Power Rangers

Season 12 Episode 31

Thunder Storm (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Oct 02, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Lothor finally climbs his way out of the Abyss of Evil. Disguising himself as his now-captive twin brother (Sensei Watanabe), Lothor tricks Shane, Dustin, and Tori into donning the Wind Morphers, sabotaged to make them his slaves, his own evil Rangers! With them, and a pair of monsters he picked up in the Abyss, Lothor sieges the Wind Academy, and captures the students once more. Marah & Kapri, always looking out for themselves, reluctantly resume their status in their uncle's army. Meanwhile, Blake comes to Reefside for a Motocross tournament, and begins a flirtation with Kira. It isn't long before Cam contacts him and his brother Hunter, about the current situation regarding their old teammates. The evil Wind Rangers, with Kelzaks and the two Monster Generals by their side, head on a march of destruction. Hayley & Tommy, noticing a blanket of evil spreading over the state of California from the re-opened Abyss, become aware of this rampage. The three main DinoThunder Rangers are sent to stop them, and holding back so as to not destroy the fellow Rangers, are beaten by the evil Winds. And Mesogog dispatches Elsa to offer Lothor their aid in the assistance of the destruction of the world...moreless

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    Katrina Devine

    Katrina Devine

    Cassidy Cornell

    James Napier

    James Napier

    Conner McKnight, Red Dino Ranger

    Jeffrey Parazzo

    Jeffrey Parazzo

    Trent Fernandez, White Dino Ranger

    Kevin Duhaney

    Kevin Duhaney

    Ethan James, Blue Dino Ranger

    Latham Gaines

    Latham Gaines


    Miriama Smith

    Miriama Smith


    Charlie Haskell

    Charlie Haskell


    Guest Star

    Pua Magasiva

    Pua Magasiva

    Shane Clarke (Red Wind Ranger)

    Guest Star

    Sally Martin

    Sally Martin

    Tori Hanson (Blue Wind Ranger)

    Guest Star

    Ismay Johnston

    Ismay Johnston

    Hayley Ziktor

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Kira: Evil rangers? How is that even possible?

        Why is Kira so surprised by the existence of evil rangers? Has she forgotten that about Trent's time as an evil ranger, as well as the White Ranger clone, and Tommy's time as the Green Ranger?

      • In several shots during the Motocross race, Blake is seen wearing his Thunder Morpher, which isn't on his wrist in surrounding scenes (this is due to them using recycled footage for the actual race).

      • Why is Mesogog so interested in evil Rangers? Hasn't he had enough disappointment already, between Trent and the clone?

      • Why didn't Lothor imprison his brother in the bottle, too?

      • When Haley and Tommy are looking at the map of California and Haley points out that the disturbance is coming from Blue Bay Harbor, where she points is nowhere near water. Blue Bay Harbor had a beach which stands to reason it's on the coast or at the very least by a big lake.

      • Why do the students wear helmets and tori, dustin and shane take their's off to fight

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Tommy: (To the other Dino Rangers) Don't destroy them.

      • Kira: I don't want to fight you.
        Tori: Big mistake.

      • Blake: So, you guys wanna get a bite to eat? (his mini morpher goes off) Uh...looks like we're gonna have to reschedule. (runs off)
        Kira: That was weird.
        [their morphers go off]
        Ethan: Not so weird.

      • Shane: Alright, how do you think that went?
        Dustin: Dude, we totally kicked their butts! Yow!
        Tori: I believe he was talking to them, Sensei Dustin.

      • Dustin: This is a private lair.
        Elsa: Back off, buddy!

      • Lothor: Now I have to make a power nap. Leave me.
        Elsa: You're gonna need more than a nap to beat the Power Rangers.

      • Mesogog: Reefside is about to get a whole lot more interesting...

      • Shane: You must be lost, cause I know we didn't invite you.
        Ethan: Maybe you forgot, but you're supposed to beat the bad guys, not be the bad guys.
        Tori: Good, bad, what's the difference? It's all about power!

      • Kapri: Yeah...but we can help!
        Marah: Yeah.
        Lothor: Like you did last time?
        Marah: Yeah!
        Kapri: No! No! Seriously, uh, we're ninjas now, and we can totally kick butt!
        (Marah accidentally hits her.)
        Kapri: Ow!

      • (About to get bottled up by Lothor.)
        Kapri: No, wait, not us!
        Marah: We're family!
        Lothor: Only by marriage.

      • Marah: I thought you were...
        Lothor: Gone? Destroyed? History?
        Marah: Well, yeah.
        Lothor: Sorry to disappoint, girls, but I'm back in black. And needless to say, I'm in a mood.
        Kapri: Yeah, like that woulda changed.

      • Marah: Cam, your father's, like, a really great sensei. I'm sure he'll be fine.
        Kapri: Yeah, and hey, you got us in the meantime!
        Cam: Very comforting.

      • Kira: Trent, does that guy at the bar look familiar to you?
        Trent: You mean the one in the blue hat? Not really, why?
        Kira: I'm sure I've seen him before.

      • Conner: Why don't we just use our Dinozords and kick their Ninja butts. I don't get it.
        Ethan: I'm with Conner on this one.
        Kira: Me too.
        Tommy: Look, cause their people that were once good, but something has happen to them. Until we figure that out we defend ourselves. But we don't destroy them.

      • Mesogog: Evil Power Rangers. The irony of that is almost too good to be true.

    • NOTES (15)

      • Trent and Tommy do not appear morphed in this episode.

      • The method used to turn the Wind Rangers evil is a combo of Astronema turning the TMNT evil in "Shell Shocked", and how Trent became the evil White DinoThunder Ranger earlier this season in "White Thunder (1)" by donning a tainted morpher.

      • This is the first time two different teams of Power Rangers have come to blows with one another.

      • There's irony in that it's the Wind Rangers who get turned evil this time around, instead of the Thunders.

      • Lothor's capturing of the ninja students in a bottle is similar to the plight faced by ninja master Ninjor from MMPR Season 3.

      • Trent mentions that he thought the DinoThunder Rangers were the only team still around, implying all still-active teams from the past are indeed retired.

      • It's finally revealed that Lothor's only related to Marah & Kapri by marriage.

      • The scene of Shane, Dustin, and Tori teaching the ninja students is in stark contrast as a bookend to their introduction in "Prelude to a Storm."

      • Kira's recognizing Blake is a direct reference to "Legacy of Power", wherein she saw him in both civilian and Ranger forms.

      • First time a team-up between two PR teams has included the footsoldiers from the previous season (unless you count the Piranahtrons in "True Blue To The Rescue").

      • The two "Monster Generals" from the Japanese TV show version of the DinoThunder Ranger's exploits (from "Lost & Found In Translation") make their "real life" debut here, as demons Lothor rescued from the Abyss of Evil. They're not named onscreen, but episode writer Douglas Sloan has said they're named "Pupperazi and Izzy" after two net.fans of the program.

      • First team-up between two full Ranger teams since PRWF's "Reinforcements From The Future (2)".

      • The opening credits' final shot of the Rangers posing in front of explosions gets replaced with the DinoThunder/Ninja Storm 11 Ranger colored-smoke pose shot, for this episode and next only.


      • Mesogog's utter lack of respect for Lothor, a factor in both this and the next episodes, was first mentioned back in "Day of the Dino, Part 2"

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Tori: "Good, bad, what's the difference? It's all about power!"
        The evil Blue Wind Ranger's comment is highly similar to the remark made by the First Evil on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in the 7th season premiere.

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