Power Rangers

Season 18 Episode 1

The Team Unites

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Oh boy...

    I admit that I'm pretty new on the Power Rangers bandwaggon compaired to some of the other people in this fandom. I got into the show over the 2010 hiatus, and as such, this was the first truely new episode of Power Rangers I've ever got to see. I wasn't expecting a masterpeice (how can you with this franchise) but I was in fact expecting a pilot episode. Recent evidence has shown this to be the third episode continuity wise... but I didn't know that at the time of the airing. Nobody did. The result is that for a long time after this, and still a little bit now, I hate the character of Mike. Arguably, he's one of the best actors of the bunch, but at the time his character was given so much attention (notice the early episodes, where the female Rangers get hardly any lines while Mike usually is on par with the leading Ranger-of-the-Day) that he became annoying very very quickly. No, it turned out that spot was designated for Jayden.

    As an episode by itself, it's average. But as a pilot episode it should have introduced every Ranger and not just one, it should have given Bulk and Spike a proper introduction with the Rangers, and it should have taken the time to introduce us to the villians. Seriously, if it wern't for the exposition on the back of a Megazord Toy I bought, I would have no idea who these villains are and what they wanted. That's a bad sign when the toy company is paying more attention to the story than you are.
  • The return of Haim Saban and the first good Power Ranger episode since SPD!!

    Not as good as Mighty Morphin, but way better than all the Disney Power Rangers. First the things I liked about this episode and I guess the new rangers.

    *The opening title sequence: Love the remix of the original. *Morphing sequence: I've seen better, but it was pretty cool. *The rangers: I really like Mike (the green ranger). Not sure about the rest yet, but I don't really like the blue ranger. *The zords: They were okay.
    *BULK!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool seeing him and all his Bulk-ness. Spike is exactly like Skull so this should be an interesting relationship. Now there wasn't really anything I didn't like, but there were a few things I'm on the fence about. *The rangers already had their morphors and were rangers already. I don't know if I like it better this way or not. *We didn't get to see them in their lives before becoming rangers or see them getting chosen.
  • Haim Saban's return to his creation....Not so triumphant.

    Saban is back at the helm of Power Rangers and I almost wish he had not returned. I agree with what everyone has said so far. This is not an introductory episode. I know in on or two past series, there was no formal introduction, but there was one nonetheless. Is Saban trying to tie this series in with all the others by bringing back Bulk and remixing the original theme song? While I'm glad Power Rangers is back, I think this could have been done a lot better.

    Who is the leader of this team? How did they get their powers? Why were theses 5 chosen? How do Bulk and Spike fit into all this? These questions and more should have been answered to some degree in this episode. I can tell already this is not going to be my favorite version of the series.
  • Did they show the wrong episode first?

    ok as a normal episode this would ave been great BUT and it's a big but, they showed this one first!!!
    there was no character introduction, why is the Red ranger so confident? why does the blue ranger act like red is so superior? the female rangers are still a non entity i learned nothing about them at all, good that bulk is back but.... why is he back? what does he have to do with the rangers? where is skull? what happened to the place he was running, and... why the hell is ha bald!?!?

    The reason most new series start by introducing the characters and situation is to not confuse the hell out of the viewer, if i knew who the rangers were and how they came to be rangers i would have enjoyed this a lot more but i don't know so i don't care that much.

    If this was a normal filler after the introduction episodes i would have scored it higher, but it's a pity saban showed this one first.
    it's Saban's first season or PR in a while and already they have fallen flat on their faces.... very bad start saban, but it does show a lot of promise.
  • I'm glad that Power Rangers is back but this episode was completely confusing,this should not have been the first one aired.

    First off this was a good episode and i enjoyed it .I have seen every season of Power Rangers since it aired in '93. This is the first episode that i have seen that has made me go huh? I have no idea who the villain is other than they need people to cry them a river to get out of where ever they are and that they live on a ship. Another thing is that this episode focuses on one of the rangers. To me that is only good if i know who everyone else is. I'm glad that the Power Rangers are back on air and back in Saban's hand.I'm stoked that Bulk is back as well (though it would be better if Skull was with him but son of Skull will do) but i wish that they would have started with the first episode first then this one.