Power Rangers

Saturday 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 28, 1993 In Season




  • Season 1 Episode 1: Day of the Dumpster (Pilot)

  • A slightly edited version of this episode finally aired in the Power Rangers: The Lost Episode special, with the opening credits removed, numerous punches and kicks to the heads of any of the bad guys (be they bullies or Putties) edited out, and the word "Droids" changed to "Zords" (Due to Lucasfilm having Droids trademarked).

  • Goof: Dredwing is supposed to be down on Earth, however when the scene cuts to Rita's moon base he can clearly be seen behind Rita who is about to throw her wand to Earth, which makes Dredwing and Flyguy grow.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Day of the Dumpster

  • The three basic rules for being a Power Ranger are mentioned for the first time in this episode:
    1. Never use your power for personal gain.
    2. Never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you.
    3. Keep your identity secret. No one may know you are a Power Ranger.

  • The Rangers morph by shouting, "It's Morphin' Time!" (starting with "High Five"), and then holding their Power Morphers forward (usually removing them from behind their back, as if they're stored on the opposite side of their belt from the buckle), and calling out their respective Dinozord's dinosaur name within the Morpher-framed morphing sequence.

  • When Rita and the other villains are on the moon they are clearly shooting on Earth because there is a blue sky. On the moon the sky is always black because there is very little atmosphere (O3 and Nitrogen).

  • When Zordon introduces Rita Repulsa to the teens, in the viewing globe, right before Rita appears, you can just see Barza, the equivalent of Zordon in the Super Sentai show.

  • After they morph, Zordon has Alpha teleport the teens to Angel Grove to fight Goldar, leaving the Putties right outside the Command Center.

  • When Goldar grows, his wings disappear. According to the story, however, his wings were removed for being defeated by the rangers. I doubt Rita would have had the chance to remove them during the grow spell, considering Goldar didn't even fight the rangers before he grew (she only made Goldar big because the putties were being defeated, she said so herself.)

  • In this episode and most other Season 1 episode where the Megazord is formed, there is a shot from behind the Rangers in the cockpit. However, in this shot, the Pink and Yellow Rangers are seated in front of the Black and Blue Rangers when they are always seated behind in regular cockpit shots.

  • The Ranger teens, in the second scene, are wearing Communicators, which they won't get from Billy until the next episode (this is because that scene was filmed with a much later episode, as you can see from the notes).

  • Zordon says that each ranger will draw power from the beings they call dinosaurs. The saber-tooth tiger and mastodon aren't dinosaurs, merely pre-evolutionary forms of the tiger and elephant. Therefore the term "dinozords" shouldn't apply to all five zords.

  • The Rangers had their Power Crystals as joysticks in the Dinozords and the Megazord, but the crystals were not yet introduced until "A Pressing Engagement"

  • The Putties had human eyes in the US footage but red eyes in the Sentai footage.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Food Fight

  • Zordon estimates that the pig will have consumed the world's food supply in 48 hours. Considering how long it was taking him just to get through Angel Grove, even 48 years would be a stretch.

  • Because this episode was aired out of production order, the Rangers have their weapons. However, the Rangers don't get their weapons until "Teamwork." So kids in America saw the Rangers use their weapons in this episode, then saw them get their weapons two episodes later!

  • Right before the Rangers morph, they're holding food in their hands, but immediatly after they morph, the food is not in their hands anymore. Also, when the food appears in the Rangers hands again, the food looks slightly different from the way it appeared in the Youth Center. This has to do with the usage of Sentai footage to show how the Rangers got their Power Weapons back.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: High Five

  • When the rangers are battling the putties unmorphed they are shown wearing their communicators even though they handed them to Alpha for reconfiguration. But when Billy is cornered by a putty on a cliff, the communicator is absent.

  • When Billy takes out and drops his morpher off the cliff, slow motion shows that the morpher was kept in a holder the whole time, similar to the holders the rangers were wearing on their belts in 'Day of the Dumpster' as well as their ranger suits. This is most likely a replica produced specifically for this scene instead of having to drop the toy which was used as the prop on the show.

  • This is the first use of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord's own finishing move, and since the Tyrannosaurus is the only Zord to appear in this episode, it makes this the first time an individual Zord fights solo.

  • This marks the introduction of the Ranger Teen's Communicators, wrist-watch-like devices used to both contact the Command Center and each other, and teleport. They will be regularly used by every Ranger team until the end of PRiS.

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