Power Rangers - Season 8

Saturday 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 28, 1993 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 11/18/00
    As Carter and Ryan attempt to flee the Skull Cavern, with the knowledge that Queen Bansheera is attempting to reclaim her homeland by unleashing an endless army of zombie demons from the Shadow World, the other Rangers are trapped inside of the Batling-infested Lightspeed Aquabase. While the Batling-piloted Lifeforce Megazord systematically destroys the Aquabase, and the Jinxer-piloted Omega Megazord levels parts of the city in preparation for the Queen's ceremony, can the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers rescue Mariner Bay one final time?moreless
  • 11/17/00
    Ryan discovers Queen Bansheera's ultimate plan to conquer Mariner Bay, and is captured as a result. As Carter mounts a rescue mission solo into Skull Cavern, his teammates remain in the Aquabase, unaware of the danger within. Jinxer's hidden card becomes activated, spewing hundreds upon hundreds of Batlings right into the Rangers' laps!moreless
  • 11/16/00
    The final confrontation of Diabolico with Olympius, and no matter who wins, the Rangers are in trouble! When the Megazords fall in battle, can the dangerous new Lifeforce Megazord be mastered in time to spare the city the wrath of two mindless Super Demons?
  • 11/15/00
    Queen Bansheera regains her bodily form at last, at the price of Vypra's life. She schemes to destroy Mariner Bay by trapping the Rangers in the Skull Cavern dimension and having her Demons destroy them. But when Diabolico refuses to follow orders, will her plan backfire? Meanwhile, Carter discovers the true fate of Olympius on the outskirts of the city.moreless
  • In the Limelight
    Episode 36
    Dana, struggling to make ends meet for medical school, is discovered by fashion maven Koko Kashmere. She quickly becomes a top model for Glitz Magazine, the fame going to her head and causing her to neglect her Ranger duties. Can she snap out of it in time to help her teammates against the Treevil monster?moreless
  • Web War
    Episode 35
    The latest weapon being worked on by Lightspeed is the Trans-Armor Cycle, a combination motorcycle and armor for Carter. But he's having trouble mastering its tricky prototype. Arachnor, a spider demon, sneaks into the Aquabase, and begins webbing up everyone. Carter is left all alone, with his new Cycle, the lives and life-forces of his teammates riding on his ability to use the tricky machine.moreless
  • Neptune's Daughter
    Episode 34
    Aquafiend, the only Demon capable of surviving exposure to free-running water, swipes the trident of King Neptune, ruler of the seas. His daughter, Marina the Mermaid, is granted human legs for a temporary period, and seeks out her forbidden love, Chad, to gain the Rangers' help in recovering the trident from the Demons, who seek to destroy the Aquabase with it.moreless
  • 11/10/00
    Jinxer hypnotizes Captain Mitchell, and uses this control to get him to overload the Lightspeed Aquabase's power source, in an attempt to fuel Olympius' attempt to break out of the Shadow World. Even if the Captain can be stopped, Olympius is on his way back, in a new, more dangerous form!moreless
  • 11/9/00
    During his desert search for clues to defeating the Demons, Ryan passes out. He's rescued by the assistant of a being known as the Sorcerer of the Sands, an ancient wizard with the knowledge to re-sealing Bansheera and her Demons. Meanwhile, Olympius has ventured into the Shadow World, a realm where dead Demons go, in an attempt to destroy the Rangers by dragging them into it to face hundreds of zombies! When Diabolico seals both his demonic rival and the Rangers within the Shadow World, can Ryan and the Sorcerer help get them get free?moreless
  • The Last Ranger
    Episode 31
    The Memorase monster wipes out the memories of all the Lightspeed Rangers, save for Dana. While Ms. Fairweather and her technicians attempt to stimulate their minds with a machine filled with clips from previous episodes, Dana is left fighting the monster alone.
  • 11/7/00
    Trakeena almost has enough life energy to mutate once more! With Heather's help, the two teams of Rangers are able to evacuate the bank building of all civilians. But do even the Lightspeed Rescue and Lost Galaxy Rangers together stand a chance of defeating triple the force of villains, with Triskull, his Ghouls, Olympius, Vypra, Loki, Jinxer, the Batlings, and Trakeena herself?moreless
  • 11/6/00
    Leo follows Triskull and the Ghouls from Mirinoi (through a wormhole between planets), to Mariner Bay on Earth. Seems Triskull is working for Olympius, collecting humans to drain them of their lifeforce. But little does the demon prince know, that Triskull is ALSO working for Trakeena, who plans to use the lifeforce to return herself to her mutated form. Leo runs into the Lightspeed Rangers, and soon, his teammates Kai & Maya follow, all teaming up. A young girl, Heather, alerts Carter to her mother's kidnapping, which leads the teams to Triskull's human-snatching cover at a bank.moreless
  • Ocean Blue
    Episode 28
    While doing some repairs to the Aquabase, scuba-diver Chad is nearly killed during a cave-in. Lucky for him, he's gained the attention of a beautiful mermaid, Marina, who rescues him. The two start a sea-crossed romance, but thanks to manipulation by Vypra, Marina quickly becomes bait for a Blue Ranger trap!moreless
  • The Great Egg Caper
    Episode 27
    The Demons plan to hatch an egg, which will destroy the city entirely. But a desperate thief, Artie, swipes it from the Bird Bane monster. He tries ransoming it off for money, and gains the ire of both the Demons, and the Rangers, specifically Kelsey, whom he keeps running into. But is Artie really such a bad guy?moreless
  • 10/28/00
    Joel's continued attempts at vying for Miss Fairweather's affections gains a new complication, when a hunky new scientist named Clark shows up, aiding her on a new creation. Their invention, the Mega Battle armor, allows Joel & Chad a powerful new upgrade in their fight against the tough Infinitor! But will the secret relationship between the scientists spell an end to Joel's romantic interests?moreless
  • 10/21/00
    Olympius' Freezard monster chills out the Rangers, leading to a needed meltdown by Ms. Fairweather's newest weapon, the Thermo Blaster. But Olympius has bigger problems, namely, Diabolico is back, and he wants his Star Power returned to him!
  • 10/7/00

    The Vilevine monster attaches pods to the Lightspeed Rangers, which will bloom at noon, releasing poisonous spores that'll wipe out the city. Their only hope is a risky trip into space to face the vacuum, but can they survive? Meanwhile, Olympius stages a coup on Vypra & Loki, getting Vilevine to bury them deep underground. But when they pop out in the desert, Vypra ventures to the Ancient Tomb that she and the Demons were sealed within for 5000 years, and attempts to resurrect an old friend!

  • Yesterday Again
    Episode 23
    While testing the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, Carter is delayed on the way to join his teammates in a battle against Olympius and Mantevil. Just as they're destroyed, he's thrust back in time by one day, reliving events with knowledge of what's to come. Can he keep history from repeating?
  • The Chosen Path
    Episode 22
    The Cyclopter monster appeals to Chad's martial artist past, striking a chord which leads both Chad, and the monster, to consulting his former mentor, Sensei Tamashiro, who dissaproves of Chad's Ranger-lifestyle.
  • The Fifth Crystal
    Episode 21
    Vypra collects an ancient powersource, the Starlight Crystals, with which to power a large laser cannon. Turns out, Kelsey's grandmother has one of them. But Granny, despite an athletic history, is now snobbish and stubborn, refusing to assist Lightspeed in baiting a trap to stop Vypra. But learning a lesson or two from Kelsey, Grandma Winslow rekindles her EXTREME past, and aids the Rangers in foiling the demon's plans.moreless
  • The Omega Project
    Episode 20
    Joel's brainy little buddy Simon makes Ms. Fairweather aware of an approaching asteroid, which is being drawn to Earth by the demons in an attempt to level Mariner Bay. Fairweather unveils the Omega Megazord, which allows the Rangers to take a flight into space on a mission to destroy the asteroid before it can hit the planet.moreless
  • The Queen's Return
    Episode 19
    The planets of our solar system align into a grand cross, allowing the Spellbinder monster to harness the power and restore Queen Bansheera to her physical form! But Ryan, having grown up with the Demons, is aware of this ceremony, and leads the Rangers in trying to foil their destructive attempt to bring her back to full life. Can they do it in time, or will Mariner Bay be wiped out by a massive tidal wave?moreless
  • 8/26/00
    The Lightspeed Rangers take the day off, except for Carter, who spends it training and bonding with Captain Mitchell. The Lightspeed commander reveals not only to have a history in firefighting in common with the Red Ranger, but a greater connection as well! Can Carter and Mitchell save a group of children touring the power plant as it ignites thanks to the evil Shockatron?moreless
  • 8/19/00
    Impus, thanks to Diabolico's Star Power, matures into Olympius. He makes the most of his new adulthood by disguising himself as several of the Rangers, and sneaking onto the Lightspeed Aquabase.
  • 5/27/00
    Diabolico pools the remnant powers of Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, into the deadly Troika monster. If the Rangers can defeat that triple threat-in-one, they'll still have to face a giant-sized Diabolico! Meanwhile, Ryan decides to take his cobra-tattoo curse to the source, returning to the ancient ruins of Bansheera's temple in Egypt. There, he faces the basis of the curse, a Cobra Monster. Can he survive long enough to be cured?moreless
  • 5/20/00

    The last two members of the Demon Troika prove to be a tough match for the Rangers. Ryan, going against his father's wishes, must brave the curse of the cobra tattoo and pilot the Max Solarzord into battle.

  • 5/13/00
    Every time Ryan morphs as the Titanium Ranger, the mystical cobra tattoo on his back draws closer to destroying him. He tries to keep this a secret from his teammate, as they face the Demon Troika and Demonite's clone.
  • Ryan's Destiny (1)
    Episode 13

    Ryan, now aware he was misled about his past, does some soul-searching about his capability of being a hero. Diabolico unleashes a trio of angelic demons (Demonite, Falkar & Thunderon) to eliminate the Rangers and destroy Mariner Bay by scattering explosive feathers throughout the city.

  • 4/29/00
    Captain Mitchell reveals the secret history of his son, the evil Titanium Ranger. When confronting the now evil Ryan, history repeats itself as they find themselves back in the same situation that led to their separation years prior.
  • 4/22/00
    The Titanium Ranger is developed by Lightspeed, only to have the Morpher stolen by the Demons and used for evil by a human with mysterious ties to Captain Mitchell.
  • 4/15/00
    The revived Magmavore and Trifire monsters are wrecking havoc with the formally dormant volcano, Mt. Jasmine, causing it to erupt, with Ms. Fairweather trapped inside! If Joel and the other Rangers can save her, she's got just the thing to deal with the pair of monsters: the new SuperTrain Megazord, made up of the Rail Rescues.moreless
  • Go Volcanic (1)
    Episode 9
    Queen Bansheera's spirit makes contact with the Demons, and devises a scheme to wipe out Mariner Bay in a volcanic meltdown. Noticing strange seismic activity, Dana heads to the nearby, supposedly dormant volcano Mt. Jasmine, to investigate. She decides to ride the bus, only to have it hijacked by a bank robber! When the bus runs into trouble caused by the effects of the Trifire monster's attacks, will the criminal become a hero?moreless
  • 4/1/00
    Chad is challenged to a fight by a bully named Brian. He attempts to resist the ego-driven civilian's requests, but soon Brian offers himself to Vypra, who gives him a zombified power boost! Can Chad resolve this peacefully? Meanwhile, the Smogger monster injures Kelsey in a most unexpected way.
  • Cyborg Rangers
    Episode 7
    The higher command of Lightspeed, led by General McKnight, wants to eliminate the human error factor of protecting Mariner Bay. A team of robotic Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, known as the Cyborg Rangers, are dispatched to do the job, when the human Rangers are relieved of duty after failing against the Strikning monster. But thanks to the demon's lightning strikes, the Cyborgs malfunction and turn against their controler! Can the replaced Rangers come out of retirement in time to save the city from its own technology?moreless
  • 3/18/00

    When Vypra uses her Vyprari vehicle against the Rangers, doing damage to their Rescue Rover, it's up to Ms. Fairweather to come up with a new weapon for them to use against her. But Joel is misled into believing she's making him something especially. How will he take it when he discovers it's a gift for the whole team? And will these new Lightspeed Cycles be enough to put a stop to the Vyprari?

  • A Matter of Trust
    Episode 5
    While the other four Rangers escort a scientist carrying a powerful fuel cell to the Aquabase from the airport, Captain Mitchell assigns his daughter instead to drive his old pal Earl to the base for a fishing trip. Dana is furious that he doesn't trust her enough to go along with her teammates, but the truth of the situation becomes evident when the Fireor monster discovers the scientist lacks the supposed cell!moreless
  • Riding the Edge
    Episode 4
    Kelsey saves the dog of a woman named Nancy, and soon learns she's the pilot for Mariner Bay's own space shuttle program! When Nancy attempts to bring her shuttle in for a landing, the Whirlin' monster's windy attacks (in an effort to blow away the city) put her in danger. It's up to the Rangers to rescue her, and put a stop to the demon. Also, our heroes have their first encounter with Diabolico!moreless
  • Trial by Fire
    Episode 3

    During a training exercise, Carter rushes through with record time, only to have his recklessness with his blaster count against him. Captain Mitchell urges the use of brains over weapon-usage. When the Red Ranger later is ordered to stand down while chasing Vypra through a civilian-filled parking garage, a small boy is injured in the melee, and though Carter feels this proves he's not cut out to be a Ranger, the bigger picture soon reveals he did the right thing after all. Meanwhile, Vypra encounters the Rangers for the first time when scheming to create Earthquakes to level Mariner Bay.

  • 2/19/00

    Joel meets Miss Fairweather, an employee at the Lightspeed Aquabase, and instantly falls in love. He's blissfully unaware that she's one of the most important people there, the designer and head developer of the Rangers' equipment and powers! Soon, the Demons unleash the volcanic and giant Magmavore monster upon Mariner Bay. The Lightspeed Rescue Rangers must use their new Zords to combat not only the demon, but to bring safety to the citizens of the city. Can the new team work together, or will Joel's showboating and egotism jeopardize more than just his romantic chances with Ms. Fairweather?

  • 2/12/00

    Accidentally freed from 5000 year long imprisonment, a band of Demons, led by a creature named Diabolico, return to the city of Mariner Bay, built upon the ground they once called their homeland. They seek to revive their ruler, Queen Bansheera, and plot wipe out the humans to reclaim their rightful property. Prepared for their return, a secret government agency known as Lightspeed recruits a team of five young adults, each an expert in a specific field (a firefighter, a stunt pilot, an extreme sports enthusiast, a diver, and a nurse in training), to become the team of Power Rangers to rescue Mariner Bay from this menace.