Power Rangers

Season 15 Episode 19

One Gets Away

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jul 16, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Andrew refers to San Angeles as "San Anges".

    • At the start of the second battle with the Fearcats, Mack told Spencer to send all the Zords, however the Sonic Streaker wasn't sent.

    • Just like the first and second jewels of the Corona Aurora, the third jewel is no longer in its diamond shaped form that was seen in the flashback in "Kick Into Overdrive (1)". However, this is the first jewel to have one of the original five colors.

    • Why did it take so long for Tyzonn to show up for the battle? Will was the one who was given a reason to be late, he wasn't.

  • Quotes

    • (Rose is leading the Rangers on the beach while reading the Aztec Compass)
      Rose: A little more. A little more.
      Will: Rose?
      Rose: Stop asking, I'll let you know when we get to where the jewel is. A little more, a little more.
      (Rangers stop)
      Dax: Uh Rose?
      Rose: The five of you are as impatient as little kids in a car ride. The Aztec Stone will let us know when we get there. A little more.
      All Rangers but Rose: ROSE!!
      Rose: What!
      Mack: There is no "a little more.
      (We see they have been led into the ocean)

    • Mack: (To the Fearcats) Bad kitties!

    • Miratrix: (Referring to herself, Kamdor and Will)Why does it always seem to come down to the three of us?
      Will: Must be your good fortune!

    • Mack: There's only one of you, and there's six of us.
      Mig: Wrong! There's two of us. Me and -- look behind you.
      (Benglo appears in the giant robot and blasts the Rangers

    • Spencer: I remember a certain 10-year-old who cost his team a victory because he commited a costly error in an All-Star baseball game not that many years ago.
      Andrew: Yes. And you found my glove in the trash, retrieved it, drove me back to the park and made me play.
      Spencer: Oh, no, sir. I found your glove, drove you back to the park, but you made yourself play. And you were really rather good.
      Andrew: I was, wasn't I?

    • Mig: Give that back! It's mine!
      Will: It was yours. Hope you had a nice trip. See ya.

    • Flurious: The Power Rangers have two jewels. Miratrix and Kamdor have one, and my fire-eating brother, Moltor, has the crown! And what do I have?
      Norg: (building a snowman) Ooh, ooh, ooh. You have me and...Clarence!
      (Flurious destroys the snowman)
      Norg: I guess you just have me, now.
      Flurious: I have nothing!

    • Spencer: Once a Ranger, always a Ranger.

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the final appearance of the Super Drivemax Megazord formation.

    • This is the first time the Drivemax Ultrazord has been defeated in battle.

    • The secret of Andrew Hartford, that Spencer shares and concerns Mack, is hinted at once more (having first been brought up last episode). It will be revealed in "Things Not Said."

    • The Defender Vest is used in battle, just for defensive abilities and without the Drill Laser, for the first time.

    • The Blue Sapphire (the third of the five jewels of the Corona Aurora) is obtained by Kamdor & Miratrix.

    • This is the first appearance of DriveMax Megazord Rescue Formation & FlashPoint Megazord Dozer & Sub Formation. It is also the first use of Drivemax Megazord Crane Formation and Flashpoint Megazord Drill and Mixer Formation.

    • Made its worldwide debut on Jetix.tv, via streaming video, on July 9, 2007.

    • Debuted on Toon Disney on its regular day and time of Monday Night at 8:00pm E&P. ABC Kids debut date: Saturday, August 4 at 12:30pm ET/11:30am PT.

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