Power Rangers

Season 14 Episode 25

The Hunter

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Aug 20, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • The other rangers are attacked and Nick needs to use Fire Heart to save them.

    Oculus attacks the rangers attempting to destroy them and uses lasers to hit them. Nick is feeling he should give up when he remembers what Daggeron told him about Fire Heart being his destiny. I think that it is just like Yu-Gi-Oh! GX when Aster Phoenix tells Jaden that it was his destiny to use the Destiny Hero series of cards. Nothing groundbreaking even with the new battilizer because the Battilizer doesn't have a good name like the S.P.D battilizer did. I don't think I spelled Battilizer right. Nick needs to stop denying his destiny as the Light and just destroy all of the enemies that are in his way.
  • the battelizer was kick butt haha. it is way better than the other battelizers.

    the battelizer was cool and everything but like what happened about his foot. didnt he get like hit with something when that oculous guy showed up. and after all nicks friends disappear his leg all of a sudden gets better.phineos is super good at protecting nick. i wonder does he like follow nick to make sure is he is safe like all the time.by the way isnt fire heart like a giant how did everything like be the battelizer for nick.and i think they should give lee lee a second chance shes not even talking to her mom right now. so where did xander
  • oh great the Battlizer is here though it does look cooler than some of the previous ones I wish Disney would abandon then because they've been done to death,

    # The Battlizer's Introducing fight gave me a terrible reminder of the Bife fight scene from "Rock Solid" Though the moves Nick pulled off were pretty cool the fight with the Hidiacs ran way too long and focused too little on the fight with the Monster of the day,

    # It's apparently obvious now that Udonna no longer has magic, does this mean that even if she gets her snow staff back she can no longer morph into the White Ranger? if thats the case my guess is seeing as Clare has now mastered her magic Udonna will pass her Ranger Powers onto Clare when she gets the staff back.

    # The Ranger's really need to figure something out to balance their jobs at the Rock Porium and their ranger duties, If they keep running out like that either Toby will figure out their Identities or fire them.

    # What was the point of going to the Castle from "Broken Spell"?
  • The Red Dragon Fire Ranger!

    So this episode brings us the introduction of Nick's Battlizer also known as the Red Dragon Fire Ranger. I really like this Battlizer, he fuses with a real dragon and it looks cool. I didn't like how easily Oculous was defeated though, after the tough battle with Magma last episode he was defeated way to easily. The battle between Daggeron and Megahorn was awesome! Megahorn was really strong and I can't wait to see him battle again. I really loved the dramatic scenes when Oculous shot one of the rangers and they disappeared, that was jsut great. This was a great episode, we finally get to see the Battlizer and it was well worth the wait!