Power Rangers

Season 12 Episode 37

Thunder Struck (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Nov 13, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Mesogog, now split from Mercer, readies his transmogrifacation beam, which will turn all of humanity into dinosaurs. To power it, he'll need the Dino Gems. But to start with, he siphons off Elsa's lifeforce. Instead of being destroyed by it, she's somehow teleported to Zeltrax, and reverted to a near-amnesiac civilian form. The Rangers face Zeltrax again, and free his captive, stunned to learn who she is, just as much as she is to learn it as well! Trent makes a deal with Mesogog to trade the Dino Gems for his father. In doing so, he allows his teammates to sneak onto the island fortress and with the help of Hayley's latest invention, blast the dinosaur-izer beam before it can be fired! Trent barely makes it out in time as Mesogog's lab explodes around him, rescuing not only the Gems, but Anton Mercer as well. Little do they know, that while they were gone, Zeltrax infiltrated Tommy's secret lab, recaptured Elsa, and destroyed the place! Also, Devin works up the courage to ask Cassidy to the prom. But the matter of finding the Rangers' secret identities or face being fired from their News Reporting job gets in the way. Luckily, he happens to stumble upon the DT team morphing, and actually succeeds in filming it!moreless

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    James Napier

    James Napier

    Conner McKnight, Red Dino Ranger

    Jeffrey Parazzo

    Jeffrey Parazzo

    Trent Fernandez, White Dino Ranger

    Katrina Devine

    Katrina Devine

    Cassidy Cornell

    Kevin Duhaney

    Kevin Duhaney

    Ethan James, Blue Dino Ranger

    Miriama Smith

    Miriama Smith


    Tom Hern

    Tom Hern

    Devin Del Valle

    Hannah Tolich

    Hannah Tolich


    Guest Star

    George Port

    George Port


    Guest Star

    James Gaylyn

    James Gaylyn

    Zeltrax (voice)

    Recurring Role

    Ismay Johnston

    Ismay Johnston

    Hayley Ziktor

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (8)

      • Elsa said that Mesogog had her mind "completely in his power". If that were true, she wouldn't have been capable of betraying him, as she did in "House of Cards".

      • Ethan says that he is going to see the sequel of "Asteroid Wars", but the posters outside of the theater simply say "Asteroid Wars".

      • Only 2 Tyrannodrones jump in the truck, yet after Conner knocks the first one out of it, suddenly there are like other 4 there!

      • So no one points out that the Rangers could have made fake Gems for Trent to take to Mesogog (so he could Morph and superspeed rescue Anton), I'll preemptively point out that Mesogog could sense movement by the gems, as seen in "Day of the Dino, Part 1", and would not have been fooled.

      • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: Why would Devin think that staking out the movie premiere in disguise would help him find the Rangers' secret identities? It's been established, REPEATEDLY, Devin is a geek. No evidence implied he was staking out anything, merely there to see the movie and lucked out. In case you didn't notice, EVERYONE there, save for Ethan & Angela, were wearing costumes. Calling it a "disguise" is absurd.

      • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: How did Conner avoid serious injury jumping off the moving Command Truck? Conner DOES have the ability to control his falls and make safe landings, as shown in his fight against Shane in "Thunder Storm" part 2. Also, trying to run over the Tyranodrones wouldn't have been an adequate defense, because as shown later in the episode, they could jump on top of the truck, where they could damage the relatively delicate laser. The Rangers needed to get out to prevent them from doing so.

      • Tommy claims they still have to deal with Zeltrax, though he's not supposed to know he's still alive thanks to the "phantom" ruse Zeltrax pulled against Conner.

      • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: If Tommy knew he wouldn't be able to morph into the Black Dino Ranger, (the rangers didn't have their gems at the time) then why didn't he bring his Zeonizer to become Zeo Ranger V Red? There is no evidence to support that Tommy can still use the Zeo Powers when fighting anything but remnants of the Machine Empire. The powers were retired for a purpose we don't know, and the lack of Tommy whipping them out to fight every random badguy is NOT a goof.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Mesogog: (to Anton, who is strapped to a gyrosphere) I hope you're comfortable, Anton. In only a matter of hours, all your worries will fade...to black.

      • Mesogog: I'll miss you, Elsa. Truly, I will...

      • (After Trent pushes the button to let the truck through.)
        Mesogog: You...you did this...
        Trent: You should know by now you can't trust me. It's over, Mesogog! You're finished!

      • Ethan: It's not like they're gonna fall out of the sky and land infront of us.
        Kira: Were you knocked on the head or something?!
        Ethan: What? Last time I did that, it worked.
        (Trent and Anton Mercer fall out of an Invisiportal from midair.)
        Ethan: See?

      • Ethan: Who are you going with?
        Conner: I got it divided into three categories: The cute ones, ones with good personality, and one's whose dad can pay for the limo.
        Ethan: And you wonder why I'm going to the movies.

      • Trent: Where is he?! Where's my father?! What have you done with him?!
        Mesogog: Let's just say, he's in storage.
        Trent: He better be alive, or...
        Mesogog: Or what? What will you do, Trent?

      • Trent: I'll get you what you want. Just let him go.
        Mesogog: But what gaurantee do I have that you will deliver on your promise?
        Trent: What gaurantee do I have that you'll let my father go?

      • (After seeing the rangers morph.)
        Devin: No way. I mean, this is...this is...I don't even know what this is.

      • Zeltrax: Allow me to introduce you to the new and improved Zeltrax!
        Conner: You seen one Zeltrax, you seen them all.

      • Mesogog: It's about time. Now give me the gems.
        : Not so fast. Where's my father?
        (Mesogog hits Trent with a head beam, and takes the gems.)
        Mesogog: You should know by now, that I can't be trusted...

      • Elsa: Come back safe.
        Tommy: We always do.

    • NOTES (8)

      • With Lothor trapped in a jar since "Thunder Storm (2)" it is assumed that he is destroyed (off-screen) when Mesogog's lab is destroyed this episode.

      • Kira's cry of "No, they can't be gone!" is the same thing she said when she thought that Tommy had perished in the destruction of the Aerial Assault Craft in "A Star is Torn"

      • Ethan remark concerning Trent & Anton falling out of the sky and landing right in front of them is a reference to the time he tried it, and it worked, in "Day Of The Dino (2)".

      • Zeltrax "powers up" to his red-trimmed form by using the same hand motioning as the Rangers do when going Super Dino Mode.

      • It is revealed that Elsa was an innocent transformed into an evil villain, specifically like "Cyborg Astronema" from PRiS. Her original civilian name is never revealed, nor how she came to become Mesogog's warrior.

      • This is the first and only time Hayley has gone out on a mission with the Rangers.

      • Debut and sole usage of the Triceramax Command Center Truck, a repainted version of the PRNS Mobile Control Center.

      • Zeltrax was last seen in "Isn't It Lava-ly". His upgraded mode from "The Passion Of Conner" also makes a return.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The title is a reference to the song of the same name by the band AC/DC (the second time this season an episode has been named after one of their tunes, after "Back in Black").

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