Power Rangers

Season 15 Episode 1

Kick Into Overdrive (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 26, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Billionaire treasure hunter Andrew Hartford finds the ancient Corona Aurora, known as the powerful Crown of the Gods. But in the process, he unknowingly awakens two warring alien brothers, Moltor and Flurious. Enlisting stuntman Dax, championship racecar driver Ronny, master safecracker Will, and brilliant college student Rose to join him in keeping the world safe from the aliens as a new team of Power Rangers, Hartford refuses to allow his teenaged son, Mack, to risk his life by being part of the team. When given the chance to become the Red Ranger, can Mack prove himself to his father, and help protect the Crown from falling into the wrong hands?moreless

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  • The first episode of proo

    Andrew Hartford finds the Corona Aurora which awakens Moltor and Flurious so Andrew finds 4 teenagers to become power rangers. Mack accidentally stumbles upon the Red morpher and becomes the red ranger. I liked this first episode better than MF's Broken Spell. I liked how they didn't leave the Rangers' first battle until the second part like they did with Mystic Force. If they did leave it until part 2 it would feel too drawn out. I don't see the point of the genetic enhancements but i do like the new powers of super jump, super sight and super hearing.moreless
  • mystic force was a disaster from start to finish, but this start gives me hope

    after watching its' japanese counter part gougou sentai boukenger, this is a good start, the chactacters designs seem to fit well, the american and japanese battle footage seem to blend well, the morphing phrase works and the storyline seems somewhat interesting. the only problem i seem to have with this series, is the theme song, and considering that the only thing i could stand about mystic force was the theme song, that gives me hope for this series. hopefully they will at least make this season enjoyable, since the japanese footage came from the 30th anniversery series of super sentai(name of the series) in japan.moreless
  • Another season, still nothing changes. Good episode though.

    I used to love Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers back when I was a little kid so decided to tune in for the premiere of the new season. I have not seen the show in years and am glad to see that not much about the format has changed. I enjoyed this greatly for nostalgic purposes. Though the new Rangers lack some of the charm the original cast had, it was still a very enjoyable experience. The villains were pretty cool too. I like the concept of having brothers as the two main villains. Out of all the new rangers, I like the Pink Ranger the best. She is supposed to be the technologically advanced one and is very cute. The acting and effects of this show could obviously use improvements, but what do you expect for a Saturday morning show? Overall, I enjoyed this kids show quite a lot and might even tune in more often this season.moreless
  • A different approach, but was there really anything special in this pilot?

    Great start for Power Rangers; the best since DinoThunder and Time Force. It's nice to see things from just one Ranger's point of view, and Mack happens to be quite the adventurer. He really wants to prove to his father that he can be a Power Ranger. (And by this point in the show, thirteen and a half years into it) the characters seem to accept the whole "Power Ranger" aspect, like they really exist or have heard of them.

    The setup was okay, new, and kind of reminded me of Tommy's hideout in DinoThunder. Basements work pretty well for superhero hideouts. The story, sort of corny. A crown? That's something I'd expect Mystic Force to have... But the real conflict here that the viewer is supposed to get into is the whole "Dad won't let Red Ranger fight" thing. I think that Mack's dad was a little too brave, trying to defend his son.moreless
  • Was Steve Cardenas & Selwyn Ward this year's acting coaches? I haven't seen this much bad acting since Power Rangers In Space.

    This episode actually started off kind of good but lost its momentum before the half way point. I think this is due in part to us not getting to bond with the characters because of a lack of story development. I would have preferred a four-part premiere that actually gave each character a little more depth and life than the 5 seconds that we saw of each of their pasts. However, it seems like they cut tons of corners in the story department just so that they could squeeze it all into one hour. And how about us having a jewel thief as a Ranger. You're kidding me, right? Ninja Storm and Mystic Force gave Power Rangers new life, putting the gang in situation we weren't used to seeing on the show, and I was hoping to see something similar in this series, but it seems to be the same recycled stuff from before. And the acting...not very good. We've had our share of bad ones here and there, but this is by far the worst acting from the ensemble cast.

    Since I've been a fan of the show since 1993, I'm going to probably sit through this entire series of episodes, but it really doesn't look promising. I hope they prove me wrong; they have a time or two before.moreless
James Maclurcan

James Maclurcan

Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford, Red Overdrive Ranger

Gerald Urquhart

Gerald Urquhart


Kelson Henderson

Kelson Henderson


Rod Lousich

Rod Lousich

Andrew Hartford

Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin Murphy

Ronny Robinson, Yellow Overdrive Ranger

Gareth Yuen

Gareth Yuen

Dax Lo, Blue Overdrive Ranger

Michael Downey

Michael Downey

Baron von Gorstein

Guest Star

Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson

Moltor (Voice)

Recurring Role

Nic Sampson

Nic Sampson

Sentinel Knight (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When four of the core rangers first meet at the Hartford house/mansion, we see Will examining a sarcophagus next to a pool table. The yellow ball moves but nobody was even playing.

    • The bank in Brazil where Will is breaking into a safe says "Banco de la Fortaleza." This is Spanish, when Brazil's language is Portuguese.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Will: Did you guys hear that. It's so loud. And my eyesight -- it's telescopular.
      (sees Lava Lizards from a far distance)
      Will: It's coming from over there.
      Rose: "Telescopular"? That's not a word.

    • Norg: Ooh, company! Do you want to be friends? (Flurious blasts him) That was fun!

    • Ronny: Drive Claws! (To the Chillers) Dig this!

    • Mack: Spencer, any word from Dad? Why can't I ever go with him on any of his archological adventures?
      Spencer: Perhaps when you've mastered the hammock, sir.
      Mack: Very funny.

    • Spencer: Big lizards are attacking your houseguests, sir.

    • (Mack is daydreaming)
      Mack (voiceover): I flew to Kuala Lumpur in a private passenger jet. Reclining seats, great food, and a very cute flight attendant. My return flight wasn't so cozy.
      Baron von Gorstein: Welcome on board "Air Baron von Gorstein," mein young friend! I'm afraid I have some very bad news: there will be no in-flight movie! I have your precious relic! And the fuel in this plane is about to go KAPUT! Oh, and I have some even worser news! The pilot, me, is leaving! Auf wiedersehen! Aaaahahaha! (jumps out of plane)

    • Dax: This would make a great movie. I know this guy who knows the sister of a cousin of Spielberg's limo driver's aunt. (to Mr. Hartford) Bet I could play you.

    • Andrew: Wait! Everything I told you is true. I need your help. We need to protect this from falling in the wrong hands.
      Rose: You're rich. Buy an army.
      Andrew: An army can't stop them...but you can. The four of you have the physical and mental qualities needed. And I have the technology and the money to fight this evil. I can turn you into Power Rangers.

    • Mack: Dad?
      Andrew: Mack. You need to go home.
      Mack: I am home -- Technically, several hundred feet below my home.

  • NOTES (11)

    • Many of this season's villains and their minions are visually based on Zords and Megazords from past seasons. Moltor, for example, is based on the original Megazord, and his Lava Lizards are designed after the Dragonzord.

    • This is the first time a team of Rangers has been gathered from across the globe, as opposed to a single general area.

    • Kelson Henderson becomes the first actor in the history of Power Rangers to star in three consecutive seasons as a completely different and unrelated character each year.

    • This is the first season since PRIS to feature the 5 original Ranger colors(Red/ Blue/ Yellow/ Pink/ Black).

    • Debut of the Ranger's individual weapons: Red Ranger's Drive Lance, Black Ranger's Drive Slammer, Blue Ranger's Drive Vortex, Yellow Ranger's Drive Claws, and Pink Ranger's Drive Geyser.

    • Thanks to enhancement of their DNA by Andrew Hartford, the Rangers all gain special genetic abilities in this episode: Will: Super Senses; Dax: Super Bouncing; Ronny: Super Speed; Rose: Invisibility.

    • Flurious' foot soldiers are called Chillers, and Moltor's are known as the Lava Lizards. Both make their debut here.

    • Debut of the Overdriver Trackers, the Morphers for the season.

    • Executive Producer Bruce Kalish, honoring himself by denoting this as being his third season in charge of the show, has dictated all episodes of PROO must have three word titles.

    • POWER RANGERS OPERATION OVERDRIVE begins with this episode.

    • Debuted on Toon Disney on its regular day and time of Monday Night at 8:00pm E&P. Just a few hours prior, it also made its debut on the web on Jetix.tv. ABC Kids debut date: Saturday, March 3 at 12:00pm ET/11:00am PT.