Power Rangers

Season 4 Episode 47

Rangers of Two Worlds (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 21, 1996 on Nickelodeon



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  • Quotes

    • Mondo: If that ridiculous Rita wants a fight, she's challenging the wrong evil monarch.
      Rita: (laughs) That rusty Mondo's gonna get a oil treatment he won't forget!

    • Cog Changer: Hey, you in the Super Megazord, what kind of monster ARE you?
      Impursonator: I'm your worst fashion nightmare!

    • Auric: Excuse me, I believe we have a slight misunderstanding. I'd like to have a word with you, and you. (points to the Super Zeo and Zeo Megazords both under the control of monsters) Thank you for your kind attention, now ask yourselves. Honestly, is your behavior really fair to the citizens of Angel Grove? (Taps the two Megazords on the shoulder, both brush him off)
      Cog Changer: We're monsters! This is what we do!(Both Megazords punch Auric in the face)
      Auric: You're going about this all wrong, I always prefer to talk through a problem rather than handle it with brawn. Now won't you both behave like gentlemen?
      Cog Changer: GENTLE I hate gentle!
      Impursonator: No kidding I've had enough of this guy!

  • Notes

    • This is the final time the individual Super Zeozords are used in battle.

    • The end credits sequence is a montage of various shots of David Yost as Billy throughout the years, with just the Zeo instrumental music as audio.

    • This episode features the final appearance of Auric The Conqueror. He's not given a write-out, he's just never summoned again.

    • This is the final unmorphed appearances of Aurico, Delphine, and Cestro. When they and the rest of the Aquitian Rangers appear (in "Countdown To Destruction (1)"), they'll be voiced by unknowns and morphed-only.

    • Tideus (Yellow Aquitar Ranger) and Corcus (Black Aquitar Ranger) appear, morphed only, and voiced by uncredited actors, differing from their original MMAR actors, who appear only in the recycled footage of the brief morphing sequences.

    • Billy is played by a different actor than David Yost in this episode. His "transmission from Aquitar" is recycled footage from "Mean Screen", static-ed up, and dubbed by someone else. This is Billy's final appearance, his character moves to Aquitar and is never seen again.

    • This marks a first of a tradition for the series, two differently-powered teams of Power Rangers joining forces in battle (this being POWER RANGERS ZEO meeting the MIGHTY MORPHIN' ALIEN RANGERS).

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