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RPM: Same or alternate universe?

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    With the way the world is in RPM, and what has already been established in the Power Rangers timeline, one has to wonder if RPM is in the same universe as the previous sixteen seasons.

    There hasn't be any official indication either way (that I know of; please correct me if this isn't the case), leaving it open to debate. Personally, I think it is, but obviously, since I've opened the topic, I'd love to hear alternative theories.

    Let's look at when this could be placed in the PR timeline. We already know that aliens have been coming to Earth since at least early Mystic Force, so one would assume they'd be showing up if this was after that, along with the magical creatures that entered public knowledge at the end of the season. Furthermore, this would mean that in a few short years the entire world would have had to have been rebuilt in a few short years between Jungle Fury and SPD. Not to mention all the SPD characters that would have lived through this, presumably in Corinth based on what we've seen in flashbacks (such as Z's childhood), and the Dino Rangers, whose various careers are mentioned in History. So I think we can rule out before 2025.

    After 2025 is more obvious; there are zero aliens present in Corinth, despite being fully integrated into society before 2025. I highly doubt they were all killed off, or that they fled the planet; indeed, if this was after 2025, when friendly contact has been established with many other planets, surely humans could have sought refuge off-world? So it looks like it couldn't be set after 2025.

    On top of this, everyone's treatment of the Ranger technology is as if it is unique. Whilst it wouldn't be the first time that the entire world had apparently forgotten about past Ranger teams, it does seem a tad unlikely that K would act as if she'd created the first ever Ranger tech if there was any indication she hadn't...

    So yeah...I can't see RPM fitting into the timeline, but let me know if you do.

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    Yeah, it doesn't seem to fit into the timeline. Just another reason why they really dropped the ball in this season.
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