Power Rangers

Season 14 Episode 27

The Snow Prince

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Why hasn't Snow Prince been mentioned before? He's supposed to be so important to the original team Leanbow led, yet no attempt had been made to contact him. His timing is also absurd, as if he was fine with the Rangers being in peril prior, and seemed to approve of what happened during "Dark Wish"!

    • The onscreen title is "The Snow Prince", ruining the two-word scheme the season has kept up until now, since all prior titles counted "the" as a word of its own.

  • Quotes

    • Megahorn: Bring it!
      Daggeron: Oh, I will!

    • Leanbow: I may wear the armor of Koragg, but my heart is that of Leanbow!

    • Daggeron: Phineas, you are a wise old soul.
      Phineas: What'd I say?

    • Daggeron: This isn't funny. Stop laughing.
      Nick: Now, now. Don't talk back to the teacher.

    • Phineas: Why the sourpuss, Dag? Got your britches on backwards?
      Daggeron: I was told that I was to be Nick's student today, but I don't see the point. He doesn't do anything he's told. He's stubborn, he's impulsive. He takes ridiculous risks.
      Phineas: Sounds just like his dear, old dad. Woods are full of stories of Leanbow and how he'd do crazy things to help people. I mean, come on, taking on The Master alone. Frankly, I think he was a little ding-dong, nobody's home. Know what I'm saying?
      Daggeron: Don't talk about Leanbow that way.

    • Snow Prince: I told you to stay out of this. You dare disobey an order from me, an Ancient Mystic?
      Daggeron: Yes, I do. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut. I learned that from you, Nick.
      Nick: Yeah!
      Snow Prince: Now I remember why I retired.

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