Power Rangers

Season 6 Episode 2

From Out of Nowhere (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 13, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Having crash landed on a desolate planet, the mysterious Red Ranger and the former Turbo Rangers face Astronema's Quantrons. Even though the five work well together, the alien human Andros refuses to allow the Earthen Ranger teens to join him on his quest to save Zordon. Can he be convinced before Astronema's forces stage their first major assault? And what secret connection is there between the NASADA shuttle and the Megaship that'll make fighting evil a whole lot easier?moreless

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  • Astronema is the best villainess EVER! Inspiration to all evil girls everywhere.

    I really liked this episode. Not only for the relationship element developing between Ashley and Andros but for all the "finishing" of the Turbo season. I think they closed out turbo very well. It was great to see the "party" of all the former villains and kind of see how they interact with one another when they arent destroying all that is good... or trying anyway LOL. CKL aka Andros was totally hot in this episode and I just knew right off the bat that his character had a lot of depth to it. Left me wanting to know more. It was one of the last seasons where the characters actually had history and that sort of thing.moreless
Christopher Khayman Lee

Christopher Khayman Lee

Andros, Red Space Ranger

Melody Perkins

Melody Perkins


Patricia Ja Lee

Patricia Ja Lee

Cassie Chan, Pink Space Ranger

Roger Velasco

Roger Velasco

Carlos Valerte, Black Space Ranger

Selwyn Ward

Selwyn Ward

Theodore Jay Jarvis "T.J." Johnson, Blue Space Ranger

Tracy Lynn Cruz

Tracy Lynn Cruz

Ashley Hammond, Yellow Space Ranger

Donene Kistler

Donene Kistler

Alpha 6

Recurring Role

Catherine Battistone

Catherine Battistone

Alpha 6 (voice)

Recurring Role

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Alpha 6 (new voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When the Rangers board the Megaship all of them, including Andros, come in morphed but helmetless. Then when Andros overhears Alpha talking about the formation of the Astro Megazord, Andros is completely demorphed, and then he's back in his Ranger suit when they begin the formation for the Astro Megazord.

    • After being knocked to the floor during the Sphix Ship's attack, Alpha was suddenly dirty again only to return to being clean when telling the Rangers about the Astro Megazord.

    • When the Megaship was being attacked, the Rangers were Morphed and without their helmets. However, in one shot, you can notice that Andros is wearing his uniform.

    • At the end of the episode, Alpha says that he set the coordinates for Earth. However, all he did was shut off D.E.C.A.'s voice.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (While Carlos is trying to help Alpha)
      DECA: Connect terminal B34 to terminal M7A.
      Carlos: Easy for you to say. Do you know how many little terminals there are in here?
      DECA: Three billion, four millon, seven hundred thousand, nine hundred three.
      (Carlos makes sparks fly in Alpha's inside. Alpha sneezes.)
      DECA: Gesundheit.
      Alpha *Gibberish, ends with a laugh*

    • Cassie: (acting out Ashley's impression to Andros) You're...human!
      Ashley: I didn't know! He coulda been a giant lizard!

    • (while Andros is changing Alpha's voice)
      Andros: Alpha, what is your mission?
      Alpha: (with his voice changing) My mission is to protect the Power Rangers. And their quest to protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team, known as the Power Rangers.

    • (Andros is talking to the others about the Astro Megaship.)
      DECA: I speak over 3000 languages.
      Andros: (a little irritated) Fine, DECA.
      DECA: Naviagate all known galaxies.
      Andros: (a little more irritated) Okay, DECA.
      DECA: And I'm certified in medical, psychological, and-
      (Andros pushes a button)
      Andros: This button turns her voice off.

    • Andros: You're planetary rangers, from Earth! What do you know about space?
      TJ: Nothing, I guess-
      Andros: Exactly.

    • Astronema: (sarcastically) That was impressive! DESTROY THEM!

  • NOTES (7)

    • This episode marks the first time that a Megazord is made up of two components instead of five or six. The two being the Megaship and the shuttle

    • According to the script, the vessel Astronema sends to attack the Megaship is called the Sphinx Ship.

    • This is the first appearance of the Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Black Space Ranger powers (making this the first team since MMAR to have a Black Ranger). Also, it's the first appearance of the team's Astro Morphers, and special weapons (sans Red's, which debuted last episode).

    • Alpha 6 gains a new voice with this episode, which ditches the "New York" style accent, and goes for more of an Alpha 5 style.

    • TJ, Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos are the final team of Power Rangers in the show's history (thus far) to gain a new power source after losing their previous ones.

    • This episode features the debut of the Astro Megaship's Astro Megazord formation.

    • Andros (Christopher Khayman Lee) and Astronema (Melody Perkins) are added to the opening credits with this episode.


    • Ashley: I Thought he'd be a giant lizard
      Ashley's quote of Andros being a giant Lizard instead of being a human teenager is a refrences to the 1984 short lived TV series "V" in which a breed of lizard creatures from outer space disguised as humans invade earth promising with peace who really plan to take over.