Power Rangers

Season 1 Episode 59

Mighty Morphin' Mutants

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM May 16, 1994 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When Rita makes Crayfish and the mutants grow, the yellow and pink mutants have mysteriously disappeared.

    • At the start of the episode, Tommy tells Kim in the school hallway that he is late to class. Shouldn't Kim be getting to her class as well?

    • Why did Goldar destroy the Red Badge of Darkness? Couldn't he have just created another Putty?

    • During the morphed scenes, Black Ranger's Power Axe was missing its blaster mode handle and trigger except in the Power Blaster formation sequence and in the Command Center.

    • As the Rangers summonded Titanus for the Ultrazord, the Megazord symbol that is usually on the wall behind Red Ranger in the cockpit was missing.

    • When the Putties/Mutant Rangers were wearing the Badges of Darkness, the badges looked like the regular badges that the Putties usually wear.

    • During morphed Tommy and the Green Mutant's sword fight, the clone's Sword of Darkness could be seen bending when the two blades lock.

  • Quotes

    • (Bulk and Skull approach Ms. Appleby dressed in tophats and suits)

      Bulk: Skull! A gift for the lady! (Bulk has Skull hand Ms. Appleby a box)

      Ms. Appleby: Why, thank you boys! I'm so glad to see you're taking this assignment so seriously. But if you don't mind opening the box for me? (handing it back) I just had my nails done.

      Bulk: (Nervously) We don't want to deprive our lady the surprise of her gift!

      Tommy: Come on, you guys don't give up now!

      Skull: (sophisticatedly): Shut up, dweeb! Ha ha ha!

      Ms. Appleby: Please, I insist!

      (Bulk and Skull have no choice, they open the box and are covered in spray string, screaming as they run down the hall and everyone is laughing)

      Ms. Appleby: Some people never change.

    • (Kimberly and Mutant Pink face each other)

      Mutant Pink: Kinda like fighting a mirror, huh?

    • (#6 jumps into the air and flails, falling to the ground)

      Goldar: NO! Number 6, leap THEN kick! Try again! (#6 flops about in the air and falls again)

    • Goldar: Training is complete! And I have made my decision. (points to Putty #6) You, #6, are going back to the clay jar on Finster's work bench! SEE YA!!
      (he blasts #6 away with his sword)

    • Tommy: Man, I never thought of myself as forgetful. Do you think that I am?
      Kimberly: Well... you didn't exactly remember your notebook at school today.
      Tommy: I guess I've forgotten all the times I was forgetful, too.

    • Green Mutant: What's the matter, Tommy? Something look familiar?

    • Commander Crayfish: (After creating Mutant Ranger pyramid) Now we'll see who the shrimps are!!
      Blue Ranger: They've raised the crayfish above our blaster's range!!
      Black Ranger: So he can sit back there....
      Blue Ranger: And fire on us at will! Jason, we've gotta get past his Mutant Rangers!!
      Red Ranger: All right, we're goin' in!!

    • Red Ranger: (Readying Power Blaster) One cooked crayfish, coming up!
      Commander Crayfish: (Readying Mutant Power Blaster) We'll see about that!!

    • Pink Mutant: (To Kimberly) Kind of like fighting with a mirror, huh?!

    • Blue Mutanty: I'm after you, Blue!
      Yellow Mutant: Hey Trini, wanna play too?
      Black Mutant: Nice to meet you, Zack!
      Pink Mutant: Told you I'd be back!

    • Commander Crayfish: Is that the best you can do?!!
      Green Ranger: There's plenty more where that came from, you over-grown seafood platter!!

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