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Alphabet Soup: What is it?

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    [1]May 23, 2009
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    In "Dr. K," we find out about how K was taken to Alphabet Soup, the lies they told her, and what they made her do. What we have learned about her past brought some questions that came to my attention:

    What was Alsphabet Soup working on based on the power rangers tech?

    Why did they lie and told all the kids that they kidnapped that they have sun allergies?

    What was it they were working that involved rocket formulas?

    Why were they willing to kill to keep their location a secret, even though Venjix was dooming the world?

    I have a theory about what they were working on, but I am open to anything you guys can come up with. Anyone who thinks they know what alphabet soup's true intentions were can give them here. I'll wait until we get up to at least two theories to share my idea.

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    If you were paying attention, you would know that Venjix was not dooming the world while they were in Alphabet Soup. He didn't doom the world until the end of the project when Dr. K released it.
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