Power Rangers

Season 6 Episode 1

From Out of Nowhere (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 06, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

A mysterious new Red Ranger infiltrates a meeting of the United Alliance of Evil as they celebrate Dark Specter's conquest of Eltar and capture of Zordon. Meanwhile, the four ex-Turbo Teens' space flight is interrupted when a large space craft pulls them in. What connection does this craft, known as the Astro Megaship, have to the Red Ranger, and to the future of the entire universe's safety?moreless

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  • Interesting start

    I write this having never seen the Power Rangers beyond Turbo. Space has an interesting concept that i am still not sure how well it will work. I understand it is to many fans the best season. My immediate concerns are both with Astronema and the setting. Astronema delivers an especially hammy performance in this pilot and i can't dig it. I hope she improves as Divatox did, but if not, it'll be a tough pill to swallow. Also, the pilot establishes no actual bridge for her. She just stands on a black backdrop with a couple sentries to the sides. That's really lazy. Hopefully it's temporary. My other primary concern is the space setting. It's a high budget concept on a low budget show. The space ship set is decent enough, but the space battles and general effects are so terrible that it falls into that, best to avoid it space. It's just BAD. The Zord sequence at the end of episode 2 had nothing on the other seasons. The use of miniatures is a real strength for Power Rangers. So much detail goes into that work it's a joy to watch. Seeing a Zord lifelessly slide through space is not good. Hopefully this too is fixed in short order.

    On the plus side, the costumes and primary ranger cast are awesome. Even though Andros is a bit Emo, that's ok. He has a strong presence and the rest of the Rangers have all developed a good chemistry. I've got my concerns overall, but this season has plenty of potential.moreless
  • Power Rangers fighting evil in the final frontier

    So far, this has been my most favorite season starting episode of all the seasons of Power Rangers. It's amazing to see all the main villains, as well as their henchmen, all in one setting. It was also hilarious to see the interaction between Divatox and Rita going from name calling to a small cat fight, especially when they both try to convince Dark Spectar they are more suitable to go after the Red Ranger.

    Here is where my only concern comes in. The great monarch of evil that is in charge of all the villains we know and love turns out to be Maligore. Yes, I know they are different but I mean come on they look exactly alike, even Divatox makes mention of this. What they should have done was somehow created a new monster costume and have that be Dark Spectar, anything would have been better. To me it seemed like the crew was just being lazy.

    It is also cool that we are introduce to the plot of this season, which is the first season to have plot other than defeat the main villain, being that the rangers must rescue Zordon from Dark Spectar before he steals all of Zordans power. This is much better because it adds a kind of race against time theme to the season and gives them a goal instead of just waiting for the next monster attack.

    I thought that the new red ranger infiltrating the meeting was the coolest thing ever. It's neat that the red ranger isn't afraid of any of the main villains and even takes most of them on. It is just too bad the fight couldn't last longer.

    At first I wasn't to thrilled with the new Queen of Evil Astronema because she seemed like the typical evil empress and her acting was a little over the top, but she becomes much more interesting throughout the season.

    The rest of the episode seemed to go from an exciting pace to a pace a snail would laugh at. Although I did like how the red ranger didn't trust the other rangers at first. In a way it blurred the line of good and evil for everybody.

    Overall, first half great, second half slow and boring.

    I give this episode 8 sneaky red rangers out of 10.moreless
  • The turbo rangers make their way to outerspace where they meet up with red lightstar ranger, Andros.

    Th is was a good episode. I was a little skeptical at first beings you know I hate change so much but I found that Andros being introduced was great for the show. I immediately saw the Ashley/Andros chemistry and today they are still hailed as one of the greatest couples since Kim/Tommy. The only thing that really disappointed me was probably how Justin was just dropped from the show. I understand that he had other things that he needed to do, probably the actor did to but I think he should have been incorporated into the first episode of PRiS.moreless
Christopher Khayman Lee

Christopher Khayman Lee

Andros (Red Space Ranger; voice)

Guest Star

Melody Perkins

Melody Perkins


Guest Star

Christopher Cho

Christopher Cho

Dark Specter (voice)

Recurring Role

Robert Axelrod

Robert Axelrod

Lord Zedd (voice)

Recurring Role

Ed Neil

Ed Neil

Lord Zedd

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When the Turbo Rangers first saw the Astro Megaship, you can see the fin of the mega shuttle inside the ship even though it isn't inside

    • Why was a Putrapod (which was an enemy grunt) allowed to sit at the Banquet Table along with the other main villains?

    • From the rate the lava was rising in this episode, it would only have taken seconds (or a couple of minutes as most) for it to consume Zordon's tube entirely. However, it actually takes months for it to merely rise to his chin.

    • The Cimmerian Planet looked identical to the planetoid Rita was trapped in the dumpster on from the very first episode, but lacked the sandy surface and was in a different galaxy.

    • Tracy Lynn Cruz's name is misspelled on the opening credits as "Tracey". It's fixed in every episode afterwards, but is never corrected in any version of this ep.

    • When footage of the Astro Megaship is shown, there is an Earth-like planet behind the ship. However, when the planet is shown on the viewing screen and when they later crash onto it, it is a different color.

    • Alpha's speech circuit was said to have been damaged in the Power Chamber explosion but he was able to talk just fine right after the explosion even up to when they blasted off in the shuttle.

    • EDITORS NOTE: Maligore is a demon, Dark Specter is an alien, there is a difference in nature if not in appearence.

  • QUOTES (5)

  • NOTES (10)

    • This episode is the final appearance of Porto. He's never seen nor mentioned again (though according to the series bible, cross-referenced on the old Fox Kids.com, mentioned Divatox's Subcraft was destroyed in an accident which lead to Elgar being a free agent. Maybe Porto perished in that?)

    • This is considered the 6th season premiere by Fox Kids, the only time they would get their season numbering and the PR season numberings in synch.

    • This marks the first full appearance of Dark Specter. Divatox makes a reference to "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie", when she says that he looks like her old fiance, Maligore (which he does, his suit is reused, as Dark Specter is later revealed to be a shapeshifter).

    • This episode features the first appearance of the Astro Megaship, and its onboard computer D.E.C.A. (what exactly her name stands for is never explained on the show).

    • Zordon appears, but doesn't speak. He'll next be seen in "The Delta Discovery."

    • This episode marks the introduction of Astronema (Melody Perkins), the "new queen of evil" and heir to Dark Specter. She is not credited (in either the opening, nor end credits sequence) for this episode. Also the debut of her robotic drone footsoldiers, the Quantrons, their Velocifighter space jets, and the command craft for evil this season, known as the Dark Fortress.

    • Attendees of the Cimmerian Planet conference: Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Finster, Z-Putties, Tengas, Master Vile (final appearance), Blue Globbor (MMAR-helmet head), King Mondo, Queen Machina, both variations of Cogs, Divatox, Rygog, Elgar, Porto, Piranahtrons, a Putrapod, General Havoc, the disguised Andros, Astronema, Quantrons, and, of course, Dark Specter.

    • Andros (Christopher Khayman Lee) does not appear in this episode unmorphed, and he is not credited (in either the opening, nor end credits sequence) for this episode. This marks the first appearance of his character, along with the Red Space Ranger powers, the Red Galaxy Glider, the Astro Blaster, and his Spiral Saber.

    • Hilary Shepard Turner is credited as Divatox in the opening credits, for the final time. As such, this episode also marks Divatox's departure as main villain of the series, though she will make several recurring appearances, starting with "The Delta Discovery".

    • POWER RANGERS IN SPACE begins with this episode, and continues where the finale of PRT, "Chase Into Space (2)", left off.