Power Rangers

Season 14 Episode 28

Light Source (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Oct 09, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • There's a paved road in the mystic dimension. Unlike the previous episode, when it was last seen and could have maybe not been in the mystic realm, it's very clearly in it here. So, a place without cars has actual pavement, not even cobblestone?

  • Quotes

    • Nick: Do you think I was too harsh, Chip?
      Chip: I've seen tigers with less teeth.

    • Phineas: Are you good or evil? Important to know, when dealing with personal growth issues.
      Leelee: I guess I'm a little of both.
      Phineas: Me too! A little troll, a little goblin! And together, they make me! Which is all I can really be, y'know, me!
      Leelee: You're smart!
      Phineas: Awww...

    • Leelee: I'm Leelee.
      Phineas: Leelee. That's a coincidence. That's the same name as the daughter of that vicious, venom-spouting, vampire...
      Leelee: Necrolai's my mother.
      Phineas: Oh. Well I guess, once you get to know her...
      Leelee: No, you pretty much described her perfectly.

    • Chip: Where are we?
      Nick: Let me guess: A strange dimension?

    • Leelee: You're so ugly.
      Phineas: Thanks. So are you. In a very beautiful, gorgeous, very pretty kind of a way.

    • Clare: I should turn you into a stickleberry, you vamp witch!
      Leelee: Try it, granola.

  • Notes

    • The Legend Warriors can use Code 5 on their Lion Staffs to go directly to Manticore Megazord mode.

    • Final appearance of the Hidiacs.

    • Chip uses his Lion Staff's crossbow mode for the first and only time.

    • Referred to are Vida's nearly permanent vampirism from the "Stranger Within" two-parter and Udonna's power loss from "Heir Apparent (2)".

    • Madison refers to her disliking of frogs, as established in "Long Ago".

    • Leelee's last name, last heard in "Broken Spell (2)", is reiterated to be Pimvare, an anagram for "vampire".

    • This is the first time a team of evil twin versions of a full Ranger team has been used since PRWF's "The Master's Herald (2)" (individually, PRDT had the Evil White Ranger clone for multiple shows).

    • Debuted on Toon Disney on its regular day and time of Monday Night at 8:00pm E&P, as part of a full hour along with its second part, during a "Masters of the Martial Arts" marathon. ABC Kids debut date: Saturday, December 9 at 12:30pm ET/11:30am PT.

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