Power Rangers

Season 19 Episode 13

The Master Returns

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM May 12, 2012 on Nickelodeon



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    • Jayden: Why are we stopping?
      Ji: I've been away from the kitchen, which means Mia's probably preparing dinner.
      Jayden: Oh.
      Jii: Yeah, I'm gonna grab some snacks.

    • Master Xandred: So you are the maker of this music?
      Dayu: It is my song.
      Master Xandred: From now, you will serve only me. And in return, I will spare your life. I shall make you my minion. In the Netherworld, your music will serve a higher purpose than self-pity.
      Dayu: I accept.

    • Dayu: Serrator, what's your game? You never intended to fix my harmonium, did you?
      Serrator: To be honest, all I really wanted was Deker and the powerful sad music this makes. You've been nothing but a pawn in my plan.
      Dayu: You deceived me for the last time. Liar!
      (she attacks Serrator)
      Serrator: Ah, ah, ah. And it only took you 200 years to figure that out.
      Dayu: Put my harmonium down so I can take you down.

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