Power Rangers

Season 1 Episode 3

High Five

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 07, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Rita Repulsa schemes to do to the Rangers what she did to Zordon long ago, and trap them inside a Time Warp. Meanwhile, Trini must confront her fear of heights to rescue Billy when he's chased up a mountain by Rita's Putty Patrollers.

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  • Rita Repulsa, in her second attempt to conquer the Earth, schemes to have her first monster Bones send the rangers in a time wrap. Meanwhile, Trini learns to overcome her fear of heights when she must save Billy from Rita's putties.moreless

    This episode was very good in terms of character development. It was nice to see the characters expand their roles, even if it was just a little bit. First, Billy's and Jason's friendship is fun to watch; the way Jason grapples his insecure fellow ranger as he loses his grip on the ropes demonstrates a hint of loyalty. I also liked Jason's interaction with Bulk and Skull as they challenged him to see who could climb the rope better. Of course, the bullies made fools of themselves once again, causing the rangers to burst with laughter. The line that made me chuckle came from Skull when he said "Hey Bulkie, I thought you were going up." The pairing of Bulk and Skull seems to be the teens' Rita Repulsa, for they always seem to challenge the five friends every chance they get. Speaking of Rita, she showed more determination than in the previous episode. Her scheme to trap the rangers in a time wrap and create a monster at the same time proved how impatient she had grown. My favorite Rita lines from High Five are: "those rangers are going to wish they never tangled with me" along with her "And I don't want any mistakes. I want the power rangers gone." Interesting too are Billy's communication device and Squatt and Babboo's time wrap device. Their characters, especially Squatt's, finally get their chance to be useful. I like the separation of the villains. Rita is frequently seen at the balcony overlooking Earth. Finster is in his own quarters, busy making monsters for his empress and Squatt and Babboo are somewhere in the middle, either looking at Rita's latest plot unfold or participating by making a device to help her. I also like Rita's costume. It is exactly the kind of costume an old alien sorceress would wear. Its a cross between the nasty witches found in comic books and the old wicked witches found in fairy tales. The sounds emitted from the putties as they scanned the mountainous plains was very creepy. I can see why the rangers are afraid of them. Its interesting how they are never shown in Rita's moon palace and only on Earth when Rita summons them. Bones reassembling himself and the Giant's rampage were interesting to watch. Kimberly's role did little to excite me. She is no less dull and boring as she was in the previous episode. It is Trini, who serves as the highlight of the main plot, who deserves accolades because the way she fights her fear to save her friend showed her strength and courage. She and Billy are my two favorites so far. My least favorites are Jason, who only shows nothing more than a very proud character (as if pride alone is his only emotion), the ridiculous Kimberly, who seems more like a spoiled brat than a heroine, and Zack, who has yet to show his purpose other than constantly being just a fancy tagalong to his fellow rangers. I never thought I'd say this but I'm getting to like Alpha Five. His "welcome homeboys, homegirls. What brings you to the hood?" was funny.moreless
  • It's good show.

    The five Ranger Teens begin to settle into their new roles as protectors of both Angel Grove, and the entire planet. Billy, the genius boy in blue, invents a series of silver watchbands with which they can both talk to each other, and teleport to the Command Center (the Communicators). Meanwhile, at her evil palace on the moon, Rita Repulsa schemes to do to the Rangers what she did to Zordon long ago. With the help of Finster's device, she attempts to trap the Power Rangers inside of a strange Time Warp dimension. If that wasn't bad enough, Billy gets backed up to the top ledge of a mountain by some Putties. Trini, deadly afraid of heights, must confront her fear to help him out. The Rangers escape the Time Warp, and triumphantly fight Finster's creation: a skeletal warrior named "Bones", and a giant... umm... "Giant" monster summoned by Rita.moreless
  • Conquering fears.

    This episode shows typical teenage life. The rangers are adjusting to their new status and are continuing their normal lives. At the youth center Trini confesses that she is afraid of heights. The other rangers try to make her overcome her fear with no success. When Rita send monsters down to Earth and the rangers have to split up and fight them, Billy gets cornered on the top of a cliff. Trini overcomes her fear of heights to help he friend in need. This shows good character development. Zordon acknowledges it and congratulates Trini. At the end of the episode Trini climbs the rope at the youth centermoreless
  • It started off with a good plot that was mainly ignored in the last half of the episode.

    This episode starts off with a trend that'll continue for this season and many to follow - a general focus point that the episode revolves around, usually resulting in character or plot development. In this case, it's a Trini centred episode focusing on her fear of heights.

    The fight scene in the mountains was well thought out and executed, and it's interesting to see the Rangers having difficulty handling the Putties. The human chain idea was interesting to see as well.

    Instead of having Rita do something revolving around Trini's focus point, the writers gave her a different storyline altogether - trapping the Rangers in a time warp just like she did with Zordon.

    It's an interesting storyline that could have had various possibilites, but unfortunately it wasn't used to it's maximum potential. Once the monster of the day Bones is destroyed, the time warp plot seems all but forgotten, although the fight with Bones made good use of the footage.

    The rest of the Ranger action after this is essentially just filler - the time warp plot could have been expanded more instead of using the time for a Zord battle against a monster no-one cares about because it literally just appears out of nowhere and is taken care of fairly quickly. It was nice to see a single Zord fight alone though.

    The general pacing of the episode is great until the time warp plot line dies, then it just makes you think "where did all this come from?". Overall though, it isn't too bad for an episode so early on in the series - at least the writers had some closure on Trini's fear of heights right at the end of the episode.moreless
  • a typical example of regular life

    I think this is a very well written. It's a typical example of someone over coming the fear of something. I think this can be a good example for everyone to learn after. It's not hard to overcome your fears. Whether, it is heights like Trini, or maybe something silly like clowns ... or maybe even a phobia that someone would have. I think this is an excellent example of an episode you would be able to look up to. This is very very well written.moreless
Austin St. John

Austin St. John

Jason Lee Scott, Red Mighty Morphin Ranger

Thuy Trang

Thuy Trang

Trini Kwan, Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger

Walter Jones

Walter Jones

Zack Taylor, Black Mighty Morphin Ranger

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

Kimberly Hart, Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger

David Yost

David Yost

Billy Cranston, Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger

Paul Schrier

Paul Schrier

Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier

Tom Wyner

Tom Wyner

Bones (voice)

Guest Star

Richard Genelle

Richard Genelle


Recurring Role

Romy J. Sharf

Romy J. Sharf

Alpha 5

Recurring Role

Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz

Alpha 5 (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When the rangers are battling the putties unmorphed they are shown wearing their communicators even though they handed them to Alpha for reconfiguration. But when Billy is cornered by a putty on a cliff, the communicator is absent.

    • When Billy takes out and drops his morpher off the cliff, slow motion shows that the morpher was kept in a holder the whole time, similar to the holders the rangers were wearing on their belts in 'Day of the Dumpster' as well as their ranger suits. This is most likely a replica produced specifically for this scene instead of having to drop the toy which was used as the prop on the show.

    • This is the first use of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord's own finishing move, and since the Tyrannosaurus is the only Zord to appear in this episode, it makes this the first time an individual Zord fights solo.

    • This marks the introduction of the Ranger Teen's Communicators, wrist-watch-like devices used to both contact the Command Center and each other, and teleport. They will be regularly used by every Ranger team until the end of PRiS.

    • Two of the show's most memorable phrases are spoken for the first time in this episode: "Morphinominal!" is first said (by Kimberly) and "It's Morphin Time!" is first said (by Zordon).

    • This is the first time the Rangers use their Blade Blasters in combat.

    • This is the first time the Rangers have fought more than one monster in the same episode.

    • This is the first of very many times (aside from the Pilot episode) in which Rita complains that she has a headache whenever she loses a monster (in production order).

    • The ride that is seen behind Bones before he sends the Rangers to the time warp has Japanese writing on it.

    • The time device is identical to the space shuttle the astronauts in the first episode landed on the planetoid with, but no connection between the two is ever made.

    • When the Giant appeared on Earth, the Lunar Palace could be seen on a sky scraper next to him. He was also holding a full-sized space shuttle for no reason at all.

    • When the time device is rolling on the streets in Angel Grove and scaring people, all the cars are on the wrong side of the road meaning that it was Sentai footage. Americans drive on the right side while Japanese people drive on the left.

  • QUOTES (10)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Though he never appears again, a picture of Bones is shown in Finster's book in "Happy Birthday Zack". He is also the first boss in the Super Nintendo game Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

    • Though this episode first aired as the third episode on Fox Kids in the USA, all MMPR episodes were aired in production order in the UK, so "High Five" aired second following "Day of the Dumpster" in that region.


    • When Squatt & Baboo light the fuse for the bomb near the time device in the Time Warp, a similar musical cue to the Mission Impossible theme song plays, parodying the opening credits of that show, which involved a lit fuse on a bomb.

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