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Power Rangers

Season 16 Episode 31

Path of the Righteous

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 03, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Nobody believes him, but Casey knows that Jarrod still lives inside of Dai Shi. He goes off on his own to save Jarrod. In an epic battle between Dai Shi and Casey, Jarrod manages to break free of Dai Shi. Camille helps the two in escaping Dai Shi. For following his heart, Casey gets his Master Stripes.moreless

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  • Will Jungle Fury pleas take center stage for one of its best episodes

    Thsi episide in my eyes was a classic Casey belives that there is still good in Jarrod after he saved Camille form the Phantom beasts attack

    BUt the others belive Jarrod is lost but Cassey dosen't....Cassey take hsi rightful place as my fravirote Charcter of Jungle Fury and amoung some of the greastest Red Rangers like Jason, Tommy, Nick, Androd Conner and many others

    And also one of the best written ones too I loved hwo they played on Cassey being and beginger and rookie and Cub and the Episode ending seen with hsi rise to greatness was outstanding

    Cassey deserved to be a Master More then anyone else his choice to defy Master Moa and rescue Jarrod and Camille was the right one,

    But this episode has one of the greatest episode battles the combo of the Lion and Chamelon Spirits was cool to see even though thsi formantion has no name I called the Jungle Fury Ultrazord and without the Lion and Chameleon I called it the Jungle Pride Ultrazord

    Next to taht of the Orignal's thsi Ultrazord has the potenial to be as good as the Orignal and now we can get ready for the New Beast Warmoreless
Geoffrey Dolan

Geoffrey Dolan

Dai Shi (voice)

Guest Star

Richard Simpson

Richard Simpson

Snapper (voice)

Recurring Role

Mark Wright

Mark Wright

Scorch (voice)

Recurring Role

Nathaniel Lees

Nathaniel Lees

Master Mao

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Casey: I knew you were in there somewhere!
      Jarrod: Thanks, Casey. I owe you one.
      Scorch: Touching moment. Pity it will be your last!

    • Casey: Whose idea was this again? Oh right, mine!

    • Casey: I'm not leaving without you!
      Dai Shi: You're not leaving, period!

    • Camille: Now I got the drop on you, Snapper-head! Now, why did you try to destroy me?
      Snapper: Um...
      Camille: Answer me!
      Snapper: Okay, okay. It's because you've grown to close to the human Jarrod. You love him and not Dai Shi, so we don't trust you anymore.
      Camille: That is not true. I've always loved Dai Shi.
      Snapper: Are you sure about that?

    • Fran: Theo, why would you pass up a date with Lily? Everyone knows you like her.
      Theo: Okay, I admit it. I liked her. But she made it painfully obvious that we're just friends. So why chase something that's never gonna happen?
      Fran: The only thing that's painfully obvious is that you never really asked her out, did you?

    • Master Mao: Look in your soul, Casey. You know that Jarrod's heart wasn't pure.
      Casey: Or maybe he was so alone that there was nothing pure to fill his heart.
      Master Mao: If you go to Dai Shi's domain, you're likely to be destroyed. Is that what you want?
      Casey: Thank you, master, for all that you've done. But this is something I have to do.
      Master Mao: Casey! Are you trying to save Jarrod or redeem yourself?!

    • Dai Shi: You were foolish to come here, tiger master. It will be your undoing.
      Casey: I'm not a master. I'm a friend.
      Dai Shi: I don't have any friends, only Dai Shi.
      Casey: He's not a friend, Jarrod. He's warping your mind. I've seen the real you with my own eyes.
      Dai Shi: Look a little closer.
      (he fights Casey)

    • Lily: Where's Casey?
      Fran: He is at Dai Shi's temple.
      Lily: What?
      Fran: (turns on TV, Casey is seen outside temple) Look, this was recorded just a few minutes ago from the geocentric satellite.
      Dominic: What's he doing?
      Theo: Whatever it is, we have to help him. Come on.
      R.J.: No. Not yet. This is Casey's destiny.

    • Dai Shi: You are powerful, Casey, but you are not match for Dai Shi.
      Casey: Then you help me! Together, we can destroy him!
      Dai Shi: (shouts) I am him!!

    • Dai Shi: You foolish boy! Jarrod no longer exists! I have swallowed his humanity! He is now my slave!
      Casey: No! You can't have him! He's Pai Zhua! He's one of us!

    • Camille: We're gonna settle this now, Snapper!
      Jarrod: Now witness the full lion spirit, Scorch!

    • Casey: (about his Master stripe) Why now? Why not before?
      R.J.: A master cannot be a follower. When you chose to defy Master Mao and believe in your own convictions, your path to masterhood became your destiny.

    • Jarrod: (kneels) Tiger master, I'm prepared for whatever punishment you deem appropriate.
      Casey: No punishment necessary, okay? We're going to need you guys to help save humanity.
      Jarrod: (stands) I think we've done enough.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Final appearance of the Jungle Master Mode powers.

    • Debuted on Toon Disney on its regular day but a SPECIAL TIME of Monday Night at 9:00pm E&P as part of a Jungle Fury finale marathon. ABC Kids debut date: Saturday, January 10, 2009 at 12:30pm ET/11:30am PT.