Power Rangers

Season 12 Episode 32

Thunder Storm (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Oct 09, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Cam, Blake, and Hunter head into the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their stolen powers, and run into some resistance, in the form of Zurgane, Kelzaks, and a few previously destroyed monsters. They nearly plunge into the depths, but their Sensei arrives in time to save them. Mesogog and Lothor form an alliance, with Mesogog providing the plan and Lothor providing the Evilized Wind Rangers. The three Winds Ninjas face off against the main three DinoThunder teens, in an unmorphed showdown, leading up to Dino Gem powers vs Ninja powers, Conner vs Shane, Ethan vs Dustin, Kira vs Tori. It's fairly enough matched a battle, and right when it's about to move up to morphed, Cam, Blake & Hunter show up. They trick their three spellbound teammates into giving up their evilly-enchanted Power Discs for their original ones, thus breaking the spell! The combined forces of Mesogog and Lothor's troops are assembled, so the combined forces of the Ninja Storm and DinoThunder Rangers all come together to stop them. The 11 Rangers pair off: the two Reds take on Lothor's newest Abyss-spawn Generals, utilizing their Cycles, weapons, and eventually, a double-dose of Battlizer power; Blue Wind and Yellow DT double team on Elsa; Yellow Wind and Blue DT, on their Cycles (including the Hover), take on a few previously-destroyed monsters; Black DT, and Navy & Crimson Thunders team-up against Zurgane; and Green Samurai & White DT face the Wolfblades and the three teams of footsoldiers, using a boost of Super Dino and Super Samurai powers. But it's Marah & Kapri who save the day, by showing their true colors in swiping their uncle's bottle, and freeing the captured ninjas. Seems they were also behind rescuing Sensei! Lothor hasn't time to let this loss sink in, as Mesogog challenges him to a duel. The fight rages in his lab, leading to Mesogog reverting Lothor into his basic genetic material, kept harmlessly preserved forever in one of his chemical jars. Seems Lothor's extraction of their powers have brought an end to the Ninja Storm Rangers' powers for good, but their new friends, the DinoThunders, are continuing on the good fight for them. Blake wins his motocross race, as the combined teams cheer him on, and Marah & Cassidy see each other in passing, finding the other stunning, but themselves prettier.moreless

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  • It's episodes like these that remind me exactly why I watch this show.

    When so many of the episodes can be such dull fillers, a truly sensational one comes along. This is THE team-up of ALL team ups, above all the rest, including the much-overhyped Forever Red. It was kind of disappointing that it didn't go longer. The story was well planned and explained, especially for when they are required to fit all the backstory, cross-season introductions and explainations to counter certain events that might make such a crossover impossible.

    There still hasn't been another to match it and I doubt there ever will. Here's hoping for more close to this in future at the very least.moreless
  • This is the best "Team-Up" episdoe in Power Rangers history as well as one of the best episdoes of all time.

    This episode has it all. Evil Power Rangers, disputing villians, and a battle that included some of the best Rangers of all time. It is by far my favorite episode, of all 604 episodes of Power Rangers. It was fantastic mainly because it had everyone from the previous season return. Many team-up episodes don't include the sixth/special Ranger from the previous season, but this one did. Even Sensai was there (Thank goodness in his human form).

    It is the first team-up episode to have the Rangers from the previous season turn evil and then have the current Rangers try and save them. As well as the Thunder Rangers saving the "Evil" Rangers this time around.

    Every character had a pivotal moment and the battle between the three Wind Rangers and the three main Dino Rangers was complete perfection.

    The battle at the end was flawless, I couldn't have been any better. Each Ranger teaming up with his or her counterpart to destroy evil and suceed. And then the end when they all cheered Blake on at his motorcross race (excluding Trent). It was the perfect end to the perfect episode.moreless
  • The Ninja Storn and Dino Thunder join forces to beat the combined force of their foes.

    Probably my all-time favorite episode this season, it features characters from my two favorite seasons working together to defeat Mesogog, Lothar, and various other bad guys. That's probably why I like it so much. This is undoubtedly among the best crossover episodes in the series. (In my personal opinion, of course.)
  • A gathering of rangers!

    This was a really cool ep what with all the rangers. I had to laugh, tho, cause in a total of 11 Rangers present, they still only managed to have 2 females. It\\\\\\\'s always driven me crazy how the guys always outnumber the girls. Still a great ep tho.
  • Two of the best teams combining for one of the best episode ever.

    This was absolutely awesome. The teams\' banter makes them seem so much more REAL, and that\'s so refreshing in a team-up episode; most of the team-ups throw characterization out the window so they can show three seconds of every move, zord and flashing light, whereas this one just had style. Making the Ninjas evil was a great idea. I also loved the fact that they used a lot of their out-of-uniform powers, and the Ninja Rangers were just so completely hardcore. The one-liners in Dino Thunder are some of the best in the entire Power Rangers universe, and I\'m glad they didn\'t skimp on the good lines for the team-up. Shane\'s hyper comment, Conner and Ethan talking about how hot Tori was... they\'re some of the best PR quotes in a while. My only complaint was that it was girl-to-girl and guy-to-guy instead of color to color; would it have been that big a deal to have Kira fight Dustin and Tori fight Ethan? Still, the fights were great and the humor was nifty. Definitely one of the best episodes of Dino Thunder.moreless
Katrina Devine

Katrina Devine

Cassidy Cornell

James Napier

James Napier

Conner McKnight, Red Dino Ranger

Jeffrey Parazzo

Jeffrey Parazzo

Trent Fernandez, White Dino Ranger

Kevin Duhaney

Kevin Duhaney

Ethan James, Blue Dino Ranger

Latham Gaines

Latham Gaines


Miriama Smith

Miriama Smith


Pua Magasiva

Pua Magasiva

Shane Clarke (Red Wind Ranger)

Guest Star

Sally Martin

Sally Martin

Tori Hanson (Blue Wind Ranger)

Guest Star

Glenn McMillan

Glenn McMillan

Dustin Brooks (Yellow Wind Ranger)

Guest Star

Ismay Johnston

Ismay Johnston

Hayley Ziktor

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Even if Shane got a new Morpher that restored his Powers in the previous episode, he still shouldn't have been able to use the Battlizer, as Lothor destroyed it.

    • The Ninja Storm Rangers act like they can go back to their normal lives, as if they tied up all their loose ends. Yet, none of them are aware of what happened to Lothor, who was always their problem. They make no attempt to assist the DT team, and don't even bring Lothor up again once the ninja students are freed. At the very least, Cam should offer to stay around and give Hayley some support, since, as far as they know, Lothor & Mesogog have teamed up, and as they made the case earlier, those two evil masterminds together spells double trouble.

    • The height of the cliff wall in the Abyss of Evil during Hunter's dramatic rescue of his brother Blake changes ridiculously between shots.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Shane: You guys fight like rock stars.
      Kira: I for one am going to take that as a compliment!

    • Tommy: Let's be careful. But, let's get it done.

    • [after examining Cam's Samurai Amulet]
      Hayley: I'm afraid it's dead. Lothor's extraction of the powers left just enough energy for one last battle.
      Shane: Yeah, well, I guess it's a good thing we got you guys.
      Conner: You've done your part. It's our turn to take over where you left off.

    • Marah: You didn't think we really went bad? We were just pretending.
      Cam: Again?
      Marah: Yeah, well, we're slow learners.
      [watching his nieces betray him on screen]
      Lothor: I knew I shouldn't have trusted those two!
      Mesogog: And I knew I shouldn't have trusted you. Looks like this planet has one too many evil villains, and I have no intention of leaving.

    • Zurgane: Welcome to my home, Power Rangers!

    • Dustin: Who rescued Sensei?
      Marah: Hello.
      Kapri: I think we can answer that for you.
      Marah: Yeah.
      [everyone laughs on how they rescued Sensei]
      Marah: What? Do you guys have any idea how heavy he is?
      Kapri: Yeah! Hey, Sensei, you should cut down the cookies with your afternoon tea.
      Sensei: I will keep that in mind now that I'm returning to my normal life.

    • Lothor: ( on Mesogog's lair) It's homey, in a high school science lab sorta way.

    • (after Shane uses his wind power to mess up the Cyber Cafe)
      Conner: Can I get you something? Maybe a donut, or a muffin?
      Shane: I try to stay away from sugar. It makes me hyper.
      Ethan: Dude, I would hate to see him when he's hyper.

    • (As Hunter and Blake are hanging off a cliff)
      Blake: I can't believe I'm gonna miss my race tomorrow!
      Hunter: Did you seriously just say that!?

    • Conner [to Ethan]: Dude, she's kinda of cute, don't ya think?

      Ethan: Yeah, in a crazed weird ninja-terminator, sort of way.

      Kira [Slapping Conner]: Would you two focus here!?!

    • Mesogog: Say goodbye, Lothor. And this time, mean it!

    • Shane: You thinking what I'm thinking?
      Conner: Oh, yeah!
      Shane/Conner: Battlizer!
      Conner: Fire Kick!
      Shane: Aerial Mode!
      Shane/Conner: Fire!

    • Trent: These guys just don't know when to quit!
      Cam: Let's give it to 'em! Super Samurai Mode!
      Trent: Super Dino Mode!

    • [as Ethan watches a video of the Ninja Rangers on his laptop]
      Ethan: It says here the Ninja Rangers defeated, like, 100 space mutants at one time.
      Kira: After fighting them, I believe it.
      Conner: Oh, come on, they weren't that tough. I'd take them right here, right now.
      [the Ninja Rangers enter the cafe and Shane attacks them with a wind gust]
      Conner: Can I get you anything? A doughnut maybe or a muffin?
      Shane: I try to stay away from sugar. It makes me hyper.
      Ethan: Oh, I'd hate to see him when he gets hyper.

    • Ethan: Ninja Streak! Oh how cool is that?

    • (after being attacked with a wind strike for the second time)
      Kira: Man do they have to keep doing that?

    • Mesogog: Say goodbey Lothor. And this time, mean it!

    • (Lothor is shrunk and placed in a jar by Mesogog)

      Mesogog: Very collectible.

    • Marah: Kapri? Did you just see that girl? She is like so stunning.
      Cassidy: Devin? Did you see that girl? She is so stunning.
      Both: But I am so much prettier.

    • (seeing the unguarded Samurai Amulet)
      Hunter: I can't believe there's no one guarding it.
      (monsters appear)
      Blake: You had to say it, right?

    • Mesogog: I suppose you're wondering why I called you here?
      Lothor: Let me guess. Does it have 12 legs that come in assorted colors?
      Mesogog: There's only 5 colors this time, but they're no less of an irritation.
      Lothor: I feel your pain.

  • NOTES (11)

    • Tori, and her Blue Wind Ranger powers, will return in PROO's "Once A Ranger" two-parter.

    • Zords are not used whatsoever in this episode.

    • This is the first (and final) time Cam has morphed into the Green Samurai Ranger since PRNS's "Down and Dirty".

    • This episode is the largest gathering of former evil Rangers to date. Of all the Rangers present, only Cam, Conner, and Ethan have not been evil at some point. (Kira's mind control adventure is counted, as are the Wind Rangers)

    • The Ninja Rangers having "enough energy for one last fight" is EXACTLY the same thing that happened to Tommy in "Green No More 1-2"

    • Marah, Kapri, and Cam make reference to the first time the two girls pretended to be evil, back towards the end of Ninja Storm's run.

    • Lothor's final fate, action-figure sized in a jar, is similar to the method of containment used on mutants in PRTF.

    • First time three different sets of footsoldiers have been used in a single battle at once (that being the Kelzaks, Tyrannodrones, and Triptoids).

    • Among the monsters accompanying Zurgane from out of the Abyss of Evil are Blue Face (from "Prelude To A Storm") the unnamed clown monster seen in Lothor's video footage of losing monsters (from "Double-Edged Blake"), the Wolfblades (from "Shimazu Returns"), and General Trayf (from "Pork Chopped"). All were also in "Storm Before The Calm (2)", along with the unnamed Chinese dragon monster, who also appears here.


    • Ethan views footage from "Storm Before The Calm (2)" on his laptop, a reference to "Legacy Of Power", where it was established that certain scenes of Rangers' lives have been archived.


    • Lothor: "I feel your pain."
      Lothor's comment to Mesogog was a reference to former President of the USA Bill Clinton's oft-used (or at least, oft-parodied) line of empathy.