Power Rangers

Season 9 Episode 4

Ransik Lives

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 24, 2001 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The four timelost Time Force Officers remain at the Time Ship ruins on the beach. They're at a loss for money and living quarters. Wes drops by and has a solution to at least one of their worries. He brings them to a very old Clock Tower in Silver Hills, which is owned by his rich father.

Seems nobody has lived in it for a long time, and it is in a state of disrepair. The TFs are at first repulsed by the place, namely due to the lack of an elevator, but Jen discovers it can serve as a strategic lookout point for the whole city. They decide to stay, and begin to clean the Clock Tower up.

Meanwhile, Nadira gets a manicure by the Cyclobots.

Her mindless staring into the TV set inspires Ransik to announce his arrival in the present via television. Soon, Wes & Jen go off to buy some food for their teammates, but fail to get out of the Clock Tower before they meet a strange businessman. His name's Ivan, and according to the front office of the Clock Tower, it used to be a place called "Nick Of Time Odd Jobs". Desperate for money, Jen & Wes agree to help Ivan out. They end up painting the hallway of a television studio.

Wes gets captured by some Cyclobots, and is drug off to face Ransik, who is broadcasting his demands in the studio. His mutant of the day, a strange white creature named Fearog, blows up some buildings to highlight the seriousness of Ransik's threat. Wes is held before Ransik, who informs the Red Ranger of his origin: It seems that in the year 3000, genetics have advanced to the point that all children have perfect DNA.

One of the many embreo tubes containing the DNA ended up breaking and spilling into the sewer. Its instinct to survive caused it to become a human amid the waste. That mutant was Ransik, who wandered alleyways as an outcast due to his mutilated face. He finally decided to make humanity pay for their shunning of him, and he organized an army of fellow mutants to start a crime spree. The other Rangers then break Wes out, and the team fight Fearog. The mutant grows, but is soon re-Chrono Shrunk by the Time Force Megazord, as usual.

Later, Ivan gives the teens money for their successful paintjob. They use it to buy pizza. Wes mentions Ransik's origin to Jen, who denies the sob story, saying that people did try to help him, but he refused. She appears to be hiding something, though.
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