Power Rangers - Season 11

Saturday 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 28, 1993 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • 11/15/03
    The Wind Rangers return to the destroyed Ninja Ops, and find a familiar face awaiting them! Hunter & Blake, having barely survived their Zords' destruction, make a stealth infiltration of Lothor's ship to save Cam, and get a pair of most unlikely allies. When Lothor attacks in his own Zord, will the Rangers destroy him, knowing that in doing so, the Abyss of Evil will be broken open?moreless
  • 11/15/03
    Lothor's true plan is revealed, as he elaborates upon his decision to let Vexacus wipe out his army in an effort to overflow and burst open the Abyss of Evil in a final attempt to destroy the Earth. It's all been foretold on the Scroll of Destiny, that he'll succeed in this. The Rangers gather at the Action Games to compete in special events, which just happens to be held on the exact area where the Abyss's entrance is at! Will our heroes destroy Vexacus, and thus, put the city one step closer to being overrun with the revived defeated monsters?moreless
  • Down and Dirty
    Episode 36
    Marah & Kapri, having revealed to Shimazu that they've been faking being idiots all along, use his aid in piloting a trio of Evil Zords, all part of their grand scheme to overthrow Lothor by destroying the Rangers themselves! Meanwhile, Blake & Hunter's motocrossing rivalry signals a change in field of expertise for Dustin.moreless
  • A Gem of a Day
    Episode 35
    Hunter's secret, that he's kept a few of the Gem of Souls fragments, comes out when Vexacus ambushes him for them. Though his teammates are upset over his hiding this from them, the artifact instead aids Cam in his plans to sneak aboard Lothor's spaceship to free the trapped ninjas! Speaking of which, Lothor has Motodrone spy on the suspicious Vexacus, leading to a showdown between the two Generals. All of this, plus the Condortron monster!moreless
  • 10/4/03
    Zurgane's Zord is obliterated by the Rangers, but the General manages to get the data from the Rangers' attacks, and uses it when creating a new Zord, the HyperZurgane Zord! It cripples the Hurricane Megazord, so can the Rangers stall Zurgane long enough for the Zords to be repaired? Even if Zurgane survives the battle, one of his fellow Generals has his own plans about his fate...moreless
  • 10/4/03
    As Shane, Dustin, Blake, and Hunter prepare to go on a camping trip (taking along highly unessential items), the team is embroiled in a power struggle between the various Generals of Lothor's army. They face Zurgane's latest Zord, which just so happens to be copying their technology in the process!
  • Eye of the Storm
    Episode 32
    Shane's highly-successful and highly-critical older brother Porter comes to town, and reminds him of how he's wasting his life by spending it skateboarding. When facing the Eyezak monster, who causes each of the Rangers to face their worse fears, Shane's secret identity as the Red Ranger is exposed to his brother. Will this change his opinion of him?moreless
  • Double-Edged Blake
    Episode 31
    Blake is spending his afternoons alone, and is keeping what he's up to a secret. Tori decides to follow him, and discovers he's hanging out with another girl! What connection does this woman have to the Thunder Academy, and what use will Navy Ranger's new Thunder Blade against the balloonatick Inflatron monster?moreless
  • The Wild Wipeout
    Episode 30
    After suffering a wipeout on her surfboard, Tori is sent by the evil Butterfly-like monster called Goldwinger to a pocket dimension where everything seems to be opposite of her own reality. Her Ranger teammates are evil, the aliens are good, Kapri & Marah are hippies, Zurgane & Choobo are punk-Kelly's stockboys, and Lothor is the do-good Mayor of Blue Bay Harbor! Whose side should she be rooting for now? Can she get back to her own dimension safely, if at all?moreless
  • 9/20/03
    Having proven herself worthy after a training test, Tori goes on a quest to retrieve the Turtle Mace Power Sphere solo (and soon she faces both Marah & Kapri!). Shane & Dustin hide out, guarding a local Environmental Conference, which becomes Lothor's latest target when he sends down the Snipster monster to ensure nobody agrees on anything.moreless
  • Shimazu Returns (2)
    Episode 28
    Facing the combined trio of Wolfblades into one giant monster, the Rangers' Zords are helpless against it. Can Cam retrieve the component necessary to winning this battle? And what does it have to do with his hidden talent for the "Search for a Star" program? Speaking of which, will the pop-singing Marah & Kapri be the surprise underdogs at the contest?moreless
  • Shimazu Returns (1)
    Episode 27
    As the Rangers prepared to compete on the "search for a star" program, Cam ventures to a museum in search of an important artifact, and is not only attacked by Marah & Kapri, but the revived Motodrone! If that wasn't bad enough, an ancient statue is brought to life during the battle, reviving the long-dormant alien warlord Shimazu. He brings with him a trio of vicious beasts called Wolfblades. Can our heroes tame these three bad dogs?moreless
  • Shane's Karma (2)
    Episode 26
    Shane learns of Skyla's intentions with reuniting with him after all these years, and protests this destiny, despite how it will give him added power, capable of defeating the now Lothor-aligned Vexacus. Elsewhere, Marah & Kapri hold a class reunion party on their uncle's ship. Meanwhile, the other Rangers must deal with Lothor's Lightning-Moded second Zord, that keeps stealing their Power Spheres!moreless
  • Shane's Karma (1)
    Episode 25
    Repeated dreams, reminding him of an incident during his young, lead Shane into the woods, where he encounters an alien female being pursued by a deadly bounty hunter called Vexacus. What secret does this woman named Skyla have to the Red Ranger's destiny? Meanwhile, Tori has a birthday party, which is soon crashed by the Kelzaks, and Zurgane's latest Zord, now with Lightning Mode!moreless
  • Brothers in Arms
    Episode 24
    A brainy bike mechanic named Perry accidentally becomes the evil Motodrone. He captures Hunter, and attempts to implant his mind into a new vehicle, the Ninja Glider Cycle.
  • Tongue and Cheek
    Episode 23
    Stopping a band of crooks from vandalizing Storm Chargers while in his Yellow Ranger form, Dustin gains popularity. This goes to his head to the point his ego rubs his teammates the wrong way. Are the Wind Rangers through? Meanwhile, the living mailbox with a big tongue, Slob Goblin, aids Marah & Kapri in their efforts to make Blake & Hunter's trip to see their grandmother anything but comfortable!moreless
  • Sensei Switcheroo
    Episode 22
    An attempt to get Sensei Guinea Pig back to normal causes the mentor to switch bodies with Shane! The Red Ranger has a skating competition coming up, but can Sensei do it for him successfully? When the gravity-alerting monster Footzilla attacks, can the body switch be to the advantage of our heroes? And can the two be switched back, or is the game of musical bodies not yet through?moreless
  • All About Beevil
    Episode 21
    Dustin's overly trusting nature causes him to lose his motorcycle to a shady man who promises to upgrade it, only to turn out his business card's address is a fake. Marah, displaced in her role among the Evil Space Ninjas by her robotic pal Beevil, sees a kindred spirit in the equally dim-witted Dustin, and approaches him about switching over to the side of good. Is this another trick at the Yellow Ranger's expense?moreless
  • Good Will Hunter
    Episode 20
    Marah & Kapri, addicted to selling items on the internet, accidentally sell the Personal Alien Manager to a boy named Charlie, who just so happens to be the child Hunter is attempting to mentor in a Big Brother type program. The kid, unaware of just how powerful a device he has, unleashes an increasing number of Kelzaks upon the city! Meanwhile, the other Rangers all get Cam to film them in a video showing off their extreme sports moves.moreless
  • I Love Lothor
    Episode 19
    Marah & Kapri desire to assist their uncle Lothor in taking over the Earth by changing his image, and consult the television producer monster, Mister Ratwell! The idea is to broadcast a sappy sitcom starring Lothor, with a hypnotizing spell alongside, to force all of humanity to adore the Evil Space Ninja. Ratwell's love spell is also used on Cam & Blake, causing both of them to compete to the death for the affections of Tori!moreless
  • Scent of a Ranger
    Episode 18
    Stressed out from overwork, Cam is told to take in some recreationial activies. He appears to go overboard, as he has a sudden personality change, to an overly easy-going, slang-talking, thrill-seeker! What's wrong with Cam? And can he straighten back up in time to help against the Fragra monster, who turns Dustin & Tori into bottles of perfume?moreless
  • 6/7/03
    Though now a Ranger, Cam returns to his Ninja Ops duties. But when Lothor unleashes five monsters at once, the team is split up, forcing the Green Samurai Ranger to return to the battlefield already. When stung by the Sucker monster, and slowly turning into a bug, will Cam's second outing as a Ranger be his last?moreless
  • 5/31/03
    Sent more than 20 years into the past, Cam encounters his mother and father during their teenaged years when they first met. He also learns of Lothor's true identity, which hits closer to his family tree than he ever realized! Cam seeks the Samurai Amulet, an artifact of great power that his mother once possessed. Can he befriend his parents in time, and stop the man who will be Lothor from getting it first? Meanwhile, in the present, the Evil Space Ninjas hold a talent search to find new monsters to assault the Earth.moreless
  • 5/24/03
    Cam laments not being a Ranger, and he won't be alone for long, as the illusionary Madtropolis monster drains the Rangers of their powers! Though they're given a brief boost, and manage to give the monster a good beating, he grows large! Can our heroes take the strain of running the Megazords with what little power they have? Or will Cam have to go against his father's wishes and use the mysterious Scroll of Time to seek out a long lost source of energy?moreless
  • Pork Chopped
    Episode 14
    Tori tries tries to balance conflicting promises, when she makes a date with Blake to see a movie with him and Hunter at the same time she's expected to watch Shane's skateboarding meet. Lothor exploits this stretching thin of the Blue Ranger by having General Treyf capture the Thunders in a tub of popcorn, and attacks the Wind Rangers with Kelzaks. Can their new teammates be freed from a buttery doom, or will the nonkosher villain wallow in the Rangers' defeat?moreless
  • Boxing Bopp-a-Roo
    Episode 13
    The rivalry of the team's two red-shaded Rangers, Shane and Hunter, grows heated, when they both compete against one another in a multi-sported Total Trek event. The Bopp-a-Roo monster utilizes their alpha-male clashing to beat the team. Will this defeat punch some sense into the pair?
  • 5/3/03
    Banished from Lothor's army, Choobo strikes out on his own, and strikes back against the Thunder Rangers by capturing them in his deadly backpack dimension. Can they escape, and deal with Choobo once and for all? Will Blake & Hunter finally become part of the Ninja Storm team? What ultimate weapon does Cam have in store if they can come together at last?moreless
  • 4/26/03
    Portico Island is not only in the process of freezing the entire planet, but returning to its 200-year-long dip into the ocean, taking the Rangers with it! Quickly, our heroes, with their new ally Blake, must overcome Supertoxipod and the evilly deranged Hunter before they end up sleeping with the fishes.moreless
  • 4/19/03
    Trapped on a mysterious island together, the Wind Rangers are hunted by the brainwashed Thunder Rangers. An unnatural cold front sweeps the planet, eminating from the island. Thanks to the evil spell wearing off, Blake & Hunter appear to be prepared to switch sides again, but when the revived Super Toxipod monster appears and turns one of them bad again, it'll be brother against brother!moreless
  • 4/12/03
    The Thunder Rangers' journey to self discovery is interrupted by Choobo, who approaches them in the desert, claiming to have defected, and willing to give them Lothor's ship's access codes as proof. But when they trust the villain, they walk right into a trap, and are brainwashed into becoming evil again! Can the Wind Rangers withstand battling both the Thunder Rangers, and the new Toxipod monster?moreless
  • Nowhere to Grow
    Episode 8
    The Rangers discover the Kelzaks planting strange seeds, along with a monster called Florabundacus. Cam is refused being allowed to bring the seeds to botanist Dr Belrab by his father, who has long kept a promise to his deceased wife to keep their son out of harm's way by not letting him become a ninja. Going anyway, Cam ends up smack dab in the middle of a plot by Lothor's minions to wrap the city in Florabundacus' roots and vines.moreless
  • 3/22/03
    As the Evil Space Ninjas celebrate the capture of Sensei Guinea Pig by the Thunder Rangers, the Wind Rangers pinpoint just where Blake and Hunter are taking their mentor. Tracking the evil Rangers to the Mountain of Lost Ninjas, our heroes struggle not only to retreive Sensei, but to fight off the zombie guards around the location of the powerful Gem of Souls! Will both sets of Rangers work together, and will the Thunders learn the truth of the fate of their parents at last? All of this, plus Zurgane unveils his very own Zord!moreless
  • 3/15/03
    The Wind Rangers recover from their defeat by the Thunder Rangers, though Tori lacks the ability to morph when the Amphibidor monster attacks, draining the city's water supply. Blake helps to save her, in doing so, he's injured. He's taken to the location of Ninja Ops, which will come back to haunt our heroes quite quickly! The Thunder Rangers appear again as the Wind Rangers face the monster, but when they instead assist our heroes, just whose side are they on anyway?moreless
  • 3/8/03
    Cam is in need of the data disc for the Tsunami Cycles, which Dustin had last, all unaware that it's not only landed in the hands of the evil Thunder Rangers, but has been used to give them their own Cycles! This leads to the first confrontation between the Wind and Thunder Rangers, and as if our heroes didn't have it bad enough, they also face Zurgane! When the Thunder Rangers unveil their own Zords, can our heroes' own Zords withstand their awesome power?moreless
  • Looming Thunder
    Episode 4
    Dustin makes two new friends, Blake and Hunter, at the motocross track. His continued spending of time with them causes him to be late to join his Ranger teammates in battle once too often. How long can the new team last if their Yellow Ranger isn't responsible enough? The Terramole monster may be just the one to put this to the test. Meanwhile, are Dustin's new friends are all they appear to be?moreless
  • 2/22/03
    Her tomboyish attitude ruining her image as a feminine female, Tori agrees to be in a photo shoot for Girl Sport magazine. But it turns out to be a trap, where Marah & Kapri capture the Blue Ranger, and replace her with a clone! Can she use her water-ninja skills to get out of this mess, and be able to convince her teammates she's the true blue? Or will the Copybot monster destroy them all?moreless
  • 2/15/03
    Virtual training missions between the three Rangers highlights a major fault in their teamwork, focused directly upon team leader Shane. Despite Sensei's reminding that he must learn to trust in his teammates, the Red Ranger strikes out on his own against the Mad Magnet monster. Will he learn his lesson the hard way? Meanwhile, Lothor's evil nieces, Kapri and Marah, are also suffering from a lack of teamwork, and are forced to work out their problems by being stuck together, literally, by the monster's magnetic ray!moreless
  • Prelude to a Storm
    Episode 1

    Three young extreme sports fans, surfer Tori, skateboarder Shane, and motocrosser Dustin, spend their afternoons together at the Wind Ninja Academy, where the future stealth protectors of the Earth are trained in secret. Though, they're considered to be the three least dedicated students, the trio's potential and good nature comes to an advantage, when they run late for class one afternoon. It just so happens, that day, Lothor, a banished evil ninja, comes back to the planet, and conquers every Ninja Academy with his hoard of Evil Alien Ninjas! With their Sensei trapped in the form of a guinea pig, and his grumpy and embittered tech-wizard son Cam designing the weaponry to combat the villains, the three become the Wind Ninja Rangers. Can they manage to defeat the Blue Face monster in their first battle?

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