that his mother once possessed. Can he befriend his parents in time, and stop the man who will be Lothor from getting it first? Meanwhile, in the present, the Evil Space Ninjas hold a talent search to find new monsters to assault the Earth.moreless
    • Missing Green
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Jason is having trouble focusing on a big karate tournament. He still feels guilty over failing to get the Green Candle which resulted in Tommy losing his Green Ranger Powers to begin with. The other four Ranger Teens decide to cheer him up, by going in search of Tommy, whom they believe to be at his uncle's cabin. On the way there, Goldar kidnaps the four, and creates Pink, Yellow, Blue & Black Candles, with which to drain their Ranger powers! Can the Red Ranger, fighting alone against a swarm of Putties, Goldar, and the Pipebrain Monster (made from the tournament trophy), prevent history from repeating?moreless
    • Ninja Quest (3)
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      The Powerless Ranger teens finally discover the Lost Ninja Temple, but find the great Ninjor to be less than helpful. Can they convince the grumpy sage to teach them the power of Ninja before the world falls to Rita & Zedd's forces? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull meet their Junior Police Patrol commanding officier, Lt. Stone. His first task: a trip to the barbershop! Can they survive?!moreless
    • Ninja Quest (4)
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      With their powers back, the Rangers must give their brand-new Ninjazords a trial by fire by facing Rito Revolto. Considering he destroyed their last set of Zords, are these new ones capable of succeeding? Meanwhile, Ninjor has his hands full at the temple battling Rito's final egg-gift to Rita & Zedd: the Vampirus monster! And finally, Bulk & Skull go through Junior Police Patrol boot camp. Do they stand a chance?moreless
    • 11/20/95
      Rita and Rito's father, Master Vile, comes to the moon with a wicked scheme to destroy the Earth using an ancient power source known as the Zeo Crystal. To offset Vile's enhancing of the Tenga Warriors, the Power Rangers are given an upgrade of Metallic Armor. Will it be enough to help against Vile's power-absorbing Blue Globbor monster?moreless
    • The Wasp with a Heart
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Waspicable is a monster who doesn't want to fight, simply he longs to prance about in flower fields. He can't find it in himself to be evil at all, despite it being the nature of creatures such as he, as he's reminded by his fellow waspish monster, Sting King. Waspicable crosses paths with Cassie, and when he fails to destroy her, despite having the upperhand, she urges him to follow his heart. Will he give in to what society says his way in life should be, an enemy of the Power Rangers, or will he fight for the side of good? Meanwhile, Prof. Phenomenus targets a beehive, informing Bulk & Skull that it's actually an alien pod.moreless
    • Trip Takes a Stand
      Season 9 - Episode 19
      Ransik sends out a mutant named Notacon, who doesn't want to be evil. Frax's device forces him to do bad, but Trip discovers his true nature and sets out to protect him from not only the fugitives, but from the Silver Guardian Eric!
    • From Out of Nowhere (2)
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Having crash landed on a desolate planet, the mysterious Red Ranger and the former Turbo Rangers face Astronema's Quantrons. Even though the five work well together, the alien human Andros refuses to allow the Earthen Ranger teens to join him on his quest to save Zordon. Can he be convinced before Astronema's forces stage their first major assault? And what secret connection is there between the NASADA shuttle and the Megaship that'll make fighting evil a whole lot easier?moreless
    • A Date with Danger
      Season 6 - Episode 23
      When Astronema is attacked by one of her monsters, she's rescued by her nemesis, Zhane. She discovers a growing attraction to the Silver Ranger, even arranging a date with him. But Ecliptor's Horrorbull monster proves to be a distraction, keeping the Rangers busy, delaying Zhane's arrival to the site of their date. Beware the wrath of a queen of evil scorned!moreless
    • To the Tenth Power (1)
      Season 7 - Episode 30
      Deviot acquires the Data Cards containing the Psycho Rangers, and uses it to bring them back to life! The Psychos target the Lost Galaxy Rangers, but their evil resurrection doesn't go unnoticed by a familiar face, and he's got four teammates on their way to help settle an old score...
    • Quantum Secrets
      Season 9 - Episode 20
      Eric's Quantum Morpher is swiped by Conwing, who uses a mouthpiece to mimic Eric's vocal pattern and take control of the Quantasaurus Rex. It takes some mysterious help from the future to do what Bio-Lab in the present can't, namely unlock some more of the Quantum Ranger's arsenal. Plus, will Jen's attempt to gain the loner Quantum Ranger's friendship lead to revealing to him that she and her teammates are from the future?moreless
    • The End of the Power Rangers (1)
      Season 10 - Episode 39
      The Wild Force Rangers, thinking Master Org defeated and the Nexus sealed, begin to face the harsh reality of their lives as Rangers being over. What will they do now that the world is seemingly saved? But the somber mood of parting is soon broken, by the surprise return of Master Org! Now in a fully Org body, more powerful than ever, he proves to be more than our heroes can handle. Can any of the Wildzords prove to be strong enough to stop him, as he leds a path of destruction straight to the Animarium?moreless
    • Stuck on Christmas
      Season 19 - Episode 22

      After battling a humbug of a Nighlok, GRED, the Samurai Rangers find themselves stranded inside a malfunctioning Megazord! Will the Christmas spirit, determination and, teamwork be enough to get the Rangers home in time to celebrate the holiday?

    • 11/21/95
      Tommy faces visions of evil as he makes his way toward the Zeo Crystal in the Caves of Deception, Kat faces an unwilling return to evil, and the other Rangers face Megazord defeat at the slimey hands of the Ninjor-powered Blue Globbor.
    • Dark Specter's Revenge (2)
      Season 6 - Episode 30
      With the aid of Zhane in his new Mega Winger, the Rangers are able to stop the asteroid from making impact with the Earth. But the cost for victory is high when Andros learns Karone went to the Dark Fortress alone while they were away. He and Zhane, stunned to learn his love interest is his best friend's sister, go on a stealth mission to infiltrate the enemy base in an effort to free her. Little do they know, that it'll be easier said than done, even if they can get past the countless Quantron guards. Meanwhile, Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull crashland on what seems to be a desert planet, and are soon chased down by the Frightwing monster!moreless
    • White Thunder (3)
      Season 12 - Episode 13
      Now with his White Dragozord on the loose, the evil White Ranger makes himself an even bigger threat by stealing the DinoThunder team's Stegazord, and combines it with his own into his personal Megazord, the Dino Stegazord! Are our heroes' Zords any match for this combination? While Mesogog sends out a souped-up version of Angor to complicate matters, White Ranger faces Red Ranger one-on-one. Can Conner unlock more of his Dino Gem's potential to give him the power to defeat Trent? Plus, Tommy discovers the White Ranger's identity, but at a huge cost. Meanwhile, Cassidy & Devin literally stumble onto getting Trent demorphing on videotape! Will this be their big break?moreless
    • Truth and Consequences
      Season 12 - Episode 14
      With Tommy currently trapped in amber, and Hayley unable to free him just yet, both the DinoThunder Rangers and Mesogog's forces struggle to discover just who is the evil White Ranger. But during a battle, the demorphing of Yellow Ranger to Kira shakes Trent's spellbound mind enough to spare her harm, leading to his confiding in her of his own secret identity. How long will his freedom from the altered gem last? Is the new Ankylo Zord enough to stop the Dino Stegazord in the next fight? Meanwhile, Cassidy's attempt to gain network news stardom is crushed by Devin's sister giving birth!moreless
    • The Lights of Orion
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Trakeena & Furio discover the Lights Of Orion, a powerful and ancient source of energy, have come to Terra Venture. Only one who is "chosen" can release them, so they reveal to the Rangers they have Mike captive, and intend to use him to free the lights! Leo desperately tries to save the brother he thought he'd lost, but in doing so might just give the villains just what they desire.moreless
    • Heir to the Throne
      Season 7 - Episode 21

      Trakeena ends up on the villain oasis Onyx, where she runs afoul of some hoodlums. Her lack of fighting experience gets the best of her, but thanks to the honorable Villamax and Kegler, she's given a chance to train to become the warrior she was meant to be. Meanwhile, Deviot tricks Scorpius into going down to Terra Venture personally, led to believe Trakeena is being held hostage by the Rangers. Our heroes must use the Lights Of Orion to face their main enemy in a fight to the finish!

    • As Time Runs Out (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 24

      The Vilevine monster attaches pods to the Lightspeed Rangers, which will bloom at noon, releasing poisonous spores that'll wipe out the city. Their only hope is a risky trip into space to face the vacuum, but can they survive? Meanwhile, Olympius stages a coup on Vypra & Loki, getting Vilevine to bury them deep underground. But when they pop out in the desert, Vypra ventures to the Ancient Tomb that she and the Demons were sealed within for 5000 years, and attempts to resurrect an old friend!

    • 10/9/93
      With his identity known to our heroes, Tommy threatens the Ranger teens. Utilizing his Dragon Dagger's flute mode, the Green Ranger summons forth the ancient Dragonzord from Angel Grove bay, and sends it on a rampage through the city. With Zordon back in contact and their Zords restored, the Power Rangers make a last stand against their evil counterpart.moreless
    • Return of the Green Ranger (3)
      Season 2 - Episode 46
      In the 1700s, the five Ranger teens are powerless against a trio of human-sized rats, as the British redcoats remain on their tail! In the present, the White Ranger must use his White Tigerzord against the evil Green Ranger clone's Dragonzord. Can history be repeated and Tommy turned the side of good once more?moreless
    • Quasar Quest (1)
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      The space colony of Terra Venture prepares to leave Earth in order to seek out and populate a new world. Young adult Leo Corbett stows-away onboard to join his big brother, Mike, second-in-command of the operation. But en route, Leo ends up smack in the middle of the crew's dangerous lunar training mission! Meanwhile, a galaxy away, the planet Mirinoi becomes the focus of an invasion by the evil general Furio and his Stingwingers. Will he steal the ancient Quasar Sabers, or can native girl Maya somehow manage to obtain help intergalactically?moreless
    • Yesterday Again
      Season 8 - Episode 23
      While testing the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, Carter is delayed on the way to join his teammates in a battle against Olympius and Mantevil. Just as they're destroyed, he's thrust back in time by one day, reliving events with knowledge of what's to come. Can he keep history from repeating?
    • The Power of Gold
      Season 4 - Episode 27
      King Mondo deploys a "Divide and Conquer" strategy to defeat the Zeo Rangers, splitting them up against his Cogs and Wolfbane monster. They appear to be stretched too thin, giving the villains an advantage, when suddenly, a mysterious and powerful pyramid emerges from hyperspace, and bringing with it another Zeo powered Ranger. But who is he, and whose side is he on?moreless
    • True Blue to the Rescue
      Season 6 - Episode 18
      Escaping from Divatox's clutches, the Storm Blaster returns to Earth to recruit help to rescue it's teammate Lightning Cruiser. But when the Space Rangers are lured into a trap by Elgar and the Lionizer monster, the living jeep reunites with its favorite human being, the former Blue Turbo Ranger Justin! Can the young teen save his former teammates? And just what special assistance lies in Storm Blaster's glove compartment?moreless
    • Quasar Quest (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      With Terra Venture's take-off due within a few hours, Kai must commandeer the retired Astro Megaship, currently a museum, to get him through the portal to Mirinoi. But can the ship's mechanic Damon get it flying again? Meanwhile on Mirinoi, Leo joins Mike and Kendrix in aiding Maya in saving her planet from Furio. But when the would-be saviors finds themselves "chosen" by the Quasar Sabers, will can they master the Sabers' powers and become Power Rangers? They'll lose one of their own, but will face an even tougher time getting off Mirinoi before it's turned to stone, and getting back to Earth before the interdimensional portal closes!moreless
    • The Mighty Mega Battles
      Season 8 - Episode 26
      Joel's continued attempts at vying for Miss Fairweather's affections gains a new complication, when a hunky new scientist named Clark shows up, aiding her on a new creation. Their invention, the Mega Battle armor, allows Joel & Chad a powerful new upgrade in their fight against the tough Infinitor! But will the secret relationship between the scientists spell an end to Joel's romantic interests?moreless
    • Mean Wheels Mantis
      Season 7 - Episode 26
      A motorcycle-expert monster named Motor Mantis turns Kendrix & Maya into trophies, and challenges the other Rangers to a race-off. Their Astro Cycles are no match for his bike and trickery. Leo is the only one left to face the monster, and it'll take a better understanding of his Red Lion Galactabeast to gain an upgraded edge to cross the finish line first.moreless
    • Forest for the Trees
      Season 18 - Episode 8
      After Mike goes rogue in battle, Mentor Takes Mike's Samuraizer away until he learns a deeper lesson about the nature of the Green Ranger's Symbol Power.
    • Reflection (2)
      Season 13 - Episode 25
      Sky learns that Mirloc, who manipulated him into helping his escape prison, is responsible for the death of his father! The alien criminal uses his abilities to teleport through any reflective surface to taunt and capture each of the Rangers, one by one, until only Omega Ranger stands! Even if he can be freed from Mirloc's mirror cell, can Sky finally obtain justice for his father and put to rest his own desire to become Red Ranger like he was? Meanwhile, Piggy finally chooses a side.moreless
    • The Enemy Within (2)
      Season 6 - Episode 36
      The Rangers recover their Mega Vehicles, which had been stolen by the Psycho Rangers. But when the Mega Voyager is once again formed, it turns out Psycho Yellow has taken control of the Megazord from within, turning it against the Rangers. All six Space Rangers work together in this ultimate battle against the giant monster forms of the final three Psycho Rangers!moreless
    • The Darkest Day (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 26

      Divatox's brother, General Havoc, arrives to aid her in her attempted conquering of the Power Rangers. First, he gives her a Space Base to dock her Subcraft, and then he attacks the Rangers with his own evil Zord, known as Metallasaurus. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take jobs as tour guides for the new Angel Grove Monster Tours.

    • The Rescue Mission
      Season 7 - Episode 18

      A distress signal from a nearby alien ship is investigated by an elite crew of GSA members, led by Mike and Leo. Onboard, they quickly discover the craft to be empty and the crew to be dead, webbed up by a strange, vicious alien creature. One by one, the visitors from Terra Venture are captured, with the same fate awaiting them! And what key to the answers and the powers of the Lost Galaxy Rangers lies aboard that ship?

    • The Time Shadow
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      Frax schemes behind Ransik's back to create a powerful fuel source common in the future, but not yet invented. To do so, he has a mutant loot Bio-Lab, Mr. Collins' multi-faceted company. But Wes' father doesn't take the criminals' constant attack of the city lying down, and has a former research vehicle turned into a massive drill-tank known as Raimei! Meanwhile, the Rangers' Megazord is heavily damaged in battle, and they'll have to wait while they're repaired in the future. But when Frax's Tri-Zirium-powered Tronicon robot attacks the city, can they just stand by and let Silver Hills be destroyed? Or will the Raimei tank save the day? And just what is that Mystery Man in the year 3000 testing, and how will it help our heroes?moreless
    • Belly of the Beast
      Season 17 - Episode 18
      The rangers must return to the factory and destroy the Venjix Doomsday Bot that is being built. Dillon attempts to find his sister before it's too late. Dr. K sends Gem & Gemma on a secret mission to reprogram the Doom Bot enabling it to fuse with the ranger zords and create a new megazord formation.moreless
    • The Master's Herald (2)
      Season 10 - Episode 36
      Mandilok is destroyed, when it's revealed that Onikage has been working for Master Org all along. Master Org, now fully in control of Dr. Adler's corpse, manages to get Princess Shayla back from Jindrax, who had taken her away in revenge for Toxica's death. Also, the Wild Force Rangers are sent into the Spirit World, where they face previously destroyed Orgs!moreless
    • Runaway Spike
      Season 19 - Episode 9

      The Rangers battle a Nighlok that creates mirror images confusing them; Spike looks for a job to help Uncle Bulk.

    • Staying on Track
      Season 20 - Episode 18

      The Rangers must race to save the day when Metal Alice plots to throw the city into chaos by derailing a passenger train.  Meanwhile, Robo Knight comes closer to understanding humans when he meets a young boy.

    • Rico the Robot
      Season 20 - Episode 17

      When one of Metal Alice's robots malfunctions, Emma and the Power Rangers decide to adopt it and teach it the values of friendship and freedom.

    • Man and Machine
      Season 20 - Episode 10

      When a shadow-stealing monster attacks, the Rangers must teach Robo Knight the power of teamwork in order to defeat him.

    • The Green Candle (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 34
      Rita finally has the ultimate plan to put an end to her former Green Ranger. Using magic wax tied to his morphing energy, she creates the Green Candle, which burns down with every battle he fights, taking with it his powers! To help ignite this scheme, the Zord-mimicking Cyclops monster is sent to Earth. As the Dragonzord, it rampages through the city, and proves to be quite an opponent against the Rangers! If that wasn't enough, Tommy is drawn into the Dark Dimension for a duel with Goldar! How long can the candle last at this rate?moreless
    • Return of an Old Friend (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 50
      With only the depleted Dragon Coin left, Tommy is teleported to the Command Center to become the Green Ranger once more. With a boost of power from Zordon, Tommy must battle his way through Putties and Goldar to retrieve his teammates' Power Coins and Dragon Dagger. But in the process, he takes a jolt from a force field! Will this spell the end for Tommy, or a new beginning for the Green Ranger? Can the Rangers defeat the Dramole monster and rescue their parents from Rita's clutches?moreless
    • Rain (3)
      Rain (3)
      Season 17 - Episode 3
      Dillon reluctantly begins to join the RPM Ranger team. He learns the origin of the suits from Doctor K, aces an extensive training regimen, discovers a reason to care about saving Corinth through a rainy scene shown to him by Summer, and even has Ziggy freed from prison to join the group. But when he has a flash of memory via a dream, the new Black Ranger will risk his life and the trust of his new teammates to chase after his past. Will he leave the city, or will he help the Rangers against Venjix's Grinders and Water Hoser monster?moreless
    • Turn Up the Volume
      Season 7 - Episode 34
      Damon competes with a ruthless techie named Baxter for the role of new Chief Mechanic on Terra Venture. When his rival cheats and wins, he soon puts the whole colony in danger due to his inexperience and egotism when the Decibat monster shrieks havoc upon the City Dome. Can Damon fix the situation and shut the monster up?moreless
    • Chase into Space (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 44

      Justin's father gets an offer for a better job in another town, which leaves the young boy with two options: be parted with his dad again, or give up being a Ranger. Meanwhile, Divatox unleashes the Goldgoyle monster upon the Turbo Rangers, who proves to be more powerful than any of their Megazords! On top of all of that, the Power Chamber receives a distress call from Zordon, telling them Eltar is under attack!

    • Five of a Kind
      Season 6 - Episode 34
      After getting injured by Psycho Blue, Blue Space Ranger T.J. devises a scheme to take advantage of the Psychos color-obsession, by having the team all show up disguised as Blue Rangers! Unable to tell his true blue target apart from the others, Psycho Blue clashes with his fellow evil Rangers, wanting to destroy every one of our heroes until he gets the right one. And if the Space Rangers didn't have it bad enough before, Psycho Silver shows up! But whose side is he on?moreless
    • Mission to Secret City (1)
      Season 6 - Episode 38

      The Vacsacker monster sweeps through Angel Grove, sucking up citizens (including Bulk, Skull, Professor Phenomenus, Carlos, Andros, and Carlos' pal Silvy) and ejecting them in the domed Secret City, all part of a plan by Astronema to turn them into own evil soldiers. It's up to Ashley, TJ, and Cassie to infiltrate the city in an attempt to break the dome, to allow themselves and their captive teammates to be able to Morph to save the prisoners. When Andros confronts Vacsacker with only his Battlizer to power up his bare fists, will Silvy's incessant curiosity unleash a a previously unknown secret weapon of the Red Ranger, or will it spell the end for everyone?

    • Ranger Blue
      Season 17 - Episode 10
      A Malfunction in his Time Manipulation Burst causes Flynn to be sidelined as the other rangers face off against Tenaya 7 and her Grinders. While waiting for Doctor K to come up with a solution, Flynn looks back on his life leading up to Venjix's attack and how he came to be the Blue Ranger.moreless
    • White Thunder (2)
      Season 12 - Episode 12
      The evil White Ranger finds his own Dragozord Dino Egg, and begins to bond it to him by feeding it energy from his Morpher. The DinoThunder Rangers attempt to stop him, but Mesogog's Angor monster keeps the main three busy in a fight with the Megazord, and Zeltrax once again scuffles with Tommy. Can they stop the evil gem-controlled Trent from gaining the power of a Zord? Will the new Parasaur Zord be of any help? Meanwhile, Cassidy & Devin run afoul of a gang of mischievous young kids in their search for the new White Ranger's secret ID.moreless
    • Mondo's Last Stand
      Season 4 - Episode 34

      As the Zeo Teens quickly warm up to their new teammate, Rocky find himself feeling left out and rejected by them. When King Mondo comes to Earth to retrieve a massively powerful sword, so he can destroy our heroes personally, the Blue Ranger faces the giant Machine Empire ruler alone in an attempt to prove himself. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are hired to track down the original Burble Baby Food label baby. They suspect it might be Jason! Also, Goldar & Rito are reunited with Rita & Zedd on the moon.

    • Secrets and Lies
      Season 10 - Episode 18
      As he and Alyssa grow closer in discovering the identity of his parents, Cole is struck in the head while fighting the Signal Org, and develops amnesia. He winds up living on a farm, using his ability to understand animals to their benefit, and finally gets to be part of a family. Will he even want to remember who he was when the Rangers arrive with the sad fate of his parents? Meanwhile, Jindrax & Toxica confront Master Org about their suspicions of his being a human, and learn the truth is far more dangerous!moreless
    • A Calm Before the Storm
      Season 9 - Episode 37
      Though Ransik is concerned about his running out of mutants, it's cause for celebration, at first, for the Rangers. But realizing the four from the future will soon be returning home brings down the mood. The team reflects on the events leading them to where they are now. Wes goes to Bio-Lab, hoping to convince his father to cease production on the Trizirium Crystals. Has his near-death experience changed him enough to listen to reason? And meanwhile, as Frax prepares his ultimate creation, he unleashes an appetizer in the form of Maxax.moreless
    • Soul Searching (1)
      Season 10 - Episode 8
      With the Red Lion Zord injured by the recent use of the Bear Brothers, Cole and the rest of the Rangers go on a quest to find the mythical Soul Bird, capable of healing him. Their forest search is interrupted by both the Bulldozer Org, and Master Org himself, who makes a surprising discovery about the new Red Ranger. Is there more in the woods than our heroes expect, such as a new Wildzord?moreless
    • Storm Before the Calm (2)
      Season 11 - Episode 38
      The Wind Rangers return to the destroyed Ninja Ops, and find a familiar face awaiting them! Hunter & Blake, having barely survived their Zords' destruction, make a stealth infiltration of Lothor's ship to save Cam, and get a pair of most unlikely allies. When Lothor attacks in his own Zord, will the Rangers destroy him, knowing that in doing so, the Abyss of Evil will be broken open?moreless
    • Dream Battle
      Season 7 - Episode 39
      Recruiting the assistance of spellcaster Hexuba, Captain Mutiny plots to put the Power Rangers to sleep, to allow easy plundering of Terra Venture. As each of the Rangers are knocked out by tainted flowers, they're thrust into a somnific dimension where Swabbies endlessly overrun them, and a Nightmare monster stalks their every move. Can Mike break the spell, or will he take the big sleep along with them?moreless
    • Raise the Titanisaur
      Season 7 - Episode 41
      In an effort to inflict major damage to the already engine-failing Terra Venture, Captain Mutiny unleashes his dragon-vessel, the Titanisaur, on Terra Venture. It'll take the combined might of all the Megazords to save the space colony from its destructive rampage.
    • 10/8/93
      Giant Goldar attacks Angel Grove, and uses Bulk & Skull as bait to draw the Rangers into battle! Rita summons a solar eclipse, which cuts off the Megazord's power reserves just as it faces Goldar, Scorpina, and a giant-sized Green Ranger. Do our heroes stand any chance? Meanwhile, the search for Zordon heats up, but while the Rangers are out, Green Ranger sneaks back into the Command Center, and attempts to sabotage it again! But will this bold move lead to his own downfall?moreless
    • Return of the Green Ranger (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 45
      With his teammates being chased for being witches by British soldiers in the past, the White Rangers faces the Green Ranger in the present! Is two times the Tommy an even match? The Wizard Of Deception heads back in time to ensure the other Rangers Teen never make it home from 18th century Angel Grove. Can a friendly girl named Marissa aid the powerless five?moreless
    • The Delta Discovery
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      The Phantom Ranger discovers where Zordon is being held by Divatox, Rygog, and Dark Specter's forces. He gets word to the Power Rangers, but ends up captured himself. They manage to get to the world he contacted them from, and rescue him, but are too late to find Zordon, who's moved before they arrive. Phantom Ranger, before taking off to continue trailing the monsters, gives Andros access to the Delta Megaship. With the Battlizer as a remote-controller, the Delta Megazord is formed to aid in battle against the Crocovile monster.moreless
    • Climb Every Fountain
      Season 3 - Episode 36
      In an effort to reverse the de-aging spell, Young Billy comes up with a device capable of using the Rangers' Power Coins to restore them to their proper age! But how far will they get before Lord Zedd and Rita steal the device, and destroy the Coins within? Will the Aquitian Rangers be able to rehydrate in time to return to Angel Grove and defeat the device, now the Slotsky monster?moreless
    • Fear and the Phantoms
      Season 16 - Episode 23
      The Phantom Beasts have been brought back to life. Dai Shi has them prove their loyalty by capturing the three masters. The Phantom Beasts capture the masters and use the masters to create the Spirit Rangers.
    • Movie Madness (1)
      Season 9 - Episode 24
      Famous stunt-actor Frankie Chang is in Silver Hills, filming his latest movie! The Time Force team excitedly visit the set, with Wes ending up getting a job as a stunt double. But as the stunts grow more and more dangerous, our heroes begin to realize that all is not what it seems, and that the director is actually the mutant Cinecon, who's really filming "The End of the Power Rangers!"moreless
    • Race to the Nexus
      Season 16 - Episode 21
      With Control Dagger in hand, Dai Shi aims to unlock the Nexus for himself. The Over Lords refuse to let such power fall into the hands of the rangers or Dai Shi. Having searched all his life for his destiny, Dominic isn't about to let the Over Lords, or Dai Shi stand in his way. With the help of his friends, Dominic is able to unlock the power of the Rhino Nexus.moreless
    • Trust and Triumph
      Season 9 - Episode 18
      Trust is in question, after Wes fails to follow through on a plan to capture Nadira during a bank robbery. Later, Turtlecon traps the Time Force Rangers in another dimension, where they face their evil morphed doubles! Wes & Jen manage to escape, but leave their three teammates behind, fleeing their doubles across multiple dimensions. In order to free them, the two have to learn mutual trust in one another. Will Jen open up to Wes on how she came to know Alex, and how she became such a confident leader?moreless
    • The Joke's on Blue
      Season 4 - Episode 39
      An endless series of practical jokes are being played on the students of Angel Grove High. Bulk & Skull compete against a pair of rival private eyes in tracking down the culprit. Meanwhile, Rito & Goldar are kicked out of the lunar winnebago, and soon bear witness to the return of Prince Gasket, the eldest son of King Mondo, and his wife Archerina. The couple has returned to the Machine Empire after an estranged absence, planning to rid the kingdom of usurper Louie Kaboom. Archerina's love-spell arrow sends Louie on a kamikaze mission against the Zeo Rangers.moreless
    • Trakeena's Revenge (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 29
      Leo follows Triskull and the Ghouls from Mirinoi (through a wormhole between planets), to Mariner Bay on Earth. Seems Triskull is working for Olympius, collecting humans to drain them of their lifeforce. But little does the demon prince know, that Triskull is ALSO working for Trakeena, who plans to use the lifeforce to return herself to her mutated form. Leo runs into the Lightspeed Rangers, and soon, his teammates Kai & Maya follow, all teaming up. A young girl, Heather, alerts Carter to her mother's kidnapping, which leads the teams to Triskull's human-snatching cover at a bank.moreless
    • A Father's Footsteps
      Season 10 - Episode 21

      Alyssa successfully juggles being a Ranger with being a top-notch college student... though not without a few problems along the way. Nothing less than perfection is expected of her father, who comes to Turtle Cove to check up on her, still upset she chose school over eventually running his dojo. But when he notices the White Ranger using his family's very own Tiger Style in battle against the Samurai Org, he just may change his tune about his approval of her life choices.

    • Embodied
      Season 17 - Episode 14
      Seeking answers to Dillon's past, the rangers go outside Corinth to a place Dillon thinks he remembers. They fall right into a Venjix trap and come face to face with Venjix himself. A mysterious duo come to the rescue and stop Venjix from destroying the rangers.
    • The Soul of Humanity (2)
      Season 10 - Episode 33

      With Princess Shayla in a coma from the loss of the Wildzords, Merrick pleads with Animus to reconsider his position on humanity. Instead, he's offered a place off-world with them. As the Toy Org attacks a factory nearby, will the efforts of the Rangers change the former Kite's mind, or will it be the solidarity of the regular humans that does it?

    • The Secret of the Locket
      Season 6 - Episode 26

      Resuming his attempted interrogation of the monster responsible for his sister's abduction, Andros once again confronts Darkonda about the whereabouts of Karone. Will the equal enemy of Darkonda, Ecliptor, be a help or hindrance in this duel? Soon, during a battle between the Rangers and the monster Batterax, Astronema joins the combat. As the Red Ranger strikes back at Astronema, the locket and necklace she always wears is broken off. Andros finds it, and much to his surprise, learns that what's inside ties to his decade-long search, and to a secret about his evil nemesis.

    • Scent of a Weasel
      Season 4 - Episode 36

      Famed French perfume master, Monsieur Stenchy, is holding a fashion show at the Youth Center. Skull is assigned to protect the top model, and accidentally makes things worse for her by dumping a bottle of the overwhelming fragrance on her. Inspired by this, the Louie Kaboom-controlled Machine Empire creates the Mr. Stenchy monster, a robotic skunk who aims to make the Zeo Rangers stink so bad that they won't be able to stand one another. Meanwhile, Billy tracks an unidentified object approaching Earth from outer space, accompanied by a distress signal from Trey warning them of their planet being in danger!

    • Blitz
      Season 17 - Episode 12
      Haunted by nightmares of his missing past, Dillon tries to concentrate while he and the rest of the rangers fight multiple Attack Bots across the City. But things turn personal when Dillon is confronted by an Attack Bot who holds his memories captive and must choose between regaining his memories or saving the city.moreless
    • The End of the Power Rangers (2)
      Season 10 - Episode 40
      Thanks to the giant ultimate form of Master Org, the Animarium plummets from the sky, on a collision course with Turtle Cove! Barely surviving that wild ride, the powerless Rangers must make their way across the darkened, rainy city, through an army of Putrids, just to face down the giant Master Org. Without a single Power Animal still alive, are six mere humans enough to take him on?moreless
    • The Omega Project
      Season 8 - Episode 20
      Joel's brainy little buddy Simon makes Ms. Fairweather aware of an approaching asteroid, which is being drawn to Earth by the demons in an attempt to level Mariner Bay. Fairweather unveils the Omega Megazord, which allows the Rangers to take a flight into space on a mission to destroy the asteroid before it can hit the planet.moreless
    • 10/6/93
      With the Command Center still incapacitated from the Green Ranger's attack, the Rangers remain oblivious to Tommy's evil secret identity. This leaves Jason vulnerable when Tommy teleports him to the Dark Dimension. Can he survive powerless against both Goldar, and the Sword of Darkness-wielding Green Ranger?
    • Strange Relations
      Season 12 - Episode 30

      Upon discovering that his days are numbered due to the fact two White DinoThunder Rangers can't exist for much longer, the Evil White Ranger clone targets our heroes one last time. Does Trent stand a chance against his power match gone desperate? Meanwhile, Mesogog twists his human persona's genetic breakthroughs concerning plants into evil purposes when he creates from them the Jade Gladiator.

    • Brother's Keeper
      Season 17 - Episode 13
      After Tenaya 7 plants a remote device on Dillon, not only does he fall under the control of Venjix, but his bionic implants begin to take over his body even quicker then before and causing him to fear for his friends. But when he tries to leave the city, Dillon finds himself chained to Scott leaving the rest of the rangers to seek out the means to help him.moreless
    • Bodyguard in Blue
      Season 9 - Episode 16
      Dr. Zaskin, the lead scientist working for Bio-Lab to try and unlock the secrets of the Quantum Morpher, is kidnapped by Nadira and the Cyclobots. His daughter barely escapes, and soon hires Lucas to be her bodyguard! Can he keep the girl safe with the Klawlox mutant stalking her through the city?moreless
    • Endings (1)
      Season 13 - Episode 36
      The B-Squad SPD Rangers face the evil and far more experienced A-Squad SPD Rangers. To make things even worse, Broodwing, his three Generals, and an army of Krybots swarm the Delta Base, taking over! Meanwhile, now captive of Emperor Gruumm, Doggie Cruger encounters a familiar face from his past.
    • A Ranger Among Thieves
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      With his four Earthen teammates busy with Math midterms, Andros falls in with a crowd of car thieves at the Surf Spot. Chuck, the ringleader, manipulates Andros' good-natured-ness and turns him, unwittingly, into an accomplice (despite how the other two, Suzi & David, feel guilty about exploiting him). It's only after discovering the three are behind stealing Adelle's delivery van that he learns the truth behind them. But when the Voltage Hog monster attacks the area where the trio are storing the stolen cars, will Andros save his former "friends" despite their wrongdoings? Meanwhile, Prof. Phenomenus convinces Bulk & Skull that a rabbit is actually an alien in disguise.moreless
    • Silence Is Golden (1)
      Season 6 - Episode 35
      The remaining three Psycho Rangers track the Space Rangers by listening out for their voice patterns, which forces the Rangers into hiding on board the Astro Megaship. Except for Cassie, who is out shopping, unaware of the current threat until her teammates contact her and warn her not to make a sound! The tension mounts as Cassie is forced to keep quiet, knowing one slip of the lip will alert the Psychos, who are patrolling the mall area in human form! But when Cassie notices something horrific about to happen, can she maintain her silence? And will this whole ordeal cost the Rangers one of their Megazords?moreless
    • Zhane's Destiny
      Season 6 - Episode 24
      The Rangers pick up a signal which leads them to a planet under a constant sandstorm. They're unaware it's also current home to the former inhabitants of the colony of KO-35, Andros & Zhane's homeworld, who're staging a rebellion against Dark Specter's forces in secret. The four Earthen Rangers are captured by the rebels, and thanks to a traitor in their midst, are led to believe they're spies for Dark Specter, and the source of an infectious attack by the Coralizer monster.moreless
    • Ranger Red
      Season 17 - Episode 7
      To fix the misfired new Croc Carrierzord, Doctor K requires a unique part only found outside of Corinth, in the wreckage of Scott's brother Marcus' fighter plane. Through flashbacks, the tragic story of the jet piloting Truman brothers is revealed. Going against his Colonel father's orders, Scott heads outside the dome to recover the part. Which can he overcome first, his reopened emotional wounds over Marcus' loss, or the deadly new Venjix attack bot awaiting him?moreless
    • Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
      Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
      Season 16 - Episode 27
      Whiger steals some of Casey's Tiger spirit. Pleased, Dai Shi becomes the Phantom Beast King. He makes Camille a Phantom Beast General. Evil battles it out with the rangers stronger than ever. Weakened with the loss of his spirit, Casey must summon all the energy he has left to stay alive.moreless
    • A Brief Mystery of Time
      Season 4 - Episode 43
      What seems to be a normal, uneventful day turns out to be something far more sinister, when it repeats not once, but twice! Tommy (thanks to his recent brain-tampering) is the only one to notice the continuous loop, but his awareness may be too late, as he and the Rangers discover it's all been a plot by Prince Gasket and Archerina, using a time-device called Chronosapios and guarded by the Protectron monster, to give them enough time to amass a huge fleet of Quadrafighters above the city.moreless
    • From Out of Nowhere (1)
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      A mysterious new Red Ranger infiltrates a meeting of the United Alliance of Evil as they celebrate Dark Specter's conquest of Eltar and capture of Zordon. Meanwhile, the four ex-Turbo Teens' space flight is interrupted when a large space craft pulls them in. What connection does this craft, known as the Astro Megaship, have to the Red Ranger, and to the future of the entire universe's safety?moreless
    • Return of the Green Ranger (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 44
      Inspired by the Ranger teens' assignment of "what period of history would you like to have lived in?", Rita & Zedd summon the Wizard of Deception, who sends five of the teens back in time, leaving Tommy alone and vulnerable in the present! The Wizard then uses a piece of Tommy's hair to create a clone of him... with the powers of the Green Ranger and a total dedication to the pursuit of evil! Can Billy, Kimberly, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam survive in Angel Grove, California... during the British Colonial days?moreless
    • Ranger Green
      Season 17 - Episode 6
      While facing Venjix's Magnetron, Ziggy's inability to correctly use his Ranger Green teleportation lands him back in prison. Doctor K and the Rangers slowly learn their Green Ranger's history with the Scorpion Syndicate. With his criminal past back in the forefront, Ziggy is stripped of his powers by an angered Dr. K. But will learning what really happened during his transportation of illegal goods that caused Ziggy to gain the ire of the city's mobsters and wind up exiled outside of Corinth at the start of the season, change her mind?moreless
    • Lightspeed Teamwork (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 2

      Joel meets Miss Fairweather, an employee at the Lightspeed Aquabase, and instantly falls in love. He's blissfully unaware that she's one of the most important people there, the designer and head developer of the Rangers' equipment and powers! Soon, the Demons unleash the volcanic and giant Magmavore monster upon Mariner Bay. The Lightspeed Rescue Rangers must use their new Zords to combat not only the demon, but to bring safety to the citizens of the city. Can the new team work together, or will Joel's showboating and egotism jeopardize more than just his romantic chances with Ms. Fairweather?

    • Trakeena's Revenge (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 30
      Trakeena almost has enough life energy to mutate once more! With Heather's help, the two teams of Rangers are able to evacuate the bank building of all civilians. But do even the Lightspeed Rescue and Lost Galaxy Rangers together stand a chance of defeating triple the force of villains, with Triskull, his Ghouls, Olympius, Vypra, Loki, Jinxer, the Batlings, and Trakeena herself?moreless
    • Jayden's Challenge (2)
      Season 18 - Episode 10
      Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harms way but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers
    • Alien Rangers of Aquitar (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 35
      Master Vile's Monster Conference results in a large group of armored monsters, under the command of Professor Longnose, ready to strike the now-defenseless Earth! Zordon and Alpha make contact with the Power Rangers of the planet Aquitar, and convince them to come to help save Angel Grove. But how long can these water-based beings last the dry terrain of our world? Plus, the reunion of the Ranger kids with their mentors is cut short when Rito & Goldar place an implosion device outside the Command Center!moreless
    • King for a Day (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 41

      Prince Gasket brainwashes his prisoner Tommy, and convinces him that he's the ruler of the Machine Empire, which opposes the "evil" Zeo Rangers. Bulk & Skull spot a ghost-like image of the Red Zeo Ranger at the lake, which turns out to be a holographic entryway which sucks in not only Jason, but the bumbling duo, as well! The Gold Ranger, trapped in an arena filled with spectator monsters, faces Altor, a monster drawing on Tommy's brainwaves for fighting techniques. Can Tommy be broken from the spell in time before he's turned to the dark side completely?

    • Red with Envy
      Season 6 - Episode 21
      Now that he's defrosted, Zhane quickly warms up with his new teammates. However, Andros gets jealous when he suspects that Zhane is becoming a little too friendly with Ashley, whom he's secretly attracted to. Meanwhile, Darkonda returns, with a pair of monsters known as the Crocotoxes. The Rangers will need all the help they can get against them, though, unbeknownst to them, the Silver Ranger discovers he's having trouble remaining morphed!moreless
    • The End of Time (2)
      Season 9 - Episode 39
      With a seemingly endless army of Cyclobots swarming the city, not to mention destructive time holes forming in the skies over the city, Wes seeks out Eric. As the Q-Rex proved to be no match for the continued rampage of Doomtron, Eric is forced to join forces with his former prep school rival in order to survive. Can the Red and Quantum Rangers finally hash out their differences as the city is destroyed around them? Will one make the ultimate risk to save the life of Mr Collins? Back in the future, Jen, Lucas, Katie, and Trip learn from Alex of Wes' eventual fate. Not that they'll get to keep this information for long, as standard protocol for time travelers involves erasing their memory of their trip to 2001! Can Alex be convinced to let his former team decide their own destiny?moreless
    • He Blasted Me With Science
      He Blasted Me With Science
      Season 20 - Episode 2

      The alien invaders send Yuffo, an alien scientist, down to Earth to study the human race and determine how best to defeat them. Meanwhile, Troy finds himself face-to-face with Creepox.

    • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie: Secrets Revealed
      The six Power Rangers... or rather, their actors... host a detailed look behind the scenes of the first Power Rangers movie.
    • Ryan's Destiny (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 13

      Ryan, now aware he was misled about his past, does some soul-searching about his capability of being a hero. Diabolico unleashes a trio of angelic demons (Demonite, Falkar & Thunderon) to eliminate the Rangers and destroy Mariner Bay by scattering explosive feathers throughout the city.

    • Green With Evil (3): The Rescue
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Jason remains trapped in the Dark Dimension, alone and powerless against both Goldar and the Green Ranger. Can the other Rangers save him in time? Meanwhile, Rita summons Scorpina, a deadly female warrior!
    • 10/31/96
      Kat & Tanya are putting together a ballet play about King Midas, but are a little short on props. So they hire Bulk & Skull to hunt some down, which leads to their finding Louie Kaboom's Midas Hound, a device which can turn anything into solid gold. They're overcome with greed, until the hound starts turning literally everything into gold, including Jason! Meanwhile, Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa's lunar winnebago runs into a few bumps on the road to taking control of the Machine Empire.moreless
    • The Chosen Path
      Season 8 - Episode 22
      The Cyclopter monster appeals to Chad's martial artist past, striking a chord which leads both Chad, and the monster, to consulting his former mentor, Sensei Tamashiro, who dissaproves of Chad's Ranger-lifestyle.
    • Test of the Leader (1)
      Season 18 - Episode 9
      A Nighlok is sent to stop the Red Ranger from using his special power to seal Master Xandred in the Netherworld forever, but their duel is interrupted by the mysterious Deker.
    • The Strange Case of the Munchies
      Season 19 - Episode 10

      Emily loses confidence; a Nighlok's black sand causes desperate hunger and thirst in the Rangers.

    • 10/5/93
      Tommy, a new kid in town with martial arts skills that rival even Jason's, catches the eye of not just Kimberly, but also Rita Repulsa! After she kidnaps him, Rita places a spell over Tommy, turning him into her evil Green Ranger! Using his own Power Coin, Tommy infiltrates the Command Center, infects Alpha 5 with a virus, trashes the computers, and cuts Zordon off from communicating with our dimension! The Rangers, now without the help of their mentors, discover the Green Ranger's ruthlessness when he ambushes them during a battle! Do they have any chance against one of their own?moreless
    • The Potion Notion
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      While Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa are on their second Honeymoon, Rito unleashes Miss Chief on Angel Grove High. Armed with the same love potion that Rita used on Zedd, the monster plays havoc on emotions, causing Kim to fall in love with Skull, Bulk to fall in love with Aisha, and both Lt. Stone & Principal Kaplan to fall in love with Miss Appleby! Upon learning of the love potion, Goldar demands an antidote be made. Is the Honeymoon over for good for Rita & Zedd?moreless
    • Water You Thinking?
      Season 3 - Episode 39
      The Ranger kids bid goodbye to Billy and the Aquitians, as they take the leap into a time hole on their mission to restore the Earth's proper rotation by finding the five sub-sections of the Zeo Crystal. Young Rocky's first to arrive in the past, encountering a familiar child named Pablo, who reveals to him the volcanic troubles of his Mexican village. Can Rocky help them out, and in the process, find the first piece of the Crystal? Back in the present, Cestro begins to weaken from lack of water, but thanks to a tip from some local fish, the Aquitians discover a hidden fresh water source. But Lord Zedd's old pal, Witchblade, attempts to keep the Blue Alien Ranger from reaching it! Meanwhile, Goldar & Rito try to find the base of the Command Center by splitting up, and Young Bulk & Skull become fans of the Alien Rangers.moreless
    • It Came from Angel Grove
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      Adam pulls a long night at Angel Grove High studying, and when the movie "The Bride Of Hackensack" comes on TV, he falls asleep. He dreams of his teammates and friends in various classic monster movie roles (Tommy as a vampire, Rocky as a werewolf, Lt. Stone as a German mayor, Bulk as a mummy and Skull as the archeologist cursed by him, Kat as a witch, Billy as a mad scientist, Alpha as his assistant, Tanya as his creation, and Zordon as an evil wizard).moreless
    • Homesick
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      A young boy named Matthew is discovered to have stowed away on Terra Venture, and desires nothing but to return to Earth, even resorting to sabotage. He strikes up a bond with Damon, who also has a family he misses back home. When the Gasser monster puts the entire space colony to sleep to allow Furio to take over the vessel, it's Matthew to the rescue. The Rangers have their hands full, first with Stingwingers flanking Terra Venture in outer space, which they deal with using their new Jet Jammer vehicles, and then with Gasser, whose sleep gas ends up turning the Galactabeasts to stone! Is this the end for Terra Venture, or is there a Megazordic secret ability within the Rangers' recently-aquired Transdaggers?moreless
    • Stop the Hate Master (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      Aisha is left out of the exclusive "Angel Girls' Club", which prompts Kimberly, who made it in, to investigate, discovering a dark side of classism to the supposedly helpful group. Dismayed, Aisha is comforted by her Grandmother, who gives her a heart shaped locket as a reminder that love conquers all. But Rita & Zedd set out to prove the opposite, as they summon forth the rhyming Hate Master, who places a spell on the Rangers, turning them hateful and mean! Somehow, Aisha is immune to this spell, but how can she stop her teammates from destroying one another? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull seek out the culprit behind the graffiti vandalism outside the Youth Center.moreless
    • Wave Goodbye
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      Conner's given a shot at playing professional soccer, but his Ranger duties impede upon this once in a lifetime chance. Will he give up helping to save the world for a sports career? Meanwhile, Ethan introduces his teammates to "Hayley's Cyberspace", a new cyber-cafe run by a very knowledgable woman. Kira meets Trent, waiter at the cafe and budding artist. Still desiring the Dino Gems, Mesogog unleashes his first genetically-combined monster of the day. Tommy locates the eggs of his Raptor Rider creations, but can he survive taming them for the team to use them?moreless
    • Instrument of Destruction
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      There's a mysterious piano player at Angel Grove High, playing expertly after school. King Mondo desires to capture this person, as a gift for Queen Machina's birthday. Meanwhile, Adam, who gets stuck with Skull in music class, also takes an interest in the mystery of the piano player, attempting to both discover his identity, and keep the forces of evil from kidnapping him. The school's piano is turned into the Fortissimodo monster, making Adam's tasks even tougher.moreless
    • One Last Second Chance
      One Last Second Chance
      Season 16 - Episode 25
      The Spirit Rangers could be the end of our heroes if something isn't done. RJ takes the risk of destroying his father. Trusting his instincts, he finds that his dad was prepared if this should happen. Together with the help of his dad, RJ saves the other Masters from the grip of evil.moreless
    • Curse of the Cobra (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 14
      Every time Ryan morphs as the Titanium Ranger, the mystical cobra tattoo on his back draws closer to destroying him. He tries to keep this a secret from his teammate, as they face the Demon Troika and Demonite's clone.
    • Strength of the Sun (3)
      Season 8 - Episode 15

      The last two members of the Demon Troika prove to be a tough match for the Rangers. Ryan, going against his father's wishes, must brave the curse of the cobra tattoo and pilot the Max Solarzord into battle.

    • The Lone Wolf (2)
      Season 10 - Episode 16
      Merrick, now freed from the mask of Zen-Aku, struggles with guilt over the evil deeds he performed while under its spell. Meanwhile, Master Org turns the captured Animal Crystals into an Org monster.
    • Island of Illusion (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 29

      Trapped on the strange island of illusion, each of the six Ranger teens comes face to face with their own worst fears. The island's only inhabitant, an elf named Quagmire, appears and offers them rhyming reminders of self-confidence, but is he friend or foe? Even if they can get off the island, can the team last a second round against Mutitis?

    • The Mutiny (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      The Ranger teens take part in a charity 4-wheeler race on Earth. But up on the moon, things are far from routine. Rita Repulsa and her Evil Space Aliens are taken by surprise when Lord Zedd, Rita's boss and evil overlord, returns to our galaxy! For her repeated failures, he has Rita banished to drift in space inside another Space Dumpster. With Goldar as his loyal General, Zedd takes over the Lunar Palace, and proceeds to give the Putty Patrollers an overpowered overhaul! These white-suited, Z-armored Putties are sent to face the Power Rangers, and prove to be more than formidable foe. Can our heroes find their weakspot in time?moreless
    • The Power Stealer
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      The Ranger teens head yet another clean-up drive in Angel Grove Park. Lord Zedd sends down the Octophantom monster, who siphons off most of Tommy's Green Ranger powers. He also captures a couple of the Rangers, leaving only Billy & Jason to free their friends and defeat Octophantom via his only weakness: his vanity.moreless
    • Changing of the Zords (3)
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      In order to save Kimberly, the Rangers are forced to agree to pilot the Shogunzords for Rita & Zedd. But all is not lost. While Billy uses his technological know-how to try reclaim the new Zords for the side of good, the White Ranger attempts to rescue the Pink Ranger. But with the See Monster prepared to strike the Rangers, and Lord Zedd himself confronting Tommy, do any of our heroes stand a chance?moreless
    • 11/6/96
      Determined to prove that he can take control of the Machine Empire in his father's place, Prince Gasket captures Tommy while he's out testing his uncle's prototype waverunner. The now-leaderless Rangers are oblivious to his fate, and their attempts to track him are hindered by the Cruel Chrome monster, created from Det. Stone's own waverunner (which Bulk & Skull were attempting to wash for him). Meanwhile, the lunar winnebago gets its booster rocket repaired by Rito & Goldar, with uncontrollable results.moreless
    • Bomber in the Summer
      Season 4 - Episode 35
      Rita & Zedd send Louie Kaboom, a remote-controlled robotic monster, to fill in the gap in the leadership of the Machine Empire. But when the remote is lost by Rito & Goldar (despite their "hiring" the vacationing Bulk & Skull to track it down), Louie strikes out on his own, taking King Mondo's place for his own personal schemes. Meanwhile, Ernie opens a new beach club cafe, which gains the ire of a group of biker punks, claiming it's their turf. Jason befriends the main bully's misunderstood girlfriend, Emily, whose necklace gets turned into Louie's first monster, Tough Tusks!moreless
    • Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
      Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
      Season 16 - Episode 24
      The Phantom Beasts control the masters and call forth the Spirit Rangers. They look and fight exactly like Power Rangers. Our heroes are in for a real fight as they face the spirits of their own masters. RJ makes a device that will momentarily stop the Spirit Rangers. But he knows that something more has to be done in order to save his dad and the other masters.moreless
    • Super Samurai
      Season 19 - Episode 1

      The Rangers discover cracks in the earth where water from the Netherworld is seeping in; a Nighlok uses the evil water to keep from drying out.

    • Day of the Dumpster
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Following the accidental release of long-imprisoned evil space-sorceress Rita Repulsa, a benevolent sage known as Zordon drafts a group of five teenagers to help protect the planet as dino-powered warriors of goodness.
    • Calamity Kimberly
      Season 1 - Episode 31

      Kimberly wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, begins to have an extremely bad day. It turns to worse when Rita sends the Samurai Fanman down to Earth. He traps the bad haired, ratted clothed, annoyed Kim inside an urn, connected to another dimension. The Power Rangers race against the clock to free her before she's lost inside it forever.

    • Welcome to Venus Island
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      A day at the beach for Tommy, Kimberly, Trini & Trini's young neighbor Hallie is interrupted by Goldar & the Putties. Goldar kidnaps the young girl, and holds her for ransom on Lord Zedd's mystical Venus Island. The Rangers must race against the clock to get to Venus Island before it vanishes. Unfortunately, Zedd has the Invenusable Flytrap monster guarding the way.moreless
    • Ghost of a Chance (2)
      Ghost of a Chance (2)
      Season 16 - Episode 14
      With RJ captured, the rangers must travel to the spirit world to find the last 3 remaining masters. Theo, Lily, and Casey must face their own childhood fears in order to pass their test. Jarrod prepares a battle arena where he will fight RJ to the death. Having faced their fears, the rangers come back with the power to boost their power to full fury. The rangers battle Dai Shi and save RJ. Meanwhile, with everyone gone at JKP, Fran finds out who the rangers really are!moreless
    • Jen's Revenge
      Season 9 - Episode 8

      Jen's demeanor with the other Rangers continues to sour, as her appetite for vengeance against Ransik continues to grow. When the Fatcatfish mutant in released on the city, it brings back memories of her days as Alex's partner, and pushes her to the edge of reason. She sets out to not only kill both this mutant criminal, but the one responsible for her fiance's death, Ransik himself, by any means necessary. Can Wes and the others finally get through to her before she crosses the line?

    • Unexpected Arrival
      Season 18 - Episode 11
      A traveling fisherman named Antonio arrives and claims to be the sixth Samurai Ranger.
    • Up to the Challenge
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Chad is challenged to a fight by a bully named Brian. He attempts to resist the ego-driven civilian's requests, but soon Brian offers himself to Vypra, who gives him a zombified power boost! Can Chad resolve this peacefully? Meanwhile, the Smogger monster injures Kelsey in a most unexpected way.
    • Ninja Quest (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      The skeletal soldier named Rito Revolto arrives on the moon, revealed to be Rita Repulsa's younger brother! He brings with him several evil eggs as wedding presents for his sister & Lord Zedd. While waiting for them to hatch, Rito is given an army of Finster's "finest" remade monsters: Octophantom, Fighting Flea, Stag Beetle, and the Lizzinator. Will this makeshift team be more than the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord can handle? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull announce a new mission in life: to join the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol (all in an effort to impress girls).moreless
    • Room for One More
      Season 18 - Episode 12
      Jayden's childhood friend and self-made Samurai Antonio struggles to be accepted by the team as the Gold Ranger.
    • The Song of Guitardo
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      The Ranger Teens go on a picnic in the park. Lord Zedd turns a cicada into the Guitardo monster, who steals Kimberly's acoustic guitar. With it, he's able to put the Power Rangers under a trance via an evil song spell. Kim and a nearly powerless Tommy are the only ones left to stop the music.moreless
    • Go Volcanic (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      Queen Bansheera's spirit makes contact with the Demons, and devises a scheme to wipe out Mariner Bay in a volcanic meltdown. Noticing strange seismic activity, Dana heads to the nearby, supposedly dormant volcano Mt. Jasmine, to investigate. She decides to ride the bus, only to have it hijacked by a bank robber! When the bus runs into trouble caused by the effects of the Trifire monster's attacks, will the criminal become a hero?moreless
    • Clash for Control (1)
      Season 9 - Episode 14
      Ransik sends Commandocon back through time to recover the companion piece to the Quantum Ranger powers, the Quantasaurus Rex Zord. Wes, while trying to convince his former school chum to turn over the Quantum Morpher to the Time Force team, hitches a ride with Eric when he follows the mutant back to prehistory. Their rivalry has to be put aside in order for them to survive against an angry T-Rex, and an impending volcanic eruption!moreless
    • A Ranger Catastrophe (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Aisha and Kimberly discover a small white cat in the middle of the park. They're smitten with the kitten, but little do they realize that what they call "P.C." (Park Cat) is no ordinary animal, but part of the latest scheme by Rita Repulsa! But when the gals leave P.C. at the local animal shelter to see if her owners claim her, Rito and the Tengas must prevent anyone but the Ranger gals from adopting her. Who is the young, blonde Australian teenager named Katherine, and what is her connection to this mysterious cat?moreless
    • Blue to the Test
      Season 7 - Episode 25
      Terra Venture nears a giant red star. Icy Angel is sent down to place Commander Stanton under a spell, forcing him to sabotage the space colony so that it will be sucked in and destroyed by the intense gravity of it! Kai, big on rules and regulations, struggles with going along with the Commander's crazy commands, versus his usual way of always following orders. Can he manages to break his routine and go against the grain, aiding in breaking the spell on Stanton and saving Terra Venture again?moreless
    • To Earn Your Stripes
      Season 16 - Episode 30
      The day has arrived for the three to get their master stripes. Lily and Theo pass the test to become masters. Casey does not. He wanders off to think about his loss and comes across Jarrod saving Camille from Dai Shi's monsters. Casey begins to think that Jarrod might still be alive. The others don't believe him and try to tell him that all that matters is destroying Dai Shi.moreless
    • The Mutiny (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Lord Zedd's first monster, Pirahntishead, now has control of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord, commanding them to destroy the city. The Rangers watch helplessly, but all is not yet lost. Zordon & Alpha unveil a new set of five Zords, enhanced by the power of Thunder. Before they can fully bring these new Thunderzords to life, they must regain their old ones!moreless
    • Changing of the Zords (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Finster has discovered the location of the lost Ancient Zords! In order to bring them to life for their own evil purposes, Rita & Zedd will need some unwitting assitance from the Power Rangers. First, while the Tengas distract the teens from a relaxing day at the beach, Rita's enthralled pawn Katherine steals the Pink Ranger's Power Coin! With it, she'll be able to sneak aboard the Falconzord and ambush the White Ranger when Ninjor needs his help most, facing a giant Goldar! Will our heroes fall for this plot, and can Kimberly survive for long with her Coin in the hands of evil?moreless
    • Messenger (2)
      Season 13 - Episode 22

      Down to one Megazord, unable to receive assistance from SPD High Command, and facing unstoppable foes, the Rangers, and the planet Earth, appear to be at the brink of defeat. The sudden arrival of the Omega Ranger might very well change that, but where does he come from, and what does he have to do with that time traveling orb of living light?

    • Survival of the Silver
      Season 6 - Episode 20
      Ambushed by restless natives while collecting lifeform samples on the planet Kadix, the Astro Megaship crash lands, causing a secret room to open up. Inside it, the Rangers find the frozen body of Zhane, Andros' best friend and former teammate, the Silver Ranger, left in a coma for many years after falling in battle on KO-35. As the Megaship comes under attack by both the Kadix natives and the recently hatched monster called Lunatick, power fails, leading to Zhane's life support chamber shutting down. The Rangers find themselves overwhelmed, but are rescued by a surprising source...moreless
    • Destined for Greatness (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      The Rangers' happy reunion with Mike is short lived, as doubts begin to seep in on Leo over his role as Red Ranger now that the "destined" one who pulled the Quasar Saber from the stone is back. To make things worse, the Skelekron monster sends his reaper-like warriors to capture each of the Rangers in mirrors! It's up to Leo and Mike to resolve the issue of Saber-ownership in time for them to save their friends. Meanwhile, what role does the Magna Defender's own Saber play?moreless
    • Time Force Traitor
      Season 9 - Episode 26
      Steelix, Jen's partner when she first became a Time Force Officer, is released by Ransik. He stalks and ambushes Jen, seeking revenge for her turning him in for being on the take. With a little chemical help, Steelix eventually turns her evil. Can Wes stop the Pink Ranger before she destroys her own team?moreless
    • Storm Before the Calm (1)
      Season 11 - Episode 37
      Lothor's true plan is revealed, as he elaborates upon his decision to let Vexacus wipe out his army in an effort to overflow and burst open the Abyss of Evil in a final attempt to destroy the Earth. It's all been foretold on the Scroll of Destiny, that he'll succeed in this. The Rangers gather at the Action Games to compete in special events, which just happens to be held on the exact area where the Abyss's entrance is at! Will our heroes destroy Vexacus, and thus, put the city one step closer to being overrun with the revived defeated monsters?moreless
    • Island of Illusion (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 28

      There's an upcoming dance competition, and despite his usual smooth moves, Zack's got a heavy case of self-doubt. Rita is inspired, and aims to send the six Rangers to her very own transdimensional island, where worst fears become reality! She summons the celestial being known as Lokar to aid in this task, and with his wicked Mutitus creature, is the Megazord any match, or are our heroes island-bound?

    • S.W.A.T. (2)
      Season 13 - Episode 27
      Pushed to their physical and emotional limits by Sgt. Silverback's intense training course, the Rangers, demoted and relieved of their Morphers, are forced to overcome their differences and faults to fully view themselves as a team. If the can pull their team back together, they'll finally wield the power of SWAT. Meanwhile, Shadow and Omega Rangers find the armored foes of Stench & Thresher to be more than powerful adversaries. Also, Piggy finds his allegiances pulled in various directions.moreless
    • The Wheel of Fate
      Season 5 - Episode 21

      Divatox sets her sights on two legendary living cars, having her Dreadfeather monster free them from their eons-long hiding space in an asteroid belt. The vehicles, Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, take off to Earth, where they encounter TJ & Justin, becoming fast friends with the pair. But Divatox and company aren't about to give up on these powerful machines, and the chase is on! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take the job of trying to slow and stop cars near a construction site. Add not-yet-dried cement to the mix, and you've got a hilarious situation.

    • The Wild Wipeout
      Season 11 - Episode 30
      After suffering a wipeout on her surfboard, Tori is sent by the evil Butterfly-like monster called Goldwinger to a pocket dimension where everything seems to be opposite of her own reality. Her Ranger teammates are evil, the aliens are good, Kapri & Marah are hippies, Zurgane & Choobo are punk-Kelly's stockboys, and Lothor is the do-good Mayor of Blue Bay Harbor! Whose side should she be rooting for now? Can she get back to her own dimension safely, if at all?moreless
    • Undercover Rangers
      Season 9 - Episode 31
      The brand new Super Strong Gym opens in town, and thanks to its special health drink, even the scrawniest of people now have super strength! The Rangers suspect something is amiss, so Wes and Jen go undercover as potential new members. But tension between the pair threatens their mission! Can they overcome this friction in time to stop Frax from turning the citizens of Silver Hills into living robots? Meanwhile, Alex has a gift for the resident Red Ranger.moreless
    • Neptune's Daughter
      Season 8 - Episode 34
      Aquafiend, the only Demon capable of surviving exposure to free-running water, swipes the trident of King Neptune, ruler of the seas. His daughter, Marina the Mermaid, is granted human legs for a temporary period, and seeks out her forbidden love, Chad, to gain the Rangers' help in recovering the trident from the Demons, who seek to destroy the Aquabase with it.moreless
    • Ninja Quest (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      The Rangers are powerless after the destruction of their Zords. To restore both, the six teens plan to seek out their source of creation. Zordon and Alpha 5 tell them of the legend of Ninjor, an ancient sage who forged the Power Coins long ago. Our heroes set out to cross the dangerous Desert of Despair in an effort to find the Lost Temple of Ninjor, who may not even exist! Meanwhile, Rito's first egg-presents hatch into a new group of treacherous footsoldiers for Rita & Lord Zedd: purple birds called Tenga Warriors! And also, Bulk & Skull face the perils of registering at the Angel Grove Police Academy.moreless
    • Ranger Yellow (2)
      Ranger Yellow (2)
      Season 17 - Episode 9
      In order to keep a promise to her parents, Summer's getting married! Learn how Summer changed from a spoiled rich snob into the independent Yellow Ranger, as her initial journey to Corinth with her long-suffering butler Andrews is revealed. Will Summer go through with the arranged wedding despite her protests? Meanwhile, Tenaya 7 plans to spoil the nuptials, by stealing the only item upholding the Landsdowns' upper-class status, to power up Camera Bot.moreless
    • The Tengen Gate (1)
      Season 18 - Episode 15
      Jayden is poisoned by Octoroo during his attempt to discover the Red Ranger's sealing symbol, which can lock away Master Xandred forever.
    • Going Viral
      Going Viral
      Season 20 - Episode 3

      When Noah has trouble lifting Jake's heavy weapon he begins to doubt his abilities, until he learns that believing in yourself is all that's necessary to get any job done.

    • Who's Crying Now?
      Season 20 - Episode 7

      After Troy deals with some small-minded bullies at school, the Rangers square off against a more dangerous bully, Creepox.

    • End Game
      Season 20 - Episode 21

      When Cyborg Vrak, Metal Alice and the Messenger launch a vicious attack against the Power Rangers, it will take all their powers and abilities to save the earth.

    • The Human Factor
      Season 20 - Episode 16

      The Power Rangers encounter their first Robotic opponents, who try to convince Robo Knight that humans are the true danger to the Earth.

    • The Human Condition
      Season 20 - Episode 19

      Admiral Malkor awakens from his cocoon stronger than ever and determined to destroy the Power Rangers.

    • A Crack in the World
      Season 19 - Episode 14

      The Rangers discover that Serrator's recent attacks have an ulterior motive - to crack open the earth and let the Sanzu flood it and thereby become ruler of both worlds.

    • Powers From the Past
      Season 22 - Episode 1

      Millions of years after the mysterious and powerful Energems were entrusted to the now extinct dinosaurs for protection from a ruthless bounty hunter, a pair of courageous teens find themselves in possession of two of these long lost precious artifacts, and come face to face with a monster who will do everything in his power to steal them for himself.

    • Last Laugh
      Season 20 - Episode 12

      It's no laughing matter when Gia and the other Rangers are captured by a monster who feeds on human laughter.  It's up to straight-laced Noah and no-nonsense Robo Knight to figure out how to work together and save their friends.

    • A Star is Born
      Season 1 - Episode 32
      While Tommy is busy competing with Bulk for a role on a Karate commercial, the other Rangers face a double threat: the cocooning menace of Scorpina's pet worm, and the baseball-fevered Babe Ruthless!
    • Shadow (2)
      Season 13 - Episode 12
      General Benaag holds Dr. Manx captive, using her as bait to call out his old enemy Doggie to battle. Commander Cruger comes clean to the B-Squad with the major detail he left out about the fall of Sirius, and how it relates to the current situation. With the Rangers busy dealing with an Evil Giant Robot planting Proton Spikes around in the city in an attempt to create an ultra violent earthquake, Doggie has to deal with not just Benaag, but a hundred Krybots, alone at the rendezvous site! Will he use Kat's gift to him to save her, even if it breaks his vow of peace?moreless
    • Two for One
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      Kim & Tommy go on a date in Angel Grove Park. Kim brings the same purse with her that her mom brought on her first date with Kim's dad. Everything goes fine, until a platoon of Putties attack, and steal the purse. Lord Zedd turns it into the Pursehead monster, and uses a tube of lipstick from within said purse to create the Lipsyncher monster. The White Ranger & Saba take on Pursehead, while Pink & the other Power Rangers confront Lipsyncher.moreless
    • Bully for Ethan
      Season 12 - Episode 18
      A bully named Derrick picks on Ethan at school repeatedly, eventually setting up a fight with him. Will the brainy Blue Ranger use his head and turn the disgruntled soccer player into a friend? Meanwhile, Trent sets up a deal with Zeltrax, where he'll help the cyborg get revenge on Tommy, if he helps him take down Mesogog. But will the tables end up turned? Also, Zeltrax finally reveals to Tommy the reasoning for his loyalty to Mesogog, and his intense hatred of him.moreless
    • Worlds Apart
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      Wes gets a terse reunion with his father, when he discovers he's funding a for-hire protection force known as the Silver Guardians. One of them happens to be Wes' prep schoolmate, Eric, who's had a grudge against him for years, believing Wes' gotten everything handed to him while he's had to work hard for it. When the X-Vault mutant Univolt strikes, endangering the Guardians, will Wes put his life, and his secret identity, on the line to save his father's latest money-making scheme?moreless
    • Battle of the Zords (2)
      Season 10 - Episode 11
      The recent arrival and successful first battle of Zen-Aku creates tension among the Rangers, and between fellow Duke Orgs, Jindrax & Toxica. Alyssa heads into the woods alone, in an effort to reclaim her Elephantzord, and though she runs into Org trouble, she gets bandaged up by a most unexpected source. Soon, Zen-Aku unveils his very own Dark Wildzords, and pits the vicious beasts against those of the Wild Force Rangers.moreless
    • Disappearing Act
      Season 12 - Episode 26
      To help her mutant flower grow into the Thornox monster, Elsa uses a sample of a mysterious green slime. In an effort to get demorphed, Tommy seeks the same ooze from the source. Thanks to Hayley, the experiment is a success, but though he's no longer stuck as the Black Ranger, he's now invisible! Will Tommy ever return to normal? Do the Rangers stand a chance against the Thornox & Evil White Ranger clone team? Meanwhile, Ethan's got his first date with Cassidy coming up. Even with the assistance from his friends in making it go right, can this attraction of opposites last?moreless
    • Sorcerer of the Sands (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 32
      During his desert search for clues to defeating the Demons, Ryan passes out. He's rescued by the assistant of a being known as the Sorcerer of the Sands, an ancient wizard with the knowledge to re-sealing Bansheera and her Demons. Meanwhile, Olympius has ventured into the Shadow World, a realm where dead Demons go, in an attempt to destroy the Rangers by dragging them into it to face hundreds of zombies! When Diabolico seals both his demonic rival and the Rangers within the Shadow World, can Ryan and the Sorcerer help get them get free?moreless
    • Something to Fight For
      Season 9 - Episode 3

      Though he lacks the Chrono-Morpher, Wes sets about taking on Nadira and the Cyclobots in an effort to avoid having to take part in his father's business dealings. Jen scolds him for his carefree attitude, pointing out he's playing and has nothing to fight for, while they're fighting for their future. When Wes learns of Alex, will he take the role of Red Ranger more seriously? Meanwhile, Ransik and Frax unfreeze the first of the mutants from the prison, a rocket-powered criminal known as Jetara. When his DNA is exposed, he grows to a giant size. What can the Time Force Rangers use to stop him?

    • The Lost Galactabeasts (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 20
      With their Galactabeasts refusing to battle the three evil Megazords, and no reason as to why, the Rangers ponder a new plan in stopping the rampaging machines. Deviot, along with the Hardtochoke monster, exploits the situation to the fullest. Though the tide of battle may turn when Kendrix makes a connection between the evil Zords and the three previously missing Galactabeasts...moreless
    • Grunchor on the Loose (3)
      Season 7 - Episode 37
      Captain Mutiny's "gift" to the space colony, a ravenous beast known as Grunchor, rampages throughout Terra Venture. The Rangers struggle to stop it from devouring everything in sight, but find the creature to be nigh-invulernable!
    • Short-Circuited
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      It appears as though Nadira has had a change of heart, and wants to give up the life of crime! She pleads with Trip, the most sensitive and friendly of the Time Force officers, to believe her. Is she telling the truth, or is this all a ruse to allow her to kidnap Circuit, in an effort to have the Medicon mutant operate on the robotic owl to prevent him from being able to summon the Zords from the future? Doesn't take Xybrian psychic powers to know the answer to that one!moreless
    • The Ancient Warrior (1)
      Season 10 - Episode 15
      Thanks to Animus creating a brief lunar eclipse, Zen-Aku reverts to his true human form, an Ancient Warrior of Animaria known as Merrick! He relates his tragic tale to the Rangers, and admits to his intimate connection to Princess Shayla. Can the Rangers aid in breaking the curse of the Wolf Mask, or is he doomed to being Zen-Aku for another 3000 years?moreless
    • Inner Spirit (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Tommy's having strange dreams, reminding him of his encounter with True Of Heart during the Zeo Quest. This restlessness for answers to his riddles becomes a central issue, for when the Zeo Megazord is crippled in battle with an energy-leeching Main Drain monster, Tommy must put his emotions in order to successfully pilot the new Red Battlezord. But will an oddly familiar indian man named Sam Trueheart hold the key to Tommy's inner calmness, by directing him to a secret from his past? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull dream of winning a trip to Hawaii, but find their raffle-ticket-selling attempts foiled by a mysterious man called Delmar.moreless
    • The Alien Trap
      Season 3 - Episode 37
      In an effort to keep the Alien Rangers on Earth for longer periods, Billy creates a device to filter out the impurities in Angel Grove Lake, allowing the Aquitians to properly rehydrate. But with the evil Barbarick Brothers polluting the waters, will it do more harm than good for the Alien Rangers?moreless
    • Graduation Blues
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Billy, by way of having too many credits, graduates a year early. He's stunned by this, but plans for his future are put on hold when Cestro (the Blue Alien Ranger) returns from Aquitar, in need of Billy's expertise in devising a way to stop the Hydro Contaminators from polluting his watery homeworld. One of the Hydro Contaminators comes to Earth, joins forces with the Machine Empire, and just might prevent Billy & Cestro from returning to Aquitar to fulfill this mission. Also, Bulk & Skull are put in charge of guarding Cestro's ship while he's away, so the pair gives the task to Goldar & Rito, sending the amnesiac monsters fleeing from their assignment when Lt. Stone spots them!moreless
    • A Pressing Engagement
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      At the Youth Center, Jason attempts to break Bulk's benchpressing record, only to be repeatedly distracted. Rita comes up with a plan to divide and conquer the Rangers, by splitting them up during a battle with the King Sphinx monster.
    • Alien Rangers of Aquitar (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 34
      With the Earth under a spell that physically transforms everything and everyone back by under a decade, Angel Grove is ripe pickings for the attack of giant-sized Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and their Evil Space Alien crew! But will salvation come in the form of Master Vile? Meanwhile, the Rangers, now kids, powerless, but still retaining their knowledge of how things are supposed to be, must make their way through Tengas, out of the city and to the Command Center!moreless
    • The Lore of Auric
      Season 4 - Episode 37
      After getting a package from Aisha containing a strange golden key and a map of Mysterio Island, the last known location of her long-lost parents, Tanya goes on a quest to reunite with her mother and father. But Louie Kaboom has beaten her to them, leaving the Sloans to perish in the dangerous island caves, after swiping their goal, the legendary Tiki of Auric. Jason, entrusted with the key by Tanya, loses it to Louie, who uses the item to unlock the tiki, unleashing the mighty Auric the Conquerer. He fails to persuade the Zord-sized do-gooding warrior to destroy the Earth for him, so it's up to Prince Sprocket to trick the naive Auric into believing the Zeo Rangers are evil. Meanwhile, despite getting his last one crushed under the foot of a monster, Det. Stone entrusts Bulk & Skull with his newest car.moreless
    • Clash of the Megazords (2)
      Season 5 - Episode 29

      The Phantom Ranger's dying without his Power Ruby. The Rangers are desperate to recover it, but find the Space Base impossible to breach. Eventually, it comes down to this: the Rangers using their new Rescue Megazord to battle against the Turbo Megazord, piloted by the Crosspatch monster with Chromites, and powered by Phanty's Ruby. Can our heroes save the city without destroying their old Megazord, and get the Ruby back in time to save their mysterious benefactor's life?

    • A Mystery to Me
      Season 4 - Episode 44
      At a vast and spooky mansion, Det. Stone hosts a costume "who-done-it" mystery (for the retired detectives fund charity), which the six Zeo Teens take part in. Prince Gasket begins to isolate and imprison each of the Rangers (thinking it part of the game), one by one, until only Kat remains, so that she and the pink-with-envy Archerina can duel in the forest. When the stakes are raised, and the Nuklifier monster is added to the mix, who can come to her aid?moreless
    • Beneath the Surface
      Season 12 - Episode 9

      A new Dinozord Egg is uncovered by the Rangers during a class archeological dig. But Tyranodrones interfere, allowing Elsa to snag the Egg first. Now under evil control, the Dimetro Zord is unleashed against the Rangers! Our heroes will need its saw-blade on their side to take on the Scorpex monster. Can it be reclaimed? Also, what is the dark connection between Principal Randall and Mesogog's henchwoman Elsa?

    • Future Unknown
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      The recent Raimei incident appears to be a sign of history changing, which worries Katie most of all, since she left her family behind in the year 3000. Her concerns about their being erased by the Rangers' actions in the present distract the team, just as Frax unleashes a highly powerful mutant from a secret X-Vault, where the most dangerous criminals are kept.moreless
    • Ghost of a Chance (1)
      Ghost of a Chance (1)
      Season 16 - Episode 13
      After another victorious battle against Camille's monsters, the rangers feel they are unstoppable. RJ warns them about being overconfident. He tells them to train on their basic stances. Dai Shi emerges after reaching his next level of power and demands a fight with the rangers. The rangers are easily defeated. RJ steps in and offers his life to spare his students'. Dai Shi accepts and takes RJ away, leaving the rangers without a master.moreless
    • In or Out
      Season 17 - Episode 16
      Scott decides to join Gem and Gemma in a more offensive approach in the battle against Venjix. Colonel Truman defaults to his usual defend the city tactics and ends up trapping everyone inside while a Venjix bot sucks all the air out of the city. The remaining rangers make a deadly escape from Corinth and regroup with Scott in order to save the city.moreless
    • Ocean Blue
      Season 8 - Episode 28
      While doing some repairs to the Aquabase, scuba-diver Chad is nearly killed during a cave-in. Lucky for him, he's gained the attention of a beautiful mermaid, Marina, who rescues him. The two start a sea-crossed romance, but thanks to manipulation by Vypra, Marina quickly becomes bait for a Blue Ranger trap!moreless
    • I've Got a Spell on Blue
      Season 18 - Episode 7
      A Nighlok uses mind control powers to force Kevin to fight against his fellow Rangers
    • Heir Apparent (1)
      Heir Apparent (1)
      Season 14 - Episode 22
      Chip's big mouth lets slip the secret Daggeron asked him to keep. This leaves Daggeron and Udonna no choice but to finally tell the Rangers, in detail, the full story of the Great War... including revealing to them the stories of the sorcereress' husband, Leanbow, and long-lost son, Bowen. Meanwhile, Imperious realizes the best way to usurp the Master is get rid of Koragg. Thus, he sets in motion a plan to rid the Rangers of their Legendary Warrior powers, by bringing them down to the Underworld. Will this also spell the downfall of both the Solaris and Wolf Knights?moreless
    • Passing the Lantern
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      After attending a family reunion, Adam is given an ancient paper lantern in an effort to reconnect with his heritage. Zedd & Rita have it stolen in an effort to turn it into a monster, but thanks to Baboo, Squatt, and Rito's ineptness, Lanterra is accidentally created from a different one altogether. But under the impression that it's his lantern, can the Black Ranger bring himself to destroy the monster? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull try to put their new police skills to use and find Adam's lantern.moreless
    • Hogday Afternoon (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 43
      The Rangers kids are at last able to help those who've helped them, as they manage to revive the water-depleted Aquitians. But even if Billy can restore the world's water supply, can the Alien Rangers put an end to Hydro Hog before he drains it again? Elsewhere, in Africa, Young Aisha locates the last Zeo sub-crystal at her new friend Tanya's tribe. She's faced with an important decision between completing her mission or helping find a solution to the animal-effecting famine. Thanks to the surprising success of Rito and Goldar, even if the Rangers can restore the Earth to its proper time, our heroes' lives will never be the same!moreless
    • Sowing the Seas of Evil
      Season 3 - Episode 41
      Young Katherine and Young Tommy each try to retrieve their Zeo sub-crystals. Kat returns to Australia, and finds her good heart tested when forced to choose between helping an elderly woman and accomplishing her mission. Tommy gets a lesson in his Native American heritage from a wise old man called True of Heart. Back in the present, Billy faces another setback in his attempts to rehydrate the Aquitians. Lord Zedd and Rita seek to summon the Emperor of the Dark Waters, the Hydro Hog, from Aquitar to aid them in stopping their mutual enemies, the Alien Rangers. Meanwhile, Rito & Goldar get a premature start to their implosive goals.moreless
    • Good as Gold
      Season 4 - Episode 49

      With the Gold Ranger powers fading, along with his life energy, Jason is caught between the opposing forces of Rita & Zedd and the Machine Empire, who both want to take control of his powers. To save Jason, Trey is summoned from Triforia to aid in safely reclaiming the Gold Ranger powers, a risky maneuver which involves planetary alignment, and may just unify his three halves together again. King Mondo will make this even tougher for the Zeo Rangers, as he and his Cogs face them in the biggest battle of them all! In the end, Rita & Zedd may just have the last laugh. Meanwhile, now official detectives, Bulk & Skull set about to prove themselves by undertaking an international spy mission, which doesn't sit too well with Det. Stone, whose detective agency is dangerously low on business.

    • Resurrection
      Season 13 - Episode 35
      Jack slacks off on duty when he begins a romance, which quickly gets him in hot water with Commander Cruger. Soon, the Rangers are sent to Gamma Orion, following a distress signal that'll lead them to the missing A-Squad Rangers, if they can survive the experience. Meanwhile, Broodwing continues his scheme to take over the Earth with the human-lifeforce-battery operated criminal Delex, and the Magnificently brainwashed Mora bids goodbye to Cindy Sunshine.moreless
    • Another Song and Dance
      Season 4 - Episode 45
      In need of help with his music class assignment, Tommy seeks voice lessons from Tanya. Queen Machina casts a spell on the two Zeo Teens, which forces the pair to sing operatically everything they try to say. Meanwhile, Prince Gasket wants to assure his rightful place as ruler of the Machine Empire. He turns Det. Stone's "secret weapon", the Mechatipillar (a lure he's using to teach Bulk & Skull the investigative virtues of fishing), into a monster. While most of the Rangers are busy with that, Gasket launches a full scale invasion on Angel Grove!moreless
    • Uniquely Trip
      Season 9 - Episode 11

      Trip's awkwardness in battle, shyness around girls, and inability to impress anyone with his inventions makes the alien teen considerably depressed. He tries to rectify this situation, but fumbles each time. When he sees a group of four children playing Rangers, and no one wants to be Green, he's especially hurt. But soon, those same kids are put in harm's way by the Electropede monster's attack on the power plant. Can Trip muster the confidence to be the hero they don't know him to be? And will he find his true role in life that sets him apart from his teammates?

    • The Lost Episode
      The Lost Episode
      Season 7 - Episode 46
      Austin St. John & Walter Emmanuel Jones host a special retrospective on over 5 years & roughly 300 episodes of Power Rangers. Clips, montages, a "brief history of Power Rangers in just over a minute", and a music video are presented. The show rounds out with the 16 minute original, never before broadcasted Pilot Version of "Day Of The Dumpster". Among the changes, is a different Trini, a totally different Command Center, an odd(er) looking Alpha 5, and Zordon is a big green head named "Zoltar", among other oddities.moreless
    • A Bad Reflection on You
      Season 1 - Episode 38
      Rita's newest monster, the Twin Man, creates a special team of five Putty Patrollers, which have the power to transform into evil versions of the Power Rangers! These diabolical doubles wreck havoc on our heroes' lives, even framing them into getting detention. The evil doppelgangers attack the city, as the good guys remain stuck at the High School!moreless
    • Crystal of Nightmares
      Season 1 - Episode 45
      To better cram for a big upcoming test, the Ranger teens head up to Billy's Uncle's cabin up in the mountains. Goldar uses this brain-storming session to his advantage, by manipulating their dreams with the Crystal Of Nightmares. Their worst fears are played out in their dreams, causing them to be completely paranoid and constantly afraid when they wake up. Can our heroes overcome these self-esteem impairments to seek out and destroy the Crystal?moreless
    • The Wedding (3)
      Season 2 - Episode 43
      The wedding of Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa finally takes place! But how long will the honeymoon last when Rita's dowry to Zedd, the Power Rangers trapped in the mystical abandoned theatre, begins to unravel? Even if the Rangers can ensnare their revived monster captors and escape again, they'll have to reprogram Alpha 5, and take on the largest group of giant monsters they've ever faced!moreless
    • Hogday Afternoon (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 42
      Zedd & Rita finally succeed in bringing the Hydro Hog to Earth, where he proceeds to drain the planet of all its water! Do the Alien Rangers stand a chance against their greatest enemy in a world that's out of their element? Meanwhile, Young Aisha arrives in Africa searching for the final sub-segment of the Zeo Crystal. She meets a young girl called Tanya and learns of a crippling famine affecting the land. And beneath the Command Center, Rito & Goldar reach the end of their journey.moreless
    • Along Came a Spider
      Season 3 - Episode 40
      In the recent past, Young Adam arrives in Korea in his search for a shard of the Zeo Crystal. He seeks out an ancient wiseman named Kai-Ogi, but instead keeps running into a persistantly annoying, riddle-spouting old man! Back in the present, Billy seeks out a device he'll need to re-combine the Zeo Crystal, and ends up webbed-up by the Arachnofiend monster, sent by Zedd & Rita to hamper his efforts. Can the Aquitians pull themselves away from their newfound love of walking through car washes to save him? Meanwhile, Rito & Goldar finally see light at the end of the tunnels under the Command Center.moreless
    • 5/15/96
      Defoliator proves to be a tough creature to keep down, and repeatedly interrupts Tommy's attempts to get to know Heather. Kat even sets up a date for the pair at the Youth Center, but Ranger-duty cuts into their time together. He loses out on the snowboarding champ, but might just have something going right under his nose with a certain Pink Ranger... Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are put in charge of Lt. Stone's prize-winning flowers during the day of both the sweltering heat, and a visit by the garden committee!moreless
    • Ocean Alert
      Season 12 - Episode 10
      Nikki Valentina, star of the most popular TV show in the country, "Ocean Alert", visits Reefside during filming of an episode of her show. Her prima donna attitude, and convincing portrayal of a heroic lifeguard, lead to her capture by Mesogog for usage in a monster. But she proves to be too much for even him to handle! Can the Rangers stop the Megalador monster and save Nikki, or will an unlikely hero come to her rescue instead? Meanwhile, Hayley discovers the location of the Stegazord Dino Egg!moreless
    • Lost & Found in Translation
      Season 12 - Episode 19
      Hayley's Cyberspace gets a new satellite system, which sucks Ethan into watching its endless abundance of programming. Kira & Conner are soon also roped in, when they discover a channel from Japan, showing a television show based upon their Ranger team, dubbed in English! Conner is furious over the alterations and localized changes, but will he learn a valuable lesson in cultural differences as a result? The episode they watch involves the Dino Rangers facing the Ka-Ching monster, while the chiropractic Blue Ranger assists a money-hungry American baseball player in learning to love the game more than the paycheck.moreless
    • The Magna Defender
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      Furio decides to go out in a blaze of glory and take Leo with him. A strange ally, who reminds him of his presumed-dead brother Mike, saves Leo from this explosive self-destruction. This man, an alien warrior known as the Magna Defender, is on Terra Venture, seeking the Lights of Orion himself. But his disregard for human life and mysterious goals put him at odds with both the Power Rangers and Scorpius' forces. Speaking of which, Treacheron is promoted to the newest General in Scorpius' army, and immediately teams with Trakeena and a few monsters to steal an egg-like rock that is currently believed to contain the Orion lights.moreless
    • Beware the Mutiny (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 36
      Terra Venture passes through a portal into a strange and dangerous dimension, known as the Lost Galaxy. Within, the colony is soon encountered by a dragon-sailing alien known as Captain Mutiny, who offers to assist Commander Stanton and his crew in returning to their own universe. But when the Power Rangers investigate Mutiny's homeworld, they discover he's far less than friendly to visitors...moreless
    • The Lost Galactabeasts (1)
      Season 7 - Episode 19

      A robotic monster known as Deviot arrives on the Scorpion Stinger, with a proposition for Scorpius. If he's made his newest General, with the possibility of entering the cocoon, he'll use his very own trio of evil Zords to destroy the Power Rangers! To achieve this goal, Deviot captures Kai and Damon, and via control-collars, forces them to fight one another to the death. In doing so, the power source for his Zords will be charged the more heated the battle gets. Even if the Blue and Green Rangers can survive each other, can Terra Venture withstand a group of evil Megazords? Meanwhile, Kendrix makes a startling discovery concerning the Galaxy Book, when she finds a page containing not only drawings of their Galactabeasts, but of more!

    • Doomsday (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 40
      With their Zords damaged, and only able to summon the Megazord at half-power, the Power Rangers face Cyclopsis, backed by the power of Lokar, one last time! Not only does the fate of Angel Grove rest in the balance, but the world, and the future of the Rangers themselves!
    • Scaredy Cat
      Season 14 - Episode 13
      Necrolai and Leelee trick the Rangers into breaking the seal on a cave containing an evil mummy, who becomes the new baddie in charge of the Underworld Pit! But the Rangers also discover a new and powerful ally, when they find a lamp containing the white cat-man known as Jenji the Genie. Can he help against the might of Imperious? Meanwhile, Phineas is suffering from a toothache, and enters the human realm to seek a dentist. He winds up escorted by Toby, and hilarity ensues!moreless
    • Attack of the 60' Bulk
      Season 3 - Episode 38
      The Ranger Kids are given a chance to forget their troubles for a day, by hanging out at the Splash City Water Park. But their fun is soon spoiled by Young Bulk and Skull's mischievous pranks. Inspired by these antics, Zedd & Rita transform Bulk into the Brat Boy monster! Can the Aquitians return from their planet in time to save the city, and save Bulk from himself? Meanwhile, Rito & Goldar are sent into the tunnels underneath the Command Center on a mission to blow up the building from below... but they quickly lose the map! And above, Zordon & Alpha 5 finally come up with a plan to restore the Earth to its proper physical age.moreless
    • The End of Time (3)
      Season 9 - Episode 40
      Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie return from the future to help Wes save Silver Hills, but will even their added assistance be enough to stop Frax and Doomtron? Will they also be able to find a way to neutralize the time holes? Waiting to challenge whomever survives, is Ransik, bent on vengeance, more ruthless than ever before. But will he sacrifice his own daughter to keep from being arrested?moreless
    • Stolen Beauty
      Season 7 - Episode 17

      Trakeena releases the Crumummy monster on Terra Venture, draining women of their beauty so that only she will be considered beautiful. She even goes down, in human form, and visits the space colony, hooking up with Mike in the attempt to poison him. Meanwhile, on the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius makes a cocoon for his daughter, with which she'll take her destiny by evolving into her ultimate, bug-like form. But will she give up her sought-after beauty for mere physical power?

    • Darkness Awakening (2)
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      Jindrax and Toxica meet with Master Org for the first time in 5000 years, but suspect something's different about him. Cole tries to reason with the Barbed Wire Org, and learns the hard way that they lack a heart.
    • Endings (2)
      Season 13 - Episode 37
      Captured by Emperor Gruumm, the Rangers get unexpected help from the person responsible for their imprisonment. Doggie faces Gruumm in a final showdown for the life of Isinia. Omni's Magnificence is finally created, and attacks Newtech City. Kat, Boom, Omega Ranger and the rest of the non-Ranger SPD cadets are all that stands in the way against a Krybot invasion of the Delta Base.moreless
    • The Ninja Encounter (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      A fun-filled day at the park nearly turns to tragedy, when a runaway baby carriage speeds off alone the hilly sidewalks and open lawn with nobody able to stop it! In an effort to save the baby Jacob, Kim, Billy, and Tommy give chase, and encounter three teen pals from Stone Canyon high school (Rocky, Aisha, and Adam), trying to do the same. Their combined efforts succeed, and a new friendship is formed between the two groups. The three new teens take part in, and win, the Ninja Championship tournament at the Youth Center, beating out a trio of bullies. Lord Zedd, having been eyeing the bullies to become his own evil warriors, now turns his attention to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull become unwitting babysitters for Jacob!moreless
    • The Wedding (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 41
      With Lord Zedd taking an energy-recharging nap, the Ranger teens are able to take a class vacation to Australia. But this also provides a perfect opportunity for Rita Repulsa to return! Thanks to a youthful makeover and Finster's love potion, Zedd awakens overwhelmed by a desire to make her his queen! Meanwhile, Alpha 5 is corrupted by Finster's virus, shutting up Zordon and sending the Rangers into a trap!moreless
    • Rangers in Reverse
      Season 3 - Episode 33
      The Ranger teens take Katherine to the Angel Grove Fair for her birthday. Master Vile's master plan is revealed, as he sends his son Rito down to activate the Orb of Doom, and reverse the Earth's rotation, turning the Rangers back into children! Can our heroes stop them before being forced to revisit their youth yet again?moreless
    • The Rangers' Mega Voyage (2)
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      With the Astro Megazord pinned down and running low on power, the Rangers journey to one of Jupiter's moons, using the Key Cards that Andros won to track down a set of Zords hidden there by Zordon. They meet resistance from Astronema and her Quantrons, but fight their way to the access bay of the incredible Mega V Zords! Even with their new Megazord combination, the Mega Voyager, can the Rangers hope to defeat the monstrously mutated Darkonda and his mindless spawn Mutantrus?moreless
    • Path of the Righteous
      Season 16 - Episode 31
      Nobody believes him, but Casey knows that Jarrod still lives inside of Dai Shi. He goes off on his own to save Jarrod. In an epic battle between Dai Shi and Casey, Jarrod manages to break free of Dai Shi. Camille helps the two in escaping Dai Shi. For following his heart, Casey gets his Master Stripes.moreless
    • House of Cards (1)
      Season 12 - Episode 35

      Ethan plays against Devin with their favorite card game, "Dragon Wars." He wins using the ultra-rare Ruby Dragon card, but in doing so attracts the attention of Principal Randall, who confiscates their cards. Dr. Oliver is persuaded to talk to Randall about giving the cards back, and when going to visit her office, he witnesses her changing into Elsa! Tommy and Elsa do battle in the schoolyard, blowing her disguise as Randall in front of the whole student body, leaving a vacancy for Principal of Reefside High. Trent goes to Mesogog's lab by himself, and tries to get the card back, but in fighting Elsa, accidentally ensures it gets turned into the Ruby Dragon monster. While fighting the Rangers, both the Ruby Dragon and Elsa make it known that Trent is hiding something from his teammates. He tries to play it off as his going after the card solo was the big secret. Ruby Dragon is destroyed by the three main Megazords. Elsa, again threatened by Mesogog for her failure, slips the Ruby Dragon card into Dr Anton Mercer's pocket, setting it up to fall out when he reaches for his cellphone while talking to the Rangers in the hallway of the high school. The stress of explaining how it got there leads to his transforming into Mesogog in front of the team! Mesogog thinks Trent set him up, the team realizes this was his big secret, and trust is lost from both sides on the White Ranger.

    • Frax's Fury
      Season 9 - Episode 27
      To strike back at his "master", Frax releases one of the most dangerous X-Vault mutants, Venomark, who proceeds to infect the city and four of the Rangers with the same poisonous bite he gave Ransik many years ago. Wes finds salvation in the form of Ransik's serum, but can he make peace with his father in an effort to have more of it made? Meanwhile, Frax finally confronts Ransik with the startling truth behind the supposed robot's creation!moreless
    • Until Sunset
      Season 7 - Episode 38

      Stranded on Captain Mutiny's homeworld, Leo & Damon are captured by Barbarax, and are left to perish in the blistering sunlight, while awaiting execution by the Captain at day's end! As they await their fate, the two Rangers reflect on their past adventures, their victories, and losses, but ever present is the friendship they share. Can their teammates find them before sunset?

    • Triassic Triumph
      Season 12 - Episode 22
      Conner comes to believe that Alexi Poporof, Reefside High's new Russian exchange student/soccer player, thinks himself better than everyone else. Is this just a misunderstanding? Meanwhile, Zeltrax samples a portion of the new Evil White Ranger clone's energy, and creates the White Terrorsaurus monster. With it, and the clone, he helps confuse the Power Rangers about the validity of their newest team member's loyalty. Even when Trent shows up to help fight his doppleganger, trust waivers in the White Ranger. Tommy helps prove his allegiance by guiding him in uncovering the Shield of Triumph, an ancient artifact of incredible power. Will it be enough to unlock the power of the Triassic Ranger?moreless
    • Burning at Both Ends
      Season 12 - Episode 16
      Tommy, now freed from the amber, discovers he can't demorph from the form of Black Ranger! The evil White Ranger attacks once more, this time stealing two of the Rangers' auxiliary zords. But soon, Trent is ambushed by Zeltrax and the Insectolite monster, the attack of which seemingly undoes the White Dino Gem's control over him. To atone for his misdeeds, the White Ranger offers the gift of a Black Dino ATV for Tommy. But is all what it seems, or is it just a trap?moreless
    • Wrath of the Queen (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 37
      Queen Bansheera regains her bodily form at last, at the price of Vypra's life. She schemes to destroy Mariner Bay by trapping the Rangers in the Skull Cavern dimension and having her Demons destroy them. But when Diabolico refuses to follow orders, will her plan backfire? Meanwhile, Carter discovers the true fate of Olympius on the outskirts of the city.moreless
    • Mighty Morphin' Mutants
      Season 1 - Episode 59
      The Ranger teens are given a class assignment to find their own personal faults and attempt to correct them. Tommy's biggest fault is he's incredibly forgetful! His teammates try to help him fix it, but will he keep forgetting to use the things they made him to keep from forgetting? Meanwhile, Rita has Goldar specially train a group of Putties to take on the Badges of Darkness and become evil doubles of the Power Rangers. With Commander Crayfish as their leader, this evil team will give the real Rangers a battle they'll never forget!moreless
    • When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?
      Season 2 - Episode 31
      Lord Zedd turns Adam's kaleidoscope into the Scatterbrain monster. His 'brain-scattering' powers are used on Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly, giving them total amnesia! Rocky, Adam, & Aisha attempt to restore their memories using prisms, but they too fall victim to Scatterbrain's attack. Bulk & Skull witness these events, and discover what they sought most: the true identities of the Power Rangers. But will they risk their knowledge of these facts to save the Rangers, and ultimately the world?moreless
    • Ranger Yellow (1)
      Season 17 - Episode 8
      The Rangers attend a question and answer session with a group of children. This brings up old memories in Summer, who recalls her life prior to Corinth. Once she was a spoiled little rich girl, whose birthday and luxurious lifestyle was ruined by the rise of Venjix. Now, as Boom Bot attacks the city, she not only has to contend with Tenaya 7, who is trying to steal the Landsdown black diamond, but with the sudden return of her parents! What promise did Summer make the Landsdowns to gain her independence, that they now want her to fulfill?moreless
    • The Cobra Strikes (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 16
      Diabolico pools the remnant powers of Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, into the deadly Troika monster. If the Rangers can defeat that triple threat-in-one, they'll still have to face a giant-sized Diabolico! Meanwhile, Ryan decides to take his cobra-tattoo curse to the source, returning to the ancient ruins of Bansheera's temple in Egypt. There, he faces the basis of the curse, a Cobra Monster. Can he survive long enough to be cured?moreless
    • Run Ziggy Run
      Season 17 - Episode 28
      It's time for Ziggy to payback the 5 million he owes Fresno Bob. Tenaya 15 makes a deal with Fresno Bob to give him Ziggy in exchange for a certain case. Instead she double crosses Fresno Bob and Ziggy ends up saving him. The rangers deploy Dr. K's Rail Saber weapon against the latest attack bot. Fresno Bob and Ziggy are now even.moreless
    • The Quantum Quest
      Season 9 - Episode 13
      The race is on to recover the Quantum Control Box, a device lost in time by Time Force and found amid an archeological site in Silver Hills. The Rangers and the mutants both vie to recover it, but instead Silver Guardian Eric ends up with the device. With the powers of the Quantum Ranger at his fingertips, will the bitter teen use them against the forces of evil, or for his own benefit?moreless
    • Broken Spell (1)
      Broken Spell (1)
      Season 14 - Episode 1

      Following an Earthquake, the undead forces of darkness, sealed deep beneath the magical dimension hidden within the woods just outside of a city called Briarwood, are freed from their years-long imprisonment. A sorceress named Udonna seeks out five brave teenagers to combat them, and finds those foretold working at a record/comic shop four of them work at, called Rock Porium. The fifth, a reluctant loner and new guy in town named Nick, fails to believe in magic as easily as the rest. Can the team come together before evil conquers both worlds?

    • A Different Shade of Pink (3)
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      To atone for her misdeeds, Katherine offers to trade herself to Rita & Zedd in exchange for Ninjor. But it's a trick, on both sides! Unfortunately, Kat ends up captured anyway. Can she escape from the Lunar Palace dungeon and reclaim the Pink Power Coin with her? Meanwhile, Kimberly struggles with an offer from Gunthar Schmidt to leave Angel Grove and train further across the country. Will she give up her place on the team for a shot at helping America win at the Pan Globals?moreless
    • Soul Specter
      Season 14 - Episode 16
      Gnatu, a female villain attempting to become Imperious' new second in command, uses her power to steal the life-force from civilians of Briarwood. The Rangers fail to stop her and her Spydex monster, the consequences weigh heavily upon Chip. Soon enough, Necrolai tricks the Yellow Ranger into unleashing a "soul specter" upon himself. Chip must join Daggeron on a trip to the dreaded Mount Isis to be freed from the spell. Unfortunately, Koragg awaits! But which Knight will prove the victor?moreless
    • The Barillian Sting
      Season 6 - Episode 14

      Darkonda, an evil monster/scientist, joins the Dark Fortress crew, much to Ecliptor's cagrin. He unleashes an alien insect on the Rangers, known as the Barillian Bug. Carlos is bitten by it, and once Andros realizes just what it is, a deadly insect that once attacked his homeworld. Cassie also ends up stung, this time by Carlos himself, who mutates into a Barillian monster! It'll take a trip back to the abandoned planet of KO-35, to search for any remaining antidote to save the Rangers from a permanent change of species.

    • Fight Against Fate (2)
      Season 9 - Episode 29
      Alex arrives to reclaim his place as the Red Ranger, in an effort to ensure history is put back on its correct course. He warns Wes that his father, recently injured by Ransik, will die within the day, and that he must take his place as head of Bio-Lab. The four Time Force officers from the future are shocked by Alex's new, far crueler and colder attitude towards them, especially his fiancee Jen. The target of his return is Frax, who has created a giant robot known as Dragontron!moreless
    • A Parting of Ways
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      In another scheme for money, Nadira unfreezes Tentaclaw, who captures a busload of children and ransoms them of for ten million dollars. Wes, increasing frustrated with his multi-millionaire father's attempts to decide his future for him, attempts to convince him to foot the bill for the ransom. When he refuses, will Wes and the other Rangers be able to save the kids, or will this spell the end of the father and son's relationship?moreless
    • Shane's Karma (1)
      Season 11 - Episode 25

      Repeated dreams, reminding him of an incident during his young, lead Shane into the woods, where he encounters an alien female being pursued by a deadly bounty hunter called Vexacus. What secret does this woman named Skyla have to the Red Ranger's destiny? Meanwhile, Tori has a birthday party, which is soon crashed by the Kelzaks, and Zurgane's latest Zord, now with Lightning Mode!

    • A Fish Out of Water
      Season 18 - Episode 5
      Kevin is assigned the crucial task of catching the elusive Swordfish Zord in order to save the other Rangers who have been incapacitated by the stench of the Nighlok Yamiror's breath.
    • Diva in Distress
      Season 12 - Episode 6
      Kylee Styles, Kira's old friend turned successful pop singer, returns to Reefside. Her new diva attitude perplexes the Yellow Ranger, who tries to reach the girl she knew under the million-dollar outfits. Thanks to interference from the youth-sucking Donkeyvac monster, Kylee gets humbled when she's turned into a withered old woman! Can the Rangers stop the monster before the whole city becomes geriatric? Meanwhile, Tommy's archeological partner Anton Mercer returns to town, with a surprising connection to the team's new friend Trent!moreless
    • Heir Apparent (2)
      Heir Apparent (2)
      Season 14 - Episode 23
      The Rangers must come to terms with the revelation that their most ardent foe, Koragg, is actually Udonna's noble warrior husband, Leanbow. They won't have long to do so, as the Master of the Underworld is finally rising, and in doing so, reverts Leanbow to the Knight Wolf. Without their Legendary Warrior powers, hope seems lost for our heroes. But will the truth about Nick's past help provide the key to victory? Plus, the final showdown between friends turned enemies, Imperious and Daggeron!moreless
    • Hawaii Zeo
      Season 4 - Episode 48
      With the private detective business running slow, Bulk & Skull take on jobs as "tribal" security guards at a Hawaiian luau at Ernie's Beach Club. With this event planned, Tommy finally gets up the courage to ask Kat out on a date to it. But Prince Gasket & Archerina are back in town, and spoil their plans by growing giant and finally proving their worth as heirs to the Machine Empire throne. To make matters worse, Jason starts to have trouble with his morphing powers...moreless
    • Leader of the Whack
      Season 12 - Episode 15
      A strange meteorite lands in the forest, gaining the attention of Cassidy & Devin (who were searching for the White Ranger again), Trent (who was on his way out of town), the three DinoThunder Rangers, and Mesogog's newest monster, a weak-willed creature called Rojobot. Exposure to the "space rock" effects brings out repressed personality traits in each of them: Trent's Gem-induced schizophrenia is brought under control, Cassidy becomes an acne-faced geek, Devin becomes a Travolta-Fonzie type Disco ladies man, Conner becomes a brainy nerd, Ethan becomes a competitive jock, Kira becomes a fashion & vanity obsessed carbon copy Cassidy, and Rojobot becomes considerably evil! Can our heroes put aside their differences once more to work together until they can be restored to normal? And does the meteorite hold the key to freeing Tommy from his fossilization?moreless
    • A Test of Trust (2)
      Season 12 - Episode 36
      The recent attempted exploitation by Elsa of his human side leads Mesogog to finally ridding himself of Dr Anton Mercer. The stunned body of Mercer is carted off by Tyrannodrones, and Mesogog immediately begins acting a lot more insane... The discovery of Trent's long-kept secret about Mesogog leads the main three DinoThunder teens to realize just how important being a Ranger has been to them, and how much they've grown because of it. Trent reminds them of his own struggles, and explains his reasoning for keeping his word to his father. All but Conner is willing to give him a second chance, and even he is persuaded when, while facing Mesogog's latest monster, Trent saves Conner's life. The team's bond is mended, with Trent fully prepared to face Mesogog to free his father.moreless
    • Trial by Fire
      Season 8 - Episode 3

      During a training exercise, Carter rushes through with record time, only to have his recklessness with his blaster count against him. Captain Mitchell urges the use of brains over weapon-usage. When the Red Ranger later is ordered to stand down while chasing Vypra through a civilian-filled parking garage, a small boy is injured in the melee, and though Carter feels this proves he's not cut out to be a Ranger, the bigger picture soon reveals he did the right thing after all. Meanwhile, Vypra encounters the Rangers for the first time when scheming to create Earthquakes to level Mariner Bay.

    • Green Courage
      Season 7 - Episode 24
      The Scorpion Stinger's engine is heavily damaged in an asteroid shower. Trakeena deploys Cannonbrawl to capture Terra Venture's High Counciler Renier for use as a hostage trade for a mechanic. It just so happens that Green Ranger Damon is the best man for the job. Will he repair the evil aliens' ship, and if he does, will they let him survive the trip?moreless
    • Putty on the Brain
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Lord Zedd zaps a pair of special sunglasses Billy's invented. When he & Zack put them on, they're placed under a spell where they visualize their teammates as Putties! If that wasn't bad enough, the fire-breathing Saliguana monster is created.
    • The Hunter
      Season 14 - Episode 25
      The second of the 10 Terrors, Oculous the Hunter, is chosen to destroy the Light. One by one, the sharp-eyed monster snipes off each of the Rangers, leaving Nick alone and outnumbered. Can he connect with his destiny, and that of the last dragon, Fire Heart's, in time to save himself and his friends? Meanwhile, 10 Terror member Megahorn breaks the sacred rules and sets out on his own to battle the Solaris Knight! Also, Udonna finds a familiar face is following her, and Leelee settles into her new job, whether the Rangers like it or not.moreless
    • The Passion of Conner
      Season 12 - Episode 28
      Conner gets involved with an environmentalist campaign to save a hundred year old tree, all so he can impress a girl named Krista. The tree, which grows over a Lifeforce Spring, is sought by not only Mesogog, but also his former General turned enemy, Zeltrax, who uses its sap to gain increased power! Can Conner learn a lesson in inner confidence to find his passion as a Ranger, and in the process, unlock his Battlizer Mode to take on the upgraded Zeltrax when Krista is threatened? And can the new Triceramax Megazord help in cutting down the tree-spawned Deadwood Monster?moreless
    • The Rival Rangers
      Season 5 - Episode 42
      Ashley falls for Bobby, a new guy at Angel Grove High. Cassie, though, has the same feelings, and saw him first! The two gals get rather down and dirty in competing for him. Who will he choose to ask to the big dance? Meanwhile, the aptly named Sharkzord, is piloted by Porto in battle against our heroes.moreless
    • The Sunflower Search
      Season 7 - Episode 10

      Treacheron eavesdrops on Maya, and believes from her comments that the Lights of Orion may be hidden in a sunflower. He sends the Fishface monster to attack the many sunflower statues on Terra Venture. But the choice of monsters is especially personal for the Magna Defender, as Fishface killed his son, Zika, many years ago. His search for the Orion lights takes a backseat to his goal of revenge against the monster, even willing to risk the lives of innocent bystanders, which the Rangers refuse to allow. Can he be talked out of his destructive path of vengeance? Meanwhile, an old ally of Magna Defender's finally lands on Terra Venture.

    • Olympius Unbound (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 33
      Jinxer hypnotizes Captain Mitchell, and uses this control to get him to overload the Lightspeed Aquabase's power source, in an attempt to fuel Olympius' attempt to break out of the Shadow World. Even if the Captain can be stopped, Olympius is on his way back, in a new, more dangerous form!moreless
    • Beginnings (1)
      Season 13 - Episode 1

      In the not-too-distant future, Earth is home to various alien races. Thus, to keep the peace, an interstellar law enforcement agency known as Space Patrol Delta, or SPD, has established an academy on the planet. Three young members of its B-Squad cadets, Sky, Syd, and Bridge, each with genetic abilities and a desire to become a Power Ranger like those on the A-Squad, are assigned the task of arresting a pair of "Robin Hood"-like teens, Jack and Z, who turn out to also have genetic powers! As Troobian Emperor Gruumm, SPD Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger's old enemy, plots to bring his armies to Earth, the struggle between the B-Squad and the pair of thieves ends up interrupted by the intervention of Troobian cyborg soldiers, called Krybots!

    • An Oyster Stew
      Season 1 - Episode 60
      Zack seeks to impress Angela by getting her pearl earrings for her birthday. Little does he know, they're actually the evil Pearls of Stillness! By putting them on, she and all but Zack and Tommy are frozen solid. To restore them, the Black and Green Rangers must take on the Oysterizer monster.moreless
    • The Wedding (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 42
      Preparations for the wedding of Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd continues right on schedule, though Goldar is a little suspicious. The Power Rangers are still stuck in the abandoned theatre, outnumbered by a horde of revived monsters. Even if they manage to escape, how far can they get with the now-evil Alpha 5 in control of the Command Center?moreless
    • A Brush with Destiny
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Kimberly's mother just got engaged to a French painter! Good news for her, but bad for Kim. Her concerns over the thought of having to move to Paris, away from her friends and teammates, gives her nightmares, where the fiance takes the form of a whacked-out mole, as featured in his latest painting. Rita & Zedd exploit her subconscious and have Finster make the Artisimole monster a reality! Can she face her fears and help put a stop to this monsterpiece? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are given their first task a Junior Police Officiers, guarding the fiance's painting, which suddenly disappears!moreless
    • Passing the Torch (2)
      Season 5 - Episode 19

      Tommy's a captive of Divatox, and dangling over the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, with only a rat-eaten rope keeping him hanging on to life. The only ones to have even a clue as to where he is are TJ & Cassie, but are they brave and strong enough to face the forces of evil? Flamite, after ruining the teens' camping trip, turns his sights on the city, heating the situation up by growing. Can Ashley & Carlos keep a group of children out of harm's way while the Rangers put out the giant fire? And on top of all of that, time is running out for the four eldest Rangers, who must pass on their powers to worthy successors by the end of the day, or place the world in permanent peril.

    • The Sound of Dischordia
      Season 3 - Episode 32
      Katherine and Aisha struggle to come up with the winning entry for Angel Grove High School's new theme song. Lord Zedd's old ally, Dischordia, is unleashed, with her musical spells forcing the entire team of Power Rangers to dance uncontrollably! Will they give in to her sinister siren song and give up their Power Coins?moreless
    • T.J.'s Identity Crisis
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      The rivalry between Darkonda and Ecliptor reaches a boiling point, when Darkonda forcibly merges with Ecliptor against his will. They become the powerful Darkliptor, and all but Andros and TJ are captured by him in his first time out attacking the Space Rangers. But TJ suffers a blow to the head, which leads to his suffering from total memory loss. Can the Blue Ranger be reminded of his past in time to help free his friends?moreless
    • Shane's Karma (2)
      Season 11 - Episode 26

      Shane learns of Skyla's intentions with reuniting with him after all these years, and protests this destiny, despite how it will give him added power, capable of defeating the now Lothor-aligned Vexacus. Elsewhere, Marah & Kapri hold a class reunion party on their uncle's ship. Meanwhile, the other Rangers must deal with Lothor's Lightning-Moded second Zord, that keeps stealing their Power Spheres!

    • Rise of the Super Demons (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 38
      The final confrontation of Diabolico with Olympius, and no matter who wins, the Rangers are in trouble! When the Megazords fall in battle, can the dangerous new Lifeforce Megazord be mastered in time to spare the city the wrath of two mindless Super Demons?
    • Happy Birthday, Zack
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      The Ranger teens & Ernie plan a surprise party at the Juice Bar for Zack. The secrecy leads him to believe they've all forgotten about his birthday. Rita shows she cares, by sending down a special treat, a vicious black knight monster known as Nasty Knight.
    • The Craterite Invasion
      Season 6 - Episode 9

      The Rangers are training in the SimuDeck, when a bolt of lightning strikes the Astro Megaship, turning the holographic-simulation drones, the Craterites, into living creatures! They pile out of the Megaship by the dozens, and infiltrate Angel Grove, capturing adults and disguises themselves in their place. A young boy named Patrick, known for crying wolf and telling huge lies, discovers this evil plan, but will anyone believe him? Bulk, Skull, and Prof. Phenomenus, while trying to eavesdrop on any discussions in town about aliens, witness the Craterites landing. Can the bumbling trio alone save the city?

    • Challenges (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Tommy goes on a vision quest, seeking out the other half of the arrowhead he was given in "Sowing The Seas Of Evil." It's interrupted by the Punchabunch monster, who goes toe-to-toe with Adam, capturing the budding-boxer and forcing Red Zeo Ranger to face the monster in the ring to save his teammate. It all works out, as Tommy finds the solution to his spiritual unrest when he meets a man who claims to be his brother!moreless
    • Found and Lost (3)
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      David Trueheart, Tommy's long lost brother, immediately hits it off with his similar-looking sibling, though seems to be overly sensitive when they compare martial arts skills. The Machine Empire becomes aware of the power within Tommy & David's merged arrowhead-halves, and kidnaps David as ransom to gain the artifact. If that wasn't bad enough, the Mace Face monster attacks, proving to be too powerful for the Rangers' Zords. Meanwhile, Goldar & Rito get loose, causing Bulk & Skull to go out searching for them.moreless
    • The Missing Bone
      Season 12 - Episode 17
      With Dr. Oliver "on sick leave" (due to his demorphing troubles), Dr. Anton Mercer, Trent's adoptive father and alter ego of Mesogog, is brought in by Principal Randall as the substitute science teacher. He immediately stages a field trip to the Reefside Museum, which leads to Kira ending up in a storage room where she is forced to submit to the will of a hypnotic dinosaur skull. The creature gives her a sour attitude towards her friends, and ultimately leads her to Tommy's lab to steal a bone she had recently noticed while helping him take inventory. The bone is revealed to be the final component of Fossilador, a hypnotic dinosaur monster created by Tommy and Mercer years ago! Can our heroes stop her before she restores the bony creature?moreless
    • Return of Thunder (3)
      Season 11 - Episode 11

      Portico Island is not only in the process of freezing the entire planet, but returning to its 200-year-long dip into the ocean, taking the Rangers with it! Quickly, our heroes, with their new ally Blake, must overcome Supertoxipod and the evilly deranged Hunter before they end up sleeping with the fishes.

    • A Lion's Alliance
      Season 21 - Episode 4

      Determined to strengthen their defense against the Armada, the Rangers head to a mystical airborne island named Animaria in search of the wild yet powerful Red Lion Zord.

    • Broken Spell (2)
      Broken Spell (2)
      Season 14 - Episode 2

      The Knight Wolf Koragg defeats Udonna in a giant battle, and removes her ability to morph. This means the four teens will not have the luxury of time to train, and must become Mystic Force Rangers immediately to take on him and his Hidiacs. But with the easily disillusioned but brave Nick still not feeling the magic within him, the team lacks a Red Ranger!

    • A Ranger Catastrophe (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Lured into another dimension by Katherine, Tommy finds himself cut off from his teammates, facing Goldar and Rito solo! While the other Rangers try to rescue him, they have their hands full with both another Angel Grove attack by a giant Rito, and the Katastrophe monster, created from the supposedly-unsuspecting Kat!moreless
    • Inner Strength
      Season 14 - Episode 15
      Xander is having trouble following Daggeron's training techniques. Solaris Knight sends the five teens to the dangerous dimension of Shalifar on a Morpher-less training mission to find a ticket to get back home. When his teammates are captured by a giant, can Xander harness his own inner magic, instead of his Ranger ones, to save them? Plus, Koragg returns!moreless
    • Orion Returns (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      The Lights of Orion finally return to Terra Venture, sending both the Rangers and Scorpius' forces scrambling to be the ones to attain them first. Destruxo manages to get ahold of them, and powers up into an armored mode! Even if our heroes can defeat this monster, they'll have the Magna Defender to contend with! Meanwhile, Trakeena uses Impostra in a scheme to undermine and set up Treacheron for a fall from grace.moreless
    • A Face from the Past
      Season 8 - Episode 18
      The Lightspeed Rangers take the day off, except for Carter, who spends it training and bonding with Captain Mitchell. The Lightspeed commander reveals not only to have a history in firefighting in common with the Red Ranger, but a greater connection as well! Can Carter and Mitchell save a group of children touring the power plant as it ignites thanks to the evil Shockatron?moreless
    • The Master's Herald (1)
      Season 10 - Episode 35
      The latest Duke Org, a ninja known as Onikage, convinces Toxica to cut off her own horn, so as to sneak on the Animarium and kidnap Princess Shayla. Despite the Rangers' mentor putting up a fight, Toxica succeeds, but when she learns that Org horns don't grow back, is this the end for the Mistress of Magic?moreless
    • The Spirit of Kindness
      Season 16 - Episode 28
      Whiger was only able to steal the Tiger Spirit from Casey, but not destroy Casey. For his failure, Dai Shi strips him of his power and he is to fade away. Casey shows his kindness to Whiger even though they were just battling. Whiger rethinks which side he should be on. He helps Casey save his friends who have been captured along with all the other people in giant rattraps!moreless
    • The Fall of the Phantom (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 28

      In need of a power source to energize the stolen Turbo Megazord, Divatox targets the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby. To get close enough to it, Cassie's fixation on Phanty is exploited by the space pirates, leading to her capture! Can our heroes rescue the Pink Ranger, or will it cost their new ally his power source? Meanwhile, General Havoc has a new and improved Metallasaurus ready to attack, meaning the Rangers' new Rescuezords are going to have to step up to a new formation of their own. And Bulk & Skull set out to recruit their own group of Power Rangers!

    • Sticks & Stones
      Season 18 - Episode 4
      When a Nighlok who uses insults as a physical weapon to attack the Rangers, only Emily is unaffected. To help her teammates, she explains how difficult events in life become an opportunity to grow stronger.
    • A Different Shade of Pink (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Famous gymnastics coach Gunthar Schmidt offers Kimberly the chance of a lifetime, to personally train her to take part in the Pan Global Games. But the hard work takes its toll on the Pink Ranger when Rita & Zedd intentionally increase their attacks, sending Tengas with revived villains like Vampirus & Artisimole, pushing her past the point of exhaustion! Kim's only hope lies in Katherine, but is Rita's spell over her too strong? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull suspect Gunthar of actually being an international spy!moreless
    • Katastrophe
      Season 13 - Episode 30
      Given a promotion by Commander Birdy to chief technical advisor to the main SPD HQ, Dr. Kat Manx is torn between her role with the Rangers and that of a higher purpose. The B-Squad aid Boom in making it seem as though they can function without her, and she soon chooses to depart Earth. But with the inept Boom now in charge of the Rangers' technology, Broodwing recruiting the robot-making skills of her evil former classmate, Professor Mooney, and the promotion effectively ending her ability to do physical work herself, Kat will have to take on yet another role, as Power Ranger, to bring everything back to normal.moreless
    • 9/9/96
      While the Rangers are still trying to get the hang of pulling together the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord, Maceface remains at large. King Mondo, now with the combined arrowhead halves, prepares to make use of their great powers. Tommy's brother David remains captive in a cave beneath the Native American Reservation, which soon spawns a monster from an ancient evil spirit known as Autochthon. Meanwhile, Lt. Stone gives Bulk & Skull a psychiatric evaluation test.moreless
    • Game of Honor
      Season 4 - Episode 26
      Adam's competing in a karate tournament against Shawn, Tanya's ex-boyfriend, who's got a new gal in the form of snobby Veronica. Shawn discovers an invisibility device left over from the Machine Empire's latest scheme, and plans to use it to cheat against Adam in the contest. Meanwhile, the Rangers face Admiral Abominator, who's preparing a fleet of battleships in Angel Grove forest. As a result, a number of trees begin disappearing, which Bulk & Skull are assigned to investigate.moreless