Power Rangers

Saturday 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 28, 1993 In Season





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  • why do people of the new generation of Power Rangers trash on the old generation Power Rangers when the new generation has been far more worse.


    I have been a fan of Power rangers ever since the show started in 1992 back to the day it was Mighty Morphing Power Ranger up to wild force.I kind of stayed out of it when Ninja storm came along then i watched Dino thunder and it was great again since they brought Tommy back as the Dino Rangers mentor and it was good again then it became bad again with SPD for one reason they had way to many rangers on one team for one season i mean they always have the standard 5 with 6th ranger appearing later on the team but they had 14 rangers on one team not including the team up episode. then the show got worse when operation overdrive came along with a lame theme song and a really lame team of rangers by that time i had no idea what to expect but that is what happens when Disney makes a 20 franchise into another one of their cheap overrated straight to home video crap it got better once Nick took and made it to what it once was again i still like power Rangers but some of the series from Disney era was terrible.