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Power Rangers

Season 14 Episode 30

The Return

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Oct 30, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Matoombo, the kind and gentle Terror, is chosen to become the body of the restored Master, which he refuses. He encounters Vida, who aids him in trying to escape from his fate. Will they succeed in evading Gekkor, or is the Master's return inevitable? Also, the rest of the Rangers are confronted by Itassis. Can they convince her to switch sides? Meanwhile, Udonna finds what's left of Leanbow. Will she be able to save him, and in doing so, put the power of Koragg to good use? And, Toby copes with his knowledge of his employees' secret identities, while also gaining a new employee in the form of Phineas!moreless

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    Angie Diaz

    Angie Diaz

    Vida Rocca, Pink Mystic Force Ranger

    Barnie Duncan

    Barnie Duncan

    Toby Slambrook

    Firass Dirani

    Firass Dirani

    Nick Russell, Red Mystic Force Ranger

    John Tui

    John Tui

    Daggeron, Solaris Knight

    Kelson Henderson

    Kelson Henderson


    Melanie Vallejo

    Melanie Vallejo

    Madison Rocca, Blue Mystic Force Ranger

    Holly Shanahan

    Holly Shanahan

    Leelee Pimvare

    Recurring Role

    Chris Graham

    Chris Graham

    Leanbow (Wolf Warrior)

    Recurring Role

    Donogh Rees

    Donogh Rees

    Necrolai (voice)

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Leanbow: Burning heart of fire! Wolf Warrior, defender of truth!

      • Gekkor: (To the Rangers) Welcome to the dance. Shall we?

      • Daggeron: Alright, what is it that you want to know?
        Itassis: A simple answer to a simple question. We are far more powerful then you, yet time and again you have defeated us. Why is that?
        Nick: We're better then you. How's that for simple?
        Itassis: Careful. The wrong answer could cost you everything.
        Chip: You wanna know why we beat you? Yes, you're stronger then us. Yeah, you're bigger. What we have, that you don't, is something no witch or wizard can give you.
        Madison: No spell can bring it forth. You can't buy it, or borrow it from someone else.
        Daggeron: You can't teach it.
        Nick: Everyone is born with it. They just have to step forward and claim it as theirs. It's in the heart.
        Itassis: What is it?
        Nick: Courage. it's when you put someone else's wellbeing before your own.
        Itassis: And why would you do that?
        Nick: 'Cause...'Cause you just do.

      • Jenji: (Piloting the Solar Streak train)Daggeron's gonna put me in the cat box for this!

      • Jenji: When all this fighting is over, I might start a laundry. With Fire Hearts' help, I'll be kept in cat nip for years!

      • Nick: I can't believe she (Vida) just did that!
        Chip: Nothing V does surprises me any more!

      • Vida: (To Gekkor) You're a two-time loser: Ugly and gullible!

      • Matoombo: My justice will be swift!
        Nick: Not swift enough, cottonball!

      • Toby: Now, Leelee's mom is the Queen of the Vampires who really did carry me off, so I guess I can stop seeking professional help now.

      • The Master: You will perish, as will Solaris Knight. Have a look into your future. And then, one by one, you will fall, as will your world.

    • NOTES (9)

      • Final appearances of the Titan Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord. While the Solar Streak Train makes a quick appearance in the following episode, the Mystic Titans are never seen or mentioned again.

      • Final appearance of the Pink Mystic Rider.

      • The Supreme Master of the Underworld attains a new physical form (his prior one last appeared in "Heir Apparent (2)"). Some official sources have called this form Octomus, though it was never confirmed on the show.

      • First time anyone other than Daggeron uses the Solar Cell Morpher (this being Vida).

      • Phineas is announced as being Leelee's boyfriend (the two first met two episodes ago and go much closer in the previous show). He also becomes an employee of Rock Porium.

      • Toby, aside from recapping the show's subplots and storylines, makes direct reference to his encounter with Necrolai (from "The Gatekeeper (1)") and Phineas being Xander's 'uncle' (from "Scaredy Cat").

      • Udonna wears a black dress, marking the only time in the modern age she doesn't wear white. And speaking of Udonna, she does not appear morphed in this episode.

      • Leanbow appears in his human form for the first time since "Heir Apparent (2)". His Red Mystic Morpher debuts (also its only appearance), as does his ability to morph into the Wolf Warrior (a red version of the Koragg armor).

      • Debuted on Toon Disney, after much confusion due to Disney failing to put its premiere date on schedules released to the public. ABC Kids debut date: February 10th, 2007 at 12:30pm ET/11:30am PT.

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