Power Rangers

Season 13 Episode 35


Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Jack slacks off on duty when he begins a romance, which quickly gets him in hot water with Commander Cruger. Soon, the Rangers are sent to Gamma Orion, following a distress signal that'll lead them to the missing A-Squad Rangers, if they can survive the experience. Meanwhile, Broodwing continues his scheme to take over the Earth with the human-lifeforce-battery operated criminal Delex, and the Magnificently brainwashed Mora bids goodbye to Cindy Sunshine.moreless

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  • The die has been cast.

    I speculated in a previous review for the SPD episode "Missing" that Gruumm will use the A-Squad to destroy the Power Rangers. I was right. Somehow, the A-Squad has been turned evil by Gruumm, and now the stage is set for a confrontation between the highly trained A-Squad, and the up-and-coming B-Squad (including Omega Ranger). Where Shadow Ranger fits into the equation remains to be seen, but one thing is clear, this will be a fight to remember.

    I can't blame Jack and his team for reacting the way they did. They've been dealing with Gruumm since A-Squad vanished, fighting hard to earn the SWAT armor, Sky conquering his inner demons, Jack unleashing the Battilizer and becoming a real leader, and overcoming every obstacle thrown at them, and now they've been cast aside like they didn't even matter. I'm sure they'll prove to Cruger, and to themselves, that they are for real.

    Jack standing up to Cruger? Whoa. That just proves he's come a long way since becoming the Red Ranger. Deep down, Doggie knew he was right.

    Whichever way you spin it, this ep served as a perfect lead-in to the "Endings" two-parter. We know that the SPD Rangers are going to have a fight on their hands, and it's going to be a good one.moreless
  • what a Great Episode!

    Who would of Guess that the A Sqaud is Really Evil at the Start of the First Episode, I Can't say about the Red Ranger as a Girl! ha ha ha. Red's a Girl, and if you Notice that Helmet from the A is Remade for Power Rangers In Space. just the Hemmet, and Jack was doing thew Same thing in the first Episode. and Jack told Cruger off, and Mora is Competely under Contral of the Monster, I can Wait the Next one, A Vs B, will there be the Zord in Battle, We have to see.moreless
  • The best SPD episode to date! Almost a candidiate for the top 10 PR episodes, but not quite. Probably #13 or #14 on that list.

    Great start, great finish, awesome cliffhanger. I was beginning to wonder when A-Squad would show up considering it was almost the end of the show when they did.

    We all know either Broodwing or Gruumm will be defeated by one another. I can actually see Broodwing being defeated by the A-Squad and then the B-Squad defeating Gruumm and the A-Squad.

    It was also revealed in this episode that the A-Squad have always been evil, since the first episode, which really builds on the storyline and I'm happy to see they touched base on that again.

    I'll be sad to see SPD over in just a little over a week, but what a way to end the season.

  • Should this ep. be "Endings Pt. 1" , the next ep. "Endings Pt. 2", & the final ep. "Endings Pt. 3"?

    This ep. was great & all but should this ep. be "Endings Pt. 1" , the next ep. "Endings Pt. 2", & the final ep. "Endings Pt. 3" on the count that A-Squad is evil & B-Squad fighting them & all that will happen in the finale/final "saga" being the final 2 episodes?
  • talk about the episode, about A-Squad and leading into "Endings"

    Aha. The Episode that leads into the finale. This was a definate 4 star episode.

    A-Squad being Female is a first and messed up. As in \"Walls\" the voice of Red Ranger calling SPD HQ is Male. Not Female.

    And When Jack stood up to Cruger was another Great Scene. If it were Sky, he wouldn\'t have talkled to C.C like that. But Jack did.

    It was to my suprise when I seen the promo pics that A-Squad were infact human. I half expected them to be robots or whatever, but Human? No way.

    Unfortunetly we only have two more SPD episodes to go. Endings parts one and Two :(moreless
Alycia Purrott

Alycia Purrott

Sydney "Syd" Drew, Pink S.P.D. Ranger

Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLaren

Jack Landors, Red S.P.D. Ranger

Chris Violette

Chris Violette

Schuyler "Sky" Tate, Blue S.P.D. Ranger

Matt Austin

Matt Austin

Bridge Carson, Green S.P.D. Ranger

Michelle Langstone

Michelle Langstone

Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx

Monica May

Monica May

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado, Yellow S.P.D. Ranger

Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Monster (voice)

Guest Star

Gina Varela

Gina Varela

Charlie (Red A-Squad Ranger)

Guest Star

Beth Allen

Beth Allen

Ally Samuels

Guest Star

Jim McLarty

Jim McLarty

Broodwing (voice)

Recurring Role

Derek Judge

Derek Judge

Bluehead (voice)

Recurring Role

James Gaylyn

James Gaylyn

Orange Head (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Cruger acted like there was nothing he could do when A-Squad attacked him, but he could always morph into the Shadow Ranger, and there was a door wide open behind him, so he could have attempted to run!

    • Commander Cruger could have helped the Rangers stop Delex by turning into Shadow Ranger instead of standing at the headquarters impatiently because he wasn't doing anything important except calling Jack to pick up his communicator.

    • Jack asks when the last time Cruger called them B-Squad, as if it'd been a long while. But it was just a few shows back, in "History"!

    • If the A-Squad works for Gruumm, how does Sam not know this? He comes from a future where Earth is ruled by the Troobians, and in the 15 years between them, they should have gone public in their association with the Emperor.

    • Why do the Rangers handcuff the grey alien monster on Gamma Orion, instead of card containing him? He speaks only in grunts and growls, he's not going to be of use interrogating.

    • Jack complains that he wants a life outside of SPD as an excuse for his not being there when his teammates needed him. Yet, if the relationship interferes with saving his friends and the world, as it DID in this episode, a lot of good a girlfriend is going to him with the planet destroyed or enslaved, eh?

    • Broodwing claims he needs the human-powered batteries for his own "ultimate plan", but his plan in the next episode never involves needing anymore power than he already has access to.

    • No mention is made of trying to locate where Jack's communicator signal is when Doggie is looking for him. Calling him didn't work, so an attempt to send out a search party instead of merely waiting for him to show up (which, if he were captured, he couldn't do), would have been the obvious choice.

    • Ally's father's clothing company truck has the name "Samuel's" on it. Since her name is "Samuels", it should be "Samuels'" on the truck. Must not be a very good company!

    • If Jack really wanted to know whether or not Ally was stealing clothing why didn't he just use his Morpher's Judgement Mode, like Kat once used on Boom for eating cake?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Jack: You have got to be kidding me! B-Squad?! When was the last time Cruger called us B-Squad?! I mean, we work our butts off all year, and now we're ordered to leave the command center like some D-Squad newcomer?!
      Sky: I don't like it any better than you, Jack. But we all knew that if A-Squad returned, this was going to happen.
      Z: That doesn't mean we have to like it.

    • Z: I can't believe how much you've loosened up up, Sky. You're almost human.

    • [seeing Bridge with a stack of toast]
      Commander Cruger: Is that all yours, Carson?
      Bridge: Uhh... Uh, no, sir. Uh, well, yeah. Well, I made some for everyone, but nobody wants any. Do you want some toast? It's really but-- [stops his fingers from wiggling]
      Commander Cruger: I'll pass.

    • Ally: Okay, would you arrest me even if I told you I wasn't stealing these? My dad owns the company. We give clothing to the needy out of good will.
      Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I would still arrest you. But I have to admit it is a good story.
      Ally: Well, I hate to burst your inflated badge, bucko, but it happens to be the truth. The name's Ally Samuels. My dad owns Samuel's Clothing. And if you take a look behind that prejudging brain of yours, you'll see our name on the side of the van.

    • Z: Bridge, why do you always wiggle your fingers when you say "buttery"? (mocks Bridge's "technique")
      Sky: He can't help himself. It's ingrained in his cellular makeup.
      Bridge: That's ridiculous. I can say "buttery" without...[he wiggles his fingers trying not to say "buttery"] Buttery.
      Z: Ha!
      (Bridge forcefully holds his wrist to try and prevent his fingers from wiggling)
      Bridge: BUTTERY!!

    • Mora: What terrible thing should we do today, Emperor?
      Gruumm: Today will be unlike any other day seen by the unsuspecting Rangers.

    • Delex: Let's see, squashing Yellow and Blue together makes one squashed Green Ranger!
      Sky: Already have a Green Ranger, thank you.

    • Kat: Growl as much as you like, but don't ask me if you don't want to hear what's true.

    • [as the Red A-Squad Ranger powers down]
      Jack: You're a girl!
      Sky: Red's a girl?
      Syd & Z: [slaps a high five] Right on!
      Charlie: You got a problem with that?
      Jack: No. I'm cool.

    • Jack: Our problem is that we're B-Squad, the reserves, Zord cleanup detail. We do all the work, and they're probably in the Command Center getting all these medals from Cruger.

    • Red A-Squad Ranger: You'll be coming with us, Commander Cruger. You have an appointment with Emperor Gruumm.

  • NOTES (9)