Power Rangers

Season 2 Episode 3

The Mutiny (3)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Aug 05, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The only hope of regaining control of the Dinozords from Pirahntishead is Billy's latest invention. If they can get it to work, Zordon will then infuse each of the main five Dinozords with a lightning charge, causing them to morph into the mighty new Thunderzords! The Red Dragon, the Yellow Griffin, the Blue Unicorn, the Black Lion, and the Pink Firebird can then come together to form the Thunder Megazord. But will it be enough to defeat the power of Lord Zedd's Pirahntishead? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull, saved by the Rangers for the umpteenth time, begin their quest to discover the secret identities of the Power Rangers!moreless

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  • The Power of Thunder...

    I just have to say that by this point, I'm sick of hearing Pirhantis Head's voice. It's like he has a thyroid gland infection or something, and it's echoing severely. Once again, we see the same recycled Zord footage and even some Ranger footage, but the dialogue and storyline plot kept me into what was going to happen. (Since I first saw this episode in 2006, I already knew.) But for the first time ever, the Thunder Megazord comes out to play and kicks Zedd's monster to the ground. At this point in Season 2, Jason, Zack, and Trini still spoke so we still see some emotion in them. It's officially set in that Tommy's powers finally failing will eventually happen. The whole ten episodes after this one are the best in the show, I think. The impending doom of Tommy's powers is great suspense.moreless
Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

Kimberly Hart, Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger

Austin St. John

Austin St. John

Jason Lee Scott, Red Mighty Morphin Ranger

David Yost

David Yost

Billy Cranston, Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger

Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank

Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger

Jason Narvy

Jason Narvy

Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch

Paul Schrier

Paul Schrier

Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier

Scott Page-Pagter

Scott Page-Pagter

Pirantishead (voice)

Guest Star

Henry Cannon

Henry Cannon

Mr. Kaplan

Recurring Role

Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson

Rita Repulsa (voice)

Recurring Role

Bob Manahan

Bob Manahan

Zordon (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When controlling Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord, Pirantishead's control beam would be shown heading downwards when he used it, but was then seen going upwards when hitting the Zords.

    • As the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord were about to stand on the Rangers as Billy engaged the signal blocker, the Zords' shadows were actually those of film crew members holding zord feet models used to create the false perspective of the shot.

    • Immediately before and after the Power Blaster assembly sequence, Black Ranger's Power Axe was missing its blaster mode handle and trigger.

    • In this episode, the Rangers called their new Megazord, "Mega-Thunder Zord." But, in the future episodes, they would call it, "Thunder Megazord."

    • When the Thunderzords roll along the mountains, the growling and neighing of the Griffin and Unicorn Thunderzords is swapped, this would occur in several other Season 2 zord battles.

    • When the girl hands the binoculars back to the guy after he gave them to her to borrow, the footage is played backwards.

    • During the zord transformation, the Dinozords and Thunderzords have the stickers of the US toys on them, rather than the ones seen on Zyuranger and Dairanger, and the Lion Thunderzord's head is black instead of green.

    • Its strange that Bulk and Skull's quad bikes would still be under the control of Pirantishead's magic after it was destroyed, as usual all the effects of monster spells are reversed when the monster is destroyed.

    • When the Red, Pink, Black and Green Rangers were stood in the quarry as Kim said the Zords had changed direction and were heading towards the rally, the shot was reversed, placing the Red, Pink and Black Ranger's Blade Blaster holsters, and Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger holster on the wrong side. (Holsters are usually carried on the left hip).

    • During the Mastodon to Lion transformation sequence seen from this episode onwards, the Lion would appear to have two back legs, however, in all other shots of the Lion it would only have the two large front legs/paws that would become the Megazord's arms and hands.

    • Whenever Blue Ranger would call for the Unicorn Thunderzord using the "Triceratops, Unicorn Thunderzord power" phrase and the Triceratops was shown morphing into the Unicorn, the Triceratops' double cannon would be missing from its grey tail.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Billy: (Investigating why his signal blocker didn't free the Zords from Pirantashead) Oh don't I feel silly, I put the batteries in upside down.
      Zack: (laughing) That's our genius.

    • Zedd: (after the Rangers defeat Pirahntis Head) No! I don't believe it! This is not the end by any means! Zordon and his stupid Power Rangers shall not prevail again!
      Finster: Hmph! Well, if he'd used one of my monsters, none of this would have ever happened!

    • (everyone looks at Rita on the viewing globe)
      Rita: 99 bottles of slime on the wall. 99 bottles of slime. Ya take one down, ya pass it around, 98 bottles of slime on the wall!
      (the Ranger teens and Alpha laugh, even Zordon)
      Zordon: "99 bottles of slime on the wall, 99 bottles of slime"...
      (the others resume their laughter)

    • Pirantishead: Hey Rangers, I have another surprise for you!
      Zack: Ah, not him again!
      Jason: Why don't you just swim back upstream, you overgrown herring!

    • Goldar: I'm sorry you failed, master.
      Zedd(Glows red): I didn't fail, you simpering twit! You failed! You all failed! Just like you all failed before!
      Baboo: Uh...did we do something wrong?

    • Alpha(About the new Zords): Now that's more like it. Go get 'em, Power Rangers! Reel in that overgrown guppy and send him back where he came from!

    • (Bulk and Skull on the four-wheelers)
      Skull: These two had better not go backwards!
      Bulk: "You"...are backwards!

  • NOTES (13)

    • Though introduced in The Mutiny: Part Two - This is the complete introduction of the Thunderzords; the Black Lion, the Pink Firebird, the Blue Unicorn, the Yellow Griffin and the Red Dragon and the Thunder Megazord. Due to Tommy's drained powers is is unable to obtain a Thunderzord for himself, instead getting the White Tiger Thunderzord when he is given new powers in the White Light episode.

    • The "Additional Dialogue" (aka the ADR writing) by Barbara A. Oliver credit appears in this episode for the first and only time ever on the show during the onscreen overlay just post-opening credits. This was due to the overwhelming amount of stock footage in this episode.

    • Between this episode and the beginning of the Alien Ranger saga, all Megazord cockpit shots are US footage. This is done because they couldn't use Sentai cockpit shots due to the differences in costumes. The only exception is the White Tigerzord, as that is controlled solely by the White Ranger.

    • Zordon laughs for the first time in this episode.

    • The old Zord's destruction sequence is composed completely of recycled footage from "Green With Evil(4)".

    • The Rangers' Thunderzord summoning sequences are recycled footage from last season's "Green With Evil (5)".

    • Pirantishead will return in "A Reel Fish Story". His suit will get repainted and altered slightly in PRT's "Fire in Your Tank".

    • Lord Zedd's own method of making monsters grow (utilizing a grenade-like object) is introduced.

    • The opening credits get a major overhaul, reflecting the new Zords and villains of this season. Also, Jason Frank is now credited as "Jason David Frank".

    • Rita Repulsa makes her last regular appearance, but will return first in "White Light (1)", then for good in "The Wedding (1)". Similarly, Finster won't reappear until "Two for One".

    • Debut of the Thunder Megazord formation.

    • Beginning with this episode, the Zyu2 Zord battles would be altered, so that the monsters, which were battling the old Megazord in the original footage, would be facing shots of the Thunder Megazord edited into its place.

    • First aired in primetime on Fox (alongside a new episode of X-Men).