Power Rangers - Season 7

Saturday 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 28, 1993 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Lost Episode
    The Lost Episode
    Episode 46
    Austin St. John & Walter Emmanuel Jones host a special retrospective on over 5 years & roughly 300 episodes of Power Rangers. Clips, montages, a "brief history of Power Rangers in just over a minute", and a music video are presented. The show rounds out with the 16 minute original, never before broadcasted Pilot Version of "Day Of The Dumpster". Among the changes, is a different Trini, a totally different Command Center, an odd(er) looking Alpha 5, and Zordon is a big green head named "Zoltar", among other oddities.moreless
  • Journey's End (3)
    Episode 45

    Leo is stranded on the moon of the new world, and comes face to face with the final, deadly, bug-like form of Trakeena! She repowers the City Dome, and sends it flying toward the new world, aimed right for the colonization spot by the former citizens of Terra Venture! Can the Power Rangers put a stop to her, and to the last remnant of Terra Venture, in time? Plus, what familiar secret within the jungles of this brave, new world?

  • Journey's End (2)
    Episode 44
    A mass evacuation of the ruins of Terra Venture is underway, attempting to get everyone off of the moon and to the new world before the City Dome collapses. The Deviot-merged Trakeena arms every one of her Stingwingers with bombs, and has them overrun the colony in an effort to stop this escape. The Rangers put their lives on the line to protect the humans, though a sacrifice from an unexpected source aids them enough to tip the balance back into the favor of good.moreless
  • Journey's End (1)
    Episode 43
    Deviot, having barely survived his return from the Lost Galaxy, returns to the Scorpion Stinger. He's not welcomed back so easily, and makes a desperate ploy for the transformation cocoon, taking Trakeena with him! Now combined with Deviot, an unstably psychotic Trakeena pulls no punches in targeting Terra Venture, which is running dangerously low on fuel and down to its last engine. Can the space colony reach a nearby uninhabited planet, which appears to be the perfect world for colonization? Or will their mission stop just short of its goal?moreless
  • 12/3/99

    When Barbarax and the Swabbies repeatedly succeed in capturing mass amounts of Terra Venture citizens, Mike, the only one of the team to still have his identity unknown to the villains, plants himself in the next batch of captives. Infiltrating Captain Mutiny's encampment, he aims to free the overworked slaves personally. Meanwhile, Kai and Leo make a discovery about the Galaxy Book which might just get them out of the Lost Galaxy. But can Mike rescue the prisoners before that happens, or will this battle cost another Magna Defender his life?

  • 11/19/99
    In an effort to inflict major damage to the already engine-failing Terra Venture, Captain Mutiny unleashes his dragon-vessel, the Titanisaur, on Terra Venture. It'll take the combined might of all the Megazords to save the space colony from its destructive rampage.
  • Hexuba's Graveyard
    Episode 40
    Upon gaining approval from Captain Mutiny, Hexuba proceeds to resurrect old monsters from the LG Rangers' past in an effort to overwhelm the heroes. As each of the Rangers and Magna Defender work overtime to return the monsters to the grave, Kai decides to seek out the source of the evil revival. This leads to an ultimate showdown with Hexuba herself!moreless
  • Dream Battle
    Episode 39
    Recruiting the assistance of spellcaster Hexuba, Captain Mutiny plots to put the Power Rangers to sleep, to allow easy plundering of Terra Venture. As each of the Rangers are knocked out by tainted flowers, they're thrust into a somnific dimension where Swabbies endlessly overrun them, and a Nightmare monster stalks their every move. Can Mike break the spell, or will he take the big sleep along with them?moreless
  • Until Sunset
    Episode 38

    Stranded on Captain Mutiny's homeworld, Leo & Damon are captured by Barbarax, and are left to perish in the blistering sunlight, while awaiting execution by the Captain at day's end! As they await their fate, the two Rangers reflect on their past adventures, their victories, and losses, but ever present is the friendship they share. Can their teammates find them before sunset?

  • 11/15/99
    Captain Mutiny's "gift" to the space colony, a ravenous beast known as Grunchor, rampages throughout Terra Venture. The Rangers struggle to stop it from devouring everything in sight, but find the creature to be nigh-invulernable!
  • 11/12/99
    Terra Venture passes through a portal into a strange and dangerous dimension, known as the Lost Galaxy. Within, the colony is soon encountered by a dragon-sailing alien known as Captain Mutiny, who offers to assist Commander Stanton and his crew in returning to their own universe. But when the Power Rangers investigate Mutiny's homeworld, they discover he's far less than friendly to visitors...moreless
  • 11/11/99
    A mysterious warrior arrives on Terra Venture, and attempts to steal the Galaxy Book. He's aware Kai is the Blue Ranger, and informs him that he's the Guardian of the book, warning the dangers that will arise if the book falls into the wrong hands. Of course, those evil hands just happen to belong to Deviot, who seeks the Galaxy Book for his own purposes. Can the Guardian and Kai stop the villain before he reads aloud a powerful spell which could put the colony in mortal danger?moreless
  • Turn Up the Volume
    Episode 34
    Damon competes with a ruthless techie named Baxter for the role of new Chief Mechanic on Terra Venture. When his rival cheats and wins, he soon puts the whole colony in danger due to his inexperience and egotism when the Decibat monster shrieks havoc upon the City Dome. Can Damon fix the situation and shut the monster up?moreless
  • Facing the Past
    Episode 33
    When all of the Rangers' powers are drained by Magnetox, Karone must face her dark past as Astronema to gain some powerful keys from a brave Warrior she once defeated, which will allow Leo to summon forth a Red Armored Power Ranger form.
  • 11/8/99
    Kendrix's spirit informs Maya of the Pink Quasar Saber's location in a dream, though the machinations of Deviot sends the Lost Galaxy Rangers instead into a deadly trap! When the Saber ends up on the auction block at the villain-infested Onyx tavern, the only hope to keep it out of the hands of Trakeena is previous Queen of Evil, Astronema! But whose side is she on?moreless
  • 11/5/99

    The last surviving Psycho Ranger, Psycho Pink, learns of the Savage Sword, a weapon more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined, from Kendrix's research of the Galaxy Book. She hunts the Savage Sword down, with both the Lost Galaxy and Space Pink Rangers on her trail. Can Cassie and Kendrix stop her in time, or will one of them have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

  • 11/4/99
    Deviot acquires the Data Cards containing the Psycho Rangers, and uses it to bring them back to life! The Psychos target the Lost Galaxy Rangers, but their evil resurrection doesn't go unnoticed by a familiar face, and he's got four teammates on their way to help settle an old score...
  • 11/3/99
    Chameliac, a monster with a computerized memory, learns all of the Lost Galaxy Rangers', and Magna Defender's, battle skills and moves, using them successfully against the team. He's even got the Megazord attacks copied! Can Mike figure out the key to confusing Chameliac?
  • A Red Romance
    Episode 28
    Leo saves a gal called Ginger from a biking accident, and a romance begins to develop between the two, despite the misgivings of her overprotective older brother, Colby. When Trakeena sends down the snake-charming monster Maronda, to capture several Terra Venture citizens in a jar, Ginger is also kidnapped, while on a date with Leo. Colby blames him for his apparent cowardace, and sets out to rescue her himself using his keen motorcycling skills. Can Leo rescue Ginger and the others, while redeeming himself in Colby's eyes?moreless
  • Loyax' Last Battle
    Episode 27
    Once a greatly revered hero, the aging Loyax has since turned to the side of evil, feeling that if he couldn't beat them, he'd join them. Wanting one last, glorious battle before the end of his long life, he joins Trakeena's forces so that he can go up against the Power Rangers. During the fight, he and Yellow Ranger Maya end up separated from the rest. Both injured and relying on one another for survival, can Loyax and Maya put aside their rivalry and work together?moreless
  • Mean Wheels Mantis
    Episode 26
    A motorcycle-expert monster named Motor Mantis turns Kendrix & Maya into trophies, and challenges the other Rangers to a race-off. Their Astro Cycles are no match for his bike and trickery. Leo is the only one left to face the monster, and it'll take a better understanding of his Red Lion Galactabeast to gain an upgraded edge to cross the finish line first.moreless
  • Blue to the Test
    Episode 25
    Terra Venture nears a giant red star. Icy Angel is sent down to place Commander Stanton under a spell, forcing him to sabotage the space colony so that it will be sucked in and destroyed by the intense gravity of it! Kai, big on rules and regulations, struggles with going along with the Commander's crazy commands, versus his usual way of always following orders. Can he manages to break his routine and go against the grain, aiding in breaking the spell on Stanton and saving Terra Venture again?moreless
  • Green Courage
    Episode 24
    The Scorpion Stinger's engine is heavily damaged in an asteroid shower. Trakeena deploys Cannonbrawl to capture Terra Venture's High Counciler Renier for use as a hostage trade for a mechanic. It just so happens that Green Ranger Damon is the best man for the job. Will he repair the evil aliens' ship, and if he does, will they let him survive the trip?moreless
  • Memories of Mirinoi
    Episode 23
    Shondra, Maya's childhood friend from Mirinoi, suddenly appears up on Terra Venture. They resume their friendship, pushing Kendrix out in the role of best friend. When Kendrix begins to suspect Shondra of having a connection to the Rykon monster who's trying to capture the Galaxy Book, is she just letting jealousy cloud her judgment?moreless
  • An Evil Game
    Episode 22
    Trakeena, now controlling her departed father's army and Scorpion Stinger ship, targets the Rangers for murdering Scorpius. She captures Leo and holds him prisoner. Can his teammates find him in time? Meanwhile, Deviot unleashes two monsters of his own in an attempt to usurp Trakeena!
  • Heir to the Throne
    Episode 21

    Trakeena ends up on the villain oasis Onyx, where she runs afoul of some hoodlums. Her lack of fighting experience gets the best of her, but thanks to the honorable Villamax and Kegler, she's given a chance to train to become the warrior she was meant to be. Meanwhile, Deviot tricks Scorpius into going down to Terra Venture personally, led to believe Trakeena is being held hostage by the Rangers. Our heroes must use the Lights Of Orion to face their main enemy in a fight to the finish!

  • 10/22/99
    With their Galactabeasts refusing to battle the three evil Megazords, and no reason as to why, the Rangers ponder a new plan in stopping the rampaging machines. Deviot, along with the Hardtochoke monster, exploits the situation to the fullest. Though the tide of battle may turn when Kendrix makes a connection between the evil Zords and the three previously missing Galactabeasts...moreless
  • 10/16/99

    A robotic monster known as Deviot arrives on the Scorpion Stinger, with a proposition for Scorpius. If he's made his newest General, with the possibility of entering the cocoon, he'll use his very own trio of evil Zords to destroy the Power Rangers! To achieve this goal, Deviot captures Kai and Damon, and via control-collars, forces them to fight one another to the death. In doing so, the power source for his Zords will be charged the more heated the battle gets. Even if the Blue and Green Rangers can survive each other, can Terra Venture withstand a group of evil Megazords? Meanwhile, Kendrix makes a startling discovery concerning the Galaxy Book, when she finds a page containing not only drawings of their Galactabeasts, but of more!

  • The Rescue Mission
    Episode 18

    A distress signal from a nearby alien ship is investigated by an elite crew of GSA members, led by Mike and Leo. Onboard, they quickly discover the craft to be empty and the crew to be dead, webbed up by a strange, vicious alien creature. One by one, the visitors from Terra Venture are captured, with the same fate awaiting them! And what key to the answers and the powers of the Lost Galaxy Rangers lies aboard that ship?

  • Stolen Beauty
    Episode 17

    Trakeena releases the Crumummy monster on Terra Venture, draining women of their beauty so that only she will be considered beautiful. She even goes down, in human form, and visits the space colony, hooking up with Mike in the attempt to poison him. Meanwhile, on the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius makes a cocoon for his daughter, with which she'll take her destiny by evolving into her ultimate, bug-like form. But will she give up her sought-after beauty for mere physical power?

  • 9/25/99
    The Rangers' happy reunion with Mike is short lived, as doubts begin to seep in on Leo over his role as Red Ranger now that the "destined" one who pulled the Quasar Saber from the stone is back. To make things worse, the Skelekron monster sends his reaper-like warriors to capture each of the Rangers in mirrors! It's up to Leo and Mike to resolve the issue of Saber-ownership in time for them to save their friends. Meanwhile, what role does the Magna Defender's own Saber play?moreless
  • Redemption Day (1)
    Episode 15
    The Scorpion Stinger springs a fuel leak. Scorpius plans to siphon off energy from Terra Venture through its Mountain Dome. The Magna Defender seeks to overload the Dome with power from the Torozord, which will lead to not only Scorpius' destruction, but the space colony as well! The Rangers seek to stop him from doing this, and though Torozord turns on him, the damage is done. Leo finally learns from the Magna Defender, who is wounded by the Freaky Tiki monster, the truth of his connection to his brother Mike. Can Terra Venture be saved, and will it cost Leo his brother's life one more time?moreless
  • Shark Attack
    Episode 14
    Treacheron makes a jailbreak, with the help of the Shark Brothers. He vows to clear his name with Scorpius, or die trying, and duels with the Red Ranger. Leo, injured during the battle, witnesses what seems to be visions of Mike while unconscious. What added power does the Lights of Orion have for the Galaxy Megazord, when the Shark Brothers go giant? Meanwhile, Magna Defender targets Trakeena, wanting to destroy Scorpius' offspring just like he did to Zika!moreless
  • Orion Returns (2)
    Episode 13
    The Lights of Orion finally return to Terra Venture, sending both the Rangers and Scorpius' forces scrambling to be the ones to attain them first. Destruxo manages to get ahold of them, and powers up into an armored mode! Even if our heroes can defeat this monster, they'll have the Magna Defender to contend with! Meanwhile, Trakeena uses Impostra in a scheme to undermine and set up Treacheron for a fall from grace.moreless
  • Orion Rising (1)
    Episode 12
    The latest monster, Destruxo, narrows down the Lights Of Orion's location on Terra Venture. He seals off the neighborhood with a forcefield, unknowingly keeping Kendrix & Maya within, and the Magna Defender and the other Rangers out. With air running low inside this domed section, the girls, who had been upset at one another prior due to the oblivious Maya eating Damon's birthday cake, must settle their differences and work together to not only take out the force field, but try to stop Destruxo from getting his hands on the Lights Of Orion, for real this time!moreless
  • Silent Sleep
    Episode 11
    The Chillyfish monster puts Terra Venture on ice, trying to freeze the Lights Of Orion out of hiding, and thus putting everyone to sleep via the wave of cold. Leo manages to avoid slumberland, thanks to Mike's dogtags. Upon noticing the animals on the colony are immune to the freeze-darts, he tries to wrangle a very wild and stubborn horse he's had problems getting along with prior in an effort to keep up with the equally horse-riding Chillyfish. Meanwhile, Magna Defender uses the situation to seek out the Orion lights himself.moreless
  • 4/10/99

    Treacheron eavesdrops on Maya, and believes from her comments that the Lights of Orion may be hidden in a sunflower. He sends the Fishface monster to attack the many sunflower statues on Terra Venture. But the choice of monsters is especially personal for the Magna Defender, as Fishface killed his son, Zika, many years ago. His search for the Orion lights takes a backseat to his goal of revenge against the monster, even willing to risk the lives of innocent bystanders, which the Rangers refuse to allow. Can he be talked out of his destructive path of vengeance? Meanwhile, an old ally of Magna Defender's finally lands on Terra Venture.

  • The Magna Defender
    Episode 9
    Furio decides to go out in a blaze of glory and take Leo with him. A strange ally, who reminds him of his presumed-dead brother Mike, saves Leo from this explosive self-destruction. This man, an alien warrior known as the Magna Defender, is on Terra Venture, seeking the Lights of Orion himself. But his disregard for human life and mysterious goals put him at odds with both the Power Rangers and Scorpius' forces. Speaking of which, Treacheron is promoted to the newest General in Scorpius' army, and immediately teams with Trakeena and a few monsters to steal an egg-like rock that is currently believed to contain the Orion lights.moreless
  • The Blue Crush
    Episode 8
    While spending the day at the local skating rink filming Commander Stanton's daughter for his busy boss, Kai spots a girl named Hannah, and immediately falls for her in more ways than one. But his attempts to get closer to her grows complicated, when he's led to believe that she's getting married. When the alleged groom is threatened by a falling power line, will Kai set aside his jealousy to save his life? Meanwhile, the Quakemaker spews spikes into the ground on Terra Venture, attempting to shake loose the Lights of Orion via massive colony-quakes. If Furio fails in this attempt, his role as Scorpius' General is over!moreless
  • Double Duty
    Episode 7
    Kendrix discovers she's identical to a movie star on Terra Venture, Carolyn Picketts. They switch places for the filming of a movie, when Carolyn, snobbish and lazy, pretends to be injured. But the actress/model learns a lesson in humility and perseverance by observing Kendrix, who fights through her own injuries to save her from the Wisewizard monster, who's seeking the Lights Of Orion within cameras all over the space station.moreless
  • 3/13/99
    Trakeena & Furio discover the Lights Of Orion, a powerful and ancient source of energy, have come to Terra Venture. Only one who is "chosen" can release them, so they reveal to the Rangers they have Mike captive, and intend to use him to free the lights! Leo desperately tries to save the brother he thought he'd lost, but in doing so might just give the villains just what they desire.moreless
  • Homesick
    Episode 5
    A young boy named Matthew is discovered to have stowed away on Terra Venture, and desires nothing but to return to Earth, even resorting to sabotage. He strikes up a bond with Damon, who also has a family he misses back home. When the Gasser monster puts the entire space colony to sleep to allow Furio to take over the vessel, it's Matthew to the rescue. The Rangers have their hands full, first with Stingwingers flanking Terra Venture in outer space, which they deal with using their new Jet Jammer vehicles, and then with Gasser, whose sleep gas ends up turning the Galactabeasts to stone! Is this the end for Terra Venture, or is there a Megazordic secret ability within the Rangers' recently-aquired Transdaggers?moreless
  • Rookie in Red
    Episode 4
    Leo decides to follow in his brother Mike's footsteps, and joins the GSA. His easy-going and blatantly irresponsible attitude leads to a personality conflict with Kai, who's big on being serious and by the book. Soon, Leo leaves the Weapons Dome unlocked, giving the Horn monster easy access to Terra Venture's supply of weaponry. Leo sets out to rectify this mistake, but in doing so, apparently puts all five Quasar Sabers right in Furio's hands! Is this the end for the Rangers' weapons, or is it all a ruse to gain access to Horn's prized possessions, the Transdagghers?moreless
  • Race to the Rescue
    Episode 3

    Maya's mystical sensitivity to the language of animals leads her, with Leo & Damon in tow (and Kai & Kendrix following after), on a quest to seek out five giant creatures, captured by Scorpius' armies. The Rangers work together to free them, and quickly learn these Galactabeasts are more than mere animals, when the intelligent creatures return the favor of their freedom by aiding the Rangers against the Radster monster, who grows giant while attacking Terra Venture.

  • Quasar Quest (2)
    Episode 2
    With Terra Venture's take-off due within a few hours, Kai must commandeer the retired Astro Megaship, currently a museum, to get him through the portal to Mirinoi. But can the ship's mechanic Damon get it flying again? Meanwhile on Mirinoi, Leo joins Mike and Kendrix in aiding Maya in saving her planet from Furio. But when the would-be saviors finds themselves "chosen" by the Quasar Sabers, will can they master the Sabers' powers and become Power Rangers? They'll lose one of their own, but will face an even tougher time getting off Mirinoi before it's turned to stone, and getting back to Earth before the interdimensional portal closes!moreless
  • Quasar Quest (1)
    Episode 1
    The space colony of Terra Venture prepares to leave Earth in order to seek out and populate a new world. Young adult Leo Corbett stows-away onboard to join his big brother, Mike, second-in-command of the operation. But en route, Leo ends up smack in the middle of the crew's dangerous lunar training mission! Meanwhile, a galaxy away, the planet Mirinoi becomes the focus of an invasion by the evil general Furio and his Stingwingers. Will he steal the ancient Quasar Sabers, or can native girl Maya somehow manage to obtain help intergalactically?moreless