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  • Season 12 Episode 38: Thunder Struck (2)

  • The Yellow and Black Rangers destroy Zeltrax for good, while he's in the upgraded form. However, in previous episodes, when Zeltrax in the upgraded form is destroyed, he returns to his normal form. Interestingly, in the post-finale "Hidden Episode", Ethan & Kira discuss Zeltrax in present tense...

  • So Hayley installed a security camera, but no alarm or defense system? With the weaponry at their disposal and considering the enemies they regularly faced? Seems... well, a foolish move.

  • When Tommy enters Zeltrax's zord, he calls for Elsa. She says "Tommy, I'm over here!" Wasn't that pillar she was tied to right next to Zeltrax? He seemed pretty surprised when Tommy and Kira ran up to the two of them. Did he not notice Elsa yelling for the Black Ranger?

  • It's claimed every Dinozord is destroyed, yet only the Thundersaurus and Mezodon Megazords are shown exploding.

  • The Zelzord is nearly identical to the Villain's Base from the Japanese version of the DinoThunder Rangers in "Lost & Found In Translation".

  • The loss of Dino Gem power by burnout was never stated by Tommy to be a way of removing said powers back in "Day of the Dino, part 2. Possible explination... Well, let's just say he's NOT Hayley level smart.

  • The White Dragozord is absent from the "all Zords" scene, with no excuse given onscreen as to why.

  • Season 12 Episode 37: Thunder Struck (1)

  • Elsa said that Mesogog had her mind "completely in his power". If that were true, she wouldn't have been capable of betraying him, as she did in "House of Cards".

  • Ethan says that he is going to see the sequel of "Asteroid Wars", but the posters outside of the theater simply say "Asteroid Wars".

  • Only 2 Tyrannodrones jump in the truck, yet after Conner knocks the first one out of it, suddenly there are like other 4 there!

  • So no one points out that the Rangers could have made fake Gems for Trent to take to Mesogog (so he could Morph and superspeed rescue Anton), I'll preemptively point out that Mesogog could sense movement by the gems, as seen in "Day of the Dino, Part 1", and would not have been fooled.

  • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: Why would Devin think that staking out the movie premiere in disguise would help him find the Rangers' secret identities? It's been established, REPEATEDLY, Devin is a geek. No evidence implied he was staking out anything, merely there to see the movie and lucked out. In case you didn't notice, EVERYONE there, save for Ethan & Angela, were wearing costumes. Calling it a "disguise" is absurd.

  • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: How did Conner avoid serious injury jumping off the moving Command Truck? Conner DOES have the ability to control his falls and make safe landings, as shown in his fight against Shane in "Thunder Storm" part 2. Also, trying to run over the Tyranodrones wouldn't have been an adequate defense, because as shown later in the episode, they could jump on top of the truck, where they could damage the relatively delicate laser. The Rangers needed to get out to prevent them from doing so.

  • Tommy claims they still have to deal with Zeltrax, though he's not supposed to know he's still alive thanks to the "phantom" ruse Zeltrax pulled against Conner.

  • INCORRECTLY REGARDED AS A GOOF: If Tommy knew he wouldn't be able to morph into the Black Dino Ranger, (the rangers didn't have their gems at the time) then why didn't he bring his Zeonizer to become Zeo Ranger V Red? There is no evidence to support that Tommy can still use the Zeo Powers when fighting anything but remnants of the Machine Empire. The powers were retired for a purpose we don't know, and the lack of Tommy whipping them out to fight every random badguy is NOT a goof.

  • Season 12 Episode 36: A Test of Trust (2)

  • Why didn't Trent summon his Zords when the other Rangers summoned theirs?

  • Tommy told the team that Trent might have to hand over his morpher to him, yet Tommy wasn't responsible for giving Trent the morpher.

  • Conner falls toward Japan during the conclusion of his "Intergalactic Triassic" sequence.

  • While lying on the floor of the lab, Dr Mercer's eyes change from wide open to shut in the varying angles.

  • Okay, so if the five in one Z-Rex Blaster is super... WHAT, precicely, does the four in one mode get called now?

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