Power Rangers

Season 14 Episode 24

The Light

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Now the sole creature in the Pit, Necrolai quickly uncovers the Ten Terrors of the Underworld, giant creatures with even more immense powers who live to serve the Supreme Master! The Rangers will have a hard enough time fighting them, as Udonna departs to search for her husband, Madison is doubting her abilities as hero, and Toby is considering taking action against his often-absent employees! The first of the Terrors, the lava-based Magma, prepares to burn down Briarwood while seeking the being known as "The Light". Just who or what is it? Only Phineas has the answers!moreless

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  • Average episode, loses points on the Ranger's stupidity.

    # After this episode this ranger team has my vote for stupidest team ever, The Monster of the Day is clearly made out of Fire and Magma so of course if it's made out of fire it would be weak against water, I can't believe no one picked this up, And Nick and Xander's Code 1 attacks (fire and rock slide) would have little effect on him, fire would only make him stronger. Madison Even reacted like her attack was a lucky shot.

    # Worst cliffhanger ever,

    # An Interesting concept that the show has taken after the Death of Imperious, with on one new boss But 10 new bosses, (well nine now) but just who is in charge of the Underworld now that the master has been sealed, Necrolai or one of the Terror?moreless
  • I like this one Hope this means they still got at least 10 or 12 eps left cause I've seen the sentai and.....

    Hope this means they still got at least 10 or 12 eps left cause I\'ve seen the sentai and they have at least 10 eps in sentai one eps for each god villian i think one or 2 were 2 per episode.but they have to do the gods right cause they play big part in what happens in the end and to some of the rangers.i just hope they do the next few right ....I guess we will see....moreless
  • The 10 Terrors!

    This episode introduces us to the ten terrors, the new villains to take over. These guys are cool, most of them look cool and I can't wait to see them battle. We also find out that Nick is the being known as "The Light" (hence the title) that can destroy the darkness. I was a little mad to see that Magma was this tough battler but his battles didn't last that long, and he wasn't even destroyed by the rangers. Magma was strong and I wounld have loved to see hims trash the Manticore Megazord a little more before him being destroyed. This episode was really good, we get new villains and we learn of Nick's destiny, not to mention Leelee becoming good!moreless
  • more then reasonable but could do better

    Well, it seems like the rangers find themselves with new enemies all the time, this current set look promising. But why do they have to resort to the old failing (well technically its not failing since it never worked in the first place) tactic of sending them out one by one? And why on earth do those idiot rangers insist on trying to use fire attacks on a fire monster. Good to see they eventually came to their senses with made for a convenient point for Madison to prove herself. Toby finally gets round to noticing and taking action against his absent employees, I laughed my head off when they told him the truth knowing they were safe because he's never believe it. After a time of irrelevance Phineas becomes useful again. And with Leelee returning to the surface world its a good point for a pact with the rangers for self interest.moreless
  • this episode was introducing a new villians the terrible ten who seem to be greatly more powerful than any monster the rangers. the start of the episode show neculia tell who the light, the one who will be to stop all evil is nick. Madison\'s Episodemoreless

    this episode was enjoyable to a point oviously madison water power would hurt Magma i don\'t know who would\'t this about that since water douses fire. then the monster get\'s to cocky and make that challange. which you find out he can\'t break also theat part tells you the master is not completaly destroyed which leads me to the idea that leonbow is not destoryed so i expected also I didn\'t see the rock fall on him. Udonna leaves to seach for him and rootcore breaks out in pandamonium . at the end of the episode, it seems that somene is folling her that is my reviewmoreless
Angie Diaz

Angie Diaz

Vida Rocca, Pink Mystic Force Ranger

Antonia Prebble

Antonia Prebble


Barnie Duncan

Barnie Duncan

Toby Slambrook

Firass Dirani

Firass Dirani

Nick Russell, Red Mystic Force Ranger

John Tui

John Tui

Daggeron, Solaris Knight

Kelson Henderson

Kelson Henderson


Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Magma (voice)

Guest Star

Cameron Rhodes

Cameron Rhodes

Matoombo (voice)

Recurring Role

Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson

Gekkor (voice)

Recurring Role

Josephine Davison

Josephine Davison

Itassis (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Daggeron was with the Rangers during the appearance of the Ten Terrors, yet he didn't morph or call on his Megazord when the Rangers did.

    • How is Phineas an expert on elephants, when they don't seem to be native to his dimension, and he's only been to our world like twice?

    • Necrolai claims the Terrors are so big "she see their faces", which is untrue, since at the time she says it, she's floating right in front of their faces!

    • Madison claims her own heroic deed was finding Jenji when he ran away, yet it was she who freed Daggeron in "Long Ago" and it was also she that helped saved the day in "Ranger Down" when the other Rangers were turned into feathers except for Solaris Knight. That's not even considered.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Toby: (To Xander, Chip, and Vida) Oh, who are you guys? Do you know what happened to my employees?
      Xander: We're right here, boss.
      Toby: Ah, no. I mean the ones who are never here for more than an hour, without running off, and not telling me where they're going.
      Xander: Oh, sarcasm? Well, there's a simple explanation for that. Vida?
      Vida: (Starting to hesitate) Uh, we like to go on, uh...Chip?
      Chip: Well, it's simple boss. We're the Power Rangers and we have to go fight the bad guys.
      (Toby suddenly looks puzzled)
      Chip: Yep.
      (Toby then smiles as he points his finger at them)
      Toby: Yeah. Yeah, right. You're the Power Rangers. That's good.
      (Toby walks away as he starts laughing, and Xander and Vida glance at Chip)
      Chip: The truth is always the hardest to believe.

    • Oculous: (To Necrolai) Leave now, while we are still merciful. You are an eyesore!
      Gekkor: Now, now, let's not frighten the little bat creature. Let's hear her out...before we stomp on her!

    • Phineas: Pesky little creature, the flea. I once heard that two fleas, left on their own, could devour an entire elephant...in two to three hundred years.

    • Leelee: Why can't we get a condo in Briarwood, so I can finally have some friends? (Necrolai laughs) Not to bite, to have fun with!

    • Leelee: I've tried the evil-girl thing. It's just not me.
      Necrolai: Oh, where did I go wrong?

    • (as the 10 Terrors arrive on the surface world)
      Daggeron: In all my years of magic, I have never seen anything like this.
      Xander: I didn't want to hear that.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Vida has Blue highlights in her hair this episode.

    • Nick's importance and destiny, his being "The Light" of the title, explains that as the son of the ultimate warrior and top sorceress, he will become the greatest wizard of all time and defeat the Underworld completely. This is why Phineas hid Bowen in the human realm (as seen in "Ranger Down").

    • Udonna departs on a quest to find Leanbow, which will last until an upcoming episode.

    • Leelee becomes an employee at Rock Porium.

    • Madison makes reference to Nick's encounter with Catastros ("Legendary Catastros"), Chip saving Vida ("Stranger Within II"), Xander's gaining of spell codes ("Petrified Xander" and "Inner Strength"), and her own getting turned to stone ("Rock Solid") and finding of Jenji ("Ranger Down").

    • The 10 Terrors of the Underworld (Black Lance, Megahorn, Sculpin, Itassis, Hekatoid, Magma, Matoombo, Oculous, Serpentina, and Gekkor) debut, though one of them, Magma, is also destroyed in the same show.

    • Made its worldwide debut on Jetix.tv, via streaming video, on August 7, 2006.

    • Scheduled to debut ahead of ABC Family, on Toon Disney, on its regular day but a SPECIAL time of Monday night at 8pm E&P. ABC Family debut date: Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 10am E&P.


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