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Power rangers RPM - yay or nay

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    [1]Apr 28, 2009
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    RPM is an ok season but it seems a little dull, I mean i like the costumes and that and the characters seems quite cool but the storyline going on seems less interesting ever since the beginning, usually I give shows a chance that's why i watched a few more episodes to see if i can get into it,

    I'm going to continue watching it hoping it will get better because i like power rangers, all the other had good storylines, this one just confuses me like for instance the dome is supposed to protect people from the monsters but still in the virtual world part of the dome the monsters still seem to get in or am i missing something The computer wiz girl in the lab is that girl the computer that was talking to them because when and how did she come out of the computer. I like the green ranger, he's so witty, funny and that. I wonder, do you think rpm will team up with jungle fury because that id love to see

    Does anyone agree with me about that rpm needs to perk up abit?

    Like i say i have no problem with the ranger characters they are quite cool, its just the storyline, even operation overdrive that i thought was a bit boring made a great storyline.

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    Yes, you're missing a lot of things...

    If you payed attention to her reveal, you would have seen that the door opened up to reveal a tiny room that had computer controls and a mic.

    Don't hold your breath

    The show just began and they're still in the Ranger background episodes
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