Power Rangers

Season 12 Episode 35

House of Cards (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Oct 30, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Ethan plays against Devin with their favorite card game, "Dragon Wars." He wins using the ultra-rare Ruby Dragon card, but in doing so attracts the attention of Principal Randall, who confiscates their cards. Dr. Oliver is persuaded to talk to Randall about giving the cards back, and when going to visit her office, he witnesses her changing into Elsa! Tommy and Elsa do battle in the schoolyard, blowing her disguise as Randall in front of the whole student body, leaving a vacancy for Principal of Reefside High. Trent goes to Mesogog's lab by himself, and tries to get the card back, but in fighting Elsa, accidentally ensures it gets turned into the Ruby Dragon monster. While fighting the Rangers, both the Ruby Dragon and Elsa make it known that Trent is hiding something from his teammates. He tries to play it off as his going after the card solo was the big secret. Ruby Dragon is destroyed by the three main Megazords. Elsa, again threatened by Mesogog for her failure, slips the Ruby Dragon card into Dr Anton Mercer's pocket, setting it up to fall out when he reaches for his cellphone while talking to the Rangers in the hallway of the high school. The stress of explaining how it got there leads to his transforming into Mesogog in front of the team! Mesogog thinks Trent set him up, the team realizes this was his big secret, and trust is lost from both sides on the White Ranger.


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    James Napier

    James Napier

    Conner McKnight, Red Dino Ranger

    Jeffrey Parazzo

    Jeffrey Parazzo

    Trent Fernandez, White Dino Ranger

    Katrina Devine

    Katrina Devine

    Cassidy Cornell

    Kevin Duhaney

    Kevin Duhaney

    Ethan James, Blue Dino Ranger

    Latham Gaines

    Latham Gaines

    Dr. Anton Mercer, Mesogog

    Miriama Smith

    Miriama Smith

    Elsa, "Principal Randall"

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (12)

      • When the morphers materialize during the first fight with Ruby Dragon, the symbol that appears behind it is Triassic, not DinoThunder.

      • Doesn't Tommy believe in knocking on someone's door before entering their office?

      • This episode marks the final use of the Hydro-Regenerator.

      • Despite being sent into battle immediately after being created, with no time for a proper debriefing by Elsa, the Ruby Dragon knew all about Trent's secret.

      • When rangers were running after Mercer,the first goes Tommy than Ethan than Kira and Conner,but in the next scene there goes Kira,Ethan,Conner after next corner it goes Ethan,Conner,Kira and at the end Ethan comes first, than Kira and Conner as last.Nice mix-up!

      • ...So a DNA sampling machine can have a card put into it and get a monster drawn on it instead of... well... a card monster? Huh?

      • Ummm... Conner uses his battlizer on the Tyrannodrones, but NOT the Ruby Dragon?

      • In Tommy's dinosaur class, he read three dinosaur names from the blackboard. One of them is Brontosaurus. However, the Brontosaurus never actually exisited. The name only came about when fossils of two different known dinosaurs were found and shipped to a museum together, and were mistakely believed to be a single, new species and was named Brontosaurus.

      • If the Ruby Dragon was placed in one of those liquid filled dna sampler units, why isn't the card damaged by the moisture? Is it plastic instead of paper?

      • Tommy failed to connect the key to his Brachio Morpher during the morphing stance.

      • When Tommy fights Elsa,in one moment he is at least 20 feet away from the bench,but in next scene when Elsa hits him he goes back 2 or 3 steps and sits on the bench.

      • Trent yells that his father is a doctor to convince the team that he'll be fine... Yeah, Trent, but he's, you know. NOT AN M.D.!!!!! Wrong kinda doctor... Yeesh!

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Ethan: Principal Randall! Might I say you're looking especially lovely today?
        Randall: Mr. James, if your friend Mr. McKnight couldn't pull that off, what makes you think you could?
        Ethan: Maybe I could appeal to your sense of compassion?
        Randall: If I had one. Unfortunately, I don't.

      • Tommy: What are some other herbivores from that area? Ethan, you should know this.
        (Ethan is too upset to answer)
        Tommy: Ethan, are you all right? Could someone tell me what the problem is?
        Kira: (raises her hand) It's Principal Randall. She took Devin and Ethan's "Dragon Wars" cards.
        Tommy: "Dragon Wars"? Isn't that a kids' game?
        Ethan: Come on! It's a game of strategy for all ages.
        (some other students laugh)
        Tommy: Well, I hate to side with Randall on this, but you know you can't play cards at school.
        Ethan: Dr. O., she took the Ruby Dragon card!
        Devin: Yeah, Dr. Oliver, it was brutal, man.
        Tommy: All right, look. I'll talk to her after school. Maybe I can get them back. But for now, can you guys please pay attention?
        Ethan: Hey, anything for you, Dr. O.!

      • Elsa: I heard you've been looking for me, Trent. Is there something I can do for you?
        Trent: How about go away forever?

      • Trent: You think my father is gonna be happy when he finds out you blew it at the school?
        Elsa: No happier than your ranger pals will be when they find out when you've been keeping your daddy's secret identity from them.
        (Trent doesn't say anything and just looks at her.)
        Elsa: What's this...silence...

      • (the Rangers have just witnessed Anton Mercer become Mesogog)
        Conner: No way! Mercer is...
        Tommy: Mesogog.
        Ethan: Oh, this is one crazy week.
        Kira: [to Trent] This is your big secret? You knew this all along?
        Trent: He's my father. How could I tell you?
        Mesogog: You will pay for betraying me, Trent. You will pay dearly.
        Trent: I never betrayed you.
        Conner: You betrayed us, if anything.
        Mesogog: Silence!! [he turns back into Anton]
        Anton: Trent...I'm sorry. [Anton leaves through an invisi-portal]

      • Tommy: Well, did you learn something from this, Ethan?
        Ethan: Yeah. Leave the card games at home from now on.
        Conner: Dude, how about leaving it to the kids from now on?

      • Mesogog: You will pay for betraying me, Trent. You will pay dearly!
        Trent: I never betrayed you!
        Conner: He betrayed us, if anything!

      • Kira: This is your big secret? You knew this all along?
        Trent: He's my father. How could I tell you?

      • Elsa: What are you doing here?
        Trent: Is it so wrong for a kid to visit his father at his work every once in a while?

      • Conner: I can't believe we didn't work it out. They look exactly the same, except one has glasses.
        Ethan: Hey, Clark Kent and Superman look the same, but nobody puts that together.
        Conner: Good point.

      • Elsa: You fight well for a science teacher.
        Tommy: You're not bad for a principal.
        Elsa: Former principal. Tell the school board I resign. (Elsa leaves through an invisi-portal)
        Ethan: Wait! Oh, don't go.
        Conner: Don't go? Are you kidding?
        Ethan: She has the Ruby Dragon card!

      • Kira: (At seeing Tommy and Principal Randall fight it out on school grounds.) Ok, do you think Dr. O's going just a little bit over the top trying to get Ethan's card back?

      • Tommy: (after seeing Randall turn into Elsa) I knew there was something I didn't like about you.
        Elsa: I was wondering how long I could pull this off.
        Tommy: I have to give you credit. We should've seen it. Well, looks like it's all over...Miss Randall.
        Elsa: It's a shame, Tommy. We could have had something.
        Tommy: Dream on.

    • NOTES (7)

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • There are actually a number of Card Games like the one mentioned in this Episode. Most notedly , Pokemon , and Yu Gi Oh! currently have card games out there still going strong. Star Trek The Next Generation even had one out briefly. It's possible that the card game in this Episode is based on Yu Gi Oh!

      • title: "House of Cards"
        The title of this episode is referring to a specific challenge of concentration, wherein someone carefully places cards atop each other in a flimsy pattern in an attempt to make a specific shape. It also refers to all the secrets this season... Randall's secret, Mercer's dual identity, Trent's hiding of that secret... that have formed the basis of the status quo up until now. And the house has collapsed fully now.

      • Ethan: "It always worked for Clark Kent."
        Ethan points out how Elsa tricked them, by using the same disguise that Superman has used in the comic books for over sixty years... glasses.

      • Multiple: "Ruby Dragon"
        The game Devin and Ethan play is based on several collectible card games, such as Duel Masters and YuGiOh. The stars in circles on the cards are reminicent of both YuGiOh and Dragonball Z games. And Devin's comment about Ruby Dragon being unbeatable squarely places the card as being this game's equivilant of Exodia from YuGiOh, a card that equals automatic victory when used properly.