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Color schemes; which do you prefer?

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    Which of the following Power Ranger team color schemes do you prefer?

    -Green/Pink- Most common color scheme, starting with five rangers of red, blue, green, yellow and pink designations to be joined by a sixth ranger or ally of some sort later on. In many cases, the blue ranger tends to display more leadership capabilities in these seasons when the red ranger is absent. As seen in Zeo, Turbo, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, SPD and Samurai
    -Black/Pink - Original colors, though not uncommon, only makes occurrances every several years; similar to Green/Pink except black ranger is often second in command rather than blue ranger; As seen in Mighty Morphin, In Space, Operation Overdrive and Megaforce
    -Unique colors- Often these include two sets of extra rangers introduced later in a season starting off with three and/or includes male yellow and female blue rangers; as seen in Ninja Storm, Mystic Force*, Jungle Fury and RPM
    -Black/White- Varying color/gender roles, Alien Rangers**, Wild Force and Dino Thunder share in common having black and white rangers while not featuring a pink ranger. However, the white ranger of the former two act unlike that of a pink ranger whereas the white ranger of the latter acts as that of a sixth ranger (much like Tommy in MMPR). Zords to tend to be of more significance with"Auxiliary Zords" that join the team and form new megazord combinations later in the season***. Additionally, extra rangers tend to be less distinct from the core team than that of other extra rangers, in both ranger powers and personality/friendships.

    In addition, which shared scheme to also match the sixth ranger do you prefer?

    -Green/Pink + Gold- Shared between Zeo and Samurai
    -Black/Pink + Silver- Shared between In Space and Operation Overdrive (note that while Mercury Ranger is not designated by color, dons a silver suit much like that of the Silver Space Ranger)

    * Mystic Force starts with five rangers of red, blue, green, yellow and pink but is classified under unique colors due to the inclusion of male yellow/female blue rangers thus discounting them as part of the regular GREEN/PINK color scheme.

    ** While not a full season, Alien Rangers is still acknowledged as a ranger team

    *** Wild Force and Dino Thunder introduced the concept of Auxiliary Zords and are therefore the color scheme counted under this rule, having set the standard for Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, RPM, Samurai and Megaforce.

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