Power Rangers

Season 3 Episode 5

Ninja Quest (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 12, 1995 on Nickelodeon
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The Rangers are powerless after the destruction of their Zords. To restore both, the six teens plan to seek out their source of creation. Zordon and Alpha 5 tell them of the legend of Ninjor, an ancient sage who forged the Power Coins long ago. Our heroes set out to cross the dangerous Desert of Despair in an effort to find the Lost Temple of Ninjor, who may not even exist! Meanwhile, Rito's first egg-presents hatch into a new group of treacherous footsoldiers for Rita & Lord Zedd: purple birds called Tenga Warriors! And also, Bulk & Skull face the perils of registering at the Angel Grove Police Academy.moreless

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  • PT 2 of Ninja quest

    After losing everything the Power Rangers learn that their powers come from this Ninjor guy and try to go look for him. And the bad guys throw a party I think. Then the Power Rangers start to look for Ninjor to ask him for a new Power and Zords this not the same like in the Power Rangers Movie. Then Reto sents Tagou guys to look for the Power Rangers. Its was Destroying Zordon it was how the Power Rangers lose their Powers why do they go to all the trouble to make the movie but I do love it and the tv sagamoreless
  • Ninja Quest pt. 2 is when the rangers go seek the Temple of Power, and Ninjor, which is believed to be a myth, in the Desert of Despair.

    This episode didn't have any ranger action but it was great because they walked through the Desert of Despair to find the Ninja Powers. They had encountered many obsticals such as QuickSand, Fire, Losing the Map, and fear. This episode is the one that truly defines teamwork as the rangers stick together to find the Temple.

    The tengas were in this one as well.
Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson

Rita Repulsa (voice)

Recurring Role

Bob Manahan

Bob Manahan

Zordon (voice)

Recurring Role

Carla Perez

Carla Perez

Rita Repulsa

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • How did Tommy know Zedd had sent the Tengas given that the Rangers had never encountered them before?

    • The consoles in the Command Center are now all ripped out, with wires hanging from the control panels however, in the previous episode, the panels were left intact after the system overload.

    • After the Thunderzords were destroyed, Octophantom, Fighting Flea, Stag Beetle, and the Lizzinator appeared in a few scenes at Zedd's palace but are not seen again afterwards.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Rita: (after seeing that the eggs Rito left are about to hatch) Come on, Rito. What's the deal? Tell me what they are.
      Rito: Well, like I said before, I wanna bring a special wedding present for you and Edd here.
      Lord Zedd, Rita, and Goldar: ZEDD!!!
      Rito: Yeah, whatever. So, I thought...
      Goldar: Gee, I thought I smelled something burning.
      Rita: Shh!
      Lord Zedd: Oh, would you be quiet?! Continue, Rito.
      Rito: YEAH! So, uh, what was I saying?
      (Rita and Goldar disgustedly groan)
      Rito: Oh, yeah. The eggs! What was in them?
      Rita: Oh, you!
      Rito: Just can't remember.
      (suddenly, Rita grabs her skeletal frame)
      Rita: You've got 1O seconds to tell me what's in those eggs! 1, 2,...
      Goldar: 10!!
      Rito: 10! 10! That's it! Tengas! That's what's in those eggs!
      Lord Zedd: Tengas?!
      Rito: Yep! For you, and my favorite sister.
      Rita: Tenga Warriors?! You brought me Tenga Warriors?!
      Rito: Sure did.
      Rita: I could kiss you... if you weren't so ugly.

    • Rita: Let's see how many of my little eggs have hatched!!
      (Rita pulls Rito by the ear over to the telscope)
      Rito: Out of the way, Goldy.
      Goldar: That's Goldar!
      Rito: Whatever!

    • Aisha: Boy, the Desert of Despair sure lives up to its name.

    • Kimberly: Boy, I miss teleporting. I will never take it for granted.
      Tommy: I hear that.

  • NOTES (3)