Power Rangers

Season 2 Episode 5

Putty on the Brain

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 14, 1994 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The extended version of "Go Go Power Rangers" debuts in this episode.

    • When the extinguisher didn't work, Billy told Zack to work on the device while he distracted Saliguana. However, as Billy had built the extinguisher, wouldn't it have made more sense if he'd worked on it while Zack distracted the monster?

    • The Rangers fought the Putties at a beach, but Zack and Billy confronted Saliguana in a mountainside locale, but when Saliguana grew, the Rangers were by the sea again!

    • In this, and other episodes where the Black Ranger wields the Power Axe, the axe can be seen to have a solid black head and a yellow tipped blade. However, during the Power Blaster formation sequence, the axe has a hand grip hole in the head and a yellow trigger.

    • After Saliguana wrapped it's red tounge around the Megazord, the next shot shows Megazord with a black tounge wrapped around the zord instead of a red tounge.

    • Why didn't Billy and Zack see each other as Putties? Bulk & Skull could even see them as Putties!

  • Quotes

    • Goldar: (about Zedd's plan) Couldn't they take the glasses off?
      Zedd: NO! Mere humans could take them off, but the Power Rangers are no mere humans!

    • Trini: Alpha wanted me to try something, let's see if it works. (Morphs) So? How do I look?
      Zack: (Relieved) You look like the Yellow Ranger!

    • Zack: Yo, Billy boy, check out these shades! I got them at the swap meet this weekend; Figured they'd be perfect for science class.
      Billy: The lenses and frames seem especially sturdy. They should be adequate to protect our eyes during our experiments.
      Zack: And they look cool too!

    • (After the iguana is transformed into Saliguana)
      Saliguana: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!! Thanks for the snack!
      Bulk: I guess we overfed it.

    • Saliguana: Toasted Ranger, anyone?

    • Billy: Zack, be careful. He could turn up the heat and barbecue you anytime he wants!
      Zack: Ah, this guy's nothin'.
      Saliguana: Nothin'?! I'll show you nothin'! Here's a very hot somethin'! (breathes fire)

  • Notes

    • Saliguana will return (as an illusion) in "Orchestral Manuevers in the Park", and all three parts of "The Wedding". His suit will be hollowed out and used for Tritor in PRZ's two-part "King for a Day".

    • This is the first appearance of the Lion, Firebird, Unicorn and Griffin Thunderzords' Assault Team sled formation.

    • Available in North America on the Power Rangers Power Playback - Classic Ranger Edition - "Black Ranger" VHS.

    • This is the first episode in which Tommy is unable to call upon his Dragonzord, or even morph, due to being low on Green Ranger power.

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