Power Rangers

Season 10 Episode 34

Forever Red

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Oct 05, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When the surviving forces of the Machine Empire gather on the moon in an effort to excavate Serpentera, veteran Ranger Tommy assembles the Red Rangers of every previous team, and the current, to assist in stopping them.

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  • Fanwank

    This should be a good episode, but it is hard to enjoy with the many holes in it. Jason and TJ get their powers when they shouldn't, no matter how many excuses you can come up with it. Tommy's Zeo powers are not a goof, since they never lost their powers, but a red ranger reunion doesn't even seem necessary. The Wild Force rangers could have easily taken out the threat instead of the red rangers. I guess that the writers just wanted a special reunion even if it doesn't make a lot of sense. But they should have made this longer to get rid of some of the holes that I've mentioned. It sort of makes sense that the Machine Empire still exists for this episode alone, but there could have been better ideas that would have worked better. Ultimately, it can be watched, but not without wondering how stuff like that happened.moreless
  • Overrated garbage

    Seeing how pretty much every review for this episode is positive I'm going to come out and say my thoughts on this episode:Overrated,pathetic,ridiculous piece of garbage. This episode sucked plain and simple. First let's talk about the big continuity eras in this episode Tommy said the Zeo rangers defeated the leaders of the Machine Empire wrong Zordon's wave destroyed the Machine Empire leaders. Bulk is on earth somehow yet he was on Miranoi by the end of Lost Galaxy how did he get back to earth? Andros mentions saving two worlds though he actually saved the universe. Serpentera somehow got smaller than when Lord Zedd had it. Then let's talk about the conclusion. The fight with ten red rangers was pretty boring and not as cool as its made to sound. And how did these ten red rangers beat serpentera? The rookie ranger did it all by himself. Wow thats um lame. It should of have been a group effort or done by Jason or Tommy not Tarzan wannabe Cole. People say this episode is great and errors can just be ignored but truth it the episode's just terriblemoreless
  • An out-of reality fantasy story team-up.

    In this classic tribute to the show's Red Rangers, the last 5 generals of the Machine Empire (sworn enemies of the Zeo Rangers) recover Serpenterra, the incredible zord of the infamous lord Zedd (sworn enemy of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers), Cole, Carter, Wes, Jason, Tommy, TJ, Andros, Leo, Aurico, and Eric team up to journey to the moon and save earth. They accomplish this in a hgue fiery, explosive battke with robots, cogs, and serpenterra finally destroyed by a weapon more powerful than it. I recommend this episode 100% it was very exciting and a good fantasy episode. I also loved the Zeo element.moreless
  • An episode with 10 Red Rangers? I'm defiantly there...

    I love this episode yet I didn't love it. I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. What I love was that they had 10 red rangers all whom I love. I'm a very nostalgic person and seeing Tommy and Jason join forces with Cole and everyone else was most enjoyable. Right when Jason says "You didn't think I was going to let you do this without the original Red Ranger did you?" I seriously nearly cried. I also love the part at the end after Cole states that Tommy was the best Ranger there was. I loved seeing Bulk and Skull again. They were always a favorite of mine as well.

    What I didn't like about this episode... First off, Serpentera in this episode was tiny. Tinier than what it was originally. Another thing I didn't like was the lack of explanation of how some of these guys got their powers back. Jason's power was transfered to Rocky and TJ's Turbo Power was destroyed in the finale of Power Rangers Turbo. How did they get the power back? Also, the way I look at it, those machine army guys seemed to have been defeated a bit TOO easily. Sure, maybe it was because they're Red Rangers but I seriously think that they could have done defeated the empire even if they had picked a group of random rangers. Now, the thing that REALLY bugged me was how Serpentera was defeated. That was lame and far too easy. Almost anyone could have flown towards Serpentera's mouth with a laser. In the original Power Rangers, Serpentera was practically feared. At least I feared it. This Sepentera just didn't seem to be that big of a threat.

    In conclusion the only thing that was good about this episode was watching 10 red rangers working together as well as a few old characters who I love very much. I loved that so much that this episode got an 8 from me. If it wasn't for that fact, it probably wouldn't get as high of a rating.moreless
  • Nearly every red ranger from the previous seasons join forces to defeat the remains of the Machine Empire.

    This was undoubtedly a cool episode. It was great to see ten red Power Rangers beating up bad guys. I really loved the part when Tommy did a Matrix-style kick and sent his opponent flying! And how about the part when Cole blew up Serpenterra all by himself? This is truly a must-see episode that is worth watching.
Alyson Kiperman

Alyson Kiperman

Taylor Earhardt, Yellow Wild Force Ranger

Jack Guzman

Jack Guzman

Danny Delgado, Black Wild Force Ranger

Jessica Rey

Jessica Rey

Alyssa Enrile, White Wild Force Ranger

Phillip Jeanmarie

Phillip Jeanmarie

Max Cooper, Blue Wild Force Ranger

Ricardo Medina, Jr

Ricardo Medina, Jr

Cole Evans, Red Wild Force Ranger

Jason Faunt

Jason Faunt

Wes Collins (Red Time Force Ranger)

Guest Star

Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank

Tommy Oliver (Red Zeo Ranger)

Guest Star

Austin St. John

Austin St. John

Jason Lee Scott (Red Mighty Morphin' Ranger)

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • When Jason holds out his morpher, the power coin is not in the usual upright position.

    • The voice effect used to change the Red Alien Ranger's voice is different than the one used for the Alien Rangers in MMAR.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: The Machine Empire Generals still existed, despite the rest of the Machine Empire being wiped out in "Countdown to Destruction (2)". It was stated in "A Zeo Beginning (2)" that the ME had broken off from the United Alliance of Evil, and were conquering galaxies on their own. The Generals were busy ruling those during King Mondo and family's time near Earth. Whatever happened that made the Machine Empire return to the UAoE between "Good as Gold" and "From Out of Nowhere (1)", apparently left the Generals exempt from involvement in Dark Specter's plans. Since they weren't actively involved with the domination of the universe in CTD, Zordon's wave didn't touch them. This is pretty much an unspoken truth, that Zordon only stopped the invading forces led by Astronema, not ALL evil everywhere.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: The lack of Rocky DeSantos, the second MMPR Red Ranger. Attempts were repeatedly made to contact Steve Cardenas, but he was unreachable, right up through post-production. Not that it would have mattered, since his only Red power belonged to Jason first. The Red Ninja Powers from season 3 were the only power officially "lost", and even if he had them, they were just a step between being unmorphed and being morphed. If anything, as that, he'd be a liability to the others. Use of the MMPR: The Movie suit would be impossible, since they were owned by 20th Century Fox and not Saban, which by now was owned by Disney.

    • When all of the Red Rangers place their fists together near the episode's end, the camera angle facing upwards shows a lack of Leo's hand, despite his being visible in all other shots. This is due to the fact he wasn't there for original filming, and it was impossible to digitally add him to that particular shot.

    • During the "comparing Red Ranger deeds" at the end, when Andros says he saved two worlds, his lips don't match the dialogue. According to the shooting script, he originally stated, "I destroyed Zordon! What about that?!"

    • After Tommy hits Gerrok with the Zeo 5 Power Kick as he briefly starts to fly away you can see part of the stop motion camera used to make the "Matrix style" shot in the bottom left corner of the screen

    • Each Alien Ranger had a particular symbol, represented on their helmets, belts, Battle Borgs and even the Shogun Zords. But the belt Aurico wears isn't his circle, but the pentagon shape of the Black Alien Ranger.

    • Not neccessarily a nit, but Tommy's Zeo morphing sequence skips his spoken line, "Zeo Rangers 5: Red!"

    • As Jason and Cole run toward Serpentera as it takes off, the shot is reveresed, placing Jason's Blade Blaster holster and Cole's Crystal Saber holster on the wrong sides. The holsters should both be on the left hip.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: Tommy uses his Zeo Powers, despite how they haven't been seen nor mentioned since the Turbo Movie. Clearly, the Zeo Powers were retired somehow, for some reason. They were never destroyed. They were never stated to have been converted into the Turbo Powers (as some fans incorrectly thought). So, whereever they went, for this mission of all-reds, Tommy got his back for this battle only.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: TJ uses his Turbo powers, though they were destroyed in "Chase Into Space (2)". As we saw in "True Blue To The Rescue", the Turbo Powers were not lost after all. The red car TJ drives here is intended to be Lightning Cruiser (with a makeover), and since Red Turbo used to summon the power of his Zord, Red Lightning, much like how Justin could become Blue by powering through Storm Blaster, TJ seems to be able to become Red Turbo through Lightning Cruiser.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: TJ is Red Turbo Ranger, though we last saw him as Blue Space Ranger. It's possible that since we last saw him, his space powers were destroyed. Or, since he is the only Red Turbo who doesn't have another "red power" (unlike Tommy), for this mission of all reds, he took up the mantle of Red Turbo one last time.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: TJ claims the Machine Empire was defeated by the Zeo Rangers, when they were actually destroyed by Zordon's wave in "Countdown to Destruction." He's actually referring to the Zeo Rangers repelling King Mondo's invasion of Earth throughout the PRZ season. Though their final battle was unchronicled (outside of the semi-canon "Scorpion Rain"), fact was, the Zeos ran the ME away from Earth somehow before PRT (despite how it's generally believed Dark Specter summoned them away, along with Rita & Zedd. From a human standpoint, the Zeos got rid of them).

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: Bulk being back on Earth, as he was last shown on Mirinoi. "Trakeena's Revenge" established a wormhole between Mirinoi and Earth existed. He could get back home, he would get back home (to Skull), and this ep makes it clear he did.

    • During the Alien Ranger's time on Earth (end of MMPR Season 3), they each had a red and gold laser pistol in a holster on their left hip. However here in all shots of Aurico morphed as the Red Alien Ranger, his only weapon is the sword on his back. His laser pistol is missing.

    • T.J. shouldn't be able to use the Turbo Lightning Sword when morphed as the Turbo RAM, of which the Sword was a part, was destroyed in the battle with Goldgoyle in "Chase into Space (1)".

    • When T.J. morphed, he inserted his Turbo Key into the wristband of his Turbo Morpher (something done throughout PRT, simply because the motions combined with the position was very hard to place the key in the slot).

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: "Jason shouldn't have his powers because the Command Center was destroyed". It was established in "Always A Chance" that the original Dino Coins could still operate without the CC being around. Unlike Adam's in that one, Jason's T-Rex Coin here was somehow not damaged by the grid overload in "Ninja Quest (1)". As for why Jason has the coin and not Rocky, either two sets of coins were made in "The Power Transfer (2)", or Rocky, who has no need of a working Power Coin now that he's Blue Zeo, gave it back sometime after the Turbo movie.

    • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: All nitpicks about the moon aren't nitpicks at all, they're mistakes on the viewer's part. There's been gravity, air and a sunny atmosphere on the moon since the show began back with "Day of the Dumpster". It's called "consistancy."

    • When Serpentera was first seen, the Thunderzords were ants compared to its size. But when Cole flies into its mouth, he's nearly the size of the zord's head. Perhaps the new Neo-Plutonium fuel caused a molecular shrinkage. Or being buried on the lunar surfaced compacted its form due to its low gravity. Or Venjix, having rushed into Serpentera without figuring out all of its features, had it in a mode which made it smaller, and didn't have time to transfigure it to massive mode.

    • After Leo demorphs, the ME Generals come out. If you look at the rangers in the long-shot, Leo is still in his ranger suit briefly.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • General Venjix: What? 10 Red Rangers?!
      Jason: Well, what are we waiting for?
      Tommy: Let's do it guys!
      [they morph]
      Jason: It's Morphin time! Tyrannosaurus! Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger!
      Tommy: It's Morphin time! Red Zeo Ranger! Hyah!
      T.J.: Shift into Turbo! Red Turbo Ranger! Hyah!
      Andros: Let's rocket! Red Space Ranger!
      Leo: Go, Galactic! Go, Galactic!
      Carter: Lightspeed Rescue! Red Lightspeed Ranger! Hyah!
      Wes: Time for Time Force! Time Force! Hyah!
      Eric: Quantum power! Quantum Ranger! Hyah!
      Cole: Wild access! Hyah! Red Wild Force Ranger!
      Aurico: Red Alien Ranger! Hyah!
      Tommy: All right, guys, let's do it.

    • Tommy: I was starting to wonder whether you'd show up at all.
      Jason: You didn't think I was going to let you do this without the original Red Ranger, did you?

    • Cole: (amazed) Wow. So, that was Tommy. He really is the greatest Ranger.
      (the other Red Rangers laugh and scoff)
      Cole: What? What'd I say?
      T.J.: Well, I wouldn't go that far. After all, I was the one that replaced him.
      Jason: Are you kidding me? I was doin' all the work while he was at the Juice Bar kissing on Kimberly.
      Carter: All right, well, at least his haircut's regulation now. Right?
      Eric: Yeah. My Q-Rex would eat this Dragonzord for lunch! (gestures like a dinosaur munching down)
      Leo: He never discovered new galaxies!
      Wes: Hey, wai-wai-wai-wait. I changed history. So why does he have a fan club, and I don't?
      Andros: Hey! I saved 2 worlds! What about that?!
      T.J.: Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait! Did I ever tell you guys about the time I got baked in that giant pizza?
      Everyone else: (without spunk) Yeah.

    • [on Serpentera]
      Venjix: We finally found it. Cogs, keep digging! Zedd was a fool to leave this buried here. His loss, our gain.

    • Tommy: (concerning Serpentera) Aww man! That is one ugly zord!

    • Jason: (to the Machine Empire generals) You know, if you miss King Mondo that much, I promise we can help you join him.

    • Jason: You must be the new guy.
      Cole: Hi! I'm Cole!
      Jason: *pats Cole on the arm* Good.

  • NOTES (18)


    • Tommy's "Aww Man! That is one ugly Zord!" line was a reference to the fan film Scorpion Rain, which episode writer and season story editor Amit Bhaumik was involved with. That line was uttered (by Amit as Tommy) in a similar situation. A few backstory elements in this episode, such as Zedd "leaving" Serpentera on the moon and the Zeo Rangers having a previously unseen final battle with the Machine Empire, were also subtle nods to it (the fan film has never been made public, due to never being finished, though these events are not impossible to reconcile with what little was known onscreen concerning those gaps in PR history).

    • Wes refers to Tommy having a "fan club", which is a reference to his actor Jason David Frank, who does indeed have one.

    • The scene of the eight Red Rangers marching toward the camera at the NASADA hangar, in slow motion, with triumphant music, just before they go into space, is a reference to the astronaut movie, The Right Stuff.