Power Rangers

Season 15 Episode 20

Once a Ranger (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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The son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, Thrax, unites all four Corona Aurora-seeking factions of villains into a new Evil Alliance. When they manage to overwhelm the Overdrive Rangers, their connection to the Morphing Grid is severed, and their powers destroyed! With the gems still needing protecting, Sentinel Knight assembles a team of replacement Rangers, made up of members of previous (or future) teams of Power Rangers. Will they be enough to stop the Evil Alliance? And will the former Overdrive Rangers be able to assist with just their genetically enhanced abilities?moreless

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  • The son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, Thrax arrives. He unites the four factions of villains and severs the Operation Overdrive link to the Morphing Grid. In response, Sentinel Knight unites a team of former Rangers. Now a new battle ensues.moreless

    Disney is really redeeming itself with these kind of episodes. After Wild Force, The Power Rangers series started to go downhill. Ninja Storm was pretty bad and only it's theme song was actually good. Dino Thunder was a massive improvement and was areally good, probably the best one since Power Rangers in Space, due in no small part to Jason David Frank's return. SPD was quite a downhill turner and was just not worthy of being Dino Thunder's successor. Mystic Force, while short, was not quite as bad. Though it was far from being as good as Dino Thunder.

    I do like this episode but would subtract some points for lack of sense. First of all: Why did Sentinel knight bring back 2 1/2 powerless rangers? Wouldn't it have made more sense to get power rangers in the present who still had their powers. As far as I knew, the Zeo Rangers, Wes and Eric from Power Rangers Time Force, The Lightspeed Rescue rangers and the Space Rangers still had their powers. Plus the Galaxy rangers still had their powers too.

    Second of all: If Sentinel Knight was going to go through the trouble of restoring Adam's powers why did he restore his weakest set? Adam's Turbo Powers and Black Ninja Powers were stronger and though some fans would be a little mad, it would make sense. Also, Adam still had his Zeo powers.

    Thirdly: If Rita is the Mystic Mother why didn't Sentinel Knight have Xander contact her to stop Thrax? But aside from that it is still a good episode that deserves to be watched. Adam is a great addition and an excellent power ranger. It was because of Adam that I anticipated this episode.moreless
  • okay this is the best was do do a team up episode. i think it is the best one ever. so keep them coming jetix keep the team ups coming there really great.moreless

    okay this is my fav. team up episode since they bring back Adam MMPR, Tori PRNS, Kira PRDT, Bridge PRSPD, Xander PRMF those are some of my fav. rangers but Adam is my all time fav. But i really like where and how they brought them into the episode i thought that was cool. They brought xander in then bridge next is kira then came tori and last but not least came adam. Okay and when i saw then out of ranger mode i was like oh ya they havent changed a bit since i last saw them well except for adam cuz he had long hair in the last episode he did for power rangers in space were he was helping carlos but thats about it. oh and that they had bridge in red instead of blue or green. well thats enought for me. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Old friends coming back!

    Operation Overdrive is ok but none of the current PR

    Incarnations can beat the original ones but it was nice

    To see some old friends back. Like Adam who was the Black Ranger in MMPR. As we saw Kira from Dino Thunder.

    Bridge is from SPD as he's now the Red Ranger

    To make his long story short. We also see one from

    Mystic Force. As the Operation Overdrive rangers lose their powers as the son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa has gathered a new team of bad villians and helps defeat them. All seems lost but will these rangers from the past help them out before it's too late?moreless
  • In a way, it's almost the end of an era with this episode...

    For so long, I've been a fan of the "Power Rangers." Always watching the series, I always enjoyed their battles with great relish. I strayed for a while between P.R.Z. & P.R.N.S., but when P.R.D.T. came on, not only did I watch that entire season, I also started to catch up on what happened during the seasons I missed! But soon after P.R.D.T. ended, things started going downhill. P.R.S.P.D. just couldn't stand up to the season that preceded it, and they even had a talking dog which always works on every other show that has it but some reason didn't even make That season much better than it should've been & even the 550th episode special of Boom becoming the first Orange Ranger didn't help! At first it seemed like "Mystic Force" might do better, but instead it became a Lot worse not only because it was shorter, but it just didn't really build up the characters like it should've. It rushed through the season too quickly! Instead of being cool & amazing, it was lame & un-inspired! I pretty much gave up on this season when I learned they were going to have the Black guy play the Black Ranger again which I Thought that they would Know better than do that after what happened with Zack, but they didn't! So I decided: "If I'm going to stop watching this show, I'll stop watching it after this special, because there's no way this show is ever going to be as good as it used to be ever again." And that's my story. In the end, what it all boils down to is an unknown villain factor that's never been mentioned on the show before but always dreamed of, makes its debut and it immediately kicks the Ranger's butts because they've gotten so complacent & lazy! The Ranger's try to make up for it and nearly get killed because of it! They end up getting saved by guys who under normal circumstances wouldn't even be rangers! But I'm glad they were, as this episode rocked! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • I'm not a fan of Operation Overdrive, but just like everyone else in the Power Rangers fandom, I watched this episode.

    Thrax was a good villain. I recognized not only Zedd (duh) but some of Master Vile and absolutely Rita and Zedd's attitude. It was an interesting plot twist when he was able to unite the villains (though temporarily). It is a little mortifying that all it took was all of the villains combine to obliterate the Ranger powers of Mack and the other OO Rangers. Perhaps that's one reason why OO never appealed to me...

    This episode seemed pretty boring until the other Rangers showed up. How surprising, Disney's Rangers, bleh. Adam was a treat; he was one of my favorite Rangers in the beginning, aside from Tommy and Jason. I wasn't too thrilled to see Tori and especially Xander, since I considered Ninja Storm and Mystic Force to be highly undesirable seasons. But Bridge and an unusually quiet Kira were nice to see. Bridge is now the Red Ranger, how quaint. (You'd think that Sky would fight for that position.)

    As the OO Rangers were rendered useless, it was all up to Adam and the "All-Star" team of Rangers to defeat Thrax and the regular season villains.moreless
Kelson Henderson

Kelson Henderson


Samuell Benta

Samuell Benta

Will Aton, Black Overdrive Ranger

James Maclurcan

James Maclurcan

Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford, Red Overdrive Ranger

Gerald Urquhart

Gerald Urquhart


Rhoda Montemayor

Rhoda Montemayor

Rose Ortiz, Pink Overdrive Ranger

Gareth Yuen

Gareth Yuen

Dax Lo, Blue Overdrive Ranger

Johnny Yong Bosch

Johnny Yong Bosch

Adam Park (Black Mighty Morphin Ranger)

Guest Star

Matt Austin

Matt Austin

Bridge Carson (Red S.P.D. Ranger)

Guest Star

Sally Martin

Sally Martin

Tori Hanson (Blue Wind Ranger)

Guest Star

Kelson Henderson

Kelson Henderson

Mig (voice)

Recurring Role

Adam Gardiner

Adam Gardiner

Kamdor (voice)

Recurring Role

Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson

Moltor (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The Sentinel Knight said he restored all the former replacements powers, but SPD's powers were never destroyed so he shouldn't have had to restore them.

    • If Sentinel Knight was going to go to the trouble of restoring Adam's powers, wouldn't it have made more sense to restore the Black Ninja, Green Zeo or Green Turbo powers, rather than the weakest set of powers he had?

    • Tori isn't wearing her "sensei" uniform that we last saw her wearing in "Thunder Storm" Parts 1 & 2. She is wearing her Wind Academy Student uniform. You can tell because the Wind Academy symbol isn't in the middle of the chest.

    • Whereas all the other Retro Rangers have their season's instrumental theme music play when they first appear, Adam doesn't have the instrumental of "Go Go Power Rangers" play when he appears. This is because Haim Saban still holds the rights to the songs he composed with Shuki Levy under the Saban Records banner. Since the budget was already stretched enough getting the past cast and uniforms for the two episodes, paying the royalties was not an option.

    • If Thrax is Rita's son, why didn't the Sentinel Knight have Xander contact the Mystic Mother (supposedly Rita) to stop her son?

    • Why didn't Sentinel Knight just recruit Rangers that still possessed powers and Zords, instead of going for Rangers currently powerless or in the future? Surely Wes and Eric, or the Lightspeed Rangers, even the Space Rangers, would have been willing to help.

    • Why didn't Sentinel Knight merely repower the Overdrive Rangers, if he could do so to Adam and the others? Similarly, why spend the energy going 20 years into the future to get Bridge when other Rangers from this period are more widely available?

    • Thrax appearing as old as he is, isn't that much of a goof if you factor in the idea of aliens aging faster than humans. Rita & Zedd only got married in 1994 from the show's standpoint. But how is it he's the same age as he is now "years ago" when he's imprisoned by Sentinel Knight?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Thrax: Thank you all for coming. I am Thrax.
      Miratrix: Thrax? I've heard about you. Weren't you banished forever?
      Thrax: As you can see, that's not the case. Like Moltor and Flurious, I was imprisoned by the Sentinel Knight. He was determined to bring me to justice. and used his own power to do so. But evil such as mine cannot be contained forever. As the Knight weakened, I grew stronger.
      Thrax: (flashback of his banishment)After all these years, I'm free!
      Thrax: But enough about me. As far as I see it, there's only one thing standing in your way of finding the jewels of the Corona Aurora -- the Power Rangers.
      Moltor: Yes! The Rangers have ruined our plans time and time again!
      Thrax: Then maybe it's time to eliminate the problem at the source. If I help you destroy the Rangers, the Earth will be yours to plunder for the jewels. You'll be unstoppable.
      Kamdor: But the Rangers are strong.
      Thrax: We're stronger...if we work together!
      (all disagreeing)
      Miratrix: Not a chance!
      Thrax: Now, now...I'm proposing a temporary alliance. Once the Rangers are gone, you can vaporize each after for all I care. Now gather around, my compatriots.

    • Xander: (About the Command Center) Much more inpressive then a hollow tree.

    • Ronnie: (About the other Rangers) Who are they?
      Dax: I don't know, but I like the suits!

    • Sentinel Knight: Get away from (the Rangers)!
      Thrax: You? This just keeps getting better!

    • Rose: I can't even remember what life was like before Operation Overdrive.
      Mack: Well I CAN remember what it was like; Boring!

    • Will: (About Kamdor's stolen ruby) I bet you're not just gonna put that back.
      Kamdor: You bet right!

    • Thrax: I'm Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, and the orchestrator of your doom.

    • Kira: What an incredible command center. Dr. O would have loved to seen that.
      Adam: Hey, you know, I still can't believe he's a doctor.

    • Adam: You know, I've dealt with Rita and Zedd before. Seems like Thrax has inherited their worst parts.

    • Flurious: The new Rangers team foiled my plan! Thrax! You promised to eliminate the Rangers. And now they're popping up like geraniums!
      Norg: I love geraniums.

    • Will: So, you've all been Rangers before.
      Tori: Yep.
      Bridge: Well, uh, except for me. See, I'm not a Ranger yet. But I will be. Uh, in the future. In the future, I'm gonna be the Green Ranger. Uh, and and then I'm gonna be the Blue Ranger.
      Rose: But, you're wearing red?
      Bridge: Oh, uh, yeah, well, long story short, our mentor, who's uh, well, who's a dog, got promoted to head of SPD which used to be run by a bird, but he retired and went down to Miami and then Sky got promoted and then I got promoted, and that's why I'm the Red Ranger! Or rather, will be.
      Dax: Makes sense to me!

  • NOTES (23)

    • With this episode, all three male SPD B-Squad Rangers have morphed into the Red Ranger.

    • There is irony in the fact that the two female Rangers of the Retro Rangers team, Tori and Kira, were both the only female rangers of their respective teams.

    • Xander is the only returning Ranger who has not fought along side Tommy Oliver.

    • All three male returning Rangers are/have been a Green Ranger before. Twice, in Adam's case. And the two females' colors combined would also make green!

    • Vulturus is based on PRMF's Manticore Megazord.

    • This episode marks the first time that all four villain factions appear together in a scene.

    • With this episode, Kira and Bridge have met on three separate occasions. They've met in PRSPD's "History" (though Kira doesn't remember due to her memory being erased) and "Wormhole" (which neither remember due to both their memories being erased). This is also the second time that Kira and Tori have met (after PRDT's "Thunder Storm" 1 and 2).

    • Adam, Tori, and Kira are the only non-Red Rangers to appear in 3 incarnations with the same powers. Adam as the Black Mighty Morphin Ranger in MMPR, PRiS, and PROO, Tori as the Blue Wind Ranger in PRNS, PRDT, and PROO, and Kira as the Yellow Dino Ranger in PRDT, PRSPD, and PROO.

    • Thrax's body is made up of elements from various other villains: his chest armor is of PRDT's Zeltrax; his body and the left side of his face is partially of his father, Lord Zedd (as is his weapon, the Z-Staff); the right side of his face appears to be similar to that of sister series "VR Troopers"' main villain Grimlord; his jawbone seems similar to that of his uncle, Rito Revolto.

    • Made its worldwide debut on Jetix.tv, via streaming video, on July 16, 2007.

    • Kira mentions "Doctor O", whom Adam still can't believe is a doctor, referring to his (and her) old teammate, Tommy Oliver.

    • Xander references the PRMF base of Rootcore when comparing a hollow tree to the PROO command center.

    • Adam becomes not only the first standard Black Ranger to lead a Ranger team in the show's history, but he's also the first person other than Will to use the Hovertek Cycle.

    • Adam uses his Power Axe for the first time since MMPR Season 2's "Storybook Rangers (2)". It last appeared in PRZ's "Good As Gold".

    • The explaination for how Adam's Mastodon Coin, Tori's Wind Ninja disc, and Kira's Dino Gem were restored to power, is that the Sentinel Knight used his own power to do so.

    • Rose uses the Transtech Armor for the first time. This also marks the first time it's defeated in battle, AND the final appearance of the armor!

    • Bridge reveals his moving up to role of Red SPD Ranger was due to Fowler Birdy retiring (and moving to Miami). Thanks to that, Doggie Cruger was promoted to SPD Supreme Commander, Sky was bumped up to Commander of SPD Earth Station, and Bridge moved up in rank as a result.

    • Sentinel Knight's method of imprisoning Thrax is identical to Thrax's mother's recurring prison, a Space Dumpster. His reaction when escaping also echoes Rita's remarks when first freed, as seen in "Day of the Dumpster".

    • Thrax claims to be the son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, both of whom were the show's main villains in MMPR, and made return appearances in PRZ, T:APRM & PRiS. With their mentioning in this and the next episode, they have been referred to, but not seen, in both the 10th and 15th anniversary episodes.

    • This effectively serves as part one of a team-up between POWER RANGERS OPERATION OVERDRIVE and MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS, POWER RANGERS NINJA STORM, POWER RANGERS DINOTHUNDER, POWER RANGERS S.P.D., & POWER RANGERS MYSTIC FORCE. It also is considered the 15th Anniversary Special.

    • This is not only the first mentioning since PRSPD's "Insomnia" of the Universal Morphing Grid, it's the first time ever it's been actually shown on the show.

    • The sextant monster used by Kamdor & Miratrix is unnamed, and his voice actor uncredited. Similarly, Vulturus's voice actor is also uncredited.

    • Debuted on Toon Disney on its regular day and time of Monday Night at 8:00pm E&P. ABC Kids debut date: Saturday, August 11 at 12:30pm ET, except on the west coast, where due to various pre-emptions, they didn't get it until Saturday, February 9, 2008 at 11:00am PT.