Power Rangers

Season 14 Episode 12

The Gatekeeper (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM May 15, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

With the gate raised in the middle of Briarwood, Morticon is giantly set free once again to ravage the city. While his teammates fend off both the villain and an evil Gargoyle, Nick has to rescue Clare, before Koragg can drain the power of the Gatekeeper from her, along with her life force, to fully open the gate and free the Master! Can the Red Ranger regain control of Catastros, and Udonna the Snow Staff, to help save the city?moreless

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  • Fatastic fight scenes!

    In this fantastic episode following part one of Gatekeeper, Koragg graps Clare, the rangers grapple with a gargoyle and accidentally free Morticon! Nick goes to the Underworld and fights Koragg in a classic showdown, where Nick ultimately wins, claims Catastros to form the centaurus pheonix Megazord, while Udonna briefly reclaims her powers to empower the Megazord and destroy Morticon forever! I thought this episode was very good, well-written, had great action scenes, and was momentous for this season. But I was a little bit disappointed that they took the focus away from Clare. But, all in all, a very fantastic episode!moreless
  • What A Fantastic Episode

    This was a great episode. The battle with Morticon was great and the struggle against him while Nick was telling Koragg about true strength made the episode so much better. I was also glad to see the White Mystic Ranger in some shape or form as we haven't seen her in a while plus, we also got to see Nick combine with Catastros again which was great. I was also glad to see how much emotion and stress Clare had to go threw because it showed another side of her other than dumb and incompetent. Overall, this is a great episode and the entire episode is filled with good battles that lead to a surprising ending.moreless
  • Please look at my new review I appologize for the last one, I got the facts wrong.WOW what an exciting episode!

    I have to appologize for my earlier review of this episode, because when I watched the episode over again, the flashback when Uddonna was holding the black ring in her hands, It showed a guy with the black ring on his finger holding a baby wrapped in a red blanket and Uddonna smiling, not a women. I appologize because I said it was Uddonna's sister and that Nick might be Uddonna's nephew, so I was wrong because there was a guy not a women holding Nick so therefore my new conclusion is Nick is Uddonna's son and maybe the guy is Korrag who might be his father. Please don't hold me to any of this speculation because I am not sure about who the guy is. It was an exciting episode by far. It had alot of jam packed non-stop action with the rangers fighting together, and then the 4 rangers fought while Nick went to help Clare etc.

    I thought the fight scenes were really cool alot of cool special effects. I also like the fight scene between Nick and Koragg that was awesome! at least Nick's sword didn't bend like the last time him and Koragg fought. I like how Nick and Clare combined powers to get control of catastros so Nick could join the rangers and they could finally beat Morticon with the White Ranger's Help that was really cool.

    From what I seen at the end of the episode, The mystery to Nick's past is finally coming to light. I can't wait to see what happens next.moreless
  • I LOVED the episode!

    I don\'t know what about you, but I liked the episode. especially the end, when udonna is looking at the ring and have a flashback of her son (at least I think it\'s her son), with a red blanket. I have a great feeling the nick is udonna\'s son! don\'t you think? after all, why did they show it? and nick allways have flashbacks of this red blanket!

    pluse, poor Clare. she had a great power, and she lost it at the end. but I think she did a brave action when she halped nick call catastrus and close the gate, when she barely had power to live.

    I like the episode, and I can't wait to see the development of nick and udonna!moreless
  • Necrolai forces Clare to raise the gate with her Mom's powers. The Titan Megazord cracks the gate and allows Morticon to slip through. Koragg tries to recreate Necrolai's strategy only this time to free the Master. Will the legacy of the Power Rangersmoreless

    Amazing, adventerous and down right the best episode of the Power Rangers Mystic Force season. The fights were well written and acted. The spoken scenes had a lot of action and adventure that led to or followed physical action and adventure. The people of the underworld a.k.a. the forces of evil and darkness rise from the depthes through the gate and walk on the surface world a.k.a. Briarwood for the first time in thousands of years. The Power Rangers, Udonna( The White Mystic Force Power Ranger and Niella's sister), the gatekeeper( Clare, Udonna's neice and Niella's daughter) fight for the freedom and future of Briarwood and world, The Mystic Lands and pretty much the whole universe.moreless
Angie Diaz

Angie Diaz

Vida Rocca, Pink Mystic Force Ranger

Antonia Prebble

Antonia Prebble


Firass Dirani

Firass Dirani

Nick Russell, Red Mystic Force Ranger

Melanie Vallejo

Melanie Vallejo

Madison Rocca, Blue Mystic Force Ranger

Nic Sampson

Nic Sampson

Charlie "Chip" Thorn, Yellow Mystic Force Ranger

Peta Rutter

Peta Rutter

Udonna, White Mystic Force Ranger

Donogh Rees

Donogh Rees

Necrolai (voice)

Recurring Role

Geoffrey Dolan

Geoffrey Dolan

Koragg (voice)

Recurring Role

Andrew Robertt

Andrew Robertt

Morticon (voice) [as Andrew Robertt]

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • What was the point in putting Udonna inside the bubble when captured if she is free to float around the underworld, and is able to cast spells to help the Rangers? She'd probably be less trouble for Koragg if she was tied to a rock somewhere.

    • Catastros suddenly disappears without reason when Nick returns to the Rangers to form the Titan Megazord.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Koragg: Now you know the power of dark magic, and why it shall defeat you.
      Nick: You're wrong! There's more power in courage; Fighting back, even when it seems hopeless! That's why dark magic will never win!

    • Koragg: I am allowing you to leave with your life. You should be grateful.
      Udonna: I could never feel gratitude towards a heartless creature like you. Only pity.

    • Madison: Is this how this it's really gonna end?
      Nick: No! This is not how it ends. Udonna said we were the protectors of the city. And that's what we're gonna do.

    • Nick: All right, Koragg, I challenge you to a fight.
      Koragg: I never say no to a challenge.

    • Morticon: (his last words) The great Morticon has fallen, but the Master will prevail!

    • Chip: You sealed the forces of evil back into the depth. You're, like, a super sorceress.
      Clare: Yeah, I guess I am.

  • NOTES (6)

    • This is the first time since "Legendary Catastros", as well as the second and FINAL times overall, that Nick has controlled Catastros to make the Centarus Phoenix Megazord.

    • Another quick flashback shows Young Udonna watching as baby Nick (in the red blanket, as seen in "Whispering Voices) is held by his father, a man in red whose face isn't seen. Udonna currently has that man's ring in her possession, alongside the tiara of the Gatekeeper. His face will be revealed in "Heir Apparent (1)".

    • Destruction of Morticon. Koragg's sword breaks, and takes Morticon's as his own.

    • Udonna channels the Snow Staff briefly, and uses it to make the energy of the White Mystic Ranger appear alongside the Titan Megazord, though she does not morph.

    • Clare loses the power of the Gatekeeper, which she gained the previous episode.

    • Debuted on Toon Disney, on its regular day and time of Monday night at 7pm E&P. ABC Family debut date: June 3rd, 2006 at a SPECIAL TIME of 8:00am E&P