Power Rangers

Season 10 Episode 40

The End of the Power Rangers (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 16, 2002 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The Animarium reconnects to where it came from, fitting right into Turtle Lake. The Rangers, powerless, face an army of Putrids, and face down the giant Master Org.

With only their intense fighting spirit, and team declaration of never giving up, the six are able to, not only summon all of their Wildzords back to life, but reveal dozens and dozens more! All together, the Rangers and Wildzords unleash a power wave against Master Org, destroying him once again. With the Org threat gone for the time being, Princess Shayla takes back the Growl Phones, Animal Crystals, and vests, and bids goodbye to the six humans. She returns to sleep, and returns the Animarium to the sky.

Cole forgives Adler for what he did, hoping he'll find peace, as he himself goes cross country helping animals. Max & Danny go on a worldwide trip.

Taylor returns to the Air Force with a promotion, and a daily aerial rendezvous with the Eaglezord. Merrick wanders the globe in search of his place in the present, accompanied by Zen-Aku, also seeking redemption. And Alyssa becomes a kindergarten teacher, telling the legend of the Wild Force Rangers to future generations...