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  • New movie not for kids.

    Mr. Saban was wrong about Lionsgate. Even with all if its criticism of story lines, cheesy costumes and special effects overall it was clean action fun. There was never any bad language and the violence was very low grade and childish. This was a show that has held up from the start. I'm now in my third generation of fans starting with my nephews, then my godchildren and now my own children. So with the new movie came out "Power Rangers" 2017 came out I set some goals for my boys and they earn it yesterday. It had PG-13 rating. I guess they have dumb down the rating system like they have everything else.

    The profanity was unreal. Even my children made remarks about it. That they have watch ever "Power Ranger" on Netflix and has never heard one bad word. My sons are 8 and my daughter is 9 and they know profanity has no place on the "Power Ranger". The level of violence was the next thing that did not fit into a "Power Ranger" movie. I'm blessed with my children. Before my wife could turn it off my sons stated that they did need to watch this.

    So the question is who was this movie made for? This may require a new sub group/category. The stages of human growth are infancy (birth to 2 years old), early childhood (3 to 8 years old with the sub group of Toddler (1 - 3 years (Some still consider young toddlers to be 'babies'), Preschooler (3 - 5 years). Grade-schooler (5 - 12 years), middle childhood (9 to 11 years old), adolescence (12 to 18 years old with the sub groups of pre-teen/teen), Early Adult Transition (Ages 1624, Midlife Transition (Early forties), Late Adulthood (Age 45 and on with the sub group of senior citizens starting between 55/62 years). The target group of this movie does not meet any of the classical definitions of the stages of human growth that come with their own benchmarks. 1 Corinthians 13:11: "11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind

    I looked at the views of others and some of the terms I found are mammoni or mammismo phenomenon, failure to launch, mammone (mama's big boy), vitelline, man-child, Peter Pan, perpetual teenager, bamboccione, puerile, hedonistic and infantile. Of all of these I like hedonistic the best but am open to other options. The hedonistic sub group are made up of adults in the 22 years plus ranges.

    Now I still enjoy many of the shows from my younger days but I have no desire to see them adultize with profanity, sex or violence to try to hide then fact I still enjoy the shows from my younger years. Beside once they are adultize they are no longer the show from my younger years. It is not only the Power Rangers. They have done it with the super heroes and cartoons. Even Disney has adultize some of their shows and movies just not as openly as others.

  • One of the best season's

    Loving Ninja Steel so far. Pink Ranger is hot, and has a great butt,
  • Newest season

    I love Power Rangers and have watched from the start. I have also been rewatching on Netflix. My only question is does anyone know when Dino Super Charge will be on Netflix?
  • MMPR, PRMF, is my top once I like

    I would like If Super Mega Force made a Movie, and all so if Jason d. Frank made a PRs new Movie or another power Rangers show with me. That is a lost Fan of Jason David Frank just doesn't want to visit or talk to at all.

  • Power Rangers Rock!!!!!!!!!

    I will admit I was not that interested in power rangers at first. my brother would always make me watch it with him. but after awhile i saw power rangers RPM and it was amazing! like its not all about about fighting bad guys there is a story put into it as well. like the black ranger was trying to figure out who he was and ended up finding his long lost sister. I guys all I`m saying is all those haters out there who just see fighting in it, u need to just listen to what their talking about. anyway it all comes down to don`t judge the show by what people say it is. this was written by a 10 year old using her grandma`s account. and if anyone was wondering my name is D. that`s all i have to say. GO POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!
  • its a cheesy somehow 'superheros' version of yo gabba gabba

    cheesy, fake, boring. i mean honestly the villans look like puppets. !!!!! ya ll cant be blind can ya?
  • Power rangers super megforce fun to watch

    Power rangers is one my show of all time and this one is by far the best since mmpr and turbo I love how can things change into my favorite power rangers from the past I think what so fun to watch.
  • When can we see new episods of Power Rangers Supe Megaforce

    I would like see some new episods of power rangers super mega force Will there be any more new episods of power rangers supers mega force coming out soon
  • Power Rangers Supe Megaforce is cool!

    I have been a fan of Power Rangers since I was 14. I really liked Power Rangers Megaforce and really like Power Rangers Super Megaforce. I was a teenager when Power Rangers first aired and I have been a huge fan as I have gotten older.
  • the best all seasons

    unlike like others who quit on early seasons I'm a big fan of all seasons idiots who hate this show stop being cry babies and stop bashing this if you hate stop saying shit
  • Great Plot

    I found it stupid when I was 6.

    Some guys doing ballet and some poor monsters in poor carnival costumes.

    There is no writer because every episode is exactly the same.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce 20th anniversary!

    The next Power Rangers season better air next week or next month for me and other PR fans to see!
  • ChadPR

    Every kid and Parent Great Childhood memories from through out the 90's was the best. MMPR was the greatest, cannot wait for Megaforce to premiere next month. My favorites were Dino Thunder and Mystic Force.
  • Power Ranger

    am not much of a power ranger fan but i us to watch the power ranger and if there are some that i like all watch it i mostly like the being and the season finally of power rangers...
  • A great one in the series

    This series shows more action and readyness unlike samarai. This is never the worst of the series

    Costumes: B- For some reason. The costumes dont seem that bad because the rangers have a good names for the costumes on some episodes

    Jokes: C+ Funny! Always makes me laugh however, the jokes do get a bit irritating but nothing too bad

    Special Effects: A never seem fake and suprises me all the time so i would get stuck into the show

    Acting: A- A very good feeling in their acting which is nice.

    Music: B+ Seems like the song is great
  • why do people of the new generation of Power Rangers trash on the old generation Power Rangers when the new generation has been far more worse.


    I have been a fan of Power rangers ever since the show started in 1992 back to the day it was Mighty Morphing Power Ranger up to wild force.I kind of stayed out of it when Ninja storm came along then i watched Dino thunder and it was great again since they brought Tommy back as the Dino Rangers mentor and it was good again then it became bad again with SPD for one reason they had way to many rangers on one team for one season i mean they always have the standard 5 with 6th ranger appearing later on the team but they had 14 rangers on one team not including the team up episode. then the show got worse when operation overdrive came along with a lame theme song and a really lame team of rangers by that time i had no idea what to expect but that is what happens when Disney makes a 20 franchise into another one of their cheap overrated straight to home video crap it got better once Nick took and made it to what it once was again i still like power Rangers but some of the series from Disney era was terrible.

  • This show revolves around between 5 and 6 teens that have been to become defenders of innocent and fighters of evil.They began this show on earth but successive generations change this.

    Its hard for me to find a single word to describe a franchise that has been around for more than a decade.The show is at times difficult to follow it's continuity with follow ups giving evidence to the contrary of what pervious installments have.The show has a rather young target audience as such much of the special effects end up looking rather silly sometimes ridculously so when viewed by older fans,so much so that they have become a joke in some circles. On the whole the show sports a possive message that can be appreciated by young and old and would recommend it both to either learn a lessm or for simply a good laugh.
  • This is my take on all Power Rangers seasons. Some I liked some I hated but I'll always be a fan.

    I've always believed that Power Rangers had a lot of potential but the Japanese roots and the childish tone limited what could be achieved with the concept, and yet I kept watching. And here's my opinion on each season:

    Might Morphin Power Rangers: I loved it, the soundtrack was magnificent and it's the reason I'm still interested in the show after all those years. But to me it fell short the moment Tommy started to take charge and Jason left.

    Power Rangers Zeo: Utterly trash. I only watched it because of Jason's brief return.

    Power Rangers Turbo: Was the beginning of a hiatus of not watching Power Rangers as I realised the direction they wee going and hated it.

    Power Rangers In Space, Light Speed, Lost Galaxy, Time Force (I'm not sure of the order) were all sheer nonsense.

    Power Rangers Wild Force: It somehow brought me back to my seat, and amazingly Jason made a brief cameo as the original Red Ranger in Forever Red which even glued me to watch more. The season was good but that Snow White wanna-be princess made me wanna barf all the time, all her reactions were fake. And Cole the Red Ranger was a distraction. Merrick on the other hand was a really interesting character, he was the main reason I continued to watch it till the end.

    Power Rangers Ninja Storm: In my opinion, the worst power rangers season I've ever watched, i couldnt even stomach watching past the first 10 episodes. nough said.

    Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Wow! Tommy was back and the zords were dinosaur themed again. and its soudntrack was amazing. I felt it was the direct sequel to Mighty Morphin and the actors werent really as silly as the previous. but I hated the ending, that they lost their powers.

    Power Rangers S.P.D: Lacked the thing I loved about Dino Thunder, but the stories were well built up to and the characters well developed that I couldn't help it but watch it till the end. Shadow Ranger was my favorite, and I loved the ending that opens for continuity.

    Power Rangers Mystic Force: The story was solid and with a little Star Wars-like twist. Koragg was a great character. but the actors all sucked in and out of costumes, I found myself longing for Dino Thunder's charisma.

    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: As soon as i heard the opening theme I knew it would suck and it did. BIG TIME. The suits were good though.

    Power Rangers Jungle Fury: It was good but didnt appeal to me. Still missed the charisma of Dino Thunder.

    Power Rangers R.P.M: Now, that came as a surpise! I watched expecting nothing of interest. I was beginning to frankly stop bothering to watch Power Rangers till they bring back Jason the original Red Ranger in the titles again (still waiting for that to happen actually)... but then as soon as I started watching I was open-mouthed. I t was like watching Power Rangers meets Terminator!!! I loved it!!! By all measures the best Power Rangers show yet. Totally cool and witty. and the Rangers are well portrayed and acted. Can't wait to see how it ends.

    I've heard about a rumor that in 2010 they plan on remaking Mighty Morphin Power Rangers again and if that happens I wish they bring back Jason again and keep him as the center of events.

    That's all for now.
  • The best cheesiness show EVAR! (Season 1 Review)



    Before I begin, this review is only going to focus on the first seasom of this show and not the rest of the seasons because I've haven't watch all of them yet so let's get started.

    Plot: The plot is about five boring teenagers: Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy. They get summoned by a giant floating head, Zordon, who gives them the special powers, and together, they are the Power Rangers who save the world in Japanese stock footage.

    Thoughts on the Plot: It sounds absurd, but all of the awesomeness and cheesiness is what makes this show great.

    Characters: Some of the characters are completely bland and boring; while others are completely over the top and funny.

    ~Jason, the red ranger, is boring.

    ~Zack, the black ranger, is annoying;

    ~Billy, the blue ranger, is a stereotypical nerd;

    ~Trini, the yellow ranger, was boring;

    ~Kimberly, the pink ranger, while hot, she was mainly there for the male audience to look at.

    ~Bulk and Skull: They are the bullies of the rangers, but later in the series, they become the good guys, and they are completely funny! They're so funny that they're subplots are actually better than the main plots! :P

    The other characters are terrible, but the villains are completely ridiculous and awesome.

    Special Effects: They are completely bad in an awesome way.

    Music: The music is completely epic, and it just gets better the more you listen to it.

    Humor: While predictable, it's still funny.

    Acting: the acting is mixed at best; at times, it can be okay, but at other times, it looks like the actors are saying something with sarcasm.


    ~So bad it's good value
    ~Great cheesy humor
    ~Cheesy SFX
    ~Epic music


    ~Sometime bad acting
    ~Terrible characters

    Overall, Power Rangers is a great example of a show being so bad it's good in a fantastic way.

    Overall Score: 9.0

    And if you want to watch this series on Netflix, here's a link of a search of all of the episodes of Power Rangers: Clicky

    And if you wanna listen to the epic music, here's a YouTube search link to the music: Clicky

  • If you were born in the 90's,then you would grow up with Power Rangers


    If there was one thing that was popular in the 90's besides Pokemon,it was none other than the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now I'm only reviewing the first series,not those stupid spin-offs. This show was about five teenagers who gain powers to morph into warriors,and defend the world from evil spirits from a witch named Rita and her Zords. And this was awesome. The first series was a lot better than Power Rangers Samurai and all of those other pieces of junk spin-offs. The action scenes were just amazing. Instead of looking at pointless explosions that looked fake,we actually had great action sequences that weren't just random and wastes of time. This show also had great special effects,and none of them had costumes that looked cheap or had weird symbols on them. This show also could be funny at times,and have never used pointless puns. This show even had a movie into theaters,and it was great. Not to mention how awesome was the theme song. Overall,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was awesome and great,and was the only good show of Power Rangers history. However,it sucked when Disney bought them. So please,just watch this instead of Power Rangers Samurai.

  • Classic episode with sentai footage

    I loved how they stuck with the super sentai plot for when the pink and blue rangers got turned into punks. What I liked the most was when Zordon told the rangers the Story of how he found the singing squash while fighting off all of the putties. The Image in the Viewing globe was actually Super Sentai Footage and the "True form of Zordon before he got caught in a Time Warp" Was Actually the Wizard Barza who was Zordon's Super Sentai Counterpart who went to look for the singing squash so he could bring Mei and Dan (Super Sentai Pink and Blue Ranger) back to normal.

    I feel Sorry for Bulk and Skull Always Getting Embarassed lol
  • the power rangers a clasic kids show that made people want to go crazy for there action figurers and the movie.

    the power rangers i grew up watching this show when in elemerty school and i admit i was huge fan back in the day and own alot of the toys and saw the movie. the show is about these older kids that hang out in calfornia and are chosen to weild these morphers that change them and give them the power of there mphical beast or dinosaours. they were chosen by zordon. and they head to a command center for info i grew up with the orginals and only watched a few seasons because i grew out of the show but there were tons of spin offs and made over hundreads of eps. it was a good show.
  • Retarded as hell!

    This is a decent show with good action,but i immediately close it when they go into their robot form and when somebody i know comes.The acting is horrible,they act so retarded,the monstersd look awful,the story is kiddiesh,and everyone at school thinks its retarded.I only watch this when im bored and waiting for something,the karate scenes are pretty cool but they do the same kicks.I don't watch this anymore now,so i quit with power rangers.Don't watch this.
  • I've grew-up watching Power Rangers, since it first air in 1993 and also i was child.

    Wow! I couldn't believe my own eyes at all. Power Rangers is the greatest superhero program of all times. It is the longest running children program like ever. Power Rangers is quite interesting entertainment of Action/Adventure colorful superhero theme. I've been watching Power Rangers, since it debut in 1993. I was child back then. I like Power Rangers alot, it's my favorite superhero program series than any other.

    Well, Power Rangers has tune down quite a bit and not like it use to be from first aring. But, it still brings great entertainment of action/adventure that isn't lost really. Yeah, i do like the oringal cast members/crew more better than now. But, it's always good see new faces time to time. I like Tommy Oliver, he is my all time favorite Ranger from Power Rangers. He is the bast at be as Rangers taking down Evil Forces. Tommy Oliver's Rangers Colors Form Are: Evil Green & Good Evil Ranger & White Ranger & Red Zeo 5 Ranger & 13 Epidsode of being as Red Turbo Ranger and Black Dino Thunder Ranger. My 2nd Best Power Rangers happen to come in line as Was known as Red Time Force Ranger. He is similar to Tommy Oliver alot.
  • I might be old but I love this show

    the power rangers were like the best show i ever seen it aired on the same day i was born well close it's like I was destin to watch this show and love it I did every thing watch the show recorded type collect all the Megazords and what every relates to them and the show is about any form of group of people that become the Power Rangers and I like have its all diffrent and their are many types of Megazords and weapons and I feel the Power Rangers will be around for a long time and If I was rich i will try to buy the rights of the Power rangers
  • The first season ever was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with Zordon and Alpha. There was a group of teenage kids chosen to save the day or world. "Its morphin time" was the phrase used to morph into the power rangers and battle Rita's evil forces.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the best season ever. After the Turbo force the show lost my interst. It had reached which seems to me its peak at the time but after they just kept making up new forces it went down hill. The characters couldn't act and the show just sucked. Maybe kids now a days like it as much as I used to like Mighty Morphin and Space and Turbo power rangers. If I was to turn the channel to an episode of power rangers today I would be disappointed and just change the channel. I refuse to be entertained by the new seasons. Now on the other hand I would glady enjoy some reruns of the older power rangers, thats what they need to put on television now!
  • I'M STILL IN SHOCK!! I guess living with the power ranger since the orginalls in '93 and to see them canalled now is just one of the shockers I've had in my life time.

    It is now an end of a dynasty. I mean what more can you say. They had a great run. 700 episodes over 13 years. Maybe if Disney wasn't so greedy and bought out saban we might be talking about anther season. But we're not now. So instead of being mad at Disney we should congratulate the power rangers on what they did for all those season and year and how many lives they've touched over the years. Becaue, lets face it with out them our childhoods are gone. The one thing we hold close to our hearts have now left us for ever. I'm sure you can plbem it on who ever you want Disney for buying out Saban which NEVER should of happened, or the facts the rating got low AFTER disney bought out saban. or just the overall atmosphere of the rangers now compaired to what they were back from '93 to 2002. From their for me the ranger started their downhill spiral. Because more and more they were getting away from there American roots and going back to their Japanese roots. Which to me made TOTALLY no sense. Becaues if you make it for one country you should keep it for that country, not send it back to its roots on our soul. I'm mean what was the point of that to bring ratings down it totally did that part heck it even got it cannelled got job disney. You took away my childhood and the childhood of many other American who have wached power rangers over the years. Now you have to live with that.
  • Overall, it was decent

    When I first saw this show, I thought it was awesome. I watched every episode and recorded the ones that I couldn't see in person at the time. For the first five or six seasons, the story line was good. Then the show started to grow monotonous. Every single season would be about 3 to ten stupid teens "fighting the forces of evil" each week in different, often hair-brained ways. There was no continuity between seasons and the reality factor was lacking even for a semi-science fiction television show. One thing that bothered me to no end was the lack of feasible fight scenes. One might see a bad guy swing a sword at air or touch a ranger with his fist and the ranger would fly twenty feet, de-morph, or collapse and claim to be out of power. Episodes (such as the one in which the red ranger is the last to join the team, or learns how to be a good leader, or five or six personal episodes that introduce the viewer to the abilities and/or personalities of the team) were constantly recycled over and over and over again. However, there were some notable exceptions to the monotony. Power Rangers Dino Thunder, SPD, and Mystic Force did do a fairly decent job of keeping the spark of greatness that the show started out with alive (though the end of Mystic Force did seem rushed, unrealistic (two of the greatest wizards of all time kicking the bucket in two minutes, the rangers beating a villain that they previously couldn't take out in ten episodes in a matter of seconds, a series-long bad guy up and turning good at the last minute). And the final two seasons, Jungle Fury and RPM restored my faith in Power Rangers as a good series. Jungle Fury was excellent in every possible way and the producers could have done so much more with it had they just expanded it to a few more episodes rather than rushing to make the next series and toy line. And RPM featured actual cutting edge fight scenes and stunt coordination, and the ending nearly made me break down in tears. All in all, I think that RPM was a relatively good note for the producers to end the series on.
  • Only when I was young.

    The high rating is strictly based on two things. Number 1 would have to be that the first 3 seasons were the best. After that, everything went down the tubes. Power Rangers was never as good and never recovered. It lost so much of its popularity that it ruined itself with its own ambition. Number 2 would have to be based on when I was young. It was a show I didn't want to miss and it really was entertaining. When I look back on the series, I have to say that it is now such a joke and it's become a watered down version of its formal self. The first 3 years were really good, after that, it was never the same. Thank you.
  • Power Rangers is about a team of a team of people who get super powers to morph into superheros and take on villans, through each season you get to see how we understand each charactor so we understand them and how the team overcome obsticles.

    I found power rangers to be an interesting show to watch, at first it aimed at children to watch it but this show is for anybody of all ages to watch, it shouldnt be aimed just for children because the one thing ive seen about this show is that you see the interesting storyline that goes with it and how it grabs your attention.

    plus and i think all power ranger fans will agree with me on this is that everyone loves the morph action.

    Mighty morphin power rangers was a great additon to start of with and bringing in Tommy as the green ranger was pure genious, seeing each season have it own new team as it went on had a good concept, when jungle fury started it was amazing from start to finnish, with everything that went with it with the kung fu, animal spirit, the training, its the best season ive seen recently.

    Power rangers RPM that is on now is not the best season, to be honest its on the bottom of the list of all the seasons ive seen, the charactors are great though the storyline isnt.
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