Power Rangers

Season 18 Episode 1

The Team Unites

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • With this set of zords, Power Rangers has had 9 Lions, 5 Gorillas/Apes, 3 Dragons (4 if you count the Mystic Force Dragon formation), 5 Bears, and only 2 Turtles.

  • Quotes

    • Matthew: I've never seen you this serious before.
      Mike: Oh, it takes some getting used to, but protecting the entire world from evil is a big deal.
      Reese: Protecting the world from evil? Well, what video game's that?

    • Octoroon: Oh, Rofer, I'd ask you to lend a hand, but why not lend us two?
      Rofer: How about I lend you two of the finest fists any world has ever seen.
      Dayu: I hope you don't brag like that in front of the Samurai Rangers.
      Rofer: Better watch what you say. If isn't wasn't for Master Xandred, where would you be?
      Dayu: It's actually you. You should actually watch what (you) say to me. You even have no right to talk to me, you big-fisted little brained, nitwit.
      Rofer: Hey! I like my big fists, and my brain is, uh...
      Dayu: Oh, nitwit.

    • Bulk: And by the way, when we're training, I'm not your Uncle Bulk.
      Spike: Huh? Well, then who are you?
      Bulk: Call me...Sensei.
      Spike: Sens-- Who?
      Bulk: Sensei. It means "teacher."
      Spike: What about when we're not training?
      Bulk: Then you can call me Uncle Bulk.

    • Rofer: (to Mike) Hey, if you want hold my hand, trying buying me some flowers first, you broccoli-colored bum!

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