Power Rangers

Season 6 Episode 44

Power Playback: Funniest Power Rangers Moments

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jun 13, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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Power Playback: Funniest Power Rangers Moments
Johnny Yong Bosch hosts a 30 minute look back on classic clips from 6 seasons of Power Rangers. At least, that's what he's SUPPOSED to do. Instead, a computerized talking van called P.A.L.S. (Production Automated Location Studio) takes over the show, with two very familiar troublemaker voices. Johnny plays it straight, trying to bring order to chaos, as insane clips from various episodes, video specials, and Sentai scenes are thrown his way. Professor Phenomenus also shows up a few times. Eventually, it's revealed that Bulk & Skull are behind P.A.L.S., and have been purposely ruining the show. A gang of angry rogue monsters end up chasing the bumbling duo across the Saban Studios lot.moreless

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      • Monsters who chase Bulk & Skull during the ending: Eye Guy, Lizwizard, Spikey, Snow Monster, Batterax, and from Beetleborgs, Kombat Knat and an unused red anemone monster.

      • This episode features the first time the show used un-dubbed and mostly uncut Japanese footage from Sentai (namely clips from the "Bomb Dancing" end credits sequence from Megaranger, Bandora singing and dancing from one of the last episodes of Zyuranger, and the Dorodoro dancing end credits from Kakuranger.)

      • This is the first time the end credits had ever listed the third Sentai the show adapted from, Kakuranger, by name.

      • The end credits to this episode mark the only time PR ever credited the second Sentai it used, Dairanger, correctly (it had previously been listed as "Star Rangers", an incorrect translation).

      • The choice of using a clip from "Wild West Rangers, Part 2" came about from a crew member more or less polling fans at the alt-mmpr IRC chatroom.

      • Only the end credits of this special are close captioned. Although various clips are, this special was chopped together so quickly, they never had time to get it all captioned.

      • This special paved the way for the banner name of PR reruns entitled "Power Rangers Power Playback".

      • This special aired only once, and only in the USA, as a part of the "Fox Kids Pick Of The Week" series.

      • The promotional commercials for this special promised only Bulk & Skull hosting, and made it seem like it would be just clips of bloopers & outtakes.

      • This special was filmed around the same time as the production of PRiS' "Always A Chance."

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