Power Rangers

Season 5 Episode 43

Parts and Parcel

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 18, 1997 on Nickelodeon

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  • More Bulk and Skull = more AWESOME

    If you don't like Bulk and Skull though, then skip this one. They are at the center of this episode and it works tremendously well. The scene with the two of them and TJ fleeing from a couple of fish is hilarious. Also, Skull dressed a woman. The scene at the end with the Power Rangers teleporting into the juice bar has to be one of the more earnest moments in the series. It is good to see Bulk and Skull treated with intelligence or depth from time to time, as with the piano episode. This is a great redeeming moment for them and if they weren't coming back for another season, it would be a perfect send off. Good thing they aren't done though.

    The Zord battle isn't great. Honestly, three custom built Zords should not go down so easily. It was a prime opportunity for a drawn out multi part epic given the significance of the foe. It is the final boss. So in that way, it's a bit disappointing, but the Sentai footage can be restricting that way. The English team made the best of it and put together a great plot.