Power Rangers

Season 4 Episode 49

Good as Gold

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 23, 1996 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Jason begins to lose control of the Gold Ranger Powers. At the beginning of the episode Jason is fighting Cogs & Tengas when he demorphs then remorphs again, the other rangers are in the Juice Bar when Jason runs in and then collapses to the floor. The Rangers race to his side and Ernie offers to call an ambulance. The Rangers take Jason to the Power Chamber where they find out Jason is losing his Powers as well as his life force. They have to contact Trey fast and get the Powers transferred or Jason'll die. This leads to a battle between Giant Zeo Rangers, and giant King Mondo with equally huge Cogs! At the end Jason gives the Powers back to Trey and walks off into the sunset with Emily. Also, Bulk & Skull are offered a mission as secret agents in France, which doesn't sit too well with Det. Stone, whose detective agency is dangerously low on business. And rounding things up, the Machine Empire vs Rita, Zedd & their gang rivalry heads up to an explosive conclusion!