Power Rangers

Season 19 Episode 15

Stroke of Fate

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 03, 2012 on Nickelodeon



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    • Bulk: It's chewin' time!

    • Deker: Go ahead, attack me, I'm unarmed. I didn't think so.
      Antonio: I'm begging you. Please, forget about your sword and walk away. I know you want to lift your curse. But if you do what Serrator asks, millions of people will suffer a horrible fate.
      Deker: I knew it. You're no samurai. You don't have the guts to stop me.

    • Deker: This is a waste of time. You're not worthy opponents.
      Mike: You're wrong, Deker! Honor and compassion aren't Antonio's weaknesses. His heart is his greatest strength.
      Antonio: I was a foot to think Deker could be reasoned with.
      Kevin: No, you were really brave. We need a samurai like you on the team to remind us what we really stand for.
      Antonio: Let's go stop him once and for all.

    • Serrator: Why? How could you betray me like this?
      Deker: You had what I wanted. Your mistake was thinking I shared your hatred of humanity. I care only for the sword. You made me that way. Remember?
      Serrator: You're as heartless as any Nighlok.
      Deker: And so it ends here.

    • Dayu: Deker? I saw what you did back there. So have you finally turned you back on the Nighlok once and for all?
      Deker: We were never after the same thing. I will end my curse on my own terms, not the cost of this world. I'm nothing like you, Nighlok. Then again, I have this strange feeling our fates are intertwined somehow.
      Dayu: Oh, Deker, if only you knew the truth.

  • Notes

    • Because of Nickelodeon's last minute decision to pull this episode from the schedule two weeks prior, without any consideration for the airing order, not only did the Halloween special, Trickster Treat, air between the previous episode and this one, but since they didn't notify any of the 3rd parties involved in the outside distribution deals Saban Brands has for the series, this episode and all the following episodes were available to watch on video sites like Vudu days before they made their US television debut on Nickelodeon.

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