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thoughts on the super samurai dvd coming out before the season ends.

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    [1]Dec 9, 2012
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    Granted the dvd came out when there was only one more episode to air (part 2 of the season finale), but still, is there a reason why they would do that? Ratings for the final episode could go down. I had missed the episode yesterday due to work but am buying the dvd today (provided it's in stock) instead of waiting for it to re-air again.

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    [2]Dec 15, 2012
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    They didn't plan to do it, the idiots at Nickelodeon pulled a week of premieres at the last minute back in October, which is why Trickster Treat aired in the middle of a two parter, completely ignoring that Saban has 3rd party deals in place for the show when it comes to DVDs and things like Netflix and Vudu, who also posted the finale the day after it was originally scheduled to air. The original plan was for them to come out three days after the finale.
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