Power Rangers

Season 16 Episode 7

Pizza Slice of Life

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Mar 24, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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With RJ out of town, Casey is left in charge of Jungle Karma Pizza. Instead of asserting himself as the boss, he adds the power of responsibility equally to Theo and Lily, which quickly creates chaos in the pizza parlor. Meanwhile, the final Finger of Poison, Naja, attempts to enlist Camille in his plot to overthrow Dai Shi. She remains loyal and seeks to destroy the traitor, but is she willing to risk destruction in an effort to win the love of a man who doesn't love her back?moreless

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  • Well done interpretation from the original!

    I rarely watch the American Power Rangers anymore because the Japanese series generally brings so much more action and drama without dumbing things down ridiculously for kids. However, this episode is proof that they sometimes get it right. Gekiranger (the Super Sentai season which Jungle Fury is an adaptation of) had as a recurring theme of the ability to train through one's lifestyle, gaining valuable life lessons that can be applied to training, and training that can be applied to life. This training theme was not only for the season's ranger team, but for the season's antagonists as well, who occasionally served as protagonists too. I like that in the American version they actual preserve the fact that not only are the heroes consistently training to get stronger, but so are the bad guys, in this case Mele/Camille training to destroy the last poison master, and that just like in the Japanese original this episode is more about character building for her.moreless
  • In this special 400 word review, Camille takes a gamble that could end her life, and the Power Rangers learn how to work as a team Outside of their Ranger duties! :!:moreless

    I once thought the "Power Ranger" franchise had ended, their cultural relevance was finished, and there were no more tricks up their sleeves. But when I decided to give this series a third chance for this season, all my expectations were completely blown away! :D This show's performance has done a complete 180 since its mostly lackluster performance in the past three seasons! Now instead of only coming up with maybe two great episodes every season, "P.R.J.F." instead manages to make every Other episode a great episode! And this one is no exception! Camille wants recognition for her loyalty and steadfast fighting against the Power Rangers to be noticed by the evil Dai Shi. One other monster however, doesn't desire loyalty. In fact, the Rinshi being known as Naja actually desires to Destroy Dai Shi, and take all the power for himself! And if he can get a couple of other Rinshi to follow suit and pledge loyalty to Naja instead, that's all the better for him! But Camille proves the only way Naja will get what he wants is if he bests her in battle! At first, Camille thinks she has it won when her chameleon tongue starts to turn Naja into stone! But Naja has some aces up his sleeve: Nails of Life! Using one of them, he cures himself of his statue condition and starts to attack Camille. Although Camille has always risked herself battling directly on the front lines, she's actually no match for Naja. Meanwhile, Casey doesn't think he's ready to run a restaurant in R.J.'s absence, and tries to split the responsibility up evenly. This ends up creating chaos and confusion! And although Camille gets beaten, she's not yet defeated! She learns a tactical lesson from Dai Shi. Whatever doesn't destroy her, makes her stronger. If she can manage to absorb attacks rather then deflect them, she could overcome Naja! So Camille decides to trick the Power Rangers into firing their Claw Cannon at her. Camille manages to take their attacks, and gain strength from their cannon-shots! A strengthened-up Camille returns, destroying Naja and his revived monsters, gaining three of Naja's nails of life in the process, sure to be of valuable use in Dai Shi's evil plans! And the Rangers figure out how to delegate work and how to take and give orders! This episode is great! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • Karma Karma Chameleon!

    Well, that sounds like a song but that's what the series is. The Jungle Karma Rangers, as well as a villain who takes the form of a Chameleon. So the Rangers were the extras in this one, it was all about Camille!

    RJ leaves and Fran gets a triple raise courtesy of Casey being in charge. Last episode, Casey went out on his own till he truly learned teamwork, and now, he takes leadership role. Talk about a big personal development... in just two episodes!

    Quite an episode that didn't really connect with me. Camille after being hit by the Rangers attacks, becomes stronger, and just goes on to destroy the last Poison monster. The only significance of the episode is that we see some opening sequence footage in its action form.moreless
Richard Simpson

Richard Simpson

Naja (voice)

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Bruce Hopkins

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Gerald Urquhart

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